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Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: July 9, 1955 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Who We Are Now (2018)
Recently released from prison, Beth is working with her public defender to get her son back from her sister, who was awarded legal custody while Beth was incarcerated for 10 years. Soon after, Beth forms an unlikely alliance with Jess, an idealistic young protégé of the public defense team, who deci
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Theatrical) (2016)
After 7-year-old Jocelyn is abducted from a Colombian resort, her parents must risk everything to bring her home again.
Mother and Child (2009)
Three women's lives share a common core: they have all been profoundly affected by adoption. Karen had a baby at 14, gave her up at birth, and has been haunted ever since by the daughter she never knew. Elizabeth grew up as an adopted child; she's a bright and ambitious lawyer, but a flinty loner in
Backyard (2009)
Upon her arrival in Juarez, Mexico, police captain Blanca Bravo is confronted with a series of long-running and increasingly gruesome murders. The victims: all young women who work in or near surrounding factories. They are first raped then killed and left to desiccate in the burning desert. Within
Jane Austen Book Club, The (2007)
In Sacramento, where city and suburban sprawl meet natural beauty, the six members of the Jane Austen Book Club live through romantic hopes and disappointments, the consolations and misunderstandings of friendship, and the infinite complications of life as social beings in a complex community. The b
Yo Soy Boricua Pa'que Tu Lo Sepas! (2006)
A documentary exploring Rosie Perez's burning question: why are Puerto Ricans so damn proud? Her journey through Puerto Rico's history gains inspiration from the vibrant music, dancing and energy of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and she uses this starting point to speak to Puerto Rican people about t
Lackawanna Blues (2005)
Based on the Obie award winning play written by and starring Ruben Santiago-Hudson, a tale that recounts his childhood growing up in a boarding house in Lackawanna, New York that was run by an incredible woman.
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)
The galaxy is weary after three long years of war. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have become legendary heroes in their campaigns against the droid forces of the evil General Grievous. Anakin and his secret wife, Padme Amidala, have been separated for months, and he finally reunites with her to
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002)
Set ten years after the events of "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace", not only has the galaxy undergone significant change, but so have our familiar heroes Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and Anakin Skywalker, as they are thrown together again for the first time since the Trade Federation in
Million Dollar Hotel, The (2000)
A tale of friendship, trust, betrayal and the overwhelming power of unconditional love. The story follows a gang of unique outcasts and misfits living in a downtown Los Angeles fleapit, known locally as the "Million Dollar Hotel". Their story is seen through the eyes of Tom Tom, a young man who serv
Price of Glory (2000)
A drama that demonstrates the quest for excellence through one father's journey to raise his family and train gifted sons to become championship boxers. The father, Arturo Ortega, was an aspiring world champion boxer when his rising career was unexpectedly cut short. Years later, this determined fat
Bless the Child (2000) as John Travis
Omens and concepts of good vs. evil have no place in Maggie O''Connor''s well-ordered, practical universe. Her life revolves around her job as a nurse at a busy New York hospital -- that is, until her wayward kid sister, Jenna, shows up on her doorstep one rainy Christmas Eve and saddles Maggie with an autistic newborn child named Cody. Cody quickly touches Maggie''s heart and becomes the daughter she has always longed for. But six years later Jenna suddenly re-enters her life and, with her mysterious new husband, Eric Stark, abducts Cody. The little girl, it soon becomes clear, is more than simply "special." She manifests extraordinary powers that the forces of evil have waited centuries to control and her abduction sparks a clash between the soldiers of good and evil that can only be resolved, in the end, by the strength of one small child and the love she inspires in those she touches.
Murder in Mind (1997) as Peter
A woman is the chief suspect in the murder of her husband and their handy man when she is found huddled in the corner of her bedroom clutching a bloody knife. With the help of a hypnotherapist, her subconscious mind begins to remember things differently than her conscious mind.
Lesser Prophets (1997)
A struggling New York cop tries to make ends meet by blackmailing a bookie.
Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western (1997)
Interviews and film clips re-create the glorious history of the American western.
Marshal Law (1996)
A massive earthquake strikes Los Angeles and divides the city between good and bad forces. On one side is a frightened band of residents led by a former U.S. marshall. On the other, is a gang of dangerous marauders led by a vicious sociopath.
My Family: Mi Familia (1995)
Three generations of immigrants fight to make their way in the U.S.
Last Word, The (1995) as Actor--Martin
A Detroit journalist is lured by Hollywood to turn his column into a movie.
Cisco Kid, The (1994) as Cisco
A television movie remake of the 1940s theatrical films and the 1950s television series about the adventures of a Mexican Robin Hood figure in Old California.
Gross Misconduct (1993) as Justin Thorne
The true story of an American university professor in 1950s Australia who is falsely accused of raping a student.
Broken Cord, The (1992) as David Norwell
A television movie adapted from writer Michael Dorris's account of how his adopted Sioux Indian son was born brain-damaged due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Switch (1991)
A male chauvinist dies and is reincarnated as a woman, thereby forcing him/her to endure the same sexist behavior he practiced as a man.
Fires Within (1991) as Nestor
A Cuban emigre, living in Miami and involved in an affair with the American seaman who rescued her and her daughter years earlier, must face her husband after he is unexpectedly released from a Cuban prison.
Vital Signs (1990)
A doctor guides seven student doctors through their third year of residency at a Los Angeles hospital. Marriages collapse and colleagues fall in love, but it takes a dying cancer patient to make the medical students realize what really matters in life.
Old Gringo (1989) as Arroyo
An American schoolteacher is kidnapped by Mexican revolutionaries.
Glitz (1988)
A Miami-based Detective Vincent Mora, while recuperating in Puerto Rico from a gunshot wound, becomes emotionally involved with a beautiful call girl. Soon after moving to Atlantic City to work in a casino, she is murdered, and Mora''s name and phone number are found on the body. Mora flies to Atlantic City to search for the killer -- only to discover he is being stalked by a murderous ex-con who wants revenge.
Highwayman, The (1987)
A crimefighter operates out of a high-tech 18-wheel truck and tries to save a war veteran targeted for death by a corrupt small-town official.
Dangerous Affection (1987) as Richard Braden
A television movie about a pregnant woman suspected of murdering her estranged husband. She and her son are tracked by the real killer while the investigating detective falls in love with her.
Running Scared (1986) as Julio Gonzales
Danny (BillyCrystal) and Ray (Gregory Hines) are two street wise cops in Chicago. When they are almost killed on a case, they are forced to take a vacation by their captain. Key West offers a substantial change over frozen Chicago. They decide to quit and open a bar in Key West. Upon returning, they find that Julio (Jimmy Smits), the drug dealer who nearly killed them has made bail and is trying to complete a giant drug deal. They decide to complete their case against Julio before quitting, but then begin being careful. Their effectiveness drops as they find they can''t operate the way they did before if they don''t have the edge of a long time commitment.
Rockabye (1986)
A young woman, striking out on her own after having left her husband in California, has her young son snatched from her moments after getting off the bus in New York City on her way to Vermont, and reluctantly accepts the help of a hard-nosed reporter in tracking him down after being given the runaround from the police. Outdoor scenes were shot on location in Manhattan; indoor ones were done in Toronto.

