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Also Known As: Died: July 3, 2006
Born: November 16, 1913 Cause of Death: leukemia
Birth Place: Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Flaming Creatures (1963) as Director
Pregnant with a baby boy, director Danae Elon and her husband struggle to understand the controversial ritual of male circumcision.
The Man from Dakota (1940) as 2nd Unit Director
A Yankee soldier becomes a spy with the help of a beautiful woman.
Laughing at Death (1929) as Assistant Director
Man in the Rough (1928) as Assistant Director

Cast (feature film)

Shadows in the City (1991) as Spirit Of Death
Drama about a returning war veteran.
Cannonball Run II (1984)
Washed up race car driver J.J. McClure and his mechanic Victor Prinzim enter the cross-country Cannonball Run in a ambulance. In order to look more legitimate, they take along a doctor, Nikolas Van Helsing, and abduct a pretty photographer to pass as their patient.
Trap Door, The (1980)
A young man is fired for having been a few minutes late several times over the course of a year. After a comically bizarre job-hunting ordeal, he winds up on the couch of a crazy psychiatrist who protests the conformity required by a society dominated by a military-industrial complex.
Underground and Emigrants (1975)
A prism of New York's SoHo pulsating new art scene in the seventies.
Sub Rosa Rising (1971) as Interviewer
Filmed in San Francisco in the late 60s through the early 70s, this adult, semi-documentary focuses on sexual activity in the city at that time. It includes footage from live sex shows and pornographic films as well as interviews with people employed in the skin trade.
Diaries, Notes and Sketches (1969) as
Filmmaker Jonas Mekas has been keeping a film diary since 1950. Here, we have footage that was filmed between 1964-68. Mekas would walk around New York City with his Bolex camera, reacting to the immediate reality: situations, friends, the city, seasons of the year, etc. On some days, he shot ten fr
The Illiac Passion (1968) as Orpheus
Brothel (1966) as
Pregnant with a baby boy, director Danae Elon and her husband struggle to understand the controversial ritual of male circumcision.
The 14 Year Old Girl (1966) as Soothsayer
Egotistical faded star Hedy Lamarr (drag queen Mario Montez) visits a plastic surgeon (Ronald Tavel) to be transformed into the "14-year-old girl" she believes herself to be. She is then caught shoplifting by Mary Woronov and is put on trial, with Tavel as the judge and her five ex-husbands (one of whom is Gerard Malanga) the jury. Hedy remains self-centered and detached throughout, posing and primping and bursting out renditions of "I Feel Pretty" and "Young at Heart."
Camp (1965) as
Johnny O'Clock (1947) as Practical dealer
Gambling hall owners get mixed up with a cop on the take, leading to murder and mystery.
Stick to Your Guns (1941) as Tex
The Bar 20 boys are after Nevada and his gang of cattle rustlers. Hoppy and California join Nevada's gang under assumed names. Johnny and the rest of Bar 20 get directions from Winters and head out looking for Hoppy's signal. But Winters wanders on ahead and gets spotted. This lets Nevada trap them in a canyon and to make matters worse, Hoppy's masquerade has been exposed.
Lucky Devils (1941) as Dam guard
The Pioneers (1941) as Judge Potts
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me (1940) as Large man
Phantom Creeps, The (1939)
"The Phantom Creeps" was Universal's 44th sound-era serial (between "The Oregon Trail" and "The Green Hornet")and was re-issued to theatres in 1949 by Commonwealth Pictures Corporation, a distribution set-up handling primarily Universal re-issues. Commonwealth had no hand at all in the production of this serial (as incorrectly shown on site) as they were a distribution company only. Some sources mistakenly identify them as the serial producer because all of the 1949 re-issue prints (and the 16mm prints sold to television circa 1952) show "Commonwealth Pictures Corp. Presents" above the title.There is a whole lot of difference between "presenting" and "producing", a fact that some sources appear to not know or don't care. The serial is of interest to some collectors as it re-unites Bela Lugosi and Edwin Stanley from 1931's "Dracula", and the crater-discovery of the meteorite fragment by Zorka (Bela Lugosi)in the serial is stock footage from Universal's 1936 "The Invisible Ray." The stock footage of an explosion and avalanche used in Chapter 11 comes from Universal's 1934 serial, "The Vanishing Shadow." Plot finds eccentric scientist Dr. Alex Zorka (Bela Lugosi)carrying on various experiments in his secret laboratory with the aid of his assistant Monk (Jack C. Smith). Zorka has invented many strange weapons of warfare, including a devisualizer belt which renders him invisible; a terrifying, eight-foot tall robot (played by stuntman Edwin "Bud" Wolfe and not circus giant Bud Wolff), and he also has a deadly meteorite fragment (which he found in a 1936 movie with Boris Karloff)from which he extracts an element which can induce suspended animation in an entire army. Foreign spies, operating under the guise of a foreign language school (great cover), are trying to buy or (mostly) steal the meteorite element, while his former partner, Dr. Fred Mallory (Edwin Stanley), miffed that Zorka will not turn his inventions over to the U. S. Government, blows the whistle on him to Captain Bob West (Robert Kent) of the Military Intelligence Department. Tired of answering the door and saying no to the spies and the government, Zorka moves his lab and when his beloved wife (Dora Clement) is killed, Zorka, puttering around for his own amusement up to this point, gets hacked off as only Lugosi can, swears eternal vengeance against society, and decides to use his inventions to make himself world dictator. And would have if not for his assistant Monk, an escaped convict virtually enslaved by Zorka, who is cowardly, treacherous and totally incompetent, and whose accidental or deliberate interference with Zorka's efforts repeatedly frustrates his master's grand schemes.
