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Henry Stephenson

Henry Stephenson



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Also Known As: Died: April 24, 1956
Born: April 16, 1871 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Enchantment (1949) as General Fitzgerald
When a well-off family takes in a young orphan, her presence ignites romance and jealousy.
Challenge to Lassie (1949) as Sir Charles Loring
A faithful dog changes the lives of all who know her after her master dies.
Julia Misbehaves (1948) as Lord Pennystone
A showgirl returns to her stuffy estranged husband when their daughter gets engaged.
Oliver Twist (1948) as Mr Brownlow
The famed orphan gets caught up in Fagin''s criminal band while searching for familial love.
Song of Love (1947) as King Albert
True story of Clara Schumann''''s battle to save husband Robert''''s health and resist the romantic overtures of Johannes Brahms.
Ivy (1947) as Judge
To win a wealthy man, a British woman plots to kill her husband and pin it on her lover.
Time Out of Mind (1947) as Wellington Drake
Dark Delusion (1947) as Dr. Evans Biddle
A young doctor tries to keep a neurotic beauty from being committed.
The Homestretch (1947) as Don Humberto Balcares
A film that qualifies as a Travelogue Documentary in that it contains footage of world-famous race tracks such as England's Ascot, Palermo in South America, and Churchill Downs, Jamaica, Aqueduct, Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Belmont, Hialeah, Arlington and Saratoga in the United States, and since it begins in London in 1938, the Coronation of the King. Jock Wallace (Cornel Wilde), an easy-going and rootless horse lover, is taken to task by Leslie Hale (Maureen O'Hara), who thinks he has swindled her Aunt Helen (Ethel Griffies) on the purchase of a horse. He finds out that she is engaged to Bill Van Dyke (Glenn Langan), a young diplomat, and follows her to London , entering the horse he acquired from Aunt Helen in the famed Ascot Gold Cup. Jock and Leslie fall in love and are married on a boat to South America. In Buenos Aires, Leslie is jealous of Kitty Brant (Helen Walker), an old flame of Jock's. Leslie wants Jock to settle down on his Maryland farm to raise and sell race horses, but he has too much gypsy in his blood and wants to follow the race-track circuit. They separate and he gives Leslie the horse that brought them together, and he hits the road. Leslie and old-time trainer "Doc" Ellbourne (James Gleason) then proceed to win race after race with the horse. Jock, contrite and converted, returns to his old homestead and begins training another horse. Will his horse beat her horse?
The Green Years (1946) as [Prof. Rattray] Blakely
An orphaned Irish boy is taken in by his mother's Scottish relations.
Heartbeat (1946) as Minister
A young female escapee from a reform school joins a pickpocket academy in Paris. She is caught red-handed on her first attempt at stealing by an upper class man. He recruits her to do him a favor at a society party where she meets and falls in love with a young, handsome, rich diplomat. Whether or not she can land him is another story.
Night and Day (1946) as Omer Porter
Fanciful biography of songwriter Cole Porter, who rose from high society to find success on Tin Pan Alley.
The Locket (1946) as Lord Wyndham
A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.
Of Human Bondage (1946) as Dr. Tyrell
A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.
The Return of Monte Cristo (1946) as Professor François Duval
Louis Hayward, Barbara Britton, George Macready, Una O''Connor, Henry Stephenson, Steven Geray. After escaping from Devil''s Island, the grandson of the Count of Monte Cristo returns to France to reclaim his family fortune and his title.
Her Sister's Secret (1946) as Mr. Dubois
When her soldier lover disappears, a young woman gives up their child to her sister, only to have the man return intent on building a family.
Tarzan and the Amazons (1945) as Sir Guy Henderson
Archaeologists trick Boy into helping them find a hidden valley ruled by women.
Reckless Age (1944) as J. H. Wadsworth
The Hour Before the Dawn (1944) as General Hetherton
Two Girls and a Sailor (1944) as John Dyckman Brown I
Singing sisters create a World War II canteen and become rivals for the same man.
Secrets of Scotland Yard (1944) as Sir Reginald Meade
The Mantrap (1943) as Sir Humphrey Quilp
Mr. Lucky (1943) as Mr. Bryant
A gambling-ship owner is out to fleece a beautiful society woman, but falls in love.
Halfway to Shanghai (1942) as Colonel Blimpton
Since the film credit frames and pressbooks were often finished before the film was completed there was quite often data shown there that didn't match what was often seen or heard in the film, especially when players were replaced during production, or character names were changed, for whatever reasons, during production. This film contains many character names on the cast and pressbook credits that were not the character names used in the film. The film itself concerns a train hurtling through the night toward Rangoon (which must be half-way to Shanghai from some point) and the efforts of two Nazi agents to acquire a map showing the location of Chinese Army munitions buried at the terminus of the Burma Road. Kent Taylor and Irene Hervey are lovers reunited after a two year period in which she thought he was dead and, other than Taylor getting knocked on the head when George Zucco murders the man carrying the munitions map, have little to do with the plots and counterplots taking place on the train. A somewhat mousey secretary, played by Fay Helm, brings the culprits to justice at the end.