Cast (special)

29th Annual People's Choice Awards, The (2003)
Coverage of the 29th annual People's Choice Awards presentation, fans are honoring America's favorites in the fields of television, motion pictures and music.
3rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards, The (2002)
When childhood buddies Dan (a successful but neurotic doctor), Jerry (a business high-flier on the edge of burnout) and Tom (a Harley-riding wild child) reunite in Oregon at their friend Billy's funeral, their reunion kicks off more than a little nostalgia. While reminiscing in their childhood tree
43rd Annual Grammy Awards, The (2001)
Live coverage of the 43rd annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
Lifetime Presents: Disney's American Teacher Awards (2001)
Twelfth annual Disney's American Teacher Awards, honoring members of the teaching profession in the United States.
Tito Puente: The King of Latin Music (2001)
The life of bandleader, percussionist and composer Tito Puente (1923-2000) is recalled through archival footage and interviews. Also includes excerpts from one of his last concerts in Puerto Rico.
America: A Tribute to Heroes (2001)
A live, commercial-free benefit for the victims of the attacks of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
42nd Annual Grammy Awards, The (2000)
Live coverage of the 42nd annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
5th Annual ALMA Awards (2000)
Coverage of the 2000 American Latino Media Arts Awards presentation from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The ALMA Awards, given by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), honor the positive portrayal of Latino images in American film, television and music.
1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards, The (2000)
Presentation of the first annual Latin Grammy Awards celebration honoring the best in Latin music from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Awards are presented in 40 key categories covering many genres and sub-genres of Latin music.
2000 ESPY Awards (2000)
Live coverage of the 2000 ESPY Awards presentation from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the 8th annual ESPN gala honoring excellence in sports. Honors tops athletes, coaches and teams of 1999.
1999 Grammy Awards (1999)
Live coverage of the 41st annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Highlights include a celebrity tribute to Duke Ellington led by Wynton Marsalis.
1999 ALMA Awards, The (1999)
Coverage of the 1999 Alma Awards presentation from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The Alma Awards celebrate the positive portrayal of Latino images in American film and television.
Puerto Ricans: Our American Story, The (1999)
Documentary that explores the customs and traditions that have bonded Puerto Rican families for generations and how they form a unique American community.
Clemente (1998) as Narration
Documentary profile of the late Roberto Clemente, baseball's first Latin American superstar.
ALMA Awards (1998)
Presentation of the American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Awards from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The ALMAs, which mean spirit or soul in Spanish, celebrate the positive portrayal of Latino images in American film and television.
Second Annual Latino Laugh Festival (1998)
Comedy special featuring celebrated and up-and-coming Latino performers.
Mother Goose: A Rappin' and Rhymin' Special (1997)
A rappin' and rhymin' Mother Gooseberg threatens to quit, and nursery rhyme characters try to talk her out of it.
1997 Emmy Awards (1997)
Live telecast of the 49th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, honoring excellence in television.
51st Annual Tony Awards, The (1997)
Live presentation of the 51st Annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the Broadway theater. Also included are celebrity arrivals at Radio City Music Hall.
1997 American Music Awards (1997)
Live presentation of the 24th annual American Music Awards.
Keeping America's Promise (1997)
General Colin Powell hosts this special look at five Americans who commit their time and energies to provide young people with the resources necessary to lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives. Features interviews with President Bill Clinton, former Presidents Carter, Bush and Ford and former
1997 Hispanic Heritage Awards, The (1997)
Telecast of the 1997 Hispanic Heritage Awards presented at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.
VH1 97 Fashion Awards (1997)
Presentation of the 1997 VH-1 Fashion Awards from Madison Square Garden in New York City.
53rd Presidential Inaugural Gala (1997)
Broadcast of the entertainment gala marking the presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton for his second term.
50 Years of Television: A Celebration of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Golden Anniversary (1997)
