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Cinematography (feature film)

Wildcats of St. Trinian's, The (1980) as Director Of Photography
Hennessy (1975) as Cinematographer
When his family is killed, an Irishman with IRA ties plots to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.
Carry on Behind (1975) as Director Of Photography
Professor's Vrooshka and Crump decide to visit an archaeological site to study the artefacts there. Low and behold, it's right next to a caravan site where all manner of people are staying. With a randy Major(Connors) owning the site, a snobbish mother (Sims), and the two professors (Sommer and Williams) constant innuendos, the film ends with a sinking caravan site and a striptease performance as a replacement for the cabaret night.
Dark Places (1973) as Director Of Photography
Ooh... You Are Awful (1972) as Director Of Photography
Charlie Tully and womanising Reggie Peek con two rich Italians out of £500,000 but during their flight out Charlie is arrested for coning an American and a dog. Reggie stores the money in a Swiss Bank and after Charlie is released is about to tell him which Bank when he is killed by Sid Sabbath's gang whose girlfriend Reggie had an affair with. The only lead is four tattoos that is on the girls Reggie had affairs with while Charlie was in jail. But Sabbath is on Charlie's trail to kill him and the Italians contract the mob - to find the money and then kill him.....
Percy (1970) as Cinematographer
Edwin Antony (Hywel Bennett) is emasculated in an accident which kills a young philanderer. Doctors successfully replace his member with that of the dead man, but refuse to tell him the full story of the organ's origin. So Edwin begins a search which takes him to the philanderer's wife - and also to his many, many girlfriends...
Carry on Up the Jungle (1970) as Cinematographer
The Carry On team send up the Tarzan tradition in great style. Lady Evelyn Bagley mounts an expedition to find her long-lost baby. Bill Boosey is the fearless hunter and guide. Prof. Tinkle is searching for the rare Oozalum bird. Everything is going swimmingly until a gorilla enters the camp, and then the party is captured by an all female tribe from Aphrodisia...
Doctor in Trouble (1970) as Cinematographer
Dr.Burke is in love with Ophelia but doesn't have time to propose to her as she leaves for a cruise to the Mediterranean. Also on board the cruise ship is an old school chum of Burke's who plays 'Dr.Dare' in a very popular TV series and who women flock to. Burke (Phillips) decides to join the cruise, but is first apprehended as a stowaway, and then becomes the captain's steward. For Burke, trying to talk to Ophelia is a hard enough task, but he meets some funny characters on board, such as a pools winner and a very stubborn captain.
One More Time (1970) as Director of Photography
Business partners fight to win back the nightclub they''''ve lost to gangsters.
Carry on Loving (1970) as Director Of Photography
The Wedded Bliss computer dating agency aims to bring together the lonely hearts of Much-Snoggin-in-the-Green. Its owner, Sidney Bliss, has enough complications in his own love life, but still produces a pamphlet called "The Wit to Woo". The strange collection of hopefuls lead to some outlandish matches, and jealousies are bound to lead to trouble.
Some Girls Do (1969) as Director Of Photography
British secret agent Bulldog Drummond takes on a band of murderous female spies.
Carry on Again, Doctor (1969) as Director Of Photography
Dr Nookey is disgraced and sent to a remote island hospital. He is given a secret slimming potion by a member of staff, Gladstone Screwer, and he flies back to England to fame and fortune. But others want to cash in on his good fortunes, and some just want him brought down a peg or two.
Carry on Camping (1969) as Director Of Photography
Two men''''s plans to take their sweethearts on a romantic camping trip are thwarted by schoolgirls on holiday and a hippie group.
The High Commissioner (1968) as Director of Photography
Rod Taylor plays a policeman sent to return a sensitive case; An Australian citizen, currently acting as high commissioner for peace talks who is wanted for an old charge -- of murder. The talks are too sensitive to be disturbed, so Taylor ends up watching Christopher Plummer as he conducts his talks, and discovers that some want the talks to fail enough to think that killing Plummer is an obvious way to stop them.
Deadlier Than the Male (1967) as Director of Photography
Psycho-Circus (1967) as Director of Photography
A reporter''''s stunt goes awry when the man he''''s pretending to have killed turns up dead.
Carnaby, M. D. (1967) as Director of Photography
The sixth of the seven films in the "Doctor" series sees Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke looking for love and romance from the hospital nurses.
Ten Little Indians (1966) as Director of Photography
Party guests at a remote mansion have been brought together to pay for past crimes.
24 Hours To Kill (1966) as Director of Photography
During a 24-hour layover in Beirut, a greedy airline purser transports a cache of stolen goods.