This Above All (1942) as General Cathaway
A woman defies convention by joining the WAAFs and becoming romantically involved with an AWOL soldier.
Rings on Her Fingers (1942) as Colonel Prentiss
Susan Miller (Gene Tierney) works behind the girdle counter in a department store and dreams about the beautiful clothes and glamour she can never hope to have. Enter May Worthington (Spring Byington) and Warren (Laird Cregar), a pair of con artists who pose as the mother and uncle of a pretty girl in order to separate millionaires from their money. They convince Susan she has an opportunity to fulfill all her dreams, and the trio heads for Palm Beach. Susan meets John Wheeler (Henry Fonda) who says he is shopping for a sailboat. Believing that he is a millionaire, Warren and May sell him a boat that doesn't belong to them, and make off with his $15,000 life savings. Looking for greener pastures, they work themselves into the family of wealthy Tod Wheeler (John Shepperd), who falls for Sue, posing as "Linda Worthington". But John shows up as a guest of Fenwick and he tells "Linda", not knowing she was part of the scam, that he has a detective after the fake captain (Warren) that sold him the boat. John admits that he is not a millionaire but only a $50-a-week clerk. He asks her to marry him and, over the protests of May, she accepts. Tod, who has been away, wires Linda a marriage proposal which is intercepted by Warren, who accepts on her behalf via a return wire. He intends to blackmail her into marrying Tod and then blackmail the Fenwicks into dissolving the marriage. To get John's money back to him, which she has but can't tell him, Linda enlists the aid of Colonel Prentiss (Henry Stephenson) who runs a gambling house, and the machines are fixed so that John wins his money back. Linda and John go to the terminal to leave, but Tod shows up and she tries to keep him away from John, who knows her as Sue.
Lady from Louisiana (1941) as General Anatole Mirbeau
Northern lawyer John Reynolds travels to New Orleans to try and clean up the local crime syndicate based around a lottery. Although he meets Julie Mirbeau and they are attracted to each other, the fact that her father heads the lottery means they end up on opposite sides. When her father is killed, Julie becomes more and more involved in the shady activities and in blocking Reynolds' attempts at prosecution.
The Man Who Lost Himself (1941) as Frederick Collins
John Evans encounters his lookalike, Malcolm Scott. When Scott is killed in an accident, Evans finds himself mistaken for Scott and decides to do some good in his new role.
It's a Date (1940) as Captain Andrew
Mother-and-daughter singers vie for the same man and the same stage part.
Spring Parade (1940) as The Emperor [Franz Josef]
Little Old New York (1940) as Robert R. Livingstone
Steamboat inventor Robert Fulton shows up in New York in 1807. Tavern keeper (Faye) believes in him, but her boyfriend (MacMurray) doesn't. All seems lost when sailors afraid of losing their jobs burn his boat.
Down Argentine Way (1940) as Don Diego Quintano
Love and horse racing spice up an American girl's South American vacation.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939) as Sir Ronald Ramsgate
The famed sleuth tries to stop Professor Moriarty from stealing the Crown Jewels.
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) as Lord Burghley
Elizabeth I''''s love for the Earl of Essex threatens to destroy her kingdom.
Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939) as Sir Thomas Lancing
The jungle king adopts the infant survivor of a plane crash.
Dramatic School (1938) as Pasquel, Sr.
A young actress struggles to make a hit on stage and in married life.
Suez (1938) as Count Mathieu de Lesseps
A young French nobleman dreams of building the Suez Canal.
The Young in Heart (1938) as Mr. [Felix] Anstruther
A family of con artists saves the life of a wealthy old woman and plots to fleece her.
The Baroness and the Butler (1938) as Count Albert Sandor
When he takes a seat in the Hungarian parliament, a butler battles the aristocracy.
Marie Antoinette (1938) as Count de Mercey
Lavish biography of the French queen who "let them eat cake."
The Prince and the Pauper (1937) as Duke of Norfolk
Rousing adaptation of the Mark Twain tale of a 16th-century prince who trades places with a lookalike peasant.
Wise Girl (1937) as Mr. Fletcher
A rich girl plays poor to win over a Greenwich Village artist.
Conquest (1937) as Count Walewska
A Polish countess sacrifices her virtue to Napoleon to save her homeland.
When You're in Love (1937) as Walter Mitchell
An Australian opera singer hires a husband so she can work in the U.S.
The Emperor's Candlesticks (1937) as Prince Johan
Spies on opposite sides fall in love in pre-revolutionary Russia.
China Clipper (1936) as
A flyer sacrifices everything to open a transpacific airline.
