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Also Known As: Died:
Born: March 5, 1936 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: North Hollywood, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Human Highway (1982) as Director
Lionel Switch is an auto mechanic who has a huge crush on waitress named Charlotte Goodnight. Lionel also has a fantasy of becoming a musician like his idol Frankie Fontaine. When Fontaine's limousine pulls up to his garage one day, Lionel is thrilled to work on the car, but trouble brews for Charlo

Cast (feature film)

Entertainment (2015)
An aging comic travels across the Southwest to meet his estranged daughter, trying to revive his career along the way.
Deep in the Darkness (2015)
Dr. Michael Cayle thought leaving the chaotic lifestyle of New York City behind for the quiet, small town of Ashborough would bring his family closer together. Soon after arriving, however, he discovers the town's deepest secret: a terrifying - and controlling - race of creatures that live amongst t
Persecuted (2014)
John Luther was the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform. When a Senator frames Luther for the murder of an innocent teenage girl, an unprecedented era of persecution is unleashed. An evangelist turned fugitive, Luther's mission brings him face-to-face with the coming storm of perse
C.O.G. (2013)
David plans a summer working on a farm in the Northwest with his friend Jennifer. But when Jennifer unexpectedly bails on him, David is left to dirty his hands alone
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2010)
Set just after the Cylons destroyed the human home planets, the story revolves around two Cylon agents as they struggle with the remaining human survivors, both on the escaped ships and those still on the planets.
Cool School, The (2007)
The seminal Ferus Gallery groomed the LA art scene from a loose band of idealistic beatniks into a coterie of competitive, often brilliant artists, including Ed Kienholz, Ed Ruscha, Craig Kauffman, Wallace Berman, Ed Moses and Robert Irwin. The Ferus also served as launching point for New York impor
Manchurian Candidate, The (2004) as Mark Whiting
U.S. Army Major Bennett Marco can''t sleep at night--and he doesn''t want to. Marco spends his days giving inspiring speeches about his platoon''s ambush in the Kuwaiti desert and the heroics of Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who won the Medal of Honor for saving Marco''s crew. But at night, Marco''s dreamlike memories of the desert turn sinister and terrifying. And Marco privately wonders whether the two soldiers who died in the firefight might have met darker fates than officially recorded--and whether Shaw might not be the glorious hero that everyone thinks he is. When Shaw takes the national stage as a surefire candidate for vice president--under the thumb of his controversial mother, Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw--Marco is forced to act on his growing suspicions. With military officials questioning his sanity, and the net of security tightening around Shaw, Marco races to probe deeper into the unimaginable, shocking truth before the White House is won.
Quickie, The (2001) as Michael
Los-Angeles. A New Year's Eve is just getting underway. The host, Oleg, is one of the new Russian multimillionaires. His wild younger brother Alex and his mother are there having a good time. It's obvious Oleg takes good care of his family. Waiters carry heavy platters of Russian food and icy bottle
Face to Face (2001) as Jimmy Gallo--Richie'S Father
After witnessing their fathers cry for the first time at their grandfather's funeral, three cousins decide to get to know their uncommunicative, cantankerous dads--by drugging and kidnapping them to a remote cabin. After a male-bonding pit stop at a strip joint, things go from bad to worse, forcing
Buffalo Soldiers (2001) as General Lancaster
It's 1989. The Berlin Wall is about to fall; but outside of Stuttgart, West Germany, at the Theodore Roosevelt Army Base, Specialist Ray Elwood of the 317th Supply Battalion is about to find his own cold war turn white hot. Elwood's a loveable rogue, a conscript who's managed to turn his military se
In Pursuit (2001)
An attorney is framed for the murder of a prominent business man and sets out to prove his innocence. He is soon distracted from his mission by the business man's beautiful and intriguing widow.
CQ (2001) as Dr Ballard
Paris, 1969. The filming of a sci-fi movie set in the year 2000 is in trouble, largely because the director's obsession with one of his actresses has clouded his judgement. As a result, the film has no ending. A young American is brought in to finish the film on schedule, but when he too succumbs to
