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Louis Silvers

Louis Silvers



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Cast (feature film)

Life Happens (2011)
Kim, Deena and Laura all live under the same roof in Los Angeles. When one of Kim's one-night-stands results in an unexpected pregnancy, things take a sudden turn for the trio. With the help of her girlfriends, Kim must cope with single motherhood as she jumps back into the dating scene, afraid that
Hot Stuff (1979) as Gold Thief
Dom Deluise, Suzanne Pleshette, Ossie Davis, Luis Avalos, Marc Lawrence, Dick Davalos, Alfie Wise, Sydney Lassick. Based on a real-life police entrapment operation, this slapstick comedy, directed by and starring Dom DeLuise, follows four Miami cops as they plot the demise of a criminal gang.

Music (feature film)

Wonder Wheel (2017)
Storyline is under wraps.
Three Stooges, The (2012)
Larry, Curly and Moe are out to save their childhood home, becoming embroiled in an oddball murder plot and inadvertently starring in a successful TV reality show along the way.
Brave Little Toaster, The (1987) as Song ("April Showers")
In this animated tale, several electrical appliances leave their country cottage in search of their young owner who mysteriously disappeared.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) as Composer
A vaudeville clown neglects his family while fighting for stardom.
April Showers (1948) as Composer
A family vaudeville act is torn apart by the father's drinking problem.
The Jolson Story (1947) as Composer
The singer and star of the first "talkie" risks it all to become a star.
Margie (1946) as Composer
A brainy school girl falls apart over a new, handsome teacher.
The Great John L. (1945) as Music Director
The Great John L. (1945) as Composer
The Powers Girl (1943) as Music Director
Swanee River (1940) as Music Director
More fictional than factual biography of Stephen Foster. Songwriter from Pittsburgh falls in love with the South, marries a Southern gal (Leeds), then is accused of sympathizing when the Civil War breaks out.
Jesse James (1939) as Music Director
When a railroad agent kills their mother, Frank and Jesse James take up robbing banks and trains.
Tail Spin (1939) as Music Director
A flyer enters a cross-country aerial derby and becomes rival to a wealthy society competitor.
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939) as Music Director
Alexander Graham Bell pursues his greatest inventions so he can marry the woman he loves.
Rose of Washington Square (1939) as Music Director
A singer struggles to keep her criminal boyfriend from trouble.
Stanley and Livingstone (1939) as Music Director
An American newspaper searches Africa for a lost explorer.
The Little Princess (1939) as Music Director
When her father is reported dead in war, his daughter fights harsh conditions at her boarding school.
Second Fiddle (1939) as Music Director
A Hollywood PR man tries to turn a Minnesota teacher into a star.
Susannah of the Mounties (1939) as Music Director
Shirley is the orphaned survivor of an Indian attack in the Canadian West. A Mountie (Scott) and his girlfriend (Lockwood) take her in. Everybody suffers further Indian attacks and the Mountie is saved from the stake only by Shirley's intervention with the Indian chief.
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) as Music Director
A young couple fights off Indian attacks to start a farm in the Mohawk Valley.
Here I Am a Stranger (1939) as Music Director
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) as Music Director
Michael Linnett Connors takes Molly Adair from Broadway understudy to 1913 Hollywood star. Although she is in love with him, she marries her co-star reckoning wrongly Connors thinks of her only in terms of movies. He fires her in pique, apparently terminally damaging his career.
Little Miss Broadway (1938) as Music Director
An orphan adopted by show people helps them fight off a nasty landlady.
Always Goodbye (1938) as Music Director
Suez (1938) as Music Director
A young French nobleman dreams of building the Suez Canal.
Kentucky (1938) as Music Director
A Romeo and Juliet love story set amidst horseracing.
Just Around the Corner (1938) as Music Director
Once rich architect (Farrell) ruined by the Depression and working as a janitor has a daughter (Temple) who befriends a millionaire (Gillingwater) who backs her dad's engineering plans.
I'll Give a Million (1938) as Music Director
After saving a tramp (Lorre) from suicide, a millionaire (Baxter) takes his clothing and disappears. Word is out that he will give a million dollars to anyone who is kind of a tramp.
The Baroness and the Butler (1938) as Music Director
