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George E. Stone

George E. Stone



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Also Known As: Died: May 26, 1967
Born: May 23, 1903 Cause of Death: stroke
Birth Place: Poland Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

The Living World (1920) as Director

Cast (feature film)

Pocketful of Miracles (1961) as Shimkey
A good-hearted gangster turns an old apple seller into a society matron so she can impress her daughter.
Ocean's Eleven (1960) as Proprietor
A group of friends plot to rob a Las Vegas casino.
Bells Are Ringing (1960) as Bookie
An answering service operator gets mixed up in her clients' lives.
Some Came Running (1959) as Slim
A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals.
Some Like It Hot (1959) as "Toothpick" Charlie
Two musicians on the run from gangsters masquerade as members of an all-girl band.
Night of the Quarter Moon (1959) as Detective
A San Francisco society boy learns that his new wife is part-black.
Alias Jesse James (1959) as Man in saloon
An insurance agent lands in hot water when people mistake him for the infamous western outlaw.
The Tijuana Story (1957) as Pino
(Dra ''57,BW). Rodolfo Acosta, James Darren, Robert McQueeney, Jean Willes, Joy Stoner, Robert Blake, Paul Newlan. Mexican newspaperman Rodolfo Acosta wages a one-man war against a powerful crime syndicate in this inspirational melodrama based on a real-life incident and narrated by the original reporter who broke the sensational story, Paul Coates.
Sierra Stranger (1957) as Dan
The Story of Mankind (1957) as Waiter
Satan and the spirit of mankind contend for the future of humanity.
Baby Face Nelson (1957) as Mr. Hall
George "Babyface" Nelson becomes one of the most important gangsters of 1920s Chicago by making brutal robberies. In order to compete with Al Capone he allies himself with John Dillinger...
Calypso Heat Wave (1957) as Books
New management drives off a record label''''s biggest star.
The Man with the Golden Arm (1956) as Markette
A junkie must face his true self to kick his drug addiction.
The Conqueror (1956) as Sibilant Sam
The great warlord Genghis Khan falls in love with the daughter of a conquered enemy.
Slightly Scarlet (1956) as Roos
Kleptomaniac Dorothy Lyons is paroled from prison in custody of her sister June, secretary to "reform" political candidate Frank Jansen. Ben Grace, associate of crime boss Sol Caspar, sees this as a way to smear Jansen's campaign. But after falling out with Caspar, Ben tries to help June, who he begins to fall for. Sexy Dorothy also has a yen for Ben. June is reluctantly forced to go along with Ben's schemes, but there may be more to these than meets the eye...
Guys and Dolls (1955) as Society Max
A big-city gambler bets that he can seduce a Salvation Army girl.
Jungle Hell (1955) as Mr. Trosk
3 Ring Circus (1955) as Father
A pair of war veterans wreak havoc when they join the circus.
Woman's World (1954) as Executive
An executive plans to fill a high-ranking position by interviewing the candidates'' wives.
Broken Lance (1954) as Paymaster
Cattle baron Matt Devereaux raids a copper smelter that is polluting his water, then divides his property among his sons. Son Joe takes responsibility for the raid and gets three years in prison. Matt dies from a stroke partly caused by his rebellious sons and when Joe gets out he plans revenge.
The Steel Cage (1954) as Solly
The Miami Story (1954) as Louie Mott
Barry Sullivan, Luther Adler, John Baer, Adele Jergens, Beverly Garland, Dan Riss. Inspired by a U. S. Senate investigation, this documentary-styled melodrama pits a reformed gangster (posing as a Cuban racketeer) against a Miami syndicate chief. This Sam Katzman production features an introduction by Florida Senator George Smathers.
The Robe (1953) as Gracchus
Biblical epic in which a Roman military tribune, who commands the unit that crucified Jesus Christ, tries to learn about the man he killed.
Tonight We Sing (1953) as Impresario
Pickup on South Street (1953) as Clerk at police station
A petty thief accidentally steals a communist spy''''s purse.
Combat Squad (1953) as Medic Brown
A plotless shot-on-the-lot and sound-stage Korean War entry that is even below the standard of house producer Sam Katzman, which is understandable when the name of Jerry Thomas, the producer of Lash LaRue PRC westerns, shows up as the producer. A small platoon of American infrantry, led by Sergeant Fletcher (John Ireland), captures a cave and smashes a roadblock and then heads back for some "R n' R" with some U.S.O hostesses. Then they clean some snipers out of a thicket, accomplished with the aid of a raw recruit, Martin (Lon McCallister.)