They Nest (2000) as Sheriff Hobbs
On Orr's Island off the coast of Maine, a recovering alcoholic Dr. Ben Cahill, escapes in order to put his life back together after a difficult divorce. Once on the island, Cahill, discovers that the village locals are being killed off by an insect that resembles an ordinary household cockroach, one
Restraining Order (2000)
A lawyer takes the law into his own hands after his best friend is murdered by the mob he helped to acquit.
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1999) as Bophisto
When a beautiful princess falls under the control of an evil wizard trying to steal the fabled Golden Key of Knowledge, Sinbad comes to the rescue, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Rites of Passage (1999) as Del Farraday
After attorney D.J. Farraday catches his father Del having an extra-marital affair at a San Francisco hotel, the two decide to take a trip to their isolated family cabin to talk things out. Instead they arrive to find Campbell, D.J.'s younger brother, waiting in the cabin for his boyfriend Billy, wh
Venice Project, The (1999) as Senator Campbell
A bored Count, his family, and his home on Venice's Grand Canal come under threat during the great annual Biennale art event.
Water Damage (1999) as Detective Frank Skoufaris
Someone is out to get revenge on a man with a terrible secret that he can't remember from the past.<P>Paul Preedy's three-year-old son, Clifford, drowns in their backyard pool, even though Paul had locked the pool gate. One year later, Paul's life is dramatically different. Consumed by guilt over Cl
Shadow Men, The (1999) as Stan Mills
Alien-human mutants sent from the government come to investigate a family's alien encounter.
Close to Danger (1997) as Dr Ames
When a woman realizes that the handsome murder mystery writer that she is working for is planning to act out the murderous fantasies that he writes about, she becomes a police informant in order to stop him. Inspired by actual events.
Air Force One (1997) as Defense Secretary Walter Dean
The President of the United States, James Marshall, takes a tough anti-terrorist stance and then becomes a hostage himself when Air Force One is taken over by terrorists from Kazakhstan, led by Ivan Korshunov, who demand the release of their fascistic leader General Radek. The President seems to escape from the plane in an emergency capsule yet is actually hiding on board. He silently kills a member of the terrorist group before establishing contact with F-15''s to engage the hijacked plane. As passengers escape by parachute, Marshall is captured by Ivan and forced to release General Radek, setting in motion an international incident.
John Grisham's The Rainmaker (1997) as Judge Harvey Hale
Struggling new attorney Rudy Baylor resorts to working for a shady lawyer, where he meets paralegal Deck Shifflet. When the insurance company of Dot Black refuses her dying son coverage, Baylor and Shifflet team up to fight the corrupt corporation, taking on its callous lawyer. Meanwhile, Baylor becomes involved with Kelly Riker, an abused wife, whose husband complicates matters when he confronts Baylor.
McHale's Navy (1997) as Captain Wallace B Binghampton
Retired naval commander turned entrepreneur Quinton McHale assembles his former crew and returns to his post when an evil East German major invades a neighboring island.
Twilight Man (1997)
A popular university professor and successful novelist is engaged to an attractive scholar. After a brief dispute with a stranger, his life turns into a nightmare.
Naked Souls (1996) as Duncan
Bizarre scientific experiments lead to peril for a researcher and his girlfriend.
Mr. Wrong (1996) as Jack Tramonte
Martha is a bright and sassy ''90s woman with an age old problem--how to recognize Mr. Right when he comes along. A radio talkshow producer, Martha definitely gets her signals crossed when she suddenly meets Whitman, a handsome stranger with whom she instantly falls head over heels. However, she soon realizes she''s dating a guy who''s as right on the outside as he is wrong on the inside, and the ratings on this romance quickly plummet. Calamity prevails as she tries to pull the plug on her love life altogether. But Whitman proceeds to prove that too often, dream dates become nightmares.
Unabomber: The True Story (1996) as Ben Jeffries
Telefilm about the Unabomber suspect, Theodore J. Kaczynski, who was arrested in April 1996. Consists of three interlocking storylines: the postal inspector, a composite character based on the real inspector Tony Muljuat, who tracked the Unabomber through a 17-year string of deadly mail bombings; th
