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James Stewart

James Stewart



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  • Please help!

    • Paul
    • 2016-12-27

    I always loved Jimmy Stewart. He seemed to personify great family values. I have to give a speech at an upcoming wedding and seem to recall a clip from a Jimmy Stewart western where a cowhand comes to ask for Jimmy's daughter's hand in marriage. As I recall, Jimmy asks the young man if he loves her and of course the answer is 'Yes'. I think Jimmy's character replies 'no you don't. But you will learn to love her'. Does anybody recall this movie? I would love to use the clip.

  • Jimmy

    • Mike Schweers
    • 2016-10-14

    Simply the best that ever was!

  • The Greatest Guy Ever

    • Jenny
    • 2015-01-05

    I think that Jimmy Stewart is the best actor who has ever had a leading role on the screen. His kind, loyal, respectful, and so very down-to earth demeanor makes him absolutely adorable! I am only 17, but I can't help but love him and his movies! I sometimes am picked on by my siblings and friends for my reverence for such an amazing man, but I am in no way ashamed of having my favorite actor be Jimmy Stewart!

  • AMAZING GUY I tell you...

    • Akshu
    • 2014-01-18

    I'm just madly in love with Jimmy Stewart right now....and I'm 16! It's sad, cause my friends kept criticizing me for liking an actor who's dead... But, I know for sure that Jimmy Stewart is and will always be my favorite actor. Apart from their acting skills, I always look at an actors' personality to decide whether they are worth fan girling over not, and almost all actors in today's day failed my test... But Jimmy Stewart, I'm so glad I came across this guy when our history teacher showed us it's a wonderful life in class! Not only is a talented, and an amazing actor, but he was a good, kind, sweet, brave, and the most down to earth and the nicest person I've ever seen....I've seen and heard almost all his interviews, and I must tell you he stands out from every single actor in today's world and at that time too ( at least I think like that)...He's also an epitome of what a true gentleman should be like;faithful, loving, respectful and he carried himself with such great dignity! And this person has also taught me one of the biggest lessons in my life; no matter where you are or what you do, stick to you roots and values, cling on to them, as they will never ever fail you and be a nice person... He was a larger than life hollywoods superstar, yet he acted completely normal in real life and never strayed from the values his family had imbibed in him, and that's one of the reason I live him the most! Otherwise, now a days, Hollywood is just a terrible place to be in, as many young stars forget who they are in midst of all glitz and glamour! But seriously, Jimmy Stewart is everything I'll look for in my future husband... And I feel the world would be a better place if there were more people like him!

  • awesome

    • Samantha
    • 2013-10-08

    I love his movies, and his voice in all his movies he is amazing

  • The Man of My Dreams

    • Aisha Stewart
    • 2013-05-27

    I had gone through a lot of problems in my life; I was so fed up. My aunt who's my Godmother suggested me to watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'. It was just 4 months ago. I instantly fell in love with the movie. As time went by through my miseries in the last four months, after I had tried to commit suicide, I was totally loving my life the way it is. It was all because of Jimmy saying, 'I want to live again.' He made me want to live my life the way it is, made me realise that life itself is a big gift, however nasty it is to you. I love him, I think. In all my prayers I pray to Him so I could get to spend at least a minute of my life with him, feel his touch, see his smile and kiss him. he was just the-guy-next-door, but his patriotism and his behaviour and seeing him being loyal to his wife for his whole life and his last words being, 'I can be with Gloria now.' just made me love him more. I think I'm in love with a dead man. LOVE YOU JIM.

  • A wonderful actor.

    • JStewartfan
    • 2012-03-27

    I've never loved an actor as much as I love Jimmy Stewart. I discovered him through It's A Wonderful Life.... and then needed more. I've bought so many of his movies since. He's funny, charming, true, honest, relatable and an icon. Throughout his career his films diversify, and the quality changes but he is always amazing. He has introduced me to classic movies and i love it. But nothing beats a good Jimmy Stewart movie. A true icon, a true gentleman and an era I sadly missed out on.

  • How Mr. Stewart Appeared in My Life

    • Sara
    • 2012-01-21

    When I was in eighth grade, my history teacher would always talk about this rabbit named Harvey. I thought he was weird, but that changed when he showed us the movie. I immediately fell in love with it. I think I am the only one who did which is a shame:( Well, about a month later my english teacher showed us It's a Wonderful Life and I fell in love again!! I had forgotten all about Jimmy for a while and it wasn't until December of 2011 that I began to love him again. I saw ITAWL and I understood it better. I became aware about the greatness of Jimmy's acting ability. I admire him very much!! I believe that he was an amazing example of a Human being. He was kind, gentle, pleasant, sweet, caring, brave, and much more. He was also very HANDSOME. Anyway, he is my all time favorite actor and person. I've watched 18 if his movies! BTW I'm 15. I wish more younger people would watch these amazing classical movies. Maybe they could learn a thing or two. I'm getting tired of all the new movies that are coming out!! Oh, sorry my comment is long. I LOVE writing!