A Girl in Every Port (1952) as Skeezer
Two sailors invest in a racehorse.
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952) as Ropes McGonigle
Dancing in the Dark (1950) as Film editor
Conceited film star Emery Slade was on top in 1932; in 1949, he's broke and still insufferable. Fox producer Crossman enlists Slade's aid to persuade broadway star Rosalie Brooks to star in the film "Bandwagon." But when Slade meets Julie Clarke, his assistant's onetime girlfriend, he decides she, not Rosalie, should get the part. No one can fathom his motives for this apparently selfless act, but there are a few tricks in the old fox yet...and he'll need them all.
Trapped by Boston Blackie (1948) as The Runt
When the pearl necklace he's been hired to guard goes missing, a reformed thief is the prime suspect.
The Untamed Breed (1948) as Pablo
Tom Reed's adaptation of the "Saturday Evening Post" story by Eli Colter finds Texas wrangler Tom Kilpatrick (Sonny Tufts) persuading the ranchers of the Pecos area, led by John Rambeau (Edgar Buchanan), to buy a Brahma bull on a cooperative basis to improve their depleted cattle strain. The bull escapes, due to the carelessness of Windy Lucas (George Hayes as George 'Gabby' Hayes.) The mishap is seen by Larch Keegan (William Bishop), young rancher in love with Cherry Lucas (Barbara Britton), Windy's adopted daughter. Larch, jealous of Tom as a rival for Cherry and for water rights, fixes the blame on the wrangler. The bull terrorizes the countryside, injuring farm women and killing other bulls. Larch and his brothers, Hoy (Joe Sawyer) and Happy (Gordon Jones), incite the ranchers to shoot the bull on sight, but Tom begs for time to capture it alive. Tom corners and lassoes the bull in the hills, but his horse is no match for the bull, who escapes again. Tom then sets out to capture the Widow Maker, a famous wild horse, knowing the horse is the only one capable of holding the lassoed bull. He does so and trains the horse in secret. Larch grows so jealous of Tom that he vows to burn down his ranch house. To prevent this, Cherry marries Tom but the latter, discovering why Cherry rushed into the marriage, refuses to live with her as man and wife.
Daisy Kenyon (1947) as Waiter
On the rebound from a married man, a woman marries a veteran, just as her lover becomes available.
The Phantom Thief (1946) as The Runt
A reformed thief tries to stop a murderous blackmailer.
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946) as The Runt
A reformed thief brings a magic show to a woman's prison and gets mixed up in an escape.
Abie's Irish Rose (1946) as Isaac Cohen
Anne Nichols updated her original play by moving the time to the (then) present by starting the film with the V-E Day celebration in London, but no fundimental changes otherwise. This first film from Bing Crosby's production company (known as Bing Crosby Producers, Inc. and not as Bing Crosby Productions) was released in the US with a "General Audience" classification (and not the unknown-in-1946 classification of "Unrated") and starred newcomers Joanne Dru (Rosemary Murphy)and Richard Norris (Abie Cohen) in the roles defined in the title. Their respective fathers and mothers are none too keen on Abie and Rosemary's oil-and-water romance, and get even less keener when the two are married by a Protestant minister, a marriage that is quickly done again by a Jewish rabbi and then again by a Catholic priest. The contrast between Yiddish and Celtic dialects and religious practices is also maintained. Providence lends a helping hand at the end to effect the reconciliation of the fathers to their respective children and the choice they have made.
Sentimental Journey (1946) as Toy hawker
An actress becomes fatally ill and adopts an orphan so that her husband will not be alone once she has died.
Shock (1946) as Cab driver
Dr. Cross (Vincent Price), a psychiatrist, is treating a young woman, Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw), who is in a coma-state, brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window and saw a man strike his wife with a candlestick and kill her. As she comes out of her shock, she recognizes Dr. Cross as the killer. He takes her to his sanitarium and urged by his nurse/lover, Elaine Jordan (Lynn Bari), gives Janet an overdose of insulin. But he can't bring himself to murder her in cold blood and asks Elaine to get the medicine to save her. She refuses, they argue, and he strangles her. He saves Janet's life, but now faces two murder charges.
