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Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck



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  • Remember the Night

    • Matt Faust
    • 2016-04-02

    "Remember the Night" is a timeless, classic holiday movie, a redemptive tale wrapped around a tender love story that has Barbara Stanwyck bringing fought-off tears to the viewers' eyes by the end of the movie. The structure of the story is so symmetrical and balanced that the viewer doesn't realize this amazing effect until the story ends. In the beginning of the movie, Miss Stanwyck is the bad girl thief and Fred MacMurray is the wily, good guy lawyer and assistant DA, pitted against each other in a NYC courtroom just before Christmas. The set-up is ordinary and familiar but what ensues is not. By the end of the movie, Barbara Stanwyck is the good girl repentant, and Fred MacMurray is the bad guy manipulator, which may cause the viewer to recollect the saying, "there's a whole lot of good in the worst of us and a whole lot of bad in the best of us". Because the good natured lawyer feels guilty about ruining the girl's Christmas, even though he has kept her out of jail for the Christmas holidays, a natural man-woman attractiveness between them encourages the lawyer to prompt the bad girl to also go see her estranged mother for the holidays as he drives home for the holidays to see his mother. So the two embark on a 750 mile Christmas car trip to their shared Hooiser state, Indiana, on December 23rd and the story unfolds. Barbara Stanwyck is so good at making us wonder about her character and revealing her inner feelings just by watching her face on screen even when she is not speaking, showing nuances that invite us to care about her character. This fantastic actress has been so underrated for so many years that it is difficult to believe that she never won an Academy Award (she was robbed!). Throughout the story one wonders how this straight arrow lawyer is going to fall in love with this bad girl thief. He treats her with respect and is fair to her but, this lawyer has scruples and, despite his good nature, he is not going to allow a pretty face dissuade him from

  • You made me love you

    • Amata
    • 2015-07-16

    Happy Birthday Bargbara

  • Queen Barbara

    • Pat K.
    • 2014-04-06

    I LOVE Barbara Stanwyck! By far, she was the best actress of the Golden Age. From Ladies of Leisure to Night Walker, I love all her performances. I wish she had made more comedies because she was so funny yet so natural. I wish she and Robert Taylor had made more movies together, they were such a beautiful pair. All her performances stand up today because she was so natural. How many of the actresses of the Golden Age could have been sexy at 76, as she was in the Thorn Birds!

  • The Queen of Hollywood

    • Tracey
    • 2014-01-25

    When it comes to genuine emotion and a broad range of acting skills, there was and is nobody like Barbara Stanwyck. I get excited each time I come across one of the few movies of her I haven't seen yet, and am NEVER disappointed. It's always an acting class watching her as she is strength, grit and class. Double Indemnity will go down in history as being my favorite drama of all time. Somebody else on this board said it right. 5 stars just isnt' enough.

  • Barbara Stanwyck <33333333333

    • Amber
    • 2013-02-05

    I love Barbara Stanwyck. She is my all time favorite actress. I have a lot of her movies I wish they would put "the gay sisters" out on DVD. That was the first movie I ever watched with her in it. Ever since then she has captivated me. I have seen all but two of her movies. I absolutely love Barbara Stanwyck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a lady ahead of her time

    • kitty
    • 2012-12-27

    we need more women like her in movies today. she can be tough and sensitive at the same time.

  • Hollywood Golden Girl

    • Damien
    • 2012-08-30

    I have always been a classic move fan, especially of those made in Hollywood's "Golden Age". Barbara Stanwyck always stood out for me. Although very attractive, she wasn't the standard Hollywood beauty. Like Bette Davis, she was a little "different". But she was a mesmerising screen presence. Charming, intelligent, down to earth, knowing yet warm and if necessary, deadly. I was always struck by how seamlessly she could go from one genre to another. From melodrama to comedy to film noir and back. And she could sing and dance expertly when called upon to do so. You really had to suspend belief though when Barbara was being menaced or played a victim, it just didn't seem likely! She was at her best playing the one in charge, the most competent and intelligent person in the room. Just how I imagined her to be in real life. Barbara Stanwyck was an incredibly versatile, professional and rare star. One of the best Hollywood has ever gifted upon us.