When he takes a seat in the Hungarian parliament, a butler battles the aristocracy.
Four Men and a Prayer (1938) as Music Director
To prove their father was murdered, four brothers fight to bring down a powerful arms syndicate.
Thanks for Everything (1938) as Music Director
Promoters (Menjou and Oakie) set up a radio contest to find the average American (Haley) and use him to sell food, apparel and notions. All goes well until he falls in love with a girl (Whelan) who upsets things.
Happy Landing (1938) as Music Director
The Bride's Fair in a small Norwegian village is interrupted by the forced landing of Jimmy Hall (Don Ameche) and Duke Sargent (Cesar Romero), two Americans lost - really, really lost - while flying from New York to Paris. Jimmy is the manager of Duke, a publicity-seeking band leader. An old superstition points to Duke as the appointed husband-to-be (not likely) of Trudy Ericksen (Sonja Henie), daughter of villager Herr Ericksen (Jean Hersholt). Duke, however, has an understanding with Flo Kelly (Ethel Merman) back in the states, and leaves for Paris. Trudy follows him to New York, only to find he has left for Florida with Flo. Jimmy takes Trudy skating in Central Park, falls in love with her and is so impressed that he gets her a contract to skate professionally. Duke hears of her success and flies back and begins a series of romantic entanglements.
In Old Chicago (1938) as Music Director
Two Irish brothers become political and romantic rivals.
Kentucky Moonshine (1938) as Music Director
Tony Martin goes to Kentucky to find talent to boost radio ratings. There it is learned that the Ritz brothers are really from New York and only pretending to be hillbillies to get on Martin's show.
My Lucky Star (1938) as Music Director
The son (Romero) of a department store owner enrolls the store's sports clerk (Henie) at a university to use her as an advertisement for their fashion department. She falls for a teacher (Greene) and gets expelled.
Thin Ice (1937) as Music Director
Life Begins in College (1937) as Music Director
When a wealthy Indian student endows the college so they can keep the football coach rumor has it the Indian has played professionally and can't be on the team.
Café Metropole (1937) as Music Director
One in a Million (1937) as Music Director
Seventh Heaven (1937) as Music Director
A Parisian sewer worker (Stewart) longs for a rise in status and a beautiful wife. He rescues a girl (Simone Simon) from the police, lives with her in a barren flat on the seventh floor, and then marches away to war.
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) as Music Director
After stumbling onto a movie set, a hobo dreams he''''s caught up in an Arabian Nights adventure.
Heidi (1937) as Music Director
An orphaned girl tends goats for her grandfather until she's sold to serve as a disabled girl's companion.
Love and Hisses (1937) as Music Director
Wake Up and Live (1937) as Music Director
Sins of Man (1936) as Music Director
Austrian church bell ringer Freyman loves music and wants his two sons (both played by Ameche) to love it too. The first goes to America and the second is born deaf-mute but gains hearing during WWI bombing.
The Country Doctor (1936) as Music Director
Ladies in Love (1936) as Music Director
Three working girls in Budapest pool their resources to get a better apartment and impress their dates.
Poor Little Rich Girl (1936) as Music Director
A lost rich girl takes up with a pair of musical performers.
The Road to Glory (1936) as Music Director
The story of trench life during World War I through the lives of a French regiment. As men are killed and replaced jaunty Lt. Denet becomes more and more somber. His rival for the affection of nurse Monique is Capt. La Roche.
Captain January (1936) as Music Director
An orphaned girl living with a lighthouse keeper is forced to go to boarding school.
Sing, Baby, Sing (1936) as Music Director
Dimples (1936) as Music Director
Shirley Temple lives with the pick-pocket grandfather in 19th century New York City. She entertains the crowds while he works his racket. A rich lady makes it possible for the girl to go legit. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is performed.
Professional Soldier (1936) as Music Director
A mercenary is hired to kidnap a prince.
Under Two Flags (1936) as Music Director
Sergeant Victor comes to the French Foreign Legion after taking the blame for his brother's crime. Cigarette falls in love with him though Major Doyle is in love with her. Doyle sends Victor on dangerous assignments to be rid of him. He falls in love with Lady Venetia Cunningham, a visitor to the garrison.
Stowaway (1936) as Music Director
An American playboy helps an orphan travel from Shanghai to the U.S.