Where the Buffalo Roam (1938) as Announcer
Tex returns to Santa Fe to find his Mother murdered. Foster runs the town and all crimes committed by his gang are blamed on Rogel and his men. He makes Tex Marshal but this backfires when Tex enlists Rogel and his men and goes after Foster who he now knows is responsible for his Mother's death.
Paroled--To Die (1938) as Prosecuting attorney
Frontier Scout (1938) as Gen. Grant
After fighting in the Civil War, Wild Bill Hickok and Whiney head west to investigate missing cattle herds. There they meet their war buddy Norris who is now in the cattle business. When he is unable to explain the missing herds, Bill goes into action.
Heroes of the Alamo (1937) as William H. Wharton
Filmed and produced in 1937 by Anthony J. Xydias as a Sunset Productions, Inc. film and distributed as such that year, Columbia Pictures Corporation purchased it in 1938, and sent it back out as a Columbia production distributed by the Columbia film exchanges, with all references to Sunset deleted. Columbia also prepared new posters, lobby cards and pressbook, and re-did the original cast listings, now showing Lane Chandler and Rex Lease top-billed with the original first-billed Earle Hodgins delegated much further down the cast. In the event of somebody knowing only the Columbia cast order and changing this one, the original correct cast order was; Earle Hodgins, Bruce Warren, Ruth Findlay, Lane Chandler, Rex Lease, Roger Williams, Lee Valainos (correct spelling), Julian Rivero, William Costello (as Willy Costello), Paul Ellis, Edward Peil Sr., Jack C. Smith (as Jack Smith) and Marilyn Haslett. Columbia couldn't change the story which in early spring of 1833, finds the smouldering resentment of American settlers in Texas against their oppression by Mexico dictator General Santa Anna/Ana (Julian Rivero) coming to a head. When a decree is issued that no more Americans may enter Texas, William H. Wharton (Jack C. Smith), firey head of a faction determined on independence or nothing, warns Stephen F. Austin (Earle Hodgins) that the time for half-measures is past. Austin, responsible for bringing the Americans to Texas as colonists, reminds Wharton that a settler's revolt against Mexico would dishonor his name and the arrangements he had with the Mexican government. He gets the "Whartonites" to agree to a general convention of all colonists. Almerian Dickinson (Bruce Warren), biggest land owner in the settlement of Gonzales, deeply in love with his wife Anne (Ruth Findlay), warns Wharton that a bloody revolt would endanger every wife and mother in the colony. He proposes they send Austin to Mexico City to ask Santa Anna to grant Texans a voice in their own government. After months in Mexico City of waiting to see Santa Anna, Austin is granted a mock interview and then arrested and thrown into a dungeon. In Texas, the months pass with no news from Austin and Wharton goes to work in earnest in early 1835 to fan the fires of revolution. Santa Anna decides to march troops north and finish off the rebel "gringos" - a description that only came later in the conflict - once and for all, and frees Austin to serve as an example. The Texans, under Dickinson and William Barrett Travis (Rex Lease), send the advance Mexican troops back across the border in retreat. Austin goes for help from the United States, and the Texans fortify themselves at the old Alamo mission in Bejar with Travis in command. And one February morning, his scouts bring news that Santa Anna is coming with an army of 5000 men. Anne Dickinson takes her baby, rides for Bejar(San Antonio), slips through the Mexican lines and joins her husband in the beleaguered fort to his mingled joy and horror. The Mexican troops storm the walls day after day but are thrown back by the 183 defenders. At dawn, March 6, 1836, Santa Anna orders the buglers to sound the "deguello" (No quarter) and the final assault begins.
Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) as Man in saloon
A lawman poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang--while finding a way to expose them.
Trouble in Texas (1937) as Bix
Tex is on the rodeo circuit looking for the men that killed his brother and he finds them in Middleton. Barker expects his man Squint to win the prize money but when Tex starts winning all the events, they put the poisoned needle in his halter rope, planning to have him mysteriously die just as the others did.
The Fighting Deputy (1937) as Jed
Hittin' the Trail (1937) as Dad Reed
King Kong (1933) as Reporter
A film crew discovers the "eighth wonder of the world," a giant prehistoric ape, and brings him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.

