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Director (feature film)

The Adventurers (1970) as Dir of action seq
The wealthy playboy son of an assassinated South American diplomat discovers that his father was really murdered on orders of the corrupt president of the country--a man who was his father's friend and who, in fact, his father had helped put into power. He returns from living a jet-set life in Europe to lead a revolution against the government, only to find out that things aren't quite as black and white as he had assumed.
Shalako (1968) as Action seq dir
A seasoned tracker rides to the rescue when a European hunting party blunders into Indian territory.
You Only Live Twice (1967) as Dir action seq
James Bond investigates a series attacks in space that could lead to nuclear war.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) as 2nd unit dir
Madcap musical set in ancient Rome, where a clever slave connives to win his freedom.
Genghis Khan (1965) as Action seq
The Asian conqueror and his mentor vie for the same woman.
Thunderball (1965) as Stunt dir
James Bond hunts for stolen nuclear warheads in the Bahamas.
Goldfinger (1964) as Action seq dir
James Bond tries to thwart an attempt to rob Fort Knox.
The Long Ships (1964) as Action seq
Viking seamen battle a Moorish prince for possession of a golden bell.

Cast (feature film)

Next Man, The (1976) as London Assassin
Khalil (Sean Connery) is an Arab diplomat who wants to not only make peace with Israel, but admit the Jewish state as a member of OPEC. This instantly makes him a target for a series of ingeniously conceived assassination attempts, most of which he foils with the aid of his friend Hamid (Albert Paulsen) and his girlfriend Nicole (Cornelia Sharpe). But can he trust even them?
Thunderball (1965) as Jacques Boitier
James Bond hunts for stolen nuclear warheads in the Bahamas.
The Great Van Robbery (1963) as Peters
Denis Shaw, Kay Callard, Tony Quinn, Philip Saville, Tony Doonan. Scotland Yard sends investigator Denis Shaw to Rio de Janeiro to recover some stolen bank notes now residing in a private account. His investigation leads him to a coffee warehouse and by the finale there are a lot of spilled coffee beans.
Tank Force (1958) as Mustapha
An American sergeant and his British crew are captured by the Nazis in Northern Africa.
The Sword and the Rose (1953) as French champion
During Henry VIII┬┐s rule, Mary Tudor seeks to get out of an arranged marriage by fleeing the country with her one true love.
One Dark Night (1939) as Brown's son
Reform School (1939) as Johnny

Animation (feature film)

Road to El Dorado, The (2000) as Animator (El Dorado/Effects)
Tulio and Miguel, a pair of two-bit con men, believe they have found their path to fortune and glory when they win a map to El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold. There''s only one problem -- they''ve wound up locked in the brig on a ship of the Spanish explorer Cortes. After a daring escape, with the help of a clever horse named Altivo, they manage to stumble onto El Dorado... only to find their troubles are just beginning. The High Priest Tzekel-Kan proclaims them to be gods, plotting to use their fortuitous arrival to take power from the Chief. To sustain the ruse and get the gold, Tulio and Miguel must enlist the aid of the beautiful native Chel, who matches them con-for-con. But time is running out, and even as they fulfill their dreams of gold, their friendship -- and the very fate of El Dorado -- hang in the balance.
Quest for Camelot (1998) as Effects Animator (Usa)
An Arthurian romance tale of an independent young woman and a handsome young man who embark upon a dangerous quest for the Holy Grail in order to save King Arthur's kingdom, while also trying to save the woman's sister from the evil Baron Ruber.

Visual Effects (feature film)

Ferngully: the Last Rainforest (1992) as Additional Effects Animation
There's magic in the rainforest and it's called FernGully. Deep in the heart of the forest awaits a paradise filled with tiny sprites, winged fairies and tree spirits who all live in joyful harmony. But when their home is threatened by humans, one courageous sprite gives her all to save it.
Jetsons: The Movie (1990) as Visual Design
Based on the popular animated television series of the 1960s, the story revolves around George getting a promotion which forces the family to move to another space neighborhood on another planet.
All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) as Special Effects Animator
A story about a dog newly released from prison, his dachshund pal and the trouble they get into.
Land Before Time, The (1988) as Special Effects Animator
Prehistoric adventure following the journey of five young dinosaurs who join forces in an attempt to reach a valley with an abundant food and water supply, where they can grow up and survive in peace.