  • One of The Best...

    • Steve S.
    • 2012-08-18

    The young Babs did everyting she could that is to say she gave it her all.... She had a little chest but goregoeus legs and bottom to attract...and then she could could act and react accordingly - to bad the bosses at WB didn't let her work w/ Gagney, Robinson and Flynn - ego's, I guess - but she was 5 star all the way until people in their late 30's etc had to look like they were over the hill! Babs WAS a trooper!

  • The Greatest Ever.

    • SG
    • 2012-07-28

    5 Stars isn't enough. Class, sass, beautiful yet gritty, confident yet humble, no other actress jumped off the silver screen like Stanwyck did. Immense range and authenticity were her hallmarks as well. A Legend of Legends.

  • Barbara Stanwyck

    • Jean
    • 2011-12-22

    I have a question. Why was "Miss" used to identify Barbara Stanwyck in The Big Valley?

  • Love Barbara

    • Erin Conner
    • 2011-10-07

    I think she's wonderful. All of her characters were tough yet fragile and you always wondered how she was doing. So sad that she did not have a good relationship with her son. I just love her and all of her movies. :)


    • 2011-10-03


  • Highest Paid Woman in 1944

    • Catherine Evans
    • 2011-04-29

    ...and deserved to be so. It's daunting to consider that Barbara Stanwyck came to us as an orphan who'd been shuffled from foster home to foster home, began working as a typist at 17yo, was a tough broad of a New Yorker, and made her own way throughout her life to the very end. Like with Bette Davis, whenever Barbara Stanwyck is in a scene on the screen, it becomes impossible to take my eyes off of her. She so commands the lead. My favorite film, if I have to choose only one of hers, has to be "Christmas in Connecticut." Her character is so multidimensional, yet Stanwyck does it all. She's hilarious, a woman with whom to empathize, fabulous looking, good at being a really bad liar, and interacts with S.Z. Sakall, one of my all time favorite co-stars with such personality, in the most endearing of ways. For me, it's the two of them that make that film a classic. We routinely go around our home putting both hands to our faces saying as Sakall did to Stanwyck, "catastroph!" It's one of Stanwyck and Sakall's immortalized scenes together. Has to be seen.

  • Barbara Stanwyck

    • Anne
    • 2011-04-17

    My very favorite actress of all time. She is #1 in my opionion. I love her!!

  • Barbara was so fine in "CRY WOLF"

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-16

    In my opinion her performance with Errol Flynn in "CRY WOLF" put her on top. The Gal had it all and I truly admire her ability and rate her above Bette Davis.

  • You're incomparable, Missy!

    • buvillanueva
    • 2010-06-17

    What a great and fine actress!!! Superb in any genre! I really didn't come to appreciate Ms. Barbara Stanwyck till just recently because of the Lady Eve, Ball of Fire, Ladies of Leisure and BF's Daughter. She portrayed her roles so realistically - she didn't act the roles, she lived them! Smitten by her oozing personality and incomparable talent, she's simply tops, the best! I'm just too glad that some of her movies are finally being released. I hope more from the 30s will be released soon. You'll live forever, Missy!

  • My Personal Favorite

    • Gale of Sacramento
    • 2010-04-13

    Barbara Stanwyck epitomizes the strong, gutsy career woman. She always seemed to pull that character out from her hard start in life, yet she also seemed to have a wonderful humanity and humility that the same start gave her. The mold was broken when Ms. Stanwyck was made.

  • Greatest actress ever!

    • roosfelt
    • 2010-01-05

    My favourite actress of all time. Sadly underrated!

  • Barbara Stanwyck

    • Aleli
    • 2009-12-29

    Barbara is a perfect Ten. Great Collection of films. she could do no wrong.