McGuire, Go Home! (1966) as Director of Photography
During Cyprus' struggle for independence in the late 50s, a British major is sent to the island to track down a terrorist leader and falls in love with an American girl who may know of his whereabouts.
The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966) as Director of Photography
The Asian warlord kidnaps young women to force their fathers to help him build a death ray.
Agent 8 3/4 (1965) as Director of Photography
British Intelligence dupes an unemployed writer into thinking he''''s an industrial spy.
The Face of Fu Manchu (1965) as Director of Photography
A villainous doctor creates a killer spray in order to conquer London.
Young and Willing (1964) as Director of Photography
Doctor in Distress (1964) as Director of Photography
An intern and his antagonistic boss bond over romantic problems.
The Wrong Arm of the Law (1963) as Director of Photography
The crooks in London know how it works. No one carries guns and no one resists the police. Then a new gang appears that go one better. They dress as police and steal from the crooks. This upset's the natural order of the police/criminal relationship and the police and the crooks join forces to catch the IPOs (Impersonating Police Officers), including an armored car robbery in which the police must help the gangs to set a trap.
Crooks Anonymous (1963) as Director of Photography
An habitual criminal enrolls in a recovery program based on the AA system. He gets a job as Father Christmas in a department store and finds temptation everywhere.
A Pair of Briefs (1963) as Director of Photography
A recently-qualified barrister is annoyed when he finds his firm is taking on the boss's niece. The two youngsters soon find themselves in court on opposite sides in a case on the restitution of conjugal rights where both plaintiff and defendant seem to have things to hide. The irascible and rather fearsome judge has little time for the goings-on, least of all the way the two young lawyers seem rather too keen to squabble with each other.
A Coming-Out Party (1962) as Director of Photography
A somewhat happy-go-lucky bunch of Brits in a German POW camp find their new acerbic fellow prisoner is a key officer who must be got out at all cost.
Payroll (1962) as Director of Photography
Make Mine a Double (1961) as Director of Photography
A WWII British secret agent has a desperate mission in occupied France. An airman who is his double is enlisted in the scheme with the intention of confusing the enemy, but everyone gets confused.
No Love for Johnnie (1961) as Director of Photography
A British politician is torn between winning an election and being true to the woman he loves.
Doctor in Love (1961) as Director of Photography
The fourth of the seven films in the "Doctor" series featuring Sir Lancelot Spratt and Doctor Richard Hare.
No, My Darling Daughter! (1961) as Director of Photography
A British aristocrat tries to manage his daughter's romantic affairs.
39 Steps, The (1959) as Director Of Photography
When a strange young woman is stabbed to death in his flat, Kenneth More finds himself involved in a mysterious adventure involving espionage and murder. Before her death the girl tells him that she is a secret agent and gives him all the clues she knows about a spy organization seeking to smuggle s
Wind Cannot Read, The (1958) as Director Of Photography
A Royal Air Force officer in Burma during the early days of WWII, is transferred to India to learn Japanese so he can become an interrogator of prisoners of war.
Campbell's Kingdom (1957) as Cinematographer
A dying man risks what''''s left of his life to protect Canadian settlers from an unscrupulous contractor.
The Secret Place (1957) as Director Of Photography
A criminal plots a diamond robbery in post-war London.
Above Us The Waves (1956)
The greatest threat to the British navy is the German battleship Tirpitz. Being anchored in a Norwegian fjord, it is impossible to attack it with any chance of success. But the navy trains a special commando to attack it, using little submarines to plant underwater explosives under it.
The Iron Petticoat (1956) as Director of Photography
Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman. Captain Chuck Lockwood gets the order to show her the bright side of capitalism, while she tries to convince him of the superority of communism. Naturally, they fall in love, but there's still the KGB, which doesn't like the idea of having a defected Russian officer running around in London.
Cash on Delivery (1956) as Director of Photography
Under a complicated bequest from her uncle, Myrtle stands to inherit $2,000,000 if her ex-husband doesn't have any male heirs on the way, else he gets the cash. She journies from New York to England, and finally tracks him down with his heavily pregnant new wife. Should she try and woo him back or challenge the legality of the new marriage?
Simon and Laura (1956) as Director Of Photography
In the 1950's days of only BBC television, a wet-behind-the-ears producer has the idea of basing a family drama series on a real-life happily married actor couple. Unfortunately he chooses the Fosters, who need the money and so do the show. Actors they may be, but happily married they most surely are not.
Doctor at Sea (1955) as Director Of Photography
Dr Sparrow is assigned to a naval ship with only two women aboard.
Doctor in the House (1955) as Director Of Photography
A medical student tries to balance partying with healing the sick.
Trouble in Store (1955) as Director Of Photography
A stock boy in a London department store aspires to better things.

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