Stunts (feature film)

View To A Kill, A (1985) as Stunt Supervisor
When James Bond (Agent 007) is sent to investigate a security leak at the high-tech Zorin Industries, he discovers a hotbed of murder and deception. The company''s mysterious owner, Max Zorin has devised a plan to corner the world''s microchip market--even if he has to kill millions to do it. But before Bond can stop Zorin, he must confront the madman''s beautiful and deadly companion May Day. With help from the gorgeous Stacey, Bond launches an all-out assault on Zorin''s deadly scheme, which leads to a treacherous duel against May Day on the upper spans of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Octopussy (1983) as Action Arranger
James Bond (Agent 007) must investigate the murder of a fellow agent who was clutching a priceless Faberge egg at the time of his death. The trail leads to the mysterious Octopussy, whose traveling circus features a company of gorgeous, athletic women. Bond and Octopussy share a passionate attraction, but soon 007 discovers that the elegant Kamal Khan is working with a mad Russian officer to hurl mankind into World War III. As Bond tries to stop the nightmarish scheme, his exploits include a tense chase through the streets of India, a deadly brawl on top of a speeding train, and a treacherous mid-air knife fight on an airplane wing.
Final Option, The (1982) as Action Arranger
Lewis Collins, Judy Davis, Richard Widmark, Robert Webber, Edward Woodward, Tony Doyle, Ingrid Pitt. An agent for Britain''s Special Air Services infiltrates a group of international terrorists who are plotting to seize the American Embassy in London. Although he receives third billing, Richard Widmark''s role, as the U.S. Secretary of State, is practically a cameo. Based on the novel THE TIPTOE BOYS by George Markstein.
Sea Wolves, The (1980) as Action Arranger
British intelligence is trying to solve the problem of German submarines attacking British merchant ships during World War II. Thousands of tons of goods are being lost, and it is believed that information is getting to the subs via a radio transmitter in one of three German ships in Portuguese Goa. Because Portugal is neutral in the war, the British forces cannot attack the ships, so a group of older British expatriates are called upon to do it for them.
Moonraker (1979) as Stunt Arranger
When a U.S. space shuttle is stolen in a midair abduction, only James Bond (Agent 007) can find the evil genius responsible. The clues point to billionaire Hugo Drax, who has devised a scheme to destroy all human life on earth. As Bond races against time to stop Drax''s evil plot, he joins forces with Dr. Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. And 007 needs all the help he can get, for Drax''s henchman is none other than Bond''s old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed giant. Their adventure leads them all the way to a colossal, orbiting space station, where the stage is set for an epic battle which will determine the fate of all mankind.
All Quiet on the Western Front (1979)
Highly-acclaimed remake of the 1930 film classic about a young generation's disillusionment and eventual destruction by war. Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine took the roles played in the original by Lew Ayres and Louis Wolheim. This version received seven Emmy Award nominations: Outstanding Drama,
Wild Geese, The (1978) as Action Arranger
A British multinational seeks to overthrow a vicious dictator in central Africa. It hires a band of (largely aged) mercenaries in London and sends them in to save the virtuous but imprisoned opposition leader who is also critically ill and due for execution. Just when the team has performed a perfect rescue, the multinational does a deal with the vicious dictator leaving the mercenary band to escape under their own steam and exact revenge.
Spy who Loved Me, The (1977) as Action Arranger
When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened to the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond (Agent 007) joins forces with beautiful Russian agent Anya Amasova. Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromberg, a powerful shipping magnate who is implementing a horrific scheme for world domination. Bond struggles to foil the plot, but Stromberg has provided him with a most lethal adversary: Jaws, a seemingly indestructible steel-toothed giant. Agent 007''s adventure takes him to the Egyptian pyramids, under the sea and to a mountaintop ski chase.
The Wilby Conspiracy (1975) as Stunt Coordinator
An African activist and an Englishman join forces to battle a corrupt government official in South Africa.
Paper Tiger (1975) as Action Arranger
Live and Let Die (1973)
When James Bond (Agent 007) investigates the murders of three fellow agents, he soon finds himself a target, evading vicious assassins as he closes in on the powerful Kananga. Known on the streets as "Mr. Big," Kananga is coordinating a globally threatening scheme using tons of self-produced heroin. As Bond tries to unravel the mastermind''s plan, he meets Solitaire, the beautiful Tarot card reader whose magical gifts are crucial to the crime lord. Bond works his own magic on her, and embarks on a series of adventures, involving voodoo, hungry crocodiles and turbo-charged speedboats.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Dark Horse (1992) as Driver
Story about a young girl who searches for happiness after her mother's death.
Catlow (1971) as Action seq by the personal asst to the prod
An outlaw tries to avoid both his friend, the marshal, and a sadistic bounty hunter in order to hijack a mule train loaded with two million dollars in gold. Based on the novel by Louis L'Armour.
Dr. No (1963) as Ch stuntman
James Bond uncovers a plot to end the U.S. space program.
Night Creatures (1962) as Fight seq supv
In this engaging costume melodrama of skulduggery on the low seas set back in the 18th-century, the Royal Crown suspects a bit of smuggling is going on in this locale, and they send Captain Collier (Patrick Allen) and his crew to check it out. As the Captain gets into his investigation, mysterious swamp phantoms cloud up the real issue which seems plain enough to see. Captain Collier suspects that the odd village vicar (Peter Cushing) might be hiding something, and what better way to do that than by fortuitous ghosts to scare away the curious, or by posing as someone he is not?
The Pirates of Blood River (1962) as Horsemaster & master at arms
Pirates force a young prisoner to join their bloodthirsty crew.
The Secret Ways (1961) as Stunt supv
Vienna, 1956. After Soviet tanks crush the Hungarian uprising, soldier-of-fortune Mike Reynolds is hired to help a threatened Hungarian scientist (Prof. Jansci) escape from Budapest. He and Julia, the professor's daughter, cross the boulder posing as journalists, but they encounter a problem. The staunch freedom fighter doesn't want to go!