Midnight Blue (1996)
A conservative businessman becomes entangled with a seductive con artist.
Deadline For Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan (1995) as Aaron Bliss
Inspired by the the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning, Miami-based journalist, Edna Buchanan, who investigates the murder of a man with ties to the Miami mafia.
Commish: In the Shadow of the Gallows, The (1995) as Robert Allardyce
A man who had been locked up by the Commish is executed for the murders of eight women, but another death-row inmate confesses to the crimes. The Commish must prove that the dead man actually committed the murders.
In the Line of Duty: The Price of Vengeance (1994) as Jack Lowe
Based on an actual police case about a Los Angeles Police Detective who was stalked and killed by a gang leader as revenge for his prior arrest.
Madonna: Innocence Lost (1994) as Tony Ciccone
Unauthorized television movie tracing the pop music superstar Madonna's first years in New York, from 1978 through 1984 -- including relationships with her father and her first manager.
Innocent, The (1994) as Jason Flaboe
A Los Angeles police detective tries to communicate with an autistic child who is the only witness to a violent crime.
Chasers (1994) as Salesman Stig
Two Navy military policemen escort a feisty and beautiful female prisoner across the country.
Justice in a Small Town (1994) as Sam Caldwell
A low-level civil servant in the Georgia Department of Labor uncovers a conspiracy of corruption and extortion by highly placed officials. Based on a true story and its Pulitzer-Prize-winning coverage in the "Georgia Gazette" by screenwriter Richard Rashke.
Bonanza: The Return (1993) as Augustus Brandenburg
Television movie sequel to the NBC western series "Bonanza." The Ponderosa Ranch is in trouble, and it's up to the next generation of Cartwrights to battle the unscrupulous businessman who plans to desecrate the land by establishing a strip-mining operation.
The Player (1992) as Andy Civella
A rising producer tries to cover up the accidental killing of a screenwriter who was stalking him.
Fatal Memories (1992) as Bob Morse
A television movie based on the true story of Eileen Franklin Lipsker who repressed the childhood memory that her father killed her best friend.
Shame (1992) as Tim Curtis
A female lawyer becomes involved in solving a town's conspiracy of silence about a young rape victim. Based on the 1987 Australian feature film of the same title.
Friends and Enemies (1992) as Freddy
After one of four best friends beats an innocent man into a coma their relationships change drastically.
Sandino (1990) as Hatfield
Drama based on the activities of Nicaraguan guerrilla leader General Cesar Augusto Sandino who fought American occupation forces in 1927 until their withdrawl in 1933.
Backtrack (1990) as John Luponi
After accidentally witnessing a mafia murder, a Los Angeles artist is hunted down by the killers, the police and a lovestruck hit-man.
Limit Up (1989) as Peter Oak
A young female trader sells her soul to the devil in order to corner the world''s soybean market.
Stickfighter (1989) as Governor'S Son
Time Guardian, The (1989) as Boss
Futuristic adventure about humans battling mutants.
Buying Time (1989) as Detective Novak
Two young thieves are sent to an exclusive old age home to perform community service.
Palais Royale (1988) as Dattalico
The romance of an advertising agency bookkeeper and a model, with some gangsters thrown in for good measure.
Long Haul, The (1988) as Mario
Married To The Mob (1988) as Tony "The Tiger" Russo
A recently widowed Mafia wife tries to start her life anew, only to find past acquaintances and FBI agents on her tail.
Blue Iguana, The (1988) as Detective Carl Strick
A US bounty hunter is forced by his former IRS cronies to rob a bank filled with millions of illegal, international, un-taxed bank notes in the fictional, small and ruthless Central American town of Diablo.
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) as Howard Hughes
A millionaire risks everything on a revolutionary new auto design.
Gardens Of Stone (1987) as Homer Thomas
Soldiers long for combat in Vietnam while serving at Arlington Cemetery.
Banzai Runner (1987) as Bill Baxter
Papa Was a Preacher (1987)
Drama based on Alyene Porter's novel about family life in a small Texas town during the 1950s.
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) as Chip Cain
Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is watching the news on TV when the reporter tells a story that Axel''s friend, Beverly Hills police Captain Andrew Bogomil (Ronny Cox), has been shot. Axel heads out to Beverly Hills to visit Bogomil in the hospital, and is reunited with Bogomil''s daughter Jan (Alice Adair). Axel is also reunited with Det. Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and Sgt. John Taggart (John Ashton). Axel, Rosewood, and Taggart soon discover that the alphabet robberies are being masterminded by weapons kingpin Maxwell Dent (Jurgen Prochnow), and Dent had sent his fiancee Karla Fry (Brigitte Nielsen) to kill Bogomil because he had been after Dent.
To Kill a Stranger (1987) as John Carver
Christina Carver is visiting her husband, a television reporter on location in a Latin American dictatorship. After Christina is in a car accident, a Colonel Kostik is helpful to her, and she brings him home. When he tries to rape her, Christina kills the colonel in self-defense, and then tries to c
Blue Velvet (1986) as Ben
A small-town boy unearths a world of corruption when he stumbles upon a severed ear.
The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) as Muldaur
A Texas teenager becomes a local hero when she takes on local bullies.
To Live And Die In L.A. (1985) as Bob Grimes
A Secret Service agent becomes obsessed with tracking down a notorious and dangerous Los Angeles counterfeitor.
Paris, Texas (1984) as Walt
An amnesiac tries to find the family he lost.
Dune (1984) as Doctor Wellington Yuch
In the year 10,991 a race ensues for the discovery of a valuable spice found on a farawy planet.
Alsino And The Condor (1982)
A young boy, who longs to fly like a bird, discovers that freedom of flight is found in action.
Human Highway (1982) as Otto Quartz
Lionel Switch is an auto mechanic who has a huge crush on waitress named Charlotte Goodnight. Lionel also has a fantasy of becoming a musician like his idol Frankie Fontaine. When Fontaine's limousine pulls up to his garage one day, Lionel is thrilled to work on the car, but trouble brews for Charlo
Wrong Is Right (1982) as Hacker
Born to Be Sold (1981) as Marty Helick
An illegal baby-selling operation is uncovered by social worker Lynda Carter in this drama produced by her manager/husband, Ron Samuels. Dean Stockwell and Sharon Farrell run the shady home for unwed mothers that supplies Harold Gould's equally shady adoption agency.
She Came to the Valley (1979)
At the suggestion of a man named Bill, Willy, Pat, and their two young daughters move to the new town of Mission near the Rio Grande river. The wife, Willy, follows her dream and opens a store there. One night, Pancho Villa and his men ride in and loot the town. After her husband dies, Willy finds h
Tracks (1977) as Mark
A soldier (Dennis Hopper) returns from Vietnam on special assignment, accompanying the body of his friend by train to California for burial. During the trip, he falls in love with a gentle college student. But their relationship is shattered by his flashbacks to combat.
Killing Affair, A (1977) as Kenneth Switzer
A white woman detective and her black partner are caught up in a love affair while working on a series of vicious crimes.
Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976)
In 1924 Estie comes to Hollywood to become an actress, but the dog, that followed her becomes the star. But Hollywood has its own rules of sucess.
Win, Place or Steal (1975) as Billy
Three friends love to bet on the horses and always lose come up with a plan to beat the system. They decide to steal one of the racetrack's betting machines, print out winning tickets, and get back all of the money they have previously lost. But thkngs do not go smoothly when they enact their scheme
Return of Joe Forrester, The (1975) as Sergeant Callan
Aging street cop goes after a gang of toughs involved in several robbery-rapes on his beat in this pilot (a spin-off from "Police Story") for the 1975-76 series. The veteran cop concept also was the basis for "The Blue Knight" series at the same time -- and that too was based on a Joseph Wambaugh cr
Werewolf Of Washington (1973) as Jack Whittier
A reporter who has had an affair with the daughter of the U.S. President is sent to Hungary. There he is bitten by a werewolf, and then gets transferred back to Washington, where he gets a job as press assistant to the President. Then bodies start turning up in D.C. . . .
The Loners (1972) as Stein
Adventures of Nick Carter, The (1972) as Freddy Duncan
Nick Carter learns that a fellow private eye's death is tied into the disappearance of a wealthy playboy's wife, and he hunts for the killer among the social register as well as the dregs of 1912 New York. Pilot to a prospective series.