  • My favorite actress of all time

    • Frank Pratt
    • 2009-09-21

    Barbara Stanwyck swept me off my feet when I watched her in some of her early movies. She was so pretty (even though not the prettiest actress but pretty enough), talented, versatile, sensual, and her emotions were real and shined through her acting. I am fascinated also by the fact that she not only always knew her lines but the lines of the actors in her different roles. Since she was loved by everyone she came into contact with in both the movies and television, this says so much about her not only the actress but the person. I am impressed that she was adored by some of the all time greats, Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurry, William Holden, and even President Ronald Reagan loved her. Her crews including the electricians and the technicians also thought the world of her. Well, she could also dance, she played the piano so beautifully in Remember The Night, and sing so well in a couple of her movies. Later in her career, she also shone winning Emmys in The Barbara Stanwyck Show, The Big Valley, and The Thornbirds. Yes, she is my favorite actress of all time!

  • A delightful "Ball of Fire"

    • Rick McElroy
    • 2009-08-15

    Stany has always been my all time favorite actress. I grew with her on The Big Valley. Later, when we finally convinced dad to get cable tv, I was finally able to see her glorious movies of the 30's and 40's. To this day I have a hard time picking my favorite. I suppose I'll just have to give it to Ball of Fire over The Lady Eve by a nose. Barbara was a multi-talented pro comfortable in any role be it westerns, oddly her favorite. Perhaps that ranch she and husband, Robert Taylor bought had something to do with. Anyhow, the gal had guts, stamina to burn and really knew how to "Turn it on" as Jennifer Jason Leigh stated in her tribute to Stany. To call her a "Queen" is really an understatement. Actually she was just as human as you or I and was loved by all she worked with. Barbara wish you were still around to marvel us all with you glowing beauty and generous wit!

  • One of the greats

    • 2009-07-30

    She was one of the great ones right up there with Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. She could play any character.

  • Golden 'Girl' of the Classics

    • Sandra.S
    • 2009-07-18

    Having just watched Barbara Stanwyck in "Golden Boy" with a very young William Holden, I've found a new favorite actress of the classics. I knew her acting before this as an older woman in "The Thornbirds." I'd also seen her in "The Big Valley" on occasion. I went kind of mad hunting down Stanwyck films from the 30's, 40's and early 50's, then indulged myself. Finding her earlier films is like receiving an unexpected package filled with precious gems. Stanwyck's performances in "Double Indemnity," "The Two Mrs. Carrolls," "The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers," "The Lady Eve," and "Crime of Passion," have all impressed me. She's a great actress.

  • Barbara Stanwyck & Henry Fonda

    • ChaseQ
    • 2009-07-18

    "The Lady Eve" is one of the most erotic classic films I've watched. How Barbara Stanwyck works her magic over Henry Fonda is enough to seduce an everyday man (or woman, depending upon your preference). Stanwyck didn't only have an abundance of acting talent, a very sensuous voice that's quite distinct and a strong work ethic, she also had a great deal of dignity. I often wonder why she didn't receive scores of nominations and many acting award wins since her performances in so many films are classics. On TCM's Henry Fonda bio by Jane Fonda, Jane states she hopes her dad had a fling with Stanwyck because he had a huge crush on her. I hope so too, especially after seeeing "The Lady Eve!"

  • One of my Favorites

    • Chris_Crafton
    • 2009-07-17

    There's an inflection in Stanwyck's voice that gives her away in nearly every film. It makes her more earthy, real, and lovable. Her career as a woman actor is so vast and varied that it's a challenge to do her justice on a small page like this. Like Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck was career shrewd in knowing to go on television early on. Stanwyck became a bonafied television icon as the matriarch of "The Big Valley." But it's her work in films that's so terrifically entertaining. She wasw one of the great character actors who still is.

  • Barbara Stanwyck - The Best!