A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946) as The Runt
A reformed thief fights to clear himself of murder charges.
Suspense (1946) as Max
The new manager of an ice show plots to steal the owners business and his wife.
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion (1945) as The Runt
A reformed thief accidentally sells a phony first edition of Dickens, which triggers a murder.
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945) as The Runt
A reformed thief helps the police stop an escaped maniac''''s killing spree.
Scared Stiff (1945) as Mink
Midnight Manhunt (1945) as Joe Wells
Doll Face (1945) as Stage manager
A burlesque star breaks into the big time.
My Buddy (1944) as Pete
Republic, never a company to not try getting ahead of the curve and with writers who could remember the 1930's social conscience WW I vets-returning-home films, made this in mid-1944 (a full year before the end of WW II) as a don't-let-it-happen-again sermon. The semi-prologue opening finds Father Jim Donnelly (John Litel) before a post-war planning board in Washington and, as Priests quite often did in 1930 and 1940's films, tells his point-making story in flashback of how WW I vet Eddie Ballinger (Don Barry as Donald Barry), shaken by battle experiences anyway, returns home to a job that is no longer there for him and finds "No Help Wanted" signs standing in his way of making an honest living. Despite the pleas from his mother (Emma Dunn) and his sweetheart Lucy Manners (Lynne Roberts), Eddie starts hauling booze for bootlegger Tim Oberta (Alexander Granich) and takes up with entertainer Lola (Ruth Terry), who eventually betrays him, mainly because she is a one-name character and that's what one-name characters are there for...especially in a movie with the lead playing his 1944 version of Jimmy Cagney in a 1933 Warner's film. Father Jim makes his don't-repeat-the-past point in less than an hour as the hearing committee had also seen and heard the story before.
Timber Queen (1944) as Squirrel
One Mysterious Night (1944) as The Runt
A reformed thief helps the police recover an Egyptian diamond.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Icebox Hamilton
After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943) as The Runt
A reformed thief gets himself arrested fetching some jewels for a friend.
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) as The Runt
An ex-thief helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to get involved with a robbery investigation.
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1942) as The Runt
A reformed thief cracks a ring of art thieves to clear himself of murder charges.
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942) as The Runt
When he's framed for robbery, a reformed thief takes off to find the real culprit.
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. (1942) as Kingoro
The Devil with Hitler (1942) as Suki Yaki
If he wants to keep control of Hell, Satan has to get Hitler to perform a good deed.
Alias Boston Blackie (1942) as The Runt
A reformed thief tracks down an escaped convict so he can prove the man is innocent.
The Lone Star Ranger (1942) as Euchre
Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (1942) as Mousey
Mike Jason (Dennis O'Keefe), idea man for the Bullard Advertising Agency, and Cleo Arden (Gloria Dickson), director of the Jimmy Valentine radio program, based on the exploits of the old-time safe cracker, fear their jobs are in jeopardy when the sponsor decides to switch his show to another agency. Mike suggests that a $10,000 prize be offered to anyone who can locate the real Jimmy Valentine. Mike and Mousey (George E. Stone), a little chiseler who has attached himself to Mike, follow a clue to a small town. Unknown to Mike, Mousey is out for revenge and kills two innocent men before they learn the identity of the real Jimmy Valentine (Roman Bohnen). Mousey tries to kill Valentine but he himself is killed in the scuffle. Mike refuses to identify Valentine, claiming that one of the murdered men was the real Jimmy Valentine.
The Face Behind the Mask (1941) as Dinky
When a fire leaves him hideously scarred, an immigrant turns to crime.
Last of the Duanes (1941) as Euchre