  • 4 1/2 Stars? *****

    • Mike
    • 2011-08-20

    Leaving out what a great human being Mr. Stewart was, I can say if he only was a great actor, he was unquestionably a 5 star actor. I'd like to ask whomever gave him a lesser grade if they ever seen him perform. He was truly a unique and elite actor whose performances still stand up with all the greats. I could use any number of movies as evidence but if I had to choose one I'd suggest "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."

  • Man for All Americans

    • dick hintz
    • 2010-04-10

    James Stewart: The life of James Stewart reads like a true American. He not only exceled in a movie career, but fought for this great country during WW2. A full life,that gave all Americans a reason to be proud of the actors of His time, along with Clark Gable and Cary Grant, God Bless James Stewart.

  • I remember him fondly

    • mark
    • 2009-12-19

    I wrote to Jimmy Stewart when I was a teenager. I beleive it was 1977. My best friend said he was too busy, and would NEVER write back. Three months later, I got a letter, an autograph...and an invitation from Jimmy to autograph the book I had of his films. My buddy begged me to send his book for an autograph as well. What reaaly struck home though, even though I was a teenager, was that he had his secretary (Claire Piest was her name)tell me to make sure I insured the book, because that particular book was out of print. WHO BUT JIMMY STEWART WOULD CARE THAT MUCH? Of course he autographed both books. He was just that kind of guy. I was lucky enough to correspond with him three times throughout his life. He was as genuine to me in those letters, as he appeared on TV. He was one special, special person.

  • My Favorite Actor

    • DunDun
    • 2009-09-05

    Jimmy Stewart is simply the most lovable, inspiring, and talented actor in all of film. I first heard of him in one of those TCM shorts where actors reminisce about other actors, and even in those photographs and short film clips, his warm and erudite personality showed. Tall, thin, and remarkably cute (and sporting a slight resemblance to George Harrison of The Beatles), I was floored immediately and wanted to find everything I could about him. Nearly a year later, I can safely regard him as my favorite actor. Genteel, patriotic, and driven to a high degree, he will continue to positively enchant people with his on and offscreen personalities for the ages.


    • Regan
    • 2009-08-03

    OOOO I love me some James Stewart and wish that I could have met him. I think he is utterly the most hottest specimen of a male that ever walked the earth and he is a splendid actor with the sweetest and beautiful voice. I just love to hear him talk.

  • I LOVE Jimmy Stewart!!!!

    • Krysta
    • 2009-07-13

    What can you say about Jimmy Stewart? He was simply a SPLENDID person and the most MARVELOUS actor! He's without-a-doubt my favorite person in Hollywood history.

  • MY #1 Actor and person

    • Mary
    • 2009-05-21

    His sincerity always shines through in every role and he's always been someone I wish I knew personaly. When I was very young,I wanted him for a Grandfather,when I was a bit older,I wanted him for a father,and now that I'm middle-aged I like him as a husband and the father of my children.All which goes to show that although I'm changing...He remains ever loved.

  • Everybody loves Jimmy!

    • Max Nosbisch
    • 2009-03-14

    Jimmy Stewart IS Hollywood, he's a great actor! He is a splendid performer, and was a great guy! He is a great role model, he wasnt fake like all the stars today. He was always great in his films he had a sort of magic to him that made him so great! He is THE best male actor of all time! You got to love Jimmy everybody should!

  • Oh, you!

    • Amy
    • 2009-03-03

    James Stewart has this strange quality to him. He's like the reassuring older brother type. Definitely made great choices with the roles he took!

  • All time favorite actor.

    • Marlene Farfan
    • 2009-01-19

    Great actor and great human being.

  • Most lovable actor of all time.

    • Franny Silva
    • 2008-12-17

    Jimmy is truly my favorite actor of all time. He is the one I looked up to since I was a little girl and now my 25 year old and 8 year old favor him too. He never goes out of style. His loving manner comes through the screen. You can't wait until his role comes up. He captivates you with his charisma. Always adorable and his humor was suttle but catchy. I looked at him when choosing my husband for great character and good looks. He will always be my favorite movie hero. He stole the show everytime he was in it.