    • camille love
    • 2009-07-15

    Miss Barbara Stanwyck is my personal favorite of all of the Hollywood greats. In viewing many of her films, many multiple times in fact, I have decided that she never gave a poor performance. The Oscar should have been hers for every performance. She gave depth and life to roles that would have died with any other actress. We know she was Frank Capra's favorite. There would have been no one to portray "real women" in the early pre-code days had it not been for her. No one could have played the evil "Phyllis" in Double Indemnity but her. Who could have played the calculating murderess "Martha Ivers", other than she? Another role she excelled in beyond any other actress was the " I'm a sick woman" in SORRY WRONG NUMBER, a film I have viewed dozens of times and LOVE! Her ability to play comedy,sing and dance, is not overlooked if one views her as "Sugar Puss O'Shay" in BALL OF FIRE. All of her cast and crew members loved her for her professionalism and kind heart. Many of the actors and actresses she worked with were making their first film with her. She made a point to work with them to bring out their best performance. Linda Evans remembered her as great from working on the BIG VALLEY. She told a story of how she as "Audra" was supposed to enter the room with "attitude". In take after take she did not affect "attitude". So, again, began to enter the room, just as she began to move, Barbara kicked her square in the tush! She said that, "that did it! She entered the room with "attitude"! Then she thanked Barbara very much and proceeded to learn much about acting from her. I love Barbara and hope many film lovers will continue to view and admire her work as I do.

  • Classic Character Actor

    • Auntranett
    • 2009-07-11

    Just mentioning the name of Barbara Stanwyck brings me to the television set. There isn't a film of hers I would consider missing. My goodness, other than Bette davis, I can't think of another "Golden Era" actor (woman or man) who was as capable of taking on so many different types of characters. Nor anyone else who was such a worker turning out 3, 4, 5 1st rate films year after year. Unfortunately, Barbara Stanwyck's highly rated performances were not recognized by the AFI with Oscar awards. Shame on them. Especially for missing the mark on what is still considered her most classic performance in "Double Indemnity." Hopefully, what she missed in peer recognition was made up for in payment for work that was so well done.

  • A movie of hers I can't find

    • Rosalie Maglio
    • 2009-07-10

    She appeared in a western film in which she had twins that perished in a flood I believe.What is the name of it?

  • Barbara Stanwyck - "No Man of her own"

    • Manuela
    • 2009-07-01

    She made a great movie " No Man of her own" directed by Mitchell Leisen but it is never mentioned as a one of their grat movie. Why? This movie is one of my favourite. I saw this movie some years ago and she made a great performance. Also in "Sorry wrong number" she gave a great performance. I would like to have the DVD of "No Man of her own". You think that it will be released in the next future. Thanks and best regards, Manuela Rusconi

  • I love Barbaraa Stanwyk

    • Mary
    • 2009-06-17

    I just love her movie Christmas in Connecticut - it always cheers me up.

  • Huge Fan of Stanwyck's

    • Karlton
    • 2009-06-12

    Give me any film, movie or television appearance by Miss Stanwyck and I'll be glued to the screen. I'm a goner for her. I won't claim to have a balanced perspective since she will always have me wrapped around her little finger. I love how she portrays all of the characters I've watch her play. I'm glad she went into television later in her acting career because she excelled there.

  • a woman working for women

    • H.Cixous
    • 2009-06-09

    performance art influences humans more than other mediums. barbara stanwyck began her acting career as a woman who worked to empower women, not just herself. stanwyck cared deeply about the types of roles she played. she was brilliant as a character actor. her choice to avoid being stereotypical and typecast was deliberate. stanwyck knew all too well what being disempowered by poverty did to girls and women. it was her own choice to overcome what Gandhi called 'the worst form of violence' (poverty) by working. stanwyck was determined to characterize women for a new generation. throughout her acting career she moved equality for women forward. she knew what she was doing and why and that her type of work had the power to be very influential.

  • Under Appreciated Great Actor

    • DrMD
    • 2009-06-08

    Barbara Stanwyck was one of the busiest, best and underrated woman actors of the 20th century. Her acting career was magnificent by any measure. I can remember her as Humphrey Bogart's betrayed wife in the "Two Mrs. Carrolls," Fred MacMurray's partner in crime in the all time classic, "Double Indemnity," as the matriarch of the TV western series, "Big Valley," and as the elegant matriarch of "The Thornbirds," with Richard Chamberlain. I can see her much younger as a burlesque dancer and good at it too. The Madam of a ****house in "Walk on the Wild Side," with Jane Fonda. As Henry Fonda's heart throb. As a passenger on the first "Titanic" who literally made the film a sensation with her elegant presence and perfect performance. She was a well disciplined character actor who could shift from this character to that. Yes indeed, she was from the generation of real actors who treasured their careers, were gracious, noble and extremely talented. That list to the left on this page is filled with Oscar, Emmy & Grammy worthy performances by Stanwyck.