In 1870 Texas a man (Montgomery) comes home to find his father murdered. He trails an outlaw till he finds out he's part of a gang, then calls in the Texas Rangers.
Broadway Limited (1941) as Lefty
A Hollywood publicity stunt ruins the leading lady's love life and draws the attention of federal agents.
Road Show (1941) as Indian
A playboy on the run hooks up with a sideshow''''s beautiful owner.
Cherokee Strip (1940) as Abe Gabbert
A newly appointed U.S. Marshal faces off against a criminal family.
Island of Doomed Men (1940) as Siggy
A government agent infiltrates a prison island to build a case against its corrupt, sadistic warden.
I Take This Woman (1940) as Sid
A tenement doctor's marriage to a European refugee threatens his practice.
Slightly Tempted (1940) as Petey
Confidence man Professor Ross (Hugh Herbert) is released from prison and goes to Knoxton where his daughter Judy (Peggy Moran) lives. She has told everyone, including her fiancee Jimmy Duncan (Johnny Downs), that her father has been exploring in South America. Civic leaders ask him to lecture at a gala reception. Because Jimmy needs money to finance a toy train factory, Ross ends his lecture with a sales talk about the valuable Iridium mines he found in South America. Ethelreda Knox (Elisabeth Risdon), big-time toy manufacturer, wants to get a monopoly on the Iridium stock, while Gentleman Jack (Robert Emmett Keane) and The Duchess (Gertrude Michael), a pair of slick crooks, also want to chisel in on the deal. Ross gets the swindlers and civic leaders to deposit $60,000 in the bank and he finances Jimmy's factory with the funds. Feeling somewhat "taken", Gentleman Jack and The Duchess rob the bank, but with the help of his crony Peter (George E. Stone), Ross sees to it that the pair leave town holding an empty bag. Ross reimburses the locals and suggests a merger of the factories owned by his bride-to-be Eltelreda and his future son-in-law Jimmy.
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939) as Benny
A gangster's moll runs home to mother, with reporters and amateur detectives hot on her tail.
The Long Shot (1939) as Danny Welch
You Can't Get Away with Murder (1939) as Toad
A young tough takes the rap for a hardened gangster.
The Night of Nights (1939) as Sammy Kayne
Over the Wall (1938) as Gyp [Hatton]
A prison chaplain tries to help a man framed for murder prove his innocence.
Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938) as [Jerry] Connors
Mr. Moto must discover who poisoned a fighter in the boxing ring. This movie began as "Charlie Chan at the Ringside," but Warner Oland died during the filming so it was switched to a Mr. Moto.
You and Me (1938) as Patsy
A Slight Case of Murder (1938) as Kirk
A gangster finds the straight life ain't so simple.
Submarine Patrol (1938) as Irving
Torchy Blane, the Adventurous Blonde (1937) as Pete
Reporter Torchy Blane walks out on her own wedding to solve the case of a murdered actor.
Back in Circulation (1937) as Mac
A reporter tries to win her editor's heart by solving a murder case.
Alcatraz Island (1937) as "Tough Tony" Burke
A prison inmate is framed for killing a con who once tried to kidnap his daughter.
Marked Woman (1937) as
A crusading DA fights to get a nightclub hostess to testify against her gangster boss.
Freshman Love (1936) as E. Prendergast Biddle
A college coach uses a beautiful blonde to woo athletes into joining his team.
Rhythm on the Range (1936) as Shorty
A cowboy falls for his boss, a beautiful lady ranch owner.
Man Hunt (1936) as Silk
A bored small-town teacher gets mixed up with an escaped bank robber.
King of Hockey (1936) as Nick Torga
A hockey star goes blind and has to fight for a new life.
Jailbreak (1936) as Weeper
A reporter gets himself sent to prison so he can solve a murder behind bars.
Here Comes Carter (1936) as Boots
A radio commentator avenges an old wrong by blowing the whistle on Hollywood scandals.
The Captain's Kid (1936) as Steve
A sea captain has to live up to his tall tales when he''''s attacked by gangsters.
Polo Joe (1936) as First loafer
A young man has to learn polo fast to impress his girlfriend.
Bullets or Ballots (1936) as Wires Kagel
A cop goes undercover to crack an influential crime ring.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Sancho
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
Back to Nature (1936) as Mr. Sweeney
Moonlight on the Prairie (1935) as Small Change [Turner]
An unemployed rodeo star takes on cattle rustlers.
Hold 'Em Yale (1935) as Benny South Street
Public Hero No. 1 (1935) as Butch