The Last Movie (1971) as Billy the Kid
A film shoot in Peru goes badly wrong when an actor is killed in a stunt, and the unit wrangler, Kansas, decides to give up film-making and stay on in the village, shacking up with local prostitute Maria. But his dreams of an unspoiled existence are interrupted when the local priest asks him to help stop the villagers killing each other by re-enacting scenes from the film for real because they don't understand movie fakery...
Failing of Raymond, The (1971) as Raymond
A spinster school teacher, on the eve of her retirement, finds that she is marked for death by a mentally deranged former student she had flunked ten years earlier.
Paper Man (1971) as Avery Jensen
A suspense drama that begins with a group of college students who create an identity for a fictitious credit card holder after feeding data into a computer and snowballs into a scheme that leaves three of them dead.
The Dunwich Horror (1970) as Wilbur Whateley
A demonic priest uses a young innocent to help him bring banished elder gods back to Earth.
Psych-Out (1968) as Dave
A deaf girl gets mixed up in drugs and free love while searching for her missing brother.
Rapture (1965) as Joseph
Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) as Edmund Tyrone
A young writer tries to find himself while his family falls apart.
Sons and Lovers (1960) as Paul Morel
The son of a working-class British mining family has dreams of pursuing an art career, but when he strikes up an affair with an older woman from the town it enrages his jealous mother.
Compulsion (1959) as Judd Steiner
Two wealthy law-school students go on trial for murder in this version of the Leopold-Loeb case.
Gun for a Coward (1957) as Hade "Harry" Keough
A young cowboy, whose dedication to the principles of peace and reason has earned him a reputation for cowardice, overcomes his psychological aversion to violence after his elder brother unjustly censures him for not joining in a foolhardy gunfight in which their youngest brother is killed.
The Careless Years (1957) as Jerry Vernon
A rich girl and her poor boyfriend flee to Mexico to escape family disapproval.
Cattle Drive (1951) as Chester Graham, Jr.
The son of a wealthy railroad owner gets lost in the middle of nowhere.
Kim (1951) as Kim [O'Hara]
Rudyard Kipling''''s classic tale of an orphaned boy who helps the British Army against Indian rebels.
The Happy Years (1950) as John Humperdink Stover
Friends and family try to tame an unruly student at the turn of the century.
Stars in My Crown (1950) as John Kenyon
A parson uses six-guns and the Bible to bring peace to a Tennessee town.
The Secret Garden (1949) as Colin Craven
An orphaned girl changes the lives of those she encounters at a remote estate.
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) as Jed Joy
A re-make of the 1922 silent film that details the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.
Gentleman's Agreement (1948) as Tommy Green
A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism.
Deep Waters (1948) as Donny Mitchell
The Boy with Green Hair (1948) as Peter [Frye]
An orphaned boy mystically acquires green hair and a mission to end war.
The Mighty McGurk (1947) as Nipper
A punch-drunk prizefighter living on the Bowery takes in an orphaned boy.
The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947) as Andrew MacBean
A farmer's daughter falls in love with a man who fought against her family in the Civil War.
The Arnelo Affair (1947) as Ricky Parkson
A neglected wife gets mixed up with an hypnotic charmer and murder.
Song of the Thin Man (1947) as Nick Charles, Jr.
Society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles investigate a murder in a jazz club.
Home Sweet Homicide (1946) as Archie Carstairs
Mystery writer Marian Carstairs is hard at work trying to finish her latest novel. Her three children meanwhile are entertaining themselves trying to solve a murder in their own neighborhood. In between gathering clues, the kids play matchmaker by trying to fix up their widowed mom with the handsome detective investigating the case.
The Green Years (1946) as Robert Shannon, as a child
An orphaned Irish boy is taken in by his mother's Scottish relations.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945) as Himself
A pair of wacky lackeys try to take Tinseltown by storm.
The Valley of Decision (1945) as Paulie
An Irish housemaid''''s romance with the boss''''s son is complicated by labor disputes in the Pittsburgh mills.
Anchors Aweigh (1945) as Donald Martin
A pair of sailors on leave try to help a movie extra become a singing star.