  • I love Jimmy Stewart movies

    • Holly Nemback
    • 2008-12-02

    Jimmy Stewart Flew with my dad in world war 2. He is the best film actor I have ever known. My Children and grandchildren will know who Jimmy Stewart was.

  • Respectable

    • Michele
    • 2008-11-06

    Stewart was complimented by all his colleagues, such as African-American actor Woody Strode, praising him as "one of the nicest men you'll ever meet anywhere in the world."


    • Mary Bordwell
    • 2008-10-27

    There are no comparisons. The very early stuff where he is a shy, awkward, loveable kid, to his fatherly middle years,the Hitchcock years, and the wonderful elderly Jimmy who told the off color jokes on Johnny Carson. When he recieved his Kennedy Center Honors, Carol Burnett was his presentor. The final tribute was a full marching band playing patriotic service songs as a color guard and the band marched in. He was above all a man who served his country when needed. You could tell that meant the world to him. If you ever get the chance go to Indiana, PA to his home town Museum. It is great. The statue in front? Elwood P. Dowd, of course.

  • The Top Actor, or Nearly So.

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-26

    So many varying roles...such a lengthly career....with so many talented directors and fellow actors and actresses. What a career! And he communicated to audiences a down home American character type...that is classic, in what will one day be considered, the early days of film. He's up there with the best...and was felt the very best in the hearts of his audiences.

  • Sweetie Pie Jimmy

    • Brij
    • 2008-08-26

    What can I say? I love Jimmy. He is a very special man who has brought me much joy through his film roles. I know nearly every line to the Mr. Smith filibuster scene and play it whenever I need cheering up or just a dose of Jimmy. I am only 23 but this man has touched my heart very much, and I look forward to every TCM showing of his movies, even if I've seen them a dozen times. I have a friend who's like a grandfather to me and he reminds me of Jimmy, and I can see Jimmy's boyish charm in him, and watching his films helps me to see what my friend must have been like back in the day! Gentlemanly and charming in his Fedora and gray flannel suit. . .

  • A superb actor!

    • Clare Ikeguchi
    • 2008-08-19

    James Stewart is an American icon. He is one of my favorite actors and I loved his genuine acting ability. He's appeared in so many wonderful movies which were also my favorites; Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, You Can't Take It With You, The Philadelphia Story (won best actor), It's A Wonderful Life, Harvey, and The Man Who Knew Too Much. He was really THE all American guy! He showed superb acting ability in his movies, yet he also showed his awkward and typical boyish side. James Stewart will always be remembered and still lives on in American hearts.

  • Once In A Life Time

    • Claude Butler
    • 2008-07-10

    Once in a life time comes along an extremely unique and talented individual that defies logic. A special individual that is so blessed with character, talent, patriotism, and just a down to earth kind of guy. James Stewart is my favorite actor of all time. I am a baby boomer and movie buff and have seen just about all the old movies that have been made. I have a lot of favorites, but James Stewart tops the list of all time greats. What a guy he was!

  • MY Favorite actor of all-time

    • Mary Anna
    • 2008-05-20

    James Stewart was just "The Best" If you want to watch his greatest acting performances,I would say,check out: #1 It's a Wondeful Life #2 Shop around the Corner and #3 Anatomy of a Murder

  • Most Outsatnding Film Actor Of All Time

    • Robert Dockery
    • 2008-05-16

    I've been a movie buff since 1946 (9 cent all day Saturday's). I've seen all his movies, many of them more than 4 or 5 times. I know it's a strong statement. . .but Jimmy Stewart could act in any genre, no matter the stage or set. His dramatic acting was equal to his comedic performances. He basically made movies tremendously enjoyable. If you put out a top 100 movie list, from the 1930's to 2000, he probably would be in at least 15-20 of them. . and all of them would be top notch. I wish some of his movies could be remade today, even though they wolud have a hard time making them better.

  • One word - AMAZING

    • Tiffany-Jade
    • 2008-03-15

    James Stewart was amazing! one of my favourites!

  • The guy next door.

    • Betty Lou
    • 2008-02-10

    I like Jimmy Stewart because he was not only charming in person, but onscreen as well. He is the epitome of the guy next door and you get the feeling that you know him through his acting. He was that good!

  • James Stewart

    • Molly Bryant
    • 2008-01-03

    Today is the first time I have come to this site, and just recently I started recording movies on TCM, but I love James Stewart's acting so much and I'm only 16 years old. I have only seen a few of his films but I am trying to rent more and more of them. The last movie I watched was Mr. Smith goes to Washington and he was fantastic. He is a great and kind guy. I really recommend this actor.

  • What A Legend!

