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Rutanya Alda

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Cast (feature film)

Too Big to Fail (2011)
When the U.S. economy dangles on the precipice of disaster in 2008, Henry Paulson is tasked with holding it all together by gathering the heads of all of the top banks in the country to come up with a solution in this dramatization of a true story.
You Don't Know Jack (2010)
Biopic about Dr. Jack Kevorkian's crusade for a patient's right to a doctor-assisted suicide and the 8-year prison sentence he served because of it.
Stolen (2009)
Work has become an obsession for Detective Tom Adkins since the disappearance of his ten-year-old son, Tommy Jr. When an early morning phone call leads him to the mangled remains of a young boy who was brutally murdered 50 years ago, Adkins takes on the case in hopes of finding absolution. His inve
Arthur Hailey's Detective (2006)
A former priest turned Miami detective is in a career rut after a failed affair with the woman who became police commissioner. When he is asked by a serial killer he helped put away for a "confession" before his execution, he finds that one set of murders was a copy cat killing leading him to high r
Glass House, The (2001) as Vice Principal
Two orphaned kids discover that the guardians they are staying with are responsible for the death of their parents.
My First Mister (2001) as Woman At Apartment
A depiction of the love relationship between a 17-year- old girl and her uptight middle- aged boss at an upscale clothing store.
Souler Opposite, The (1998) as Thea'S Mom
A struggling stand-up comedian in LA meets his love match in a liberal political activist, however his non-stop quips eventually may drive away the woman of his dreams.
Steel (1997) as Mrs Hunt
A metals specialist for the military, John Henry Irons, creates an alter ego, a super-hero known as "Steel," to combat an evil street gang. After a weapons test goes horribly wrong, Irons quits the military for a quiet life until a gang begins to commit crimes in his neighborhood. The gang, after stealing top-secret defense weapons that Irons helped to produce, has committed a series of high-tech robberies and, in the process, is threatening to become a worldwide danger. Irons decides to combat the growing evil by building a suit of armor with a built-in array of weaponry. Layered in his fantastic, magnetic metal sheath and armed with his powerful weapons, John Henry metamorphoses into a mythic alter-ego--STEEL.
Childhood Sweetheart? (1997) as Maureen
Karen Carlson, a young woman who has been missing since she was 12-years-old, suddenly reappears at the door of her former childhood sweetheart, Greg Davis. The two quickly rekindle their romance and she reveals the terrifying story of her kidnap and abuse. Although her family and friends have compa
Double Jeopardy (1996) as Gabriel Neuland
Drama based on the true story of a Baltimore police officer who murdered his young mistress and then tried to pin the guilt on his wife's son, a conspiracy blown apart in the courtroom.
They Watch (1994) as Sue Madehurst
A father experiences strange apparitions after his daughter is killed in a car accident. A blind woman, who appears to have strong connections to the spirtual world, helps him resolve his relationship with his daughter.
Ref, The (1994) as Linda
A feuding couple is abducted by a thief after a robbery, and he is forced to play referee to their endless bickering.
Safe Passage (1994)
Recently estranged from her husband, and mother of seven sons, Mag Singer stands poised to pursue a whole new way of life. But when one of her children is involved in an explosion while on duty in the Middle East, Mag must rexamine everything she cherishes.
Zelda (1993) as Minnie Sayre
Dramatization of the lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.
Dark Half, The (1993) as Miriam Cowley
A bizarre series of murders begin when a writer tries to "kill off" his crime novel pseudonym.
Leaving Normal (1992) as Palmer Hospital Nurse
A female buddy film about two women looking for something better in their lives who travel together from Normal, Wyoming to Alaska.
Article 99 (1992) as Ann Travis
The story of a dedicated and ambitious doctor at a V.A. hospital who refuses to turn people away or lower the level of care.
Rainbow Drive (1990) as Marge Crawford
A homicide detective and a police psychologist investigate a multiple murder case and cover-up in Hollywood.
Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989) as Georgette'S Mother
Screen adaptation of Selby's 1964 novel about life on the streets of Brooklyn, New York in 1951.
Gross Anatomy (1989) as Mama Slovak
An intelligent and charming young man tries to breeze through his first year of medical school.
Prancer (1989) as Aunt Sarah
A little girl befriends a wounded reindeer she believes is one of Santa's team that pulls his sleigh at Christmas.
Winnie (1988) as Mrs Paretti
Based on a true story about a woman who is institutionalized as mentally retarded for 30 years while struggling to reach the outside world through her writing.