  • Consistent Performances

    • Angelahas
    • 2009-06-01

    When Barbara Stanwyck played Mary Carson in "The Thornbirds," (1983), she was 76yo and hadn't been in films for nearly 20 years. Stanwyck's Carson is the family's wealthy matriarch who's in many memorable scenes with a much younger Richard Chamberlain. Her performance in the mini-series provides the essential controlling controversy. Looking over Stanwyck's films it's astonishing that from her earliest to her last ones there's so much consistency in the high quality of each film as well as each of her performances. It's as if she already had her acting techniques down pat before she began making films; then, never let up until she was ready to retire. "Double Indemnity" co-starring Fred MacMurray is considered an all time top 100 classic. One of my favorites is "The Two Mrs. Carrolls" co-starring Humphrey Bogart. Stanwyck became a huge success on television in "The Big Valley."

  • Stanwyck (1907-1990)

    • Dot.ty
    • 2009-06-01

    Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favorite American actresses because she was loaded with multiple talents and she didn't waste them. Stanwyck was given chance to make a lasting impression in filmmaking and television history and did with such class. One of my favorites of her characters is the 'madame' to Jane Fonda's 'call firl' in "Walk on the Wild Side." I hope TCM will show that film sometime.

  • Her films have endured time's tests

    • film_critiquer
    • 2009-05-22

    Almost like she did, the films starring Barbara Stanwyck have withstood the tests of time. They still pack a heck of a punch today. True then, true today, true tomorrow = classic. Stanwyck herself is a classic.

  • Sexy to the hilt

    • JonBern
    • 2009-05-19

    Barbara Stanwyck always drives me gah-gah when she's in a film. From her earliest to her films when she was a senior lady, Stanwyck never lost her appeal to me. An example is with Richard Chamberlain in "The Thornbirds" series. Thanks TCM for showing so many of Stanwyck's films.

  • Classic Actor

    • Prof_Alice
    • 2009-05-17

    What I have long admired about barbara Stanwyck's acting is quite similar to what I love about Bette Davis': their willingess to age on screen. For women actors of the goldern era, when men were the producers who through through their lower anatomies, a woman actor's sex appeal mattered to them. Shallow as that seems today, Stanwyck was one of the "tough broads" who helped to change Hollywood's typecasting of women forever. Stanwyck's (1907-1990) & Davis' (1908-1989) lives and careers run closely parallel. These women worked hard, contended with male domineering, and, unlike less tough women actors, they survived to tell.

  • A woman's woman

    • Melissa_Aaron
    • 2009-05-15

    Whenever Barbara Stanwyck films were going to be in town people flocked to see her--not the film. There was a certain appeal of raw honesty, whether she was playing a moral or amoral character. Watching Miss Stanwyck's films now, I realize what genius she demonstrates as an actor. Why didn't the awards boards recognize her work more? Miss Stanwyck was a woman's woman. We'd cheer for her character to prevail right or wrong. The awards boards then were mainly men. It is interesting today how Miss Stanwyck appeals to modern men as well as modern women.

  • A Consummate Performer

    • DC_DR
    • 2009-04-24

    Of all the golden era actors I can think imagine at this moment, Barbara Stanwyck stands out as the most well rounded one, talent wise. It seems like she did it all: danced, sang, acted when very young, throughout her middle age and well into her senior years. Each time turning in splendid performances. She and Bette Davis were comparable talent wise. But Davis took the leading edge because she risked playing women who were unlikeable, unattractive & even sinister. Stanwyck came close being a little edgy.