Documentary celebrating 50 years of television history. Featuring a large collection of television clips introduced by legendary and current television stars. The documentary, also shown at a Hollywood gala, launches the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences new Archive of American Television.
Latino Laugh Festival (1997)
The world's top Hispanic comedians perform stand-up comedy, monologues and sketches at the second annual Latino Laugh Festival from the historic Lila Cockrell Theater in San Antonio, Texas.
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, The (1996)
Live presentation of the second annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, honoring the American public's favorite stars of motion pictures, home videos and music.
Second Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, The (1996)
Live presentation of the second annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.
1996 NCLR Bravo Awards, The (1996)
Presentation of the NCLR Bravo Awards, which celebrates Latin music and culture and honors individuals who are responsible for the creation and positive portrayal of Latinos in American film and television.
CityKids All Star Celebration (1996)
Variety special marking the tenth anniversary of the CityKids Foundation, a mational organization dedicated to the survival of today's youth.
Up For the Golden Globes (1996)
Special preceding "The 53rd Annual Golden Globes," featuring interviews with some of the stars nominated in the motion picture and television categories.
47th Annual Emmy Awards (1995)
Live telecast of the 47th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
16th Annual CableACE Awards, The (1995)
Live presentation of the 16th Annual CableACE Awards, honoring excellence in cable television.
1995 NCLR Bravo Awards (1995)
First presentation of awards show celebrating Latin music and culture. The awards will honor individuals responsible for the creation of positive portrayals of Latinos in American film, television, and music.
Television's Greatest Performances (1995)
Special featuring clips from memorable moments in television history. Celebrities scheduled to be highlighted include: Michael Jackson, Bette Midler, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Madonna, Steve Martin, Diana Ross and The Muppets.
Newsweek American Achievement Awards, The (1995)
Presentation of the first annual Newsweek American Achievement Awards, celebrating America's ethnic and cultural diversity by honoring citizens for their courage and achievements.
Latin Nights: An All-Star Celebration (1995)
Hosted by comedian Paul Rodriguez, this variety special benefits the National Hispanic Scholarship Fund (NHSF).
Concert of the Americas (1994)
Miami concert celebrating the cultural diversity of the Western Hemisphere and highlighting President Bill Clinton's 1994 summit with the leaders of Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.
All-Star Fiesta at Ford's (1992)
A musical/variety special saluting the Hispanic heritage of the United States. Taped during a performance from Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.
1991 Emmy Awards (1991)
A presentation of the forty-third annual prime-time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.
47th Annual Golden Globes (1989)
A live telecast of the 47th annual Golden Globe Awards presented by the the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for achievement in film and television.
41st Annual Emmy Awards, The (1989)
Live telecast of the 41st annual primetime Emmy Awards, honoring excellence in television.
American Film Institute Salute to Gregory Peck, The (1989)
The American Film Institute (AFI) presents its 17th Annual Distinguished Life Achievement Award to actor Gregory Peck. The special was taped on March 9, 1989 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Mickey's 60th Birthday Special (1988)
A special, combining live-action and animation, in which Mickey Mouse shocks the nation when he suddenly vanishes while taping his birthday show. Cartoon stars appearing include Roger Rabbit, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy. A "Magical World of Disney" presentation.
Other Side of the Border, The (1987) as Narration
A documentary which provides a look at the illegal immigration of Mexicans into the United States, and how the problem spans the vineyards of California to the assembly lines of the Northeast. The program tells the human story of two families of immigrants from the same Mexican village, Tiquicheo,
Golden Eagle Awards, The (1987)
The 17th annual ceremonies that honor outstanding achievements by Hispanics in entertainment.

Music (special)

2000 ESPY Awards (2000)
Live coverage of the 2000 ESPY Awards presentation from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the 8th annual ESPN gala honoring excellence in sports. Honors tops athletes, coaches and teams of 1999.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (1993)
Based on the Stephen King book about the discovery of a mysterious object and the strange force it unleashes in a small Maine town.

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