To Mary--With Love (1936) as Music Director
Ten years of married life beginning in 1925. Mary stands by Jack after the Depression of 1929 but considers divorce when he again becomes successful by 1935. Bill, who loves Mary, works at keeping them together.
Lloyd's of London (1936) as Music Director
A young man's love for a married woman leads him to help found an insurance company.
A Message to Garcia (1936) as Music Director
A fiery Cuban woman guides an emissary from the U.S. president through the jungles of war-torn Cuba.
The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936) as Music Director
After setting the leg of John Wilkes Booth, Dr. Samuel Mudd is sent to prison as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Private Number (1936) as Music Director
Half Angel (1936) as Music Director
Allison Long is acquitted on charges of poisoning her father but then her benefactor is poisoned. Reporter Duffy Giles has faith in her innocence.
Love Me Forever (1935) as Music Director
A mob figure helps launch a singer's career only to lose her to a younger man.
Crime and Punishment (1935) as Music Director
A young student murders for money then tries to escape his guilt and a brilliant detective.
A Feather in Her Hat (1935) as Music Director
A female shopkeeper sacrifices everything to give her son a theatrical career.
The Black Room (1935) as Music Director
An evil twin brother disposes of his enemies in a secret death chamber on his estate.
The Girl Friend (1935) as Music Director
It Happened One Night (1934) as Music Director
A newspaperman tracks a runaway heiress on a madcap cross-country tour.
Sisters Under the Skin (1934) as Music Director
One Night of Love (1934) as Music Director
An aspiring opera singer and her mentor fight so much they barely realize they''re in love.
No Greater Glory (1934) as Music Director
A frail boy fights to win acceptance from the leader of a street gang.
Stage Mother (1933) as Orch cond
A young actress's mother will sacrifice anything, even her daughter, for money.
Dancing Lady (1933) as Orch conducted by
A musical star is torn between a millionaire playboy and her stage manager.
Other Men's Women (1931) as Vitaphone Orch cond
A railroad engineer falls for a co-worker's wife.
Sit Tight (1931) as Vitaphone Orch cond
A young man goes into the wrestling ring to win a pretty lady trainer.
Viennese Nights (1931) as Mus cond
Old English (1930) as Mus cond
A bankrupt businessman risks everything to provide for his grandchildren.
The Doorway to Hell (1930) as Vitaphone orch cond
Despite his efforts to go straight, a young gangster keeps falling back into crime.
Weary River (1929) as Composer
A jailed criminal''''s life turns around when he fronts the prison band.
Noah's Ark (1929) as Composer
An American playboy's discovery of honor and courage during World War I parallels the biblical story of the flood.
The Madonna of Avenue A (1929) as Composer
The House of Horror (1929) as Music Score
Noah's Ark (1929) as Mus score & synchronization
An American playboy's discovery of honor and courage during World War I parallels the biblical story of the flood.
Disraeli (1929) as Music arrangement
The noted British statesman plays matchmaker for a pair of young lovers.
Frozen River (1929) as Music Score
Sonny Boy (1929) as Music Arrangement
Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) as Mus cond
Smiling Irish Eyes (1929) as Music
The Singing Fool (1928) as Mus cond
A singing star tries to recover from heartbreak when his wife deserts him and takes away his beloved son.
The Barker (1928) as Music Score
The Jazz Singer (1927) as Mus score and Vitaphone orch dir
A cantor's son breaks with family tradition to go into show business.
The Jazz Singer (1927) as Composer
A cantor's son breaks with family tradition to go into show business.
Isn't Life Wonderful (1924) as Music
The story follows a Polish professor and his family who have become refugees in the aftermath of World War I. They try to survive in Germany during the period of the Great Inflation. Carol Dempster is Inga, a Polish war orphan who struggles to provide for the family that has taken her in, while accumulating a meager dowry from the rubble of depression-stricken Berlin so that she can marry Paul. Returning to his family, weakened by the battlefront's poisonous gases, Paul invests in his and Inga's future by tending a secret garden which he hopes will provide the resources for them to live, and which serves as a symbol of optimism for the two young lovers.
Dream Street (1921) as Music Arrangement
Way Down East (1920) as Mus composed and selected by
A country girl tries to return home after being abandoned by her wealthy seducer.

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