  • Sexy from Start to Finish

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-04-17

    The actor who blows me away, as far as her sexiness goes, is Stanwyck. She got way under my skin when she was very young as well as when she was elderly. She exuded sexiness without being a set pot, per se. How'd she do that? Stanwayck is just a sensual when she's in love with Richard Chamberlain in "The Thornbirds" as she is when she's in love with Humphrey Bogart in "The Two Mrs. carroll's." Please show the latter, TCM. It's a dilly.

  • What a Woman!

    • zzziz
    • 2009-04-16

    There's simply nothing unlikable about Barbara Stanwyck the actor or the woman. Heck, she even played a role with Elvis. Was there anything that Stanwyck couldn't do well on film? I think not, or so it seems. Even when she was older, the woman worked, worked and worked more. I treasure her performances in "The Thornbirds" and every episode in "The Big Valley," as much as I recognize her tremendous talent in "Double Indemnity," "The Lady Eve," "The Two Mrs. Carrolls," et al. She was a self-made career woman and wow, What a Woman!

  • Stanwyck

    • SPXMAN
    • 2009-03-13

    Great Actress

  • Barbara - a star beyond compare

    • Lou
    • 2009-02-03

    Barbara is so beautiful, true, and versatile - and so much more. She is mysterious, alluring and a a great actress. Her performances in film noir are my favourites - darkness to light and back again - extreme complexity in emotion. Every camera angle was perfection. Her eyes had a light from distant stars, they sparkled... and she really was a star in every sense. I love all Barbara movies I've seen and look foward to watching the ones I've not seen yet.

  • Stanwyck Is Amazing

    • emily
    • 2009-01-03

    Stanwyck is beautiful, talented, tough, a spitfire. But more then all of that, we are able to see vulnerability in her performances. There is something so appealing about those people who make you want to protect them from life, but would never let you. This actress is that. She is so compelling to watch.

  • My favorite actress

    • denis novick
    • 2008-12-19

    Ifound Barbara to be lighter, more versatile than themeaner more depth like performances of her contemporary Bette Davis.She could be funny, could dance and was quite likeable and charming.She could do both comedy and drama and had anice likeable way about her. Iliked her better than Joan Crawford too.

  • Christmastime is Stanwyck-time.

    • Jim
    • 2008-12-19

    Christmas in Connecticut is Stanwyck's most famous Christmastime story, but I've seen a few others that also used the Yultide season either as background or as a normal part of the story. It made me wonder if Stanwyck, as I, especially enjoyed this time of year. Second to CIC, I enjoyed Remember the Night in which, as a captured jewel thief in New York, she gets to spend Christmas with the D.A. and his family in rural Indiana. Then there is the famous Christmas driven plot ending of Meet John Doe, the holiday days of My Reputation, and even a bow to Christmas in These Wilder Years. I love Stanwyck and Christmas, and even more so at Christmas time.

  • Underrated

    • Chris Fortner
    • 2008-12-15

    Barbara Stanwyck is one of the many reasons I wished I had been alive during Hollywood's Golden Era. I first saw her in Double Indenmity about ten years ago and since then she has grown on me. There are too many fine roles to list. I just say see and enjoy many of her movies as possible.

  • A Strong Personality and Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-26

    I think the TCM fans have underrated this actress. She's a strong cup of tea in so many roles. She plays them intelligently and adroitly so many times, that she should have been more recognized for such sterling work.

  • The feeling of a great performance

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2008-10-13

    I had two thoughts about Barbara Stanwyck recently. First, she understands how to portray the most vile cold-hearted women of her time, as if she has studied them and has them down to a science. And second, when she plays much more admirable women like the mother in 'Stella Dallas' she reaches deep within her soul to find that part of herself she probably wouldn't have been able to express if she hadn't become an actress. I don't think it was easy for her to open up her heart and emote. That's why I consider all her performances truly valiant, even the more evil characterisations...because she's really reaching inside to make a statement through each of these roles.

  • This is her birthday month!!

    • lARRY
    • 2008-07-13

    Why no movies?? Why no tribute, at least for one day July 16th?? I dont understand!!

  • One of a kind

    • Howard/NYC
    • 2008-06-05

    She is the greatest actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her performances do not date. She is modern, natural and rare. People who do not know her thirties work don't know her at all.