    • Eliza D.
    • 2007-12-29

    Jimmy Stewart was such an amazing actor and person. There'll never be another like him.

  • Jimmmy the Sweetheart

    • BerryCreamy
    • 2007-12-08

    James Stewart was a fantastic actor in his most popular films. The essential Jimmy Stewart can be seen in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", “Vertigo” and "Rear Window". Besides being talented, he was also sweet and good-hearted in his personal life – which is one of the main reasons why we love him so much and why he will remain a legend for decades to come.

  • The BEST!

    • Andy
    • 2007-12-07

    Jimmy is simply the best actor EVER!!! That simple.

  • Amazing

    • Allison
    • 2007-12-04

    Jimmy Stewart is one the most amazing actors to me and when ever a movie he was in is on i cant resist but watchit. he is so captivating and you should play more.

  • Absolute Favorite

    • Emily
    • 2007-11-27

    Jimmy Stewart is absolutely the best actor I have ever seen on a TV screen. His film "It's A Wonderful Life" is so powerful and shows his grand ability as an actor to captivate the viewer. And he also has a humorous side, as displayed in "Harvey". Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Thrillers... you name it. Jimmy was just an all around great actor, and a great guy. Here's to you Jimmy! ---JStewartGirl

  • My favourit actor of all time

    • Sonia
    • 2007-11-22

    Jimmy Stewart is most definitely my favourite actor od all time. He is such a powerful actor and has a large range. He's great in Hitchcock films and has great chemistry with his love intrests in all of his films. Jimmy Stewart is amazing and has so much versatility. There's no mistaking it, Jimmy Stewart is my favourite actor.

  • James Stewart

    • alex Golden
    • 2007-10-20

    James stewaart is the mos awesomest actor ever. He is my absolute favorite. From his Western, Christmas, Romance, and Suspense movies, I love 'em all. I wish there were more movies with him on more often. I know it sounds stalkerish but, I even have a list of all his movies that i've seen. Please show more movies of him. I would like to add some more titles to my list.


    • darren a rogers
    • 2007-10-01

    Often many people - and I'm as guilty as the next - will dismiss a film after reading the 15 word synopsis. Don't ever do it again! Give the flick 15 minutes of your time! I missed this 6' imaginary bunny for years and then finally gave in to it. Thank god I did! Great flick to watch, particularily when you're feeling a little down.

  • GREAT Actor

    • Ray
    • 2007-09-21

    My FAVORITE Jimmy Stewart movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" I watch this movie at least once every year. As many times as I've watched it I still feel emotional each time while watching it. Jimmy Stewart personified just what every parent wants his son to be like.


    • MANDY
    • 2007-09-20


  • i love him!

    • kim
    • 2007-09-20

    jimmy stewart has been one of my favorite actors since i was introduced to him by my 8th grade history teacher. he showed us mr. smith goes to washington to teach us about the government and later in the year showed us parts of how the west was won to teach us about western expansion. he then reccomended other of his films to me since i showed actual interest. my classmates thought i was quite strange and i have put up with a lot of teasing over the years but i love him anyway! my favorite thing besides his general greatness is the way all through the movie you are just waiting for that moment when he just blows up! i would have loved a chance to meet him-he seemed like such a great guy!

  • The Best!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anne
    • 2007-08-03

    Jimmy Stewart is the best actor ever. Also he has been my favorite actor for a long time. He really never gave a bad performance and should never be forgotten. My favorite film of his is of course it's a wonderful life. It makes me cry everytime I watch it.

  • What Jimmy Stewart means to me.

    • Angie Poulin
    • 2007-07-10

    Jimmy Stewart has always been my favorite actor. I guess I appreciate his portrayals he so effortlessly delivered. He was one of those rare actors who made you forget you were watching a movie. You were lost in his performances and were taken on a journey that made you feel like you were privileged to bear witness to one of his stories. Whatever the storyline, you believed him. Mr. Stewart represents to me all that is good, safe, and enlightening in the world. He was "one of a kind" and I only wish there were more out there like him...especially in today's turbulent times. His theatrical accomplishments, impressive as they are, are only surpassed by his moral character and fiber. If ever I were granted a wish to meet one famous person, alive or not, Jimmy Stewart would be my pick. No question about it.

  • The Greatest!!!

    • Amol Pitkar
    • 2007-05-07

    The Greatest!!!

  • The best ever!!

    • Elisa
    • 2007-05-03

    It's safe to say he was the greatest actor ever! From humble comedy to romantic suspense, he could do no wrong. Tall, adorable and EXTREMELY talented, there will never be another like him!

  • The greatest!!