Cinematography (feature film)

A Guy Named Joe (1944) as Loc cam
A downed World War II pilot becomes the guardian angel for his successor in love and war.
A Guy Named Joe (1944) as Loc cam
A downed World War II pilot becomes the guardian angel for his successor in love and war.
Cairo (1942) as Dir of photog for marine seq
A war correspondent in Egypt thinks a screen star on tour is a spy.
Tortilla Flat (1942) as Monterey exteriors
Inhabitants of a Southern California fishing village strive for the simple pleasures of life.
Pierre of the Plains (1942) as Exterior photog
A French-Canadian trapper''''s adventures jeopardize his romance with an innkeeper.

Writer (feature film)

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith (1994) as Play As Source Material ("What'S Underground About Marshmallows")
A double portrait of two complex minds, and two completely opposing approaches to gay sexuality.

Producer (feature film)

Fire This Time, The (1994)
Using archival and current newsreel footage, a history of the Black community in South Central Los Angeles.
Neither the Sea Nor the Sand (1973) as Co-Producer
Perfect Friday (1970) as Producer
The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He needs her help and that of her philandering spendthrift husband. It all comes down to a matter of trust.
Promise Her Anything (1966) as Prod exec
A single mother must choose between two suitors.

Music (feature film)

Montenegro (1981)
Sideshow Burlesque (1952) as Composer
Has Anybody Seen My Gal (1952) as Composer
Wealthy Samuel Fulton is getting older and he wants to test his family before leaving his money to them. He anonymously grants them $100,000. Harriet Blaisdell moves the family into a mansion and makes plans to marry her daughter Millicent off to a socialite rather than her soda jerk boyfriend Dan.
Lady on a Train (1945) as Composer
A young woman enlists a mystery writer to help her solve a murder when the corpse vanishes.
Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (1941) as Composer
The Pioneers (1941) as Composer
Arizona Days (1937) as Composer
Headin' for the Rio Grande (1936) as Composer

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Sommersby (1993)
Story about a war-torn Confederate soldier who returns from battle a much changed person. Eventually, the wife realizes he is not her husband.
Problem Child (1990) as Production Accountant
A couple adopts a trouble-making brat.
Never Put It in Writing (1964) as Prod controller
The Main Attraction (1963) as Prod continuity roller
An unscrupulous drifter causes problems for a small European circus.
That's My Man (1947) as Technical Advisor

Film Production - Unit (feature film)

Howling, The (1981)
After taking part in a risky police operation intended to trap a serial murderer, Karen White witnesses something horrifying enough to trigger selective amnesia. Consumed by a series of violent nightmares, she decides to admit herself to a recovery center, but the other occupants may not be what they seem.

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)
Musical autobiography of Loretta Lynn, who fought poverty and pills to become a country western star.

Location Manager (feature film)

Howling, The (1981)
After taking part in a risky police operation intended to trap a serial murderer, Karen White witnesses something horrifying enough to trigger selective amnesia. Consumed by a series of violent nightmares, she decides to admit herself to a recovery center, but the other occupants may not be what they seem.

Director (special)

Prophecies of the Millennium (1997)
Special looks at predictions of the end of the world.

Cast (special)