  • Great admiration for this wonderful actress!!

    • Georgina Proctor
    • 2008-04-02

    I have enjoyed her films. My mother and I would watch the movies of her time when I was a child and I am great fan of the older movies, I guess you could say I'm an old soul. Barbara Stanwyck to me was a strong vital women of her era. I have always enjoyed her films especially Stella Dallas. Thanks TCM for all her wonderful movies

  • Awesome

    • lili
    • 2008-03-31

    Favorite Actress of All Time! ;p

  • Brooklyn Brass

    • Angel
    • 2008-02-04

    A truly great actress and one of Hollywood's greatest.

  • all of her films.

    • R.A. Grover
    • 2008-01-01

    She is one of a kind.

  • Barbara

    • Ginger
    • 2007-12-22

    Barbara Stanwyck is not the prettiest actress, compared to Irene Dunne, or Ginger Rodgers, but she is a captivating actress. But when she starts acting, like in Sorry, Wrong Number, she gets more beautiful. There was one 1930's movie that I saw with her, where she was a nurse. She was really beautiful there, and her acting made her wonderful. I think that Barbara Stanwyck will always be remembered as an actress who's beauty shined through her acting.

  • Best acctress of my time 1949 to present

    • Gary Sutton
    • 2007-12-11

    I've never seen such a more sexy girl as Ms. Stanwyck since my viewing of movies since 1955. She is so believable that she unconsciously demands your attention without saying. It's her shear professionalism that brings you into the picture as if you were a charactor in the movie itself. The way any normal person would look over someone to try to decide if they approved of them. Such as in the movie Union Pacific. She just meets Joel McCrea's charactor. You can tell by her expressions she is begining to fall for him but doesn't admit it until later on in the movie. And then there's her casual interest that turns into love with her charactor in BF's Daughter with Van Heflin. It's her vibrant emotion on film that makes her so believable. Her charm makes one fall in love with her. You then realize she has the whole package. Beautiy, body and personality. I think most men want a strong will woman that will pick up the slack for one's short coming and she fits the bill in her charactors.

  • Best Ever!

    • Tom
    • 2007-11-14

    Barbara Stanwyck is the greatest actress ever. Nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise. She can do both comedy and drama equally well and she does both better than anybody. There is no doubt that Barbara is the greatest.

  • No Other Like Barbara Stanwyck!

    • Maryann
    • 2007-10-26

    As a child I watched Barbara and was in awe, now as an adult I can watch her perform and I can feel what she is going through. She has a magnatism about her that lures you to her character. She makes you cry and laugh. There are no actresses today that can even come close to Barbara Stanwyck. She had you so involved in her movies that you felt it for days. Thank you Barbara. I wish there were more great actors today.

  • My favorite actress.

    • Ty Sorensen
    • 2007-10-24

    What can I possibly say to give halfway justice to my appreciation of Barbara Stanwyck?

  • Barbara Stanwyck: Unbelieveable

    • Liz
    • 2007-10-21

    I love the classic movies but I have never been disappointed once when watching Barbara on the screen. Not even today can I see one actress that can hold a candle to her. She was real and authentic. Every role she played was a part of her in some way or another. Either she could relate or new how that character was feeling and how they would be in that particular situation. What a beautiful woman. God rest her soul. She has given a gift to many and I hope that she knew that. All I can say is that I respect her for her fortitude and heroism of playing roles that I'm sure took all she had personally and other wise just to entertain the populous. I will never forget her and I hope others won't either. I can't imagine the fortitude it took for her to play the part in Babe especially during those days. I should hope that we all have that gumption in us to press forward even if it might not be politically correct.

  • Barbara Stanwyck, an actress with class.