    • Deann Gibbs
    • 2007-02-06

    Jimmy Stewart was not only the greatest actor ever, but he was one of the most awesome men ever. His character, patriotism, and class are even more impressive than his great acting abilities. I own every movie of his that is available on dvd and prefer watching these over any of the movies today. If there is anyone who hasn't seen his movies, I highly recommend them!! It would be great if people would look to him as a role model instead of any of the actors of today.

  • A Role Model even for todays Youth

    • craig
    • 2006-12-18

    A man who was not plastic or fake like todays Hollywood. He gave of himself in time of war and proved a hero. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and others who pulled together. wish some did more today.

  • A Class Act in Life and on Film

    • Veronica
    • 2006-11-30

    James Stewart was not only a wonderful, versatile and talented actor, but also a devoted family man. He was a man of high moral character. His acting was real--it has been said that he played himself. His ability to make the audience believe that he was the person he portrayed made his films come to life. Today's actors should take a lesson or two from Mr. Stewart.

  • Nobody Can Hold A Candle To Jimmy

    • Elleen
    • 2006-10-15

    I think Jimmy Stewart is one of the most powerful and verstile actors even today. There are so many movies to choose from to see how talented he was, Harvey, Vertigo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance , Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and last but not least It's A Wonderful Life. I love all his movies and I think he is one of the most beloved movie stars there ever was. I think and hope his movies will be around for generations to come and enjoy them like me. Thank you TCM for showing his films.

  • Jimmy Stewart was such an influential actor.

    • Alison
    • 2006-07-09

    Jimmy Stewart had such an overwhelming ability to glue you to the screen. When you are watching him it is almost as if you are in the situation trying to solve it with him. His performances in "Rear Window" and "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", were examples of true acting. Way to go Stewart!

  • The king.

    • Patrick
    • 2006-07-01

    James Stewart is arguably the greatest and most beloved actor in the history of Hollywood. He will be remembered for his invigorating and inspirational power and his wholesome goodness as a person. Tall, handsome, and even a General in the Air Force, "Jimmy" was quite imposing, yet had such a warm and friendly manner. His legendary status has endured unwaveringly for over six decades.

  • Ruler of the Silver Screen

    • Callie R.
    • 2006-06-22

    James Stewart is one of the most powerful actors of all times. I've seen It's A Wonderful Life at least a dozen times, and I cry at the end of it, everytime I see it. I have never seen a movie of his that I didn't like, and I doubt I ever will.

  • One of the Greats

    • elizabeth wrobel
    • 2006-05-25

    He acted with greatness and campassion and had a great range of abilities as an actor.

  • Range, complexity and honesty

    • Ken
    • 2006-04-10

    Few actors, past or present, have the talent and range of James Stewart. He was able to move freely from comedy to drama to suspense. Anyone who views the Westerns he made with director, Anthony Mann, will see how dark he could be. Anyone who views Hitchcock's Vertigo will be amazed at the complexity he could show us. Anyone who views "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Harvey" will be truly charmed by his comedic talent. Probably the greatest American Actor the 20th Century produced.

  • The Best Actor !

    • Scott
    • 2006-03-30

    Greatest Actor of all time!

  • One of the greatest actors ever.

    • Brian
    • 2006-03-06

    He was a great actor, war hero, and a family man. One of the greatest people ever enter hollywood. He was very smart, very kind to everyone he meets. He was liked by everyone. People like me will watch his movies forever. Watch Harvey, Mr. Smith Goes to washington, Rear Window and more.

  • Review

    • Anna
    • 2006-03-03

    Jimmy was a magnificent actor, and one of those rare celebrities who was a decent, even swell person in "real" life too. He should always be remembered and respected.

  • The greatest actor of all time!

    • Craig
    • 2006-03-03

    There will be only one Jimmy Stewart and we will never see another like him. I have seen all of his movies and am delited in the entertainment they have brought me over and over. A rare actor in an industry today that breeds continuous bad actors and filth reported to be movies.

  • The Greatest Actor to Ever Live!!!

    • Chriscencia McLean
    • 2006-01-19

    The first time I saw James Stewart was in It's a Wonderful Life,I was 17, after that I fell in love.I had to know who he was and why I was so fascinated by his work.I'm 25 now and I have seen all of his movies at least 50 times each, each role was differnt, each time he amazed me. This is a man who could make you cry, laugh, or stand up and cheer for his amazing work.My friends laugh at me because I am an young black female who fell in love with this tall thin white actor, but to me talent has no color.I will always be a fan, to me he is the ideal actor.. passionate, endearing, and powerful.

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