War in the Gulf: The Soldier's Story: Airstrike (2000)
On August 2, 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded his rich oil neighbor Kuwait. This act of aggression triggered a response on a scale not seen since Vietnam 20 years earlier. The world watched as 32 nations joined a coalition headed by the U.S. to take on Saddam and his Republican Guard, the
Vietnam: The Soldier's Story -- Women at War (2000)
Examination of the Vietnam War through the eyes of nearly a dozen women who served as nurses, Red Cross volunteers, entertainers, and clerks. Also includes archival footage of hospitals, battlegrounds and variety shows.
Vietnam: The Soldiers' Story: From the River to the Sea (2000)
Documentary about the Navy's role in Vietnam. Navy ships and personnel ranged over the entire theatre of operations, from carrier-based air strikes and amphibious assaults, to shore bombardments, interdicting enemy shipping and search and destroy missions on the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta
Vietnam: Stories From the Wall (2000)
Documentary telling the story of four men whose names appear on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Richard Fitzgibbon, Jr. was the first official casualty in Vietam, yet the U.S. government did not want his name on the Wall, citing the War had not begun when he died. His family fought for decades to finally
Vietnam: The Soldier's Story -- Women at War (2000)
Examination of the Vietnam War through the eyes of nearly a dozen women who served as nurses, Red Cross volunteers, entertainers, and clerks. Also includes archival footage of hospitals, battlegrounds and variety shows.
Empire State Building (1999)
An inside look at the Empire State Building, a New York landmark of innovative steel-beamed architecture, Art Deco design, record-breaking construction and financial flip-flops. Computer animation takes viewers inside the buildings construction.
Mark McGwire: Heavy Hitter/Sammy Sosa: Out of the Park (1999)
A double-profile of baseball players/homerun hitters Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.
Vietnam: Missing in Action (1999)
A Vietnam War veteran comes forward to identify himself as the subject of an award-winning war photo taken in May 1967 and mistakenly believed to be that of a deceased American soldier. Also, three marines recount their experiences as MIA-POWs in Vietnam.
Johnson Tapes: RFK vs. LBJ, The (1999)
Examines the audiotapes made by President Lyndon B. Johnson as he spoke with his advisors, confidants and enemies. This special focuses on Johnson's widely perceived paranoia about his potential rival, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Includes conversations with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Attorne
Johnson Tapes: Into Vietnam, The (1999)
Examines the audiotapes made by President Lyndon B. Johnson as he spoke with his advisors, confidants and enemies. This special offers an examination of the now-accepted premise that the Johnson administration deliberately deceived Congress and the American people in order to get American troops fig
ABC 2000 (1999)
Live broadcast to commemorate the end of the century and the beginning of the new millennium. ABC News anchors and correspondents, together with representatives of other parts of the ABC Television Network, cover an array of events as they occur around the world. The program includes a special versi
Lloyd Bridges (1998)
Profile of the late actor Lloyd Bridges. Includes interviews with friends and family.
Anne Frank: The Life of a Young Girl (1998)
Profile of Anne Frank, the young author of The Diary of a Young Girl, who died of typhus at the Nazi death camp Bergen-Belsan in 1945.
Coming Home: The Veteran Experience in America (1998)
Documentary examines how soldiers are changed by war and how soldiers changed America when they got home. Describes the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Includes interviews with veterans.
Donald Trump: Master of the Deal (1997)
Biographical documentary of business tycoon Donald Trump.
America on Wheels (1996) as Interviewee
Multi-part documentary examining the influence the automobile had made on our lives and on the collective American consciousness, with particular emphasis on the social transformation of the United States. Makes use of memoirs, memorabilia, audio recording and archival film and photographs as well a
George Wallace: The Politics of Race (1994)
Profile of four-time Alabama governor George Wallace -- who rose to national fame on a platform of racial segregation and states' rights, until he was paralyzed in 1972 by a would-be assassin's bullet.

Producer (special)

Alps: Return of the Big Hunter (2001)
Documentary about the natural world of the Alps. While some animals faced extinction due to men conquering the Alps, some of the former inhabitants, including the wolf, brown bear and golden eagle are returning. Many types of vegetation were also changed with increased human activities, as pastures
Alps: Summits of Life, The (2001)
Documentary about the natural world of the Alps. The hottest, coldest, driest, wettest, windiest, highest, lowest, most exposed and most protected spots of the European continent are all found in close proximity in the Alps. High in the Alps, three seasons of spring, summer and autumn are packed int
Prison Boxing (2001)
Documentary that explores the world of boxing through the story of prison boxer Clifford Etienne. Etienne overcame the odds and fought his way to freedom, eventually becoming a top heavyweight boxing contender. Serving 10 years for armed robbery, Etienne transformed himself in prison by embracing th
Lotteries: It Could Happen to You (2001)
In America alone, lottery players spend over 35 billion dollars a year, and a single jackpot can yield more than 360 million dollars. The program examines the high-stakes world of lotteries from the human, business and technical perspectives. Lotteries are fast-moving enterprises that operate with a
Behind the Terror: Understanding the Enemy (2001)
Documentary on terrorism and the people driving it. Leading experts trace the evolution of terrorism from deep in the mountains of Afghanistan and the far reaches of the Middle East to the streets of the United States. Also examines what could have been done to stop the September 11, 2001 attack on
World's Most Dangerous Car Chases, The (2000) as Executive Producer (Discovery Channel)
Every year in America, nearly 50,000 drivers run from the police. Most of these traffic incidents end safely, but many turn into high-speed pursuits that too often end in serious injury or death. The program follows law enforcement officers during pursuits and looks at the latest pursuit tactics.

Director (short)

Flaming Creatures (1962) as Director
A quasi-documentary about androgynes and transvestites.

Cast (short)

Little Jack Little & Orchestra (1936)
In this musical short, Little Jack Little and his orchestra perform several musical numbers of the day, such as "Lady in Red" and "Lulu''''s Back in Town." Vitaphone Release 1936.

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