Writer (feature film)

Human Highway (1982) as Screenwriter
Lionel Switch is an auto mechanic who has a huge crush on waitress named Charlotte Goodnight. Lionel also has a fantasy of becoming a musician like his idol Frankie Fontaine. When Fontaine's limousine pulls up to his garage one day, Lionel is thrilled to work on the car, but trouble brews for Charlo

Producer (feature film)

Rites of Passage (1999) as Associate Producer
After attorney D.J. Farraday catches his father Del having an extra-marital affair at a San Francisco hotel, the two decide to take a trip to their isolated family cabin to talk things out. Instead they arrive to find Campbell, D.J.'s younger brother, waiting in the cabin for his boyfriend Billy, wh

Cast (special)

I Survived a Disaster 2 (1997) as Host
Special looks at natural and unnatural disasters, featuring stories from survivors, home footage, and news reports. Includes stories and footage on a North Hollywood shootout between police and two masked gunmen at a Bank of America on February 28, 1997; the Oakland Hills firestorm of October 20, 19
Gallup: Extreme Magic (1996)
Magician Robert Gallup attempts "The Challenge of the Death Dive," in which he must escape from hand and leg cuffs from inside a chained U.S. Mail bag, which itself is chained inside a jail cell, which is then thrown from an airplane at 18,000 feet -- giving Gallup just 41 seconds to free himself.
Caught in the Act (1993) as Host
A special revealing how hi-tech video surveillance helps law-enforcement officers catch criminals breaking the law.
3rd Annual International Rock Awards, The (1991) as Presenter
An awards presentation for rock 'n' roll performers and composers. Live performances are also included.
Against All Odds (1991) as Host
A reality-based special that focuses on the exploits of people who have attempted to overcome amazing odds. Real-life thrill seekers, heroes, and gamblers are featured.
Dennis Hopper (1991)
A documentary about director/actor Dennis Hopper. Included are interview footage of Hopper himself, as well as with family members and colleagues and clips from films Hopper starred in and/or directed.
Roy Orbison Tribute to Benefit the Homeless (1990) as Host
A special featuring rock, pop and country/western performers and film stars in a tribute to legendary singer Roy Orbison to benefit the homeless.
42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Presentation (1990) as Presenter
Live telecast of the forty-second annual prime time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.
2nd International Rock Awards, The (1990) as Presenter
An awards presentation for rock 'n' roll performers and composers. Live performances are also included.
American Film Institute Salute to Gregory Peck, The (1989)
The American Film Institute (AFI) presents its 17th Annual Distinguished Life Achievement Award to actor Gregory Peck. The special was taped on March 9, 1989 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
When We Were Young... Growing Up on the Silver Screen (1989)
A documentary focusing on the era of child stars, showing how the films featuring children both reflected and affected the social conditions of the times. The program features interviews with several former child stars of the thirties and forties.
Joke and the Valley, The (1961) as Davis Tucker
The story, set in a sleepy little country town, tells of a drifter who takes refuge in a barn during a storm and becomes involved in a murder when he finds a body.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Living in Peril (1997) as William
Twilight Man (1996) as Hollis Dietz
Stephen King's "The Langoliers" (1995) as Robert Jenkins
Ten strangers napping on an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Boston awake to discover that all the other passengers and crew members have disappeared. Upon landing, they also find that this new reality is home to the langoliers -- night-time childhood fears come to life.
Vanishing Son II (1994) as Mickey Jo
Jian-Wa and Wago Chang escape from China's political unrest and take up in the United States. Both try and find new lives in the U.S. with Wago falling in with an organized crime gang and Jian-Wa pursuing a career in music.
Son of the Morning Star (1991) as General Philip Sheridan
A miniseries about General George Custer, the Plains Indian Wars, and the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876.

Cast (short)

A Really Important Person (1947)
In this short film, a policeman's son searches for a suitable subject for an essay about an important person.

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