Defense Play (1988) as Mrs Vandemeer
A young American attempts to stop a Soviet plot.
Apprentice to Murder (1988) as Aelma Kelly
In Pennsylvania Dutch country in 1928, 16-year-old Billy becomes an apprentice to Dr. Reese, a traveling preacher who claims to be able to heal the sick. When the local crops begin dying from a blight which no one can explain, Reese blames it on a hermit who lives in the area, charging the man with casting evil spells. Now wielding a great amount of influence over the impressionable Billy, Reese convinces the boy to help him murder the outsider.
Black Widow (1987) as Irene
Federal agent Alexandra Barnes probes the mysterious deaths of several millionaires, suspecting they were killed by Catherine Petersen, who was married to each of them. Alexandra locates Petersen and finds herself drawn into a friendship with her.
Laguna Heat (1987) as Dr Kroyden
After his partner is killed, private detective Tom Shephard returns to his home in Laguna Beach, California, where he finds himself embroiled in a series of nightmarish murders that take him back to the past and some twisted family ties.
Hotshot (1987) as Georgia Kristidis
Jimmy wants to become a professional soccer player, but his wealthy parents oppose the idea. Ignoring his family's wishes, Jimmy tries out for the New York Rockers, but fails to make the team. Still determined, he goes to Brazil to learn all he can from a soccer star named Santos, and finally gets a
Stuff, The (1985) as Psychologist
Rappin' (1985) as Cecilia
When John Rappin Hood is released from jail, he goes home to his neighborhood and finds its safety threatened by a brutal gang leader and its very existence threatened by a greedy developer. Hood gathers his group of friends to fight for their community, not with violence, but with their talent for
Racing With The Moon (1984) as Mrs Nash
Drama about two blue-collar young men in a small California seacoast town in 1942 as they prepare to enlist in the Marines, but plan to have some romantic flings before they go off to war.
Vigilante (1983) as Vickie Marino
When street thugs kill his son, a factory worker takes the law into his own hands.
Girls Nite Out (1982)
Sorority girls at a small Ohio college have a scavenger hunt after their school wins the basketball game. But the innocent game turns deadly when a killer dressed as the school mascot begins killing the participants. The chief of campus security, who lost his daughter to a similar murderer, attempts
Amityville II: The Possession (1982) as Dolores Montelli
Before the Lutz family moved into the infamous house on Ocean Avenue, the Montelli family lived there. Soon after moving in, their teenage son Sonny began displaying bizarre behavior. Before long, he was seducing his sister, and eventually he kills the entire family. When authorities probe the case,
Mommie Dearest (1981) as Carol Ann
A portrayal of the actress Joan Crawford as a screaming witch-mother who abuses her kids.
When A Stranger Calls (1979) as Mrs Mandrakis
High school student Jill Johnson is traumatized over an evening of babysitting by a caller who repeatedly asks, "Have you checked the children lately?" After notifying the police, Jill is told that the calls are coming from inside the house...
Fury, The (1978) as Kristen
Teenager Gillian Bellaver has the psychic powers of telekinese and extra-sensory perception. She also has the effect of causing others to bleed if they touch her. So Gillian volunteers to go to the Paragon Clinic, unaware of the fact that its director is working on harnessing the psychic abilities of his patients as weapons.
The Deer Hunter (1978) as Angela
Three young men fight to survive the Vietnam War and its aftermath.
Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976) as Party Person
Set in the 1950, a young man moves to Greenwich Village in New York City in order to escape his domineering mother.
Can Ellen Be Saved? (1974) as Rachael
A girl searching for herself becomes the object of an intense struggle between her parents and members of a religious commune.
The Long Goodbye (1973) as Marlowe'S Neighbor
Detective Phillip Marlowe investigates shady characters involved in a long-lost friend''s murder.

Cast (special)

Day the Kids Took Over, The (1986) as Mrs Linderman
A two-part comedy, based on Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle, about Mayor Van Winkle, who awakes from a fall and finds himself in a society where the kids act like adults and the grown-ups act like children.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Murder Without Conviction (2004) as Detective Virginia Mcalpin
Innocent Victims (1996) as Lorraine Taylor
When a young man is tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of three people, his father hires a dynamic team of defense attorneys to prove his son's innocence. Based on a true story.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story (1996) as Beth
A well-liked high-school teacher seduces three of her students into murdering her husband when her possessiveness drives him to seek a divorce. Based on a real story.

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