    • Rita Senkowski
    • 2007-09-21

    I love the actress Barbara Stanwyck, her movies were the best. She had more talent then most have today. She could play any role, and she made the movie or t.v. series very interesting, always had you glued to the screen.I am hoping that they put all of her movies on dvd. When the movie chanel had her as the star or the month, I taped all of her movies, but now that the dvd is here, I would love to have them on dvd, as the tapes are getting worn ou tand are in poor shape. I would love her early movies such as the ladies of leasure, that was a great movie, plus all of her very early ones from the 30, 42, and 50"s. Barbara was one of the young female stars of her time, along with Bette Davis, joan crawford, and Claudette Coleman and Lauren Bacall. These actreses had longivity because of their talent and staying power. Please keep them all in view, and let them not fade away, as they gave so much to the movie and tv industry.I am sure that Barbara"s son is so proud of her. Thanks for the chance to state my opinion of her, sincerly, Rita


    • 2007-07-18


  • The Great Babara Stanwyck

    • Sonya
    • 2007-07-17

    Love her. More,more,more. I love her and all of her movies. Make her Star of the month PLEASE!

  • Star of the Month

    • Lila
    • 2007-03-25

    I nominate this great actress for Star of the Month. Her versatility and presence outshines many of her contemporaries, she needs to be exposed to a whole new generation. Miss Stanwyck was the original "strong woman".

  • One of the greatest peformers of all time.

    • Trina West
    • 2007-03-12

    She had style, grace, and poise! Ms. Stanwyck could play any role. Martha Ivyers was one of my favorite movies. This actress truely made her characters. Her talent has yet to b matched by any other still today. She seemed so larger than life, someone to know and that n my book makes her awesome!

  • Most enjoyable to watch.

    • Premila
    • 2007-02-11

    Everything about her is fantastic.She has such tremendous screen presence-you are so mesmerized by her -you don't notice anyone else on the screen.Her acting was perfect and she had an unforgettable voice.She showed she also had amazing sex appeal in movies like -The Lady Eve and Ball Of Fire- SHE WAS I THINK THE BEST HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS EVER.

  • So bad it's good.

    • Chris Farmer
    • 2007-02-07

    Everyone always remarks how great Barbara Stanwyck was when she was bad, and it is so true. She is a great actress always, but she is perfect when she out to get someone or something. Her perfromance in Double Indemnity is perfect. She is also brilliant in Sorry, Wrong Number and Stella Dallas. Her comedic turn in Christmas in Conneticut is hilarious.

  • A True Star

    • Janine Conteh
    • 2006-11-04

    This wonderful actress did 'srong independent woman'with such style and panache,even today, I am inspired. There is no actress of yesteryear or-even today-who was / is more able to deliver the classic one liners in the dynamic way that she could. Her star still shines brightly today.


    • KATHY
    • 2006-10-19

    I was introduced to the classics by my mother at a young age, it was something that we enjoyed together. And now that she is gone I view these movies with such love and fond memories----it was a gift from her. As for Barbara Stanwyck she was one of the best. In dramas she made you think and sometimes cry. In comedies she made you laugh and somehow wished that you were there. She had style. And the way she walked, with such confidence, there was no one like her. Whenever her movies are on I make sure that I sit down and enjoy them. And that is her gift to us.

  • Barbara is Unique

    • Jenn
    • 2006-10-01

    Barbara Stanwyck is wonderfully unique. I can't get enough of her movies. The funny thing is---the thing that makes her unique is her down to earth acting style. She is "real" in every role--even when portraying her over the top characters (and there are quite a few of those). And that voice--once you hear it, you can't forget it. She is one of my favorite actresses of all time.

  • Stanwyck is one of the top 5

    • jazz guitar man
    • 2006-09-01

    I agree that Stanwyck is one of the top 5 of all time. Barbara played smart and strong womem but she was also sexy and funny. She had wit and style. Plus she could make you cry.

  • Smart, Sassy and One of the Best

    • Fan of the Classics
    • 2006-06-13

    Stanwyck has to be included in the top five actresses of the studio era--her combination of grit and glamour is still winning.

  • The great female role model

    • Sebina
    • 2006-06-07

    One of the most versatile, natural and destinctive actress of her time... A true individual!!!

  • Had more balls than most men

    • bob donovan
    • 2006-04-25

    Barbara was a leader of her time


    • Wendy
    • 2006-04-14

    The original strong female role model!

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