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) as Sir Charles Macefield
Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.
Beloved Enemy (1936) as Lord Athleigh
During an Irish uprising, a rebel leader and a British noblewoman fall in love.
Walking on Air (1936) as Horace Bennett
A girl torments her parents by hiring a phony suitor.
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936) as Havisham
An American orphan discovers he is heir to a British title.
Give Me Your Heart (1936) as Edward, Lord Farrington
A socialite has to give up the baby she bore to a married man.
Half Angel (1936) as Professor Jerome Hargraves
Allison Long is acquitted on charges of poisoning her father but then her benefactor is poisoned. Reporter Duffy Giles has faith in her innocence.
Hearts Divided (1936) as Charles Patterson
Napoleon's younger brother falls for a girl from Baltimore.
Vanessa: Her Love Story (1935) as Barney [Newmark]
A Victorian wife contemplates leaving her insane husband for a romantic gypsy.
The Flame Within (1935) as Doctor Jock Frazier
A lady psychiatrist falls for a patient's husband.
The Perfect Gentleman (1935) as Bishop
A retired military man helps an actress make a comeback.
Reckless (1935) as Col. H. Harrison
A theatrical star gets in over her head when she marries a drunken millionaire.
The Night Is Young (1935) as Emperor
A European nobleman falls for a ballerina.
O'Shaughnessy's Boy (1935) as Major Winslow
A circus performer searches for the son his wife stole from him.
Captain Blood (1935) as Lord Willoughby
After being unjustly sentenced to prison, a doctor escapes and becomes a notorious pirate.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) as Sir Joseph Banks
Classic adventure about the sadistic Captain Bligh, who drove his men to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
Rendezvous (1935) as Ambassador
A decoding expert tangles with enemy spies.
Man of Two Worlds (1934) as Sir Basil [Pemberton]
An Eskimo is brought to England and "civilized."
Thirty Day Princess (1934) as King Anatol XII
The Richest Girl in the World (1934) as [John] Connors
To put off fortune-hunters, an heiress trades places with her secretary.
Outcast Lady (1934) as Sir Maurice [Harpenden]
A spoiled rich girl sacrifices her reputation to preserve her dead husband''''s memory.
One More River (1934) as Sir Lawrence Mont
An abused wife flees her husband and finds love, but at a price.
What Every Woman Knows (1934) as [Charles] Venables
An ambitious wife backs her husband's political career.
She Loves Me Not (1934) as Dean Mercer
Curly Flagg, Philadelphia nightclub dancer, witnesses a murder and runs away to avoid being held as material witness. Landing in Princeton, she hides out in a college dorm, decked out in men's clothes and haircut by students Paul and Buzz. Soon, converging on Princeton are: 1) publicity men for Buzz's dad's movie studio; 2) Paul's irate fiancée Frances; 3) killer Mugg, who wants to rub out Curly. By the time they arrive yet another girl is after Paul: Midge, the dean's daughter.
Stingaree (1934) as Mr. [Hugh] Clarkson
An Australian bandit kidnaps an opera singer and falls in love with her.
All Men Are Enemies (1934) as Scrope
The Mystery of Mr. X (1934) as [Sir Herbert] Frensham
A sophisticated jewel thief tries to prove himself innocent of a string of cop murders.
Tomorrow at Seven (1933) as [Thornton] Drake
If I Were Free (1933) as Hector Stribling
A man and a woman trapped in bad marriages try to make an adulterous affair work.
My Lips Betray (1933) as De Conti
Double Harness (1933) as Colonel [Sam] Colby
After tricking a playboy into marriage, a woman sets out to win his love honestly.
Little Women (1933) as Mr. [James] Laurence
The four March sisters fight to keep their family together and find love while their father is off fighting the Civil War.
Blind Adventure (1933) as Major Thorne
An American in London stumbles on a criminal ring.
Red-Headed Woman (1932) as [Charles B.] Gaerste
An ambitious secretary tries to sleep her way into high society.
Guilty As Hell (1932) as Doctor [Ernest] Tindal
Cynara (1932) as John Tring
Infidelity threatens a lawyer''s marriage when his fling decides to steal him from his wife.
A Bill of Divorcement (1932) as Dr. Alliot
A recovered madman learns his ex-wife and daughter are about to marry.
The Animal Kingdom (1932) as Rufus [Collier]
An intellectual publisher can''''t choose between his society wife and his free thinking former love.
Wild, Wild Susan (1925) as Peter Van Dusen
Men and Women (1925) as Arnold Kirke
The Black Panther's Cub (1921) as Clive, Earl of Maudsley
The daughter of the former queen of a Paris gambling house impersonates her mother and reopens the establishment when she finds herself in dire need of funds.
A Society Exile (1919) as Sir Howard Furnival
The Tower of Jewels (1919) as David Parrish

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