An undercover G-man helps with a jailbreak to learn the mob''''s secrets.
Make a Million (1935) as Larkey
The Frisco Kid (1935) as Solly [Solomon Green]
A shanghaied sailor turns himself into the king of San Francisco's rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast.
The Secret of the Chateau (1934) as Armand
Inspector Marotte, attending an auction of rare collectible books previously ownded by the recently murdered M. Le Duc de Poisse, hopes he can catch his old nemesis Prahec, a murderer and book thief. More murders occur at the deceased's estate when it is learned that a rare first edition of the Gutenberg Bible is hidden on the premises. Among all the friends, relatives, and servants gathering at the estate, Marotte is finally able to reveal the identity of Prahec and apprehend the guilty.
Viva Villa (1934) as Emilio Chavita
Rousing biography of the bandit chief who led the battle for Mexican independence.
Embarrassing Moments (1934) as Louie
The Dragon Murder Case (1934) as Tatum
Society sleuth Philo Vance looks into a murder near a mysterious "dragon pool."
One Hour Late (1934) as Benny
Return of the Terror (1934) as Soapy [McCoy]
Frontier Marshal (1934) as [David] Abe Ruskin
Million Dollar Baby (1934) as Joe Lewis
The Big Brain (1933) as Max Werner
He Couldn't Take It (1933) as Sammy Kohn
Jimmy Kelly, who can't hold on to a job because of his hot temper, finds his calling as a process server. He serves process on a gangster and exposes a criminal conspiracy while trying to stop his long-suffering girlfriend from taking a vacation with her lecherous boss.
Sailor Be Good! (1933) as Murphy
The Wrecker (1933) as Sam Shapiro
Emergency Call (1933) as Sammie [Miller]
A promising surgeon discovers his hospital is run by gangsters.
42nd Street (1933) as Andy Lee
The definitive backstage musical, complete with the dazzling newcomer who goes on for the injured star.
Sing Sinner Sing (1933) as Spats
King for a Night (1933) as Hymie
Penthouse (1933) as Murtoch
The mob frames a lawyer for murder, so he enlists a call girl's help in finding the real killer.
Ladies Must Love (1933) as Joey
Song of the Eagle (1933) as Gus
The Vampire Bat (1933) as Kringen
Villagers suspect the town simpleton of being a vampire.
The Woman from Monte Carlo (1932) as LeDuc
A ship''''s captain loses course in perilous waters when he discovers his wife cheating on him.
File 113 (1932) as Verduret, Le Coq's assistant
The World and the Flesh (1932) as [Semen] Rutchkin
The Last Mile (1932) as [Joe] Berg--cell 1
An innocent man sent to death row gets caught in a prison riot.
Taxi! (1932) as Skeets
A feisty independent cab driver fights off a crooked syndicate.
The Phantom of Crestwood (1932) as The Cat
Five men have to prove their innocence when a blackmailer is murdered.
Sob Sister (1931) as Johnny the Sheik
The Front Page (1931) as [Earl] Williams
A crusading newspaper editor tricks his retiring star reporter into covering one last case.
Maid to Order (1931) as
Five Star Final (1931) as Ziggie Feinstein
An unscrupulous newspaper editor searches for headlines at any cost.
The Spider (1931) as Dr. Blackstone
Cimarron (1931) as Sol Levy
A husband and wife fight to survive in the early days of the Oklahoma Territory.
Little Caesar (1931) as Otero
A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?
Two Men and a Maid (1929) as Shorty
Melody Lane (1929) as Danny Kay
A songwriter leaves his chorus girl sweetheart to join the US Army in France, where he falls in love with another woman.
Clothes Make the Woman (1928) as Assistant director
Beautiful But Dumb (1928) as Tad
Janet Brady, a stenographer, wants the love of her boss. She learns her personality has no appeal, so she drops her mannish clothes and blossoms forth as a simpering flapper. She develops sex appeal plus and though her boss is nonplussed for a time she wins him in the end.

Cinematography (feature film)

The Living World (1920) as Camera

Writer (feature film)

The Living World (1920) as Scen

Producer (feature film)

How Life Begins (1916) as Producer

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Tijuana Story (1957) as Dial coach
(Dra ''57,BW). Rodolfo Acosta, James Darren, Robert McQueeney, Jean Willes, Joy Stoner, Robert Blake, Paul Newlan. Mexican newspaperman Rodolfo Acosta wages a one-man war against a powerful crime syndicate in this inspirational melodrama based on a real-life incident and narrated by the original reporter who broke the sensational story, Paul Coates.

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