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Cracking Up (1978)
What would happen if a 9.7 magnitude earthquake were to strike the L.A. area? This is what "Cracking Up" looks at from the lighter side. The movie is composed of individual skits of original material by the actors spun around this hypothetical disaster.
Cracking Up (1978)
What would happen if a 9.7 magnitude earthquake were to strike the L.A. area? This is what "Cracking Up" looks at from the lighter side. The movie is composed of individual skits of original material by the actors spun around this hypothetical disaster.
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) as Stunt arr
James Bond fights diamond smugglers and blackmailers in Las Vegas.
When Eight Bells Toll (1971) as Action seq arr
Murphy's War (1971) as Stunt arr
Murphy is the sole survivor of his crew, that has been decimated by a German U-Boat in the closing days of World War II. He lands on a forgotten island and begins to plot his vengence. He wishes to sink the U-Boat that has floated up by means of any method imaginable to him, and sets about to make the courageous attempt, assisted by Louie, the islands Government Admistrator.

Cast (special)

Sex, Power and the Workplace (1993)
A documentary on sexual harassment: the perception, the reality, the law, and what to do about it.

Cinematography (special)

2000 Winter Goodwill Games, The (2000) as Camera Operator
Coverage of the Winter Goodwill Games from Lake Placid, New York. Features figure skating, ski jumping, skiing, snowboarding, luge, bobsledding and short track speedskating.
1998 Goodwill Games (1998) as Camera (Host); Camera (Venue)
Coverage of the 1998 Goodwill Games played in the New York metropolitan area, where approximately 1,500 athletes from more than 60 countries compete in 15 sports.

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