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Cast (feature film)

Island, The (2005)
Lincoln Six-Echo and Jordan Two-Delta are among the hundreds of residents of a contained facility in the mid-21st century. Like all of the inhabitants of this carefully controlled environment, everything about their day-to-day lives is monitored, seemingly for their own good. The only way out--and the hope they all share--is to be chosen to go to The Island, reportedly the last uncontaminated spot in the world following an ecological disaster that took the lives of everyone on the planet except them. Recently plagued by unexplained nightmares, Lincoln is restless and increasingly questioning of the restrictions placed on his life. But he is unprepared for the truth when his growing curiosity leads to the terrible discovery that everything about his existence is a lie, that The Island is a cruel hoax and that he, Jordan and everyone they know are actually more valuable dead than alive. With time running out, Lincoln and Jordan make a daring escape to the outside world they''ve never known. Once they are away from the prying eyes of the institute, the innocent friendship the two shared begins to deepen into something more. But with the forces of the institute relentlessly hunting them down, Lincoln and Jordan have one overriding mission: to live.
Big Tease, The (2000) as Constance
Scottish hairdresser Crawford Mackenzie, Glasgow's finest, has come to compete in a land where fashion is queen and the perfect do will make you king. The World Freestyle Hairdressing Championship is soon to take place in Los Angeles and Crawford has received what he thinks is an invitation to compe
Lancelot: Guardian of Time (1999) as Gargoyle
Arthurian legend arrives in the 20th century when an evil sorcerer named Wolvencroft transports a young King Arthur to modern-day Los Angeles. Sent to rescue Arthur -- and save the power of the sword Excalibur -- top knight Lancelot finds himself struggling to adjust to this future world while tryin
Lost Souls (1998) as George Giffard
Victor and Sheila Robinson move their son Jesse and daughter Megan to a beautiful new country home. Instead of finding peace and quiet, Victor and Sheila are shocked to discover that their 12-year-old autistic daughter Megan is communicating with the spirits of two young victims of an unsolved murder. The two children, murdered 8 years earlier, have identified their murderer through Megan. Victor sets out to find proof.
Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) as Bar Patron
Axel Foley is back in California following up on clues in a murder investigation, which leads him to the criminal underbelly of a popular amusement park known as Wonderworld.
Dark Tower (1989) as Wailliams
Sakharov (1984) as American Reporter
Russian nuclear physicist turned political dissident Andrei Sakharov, whose outspoken views on human rights oppression in his homeland brought him not only the Nobel Peace Prize, but also internal exile in the closed-to-foreigners city of Gorky, was the timely subject of this made-for-cable film. It
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) as Major Le Beau
A renegade USAF general, Lawrence Dell, escapes from a military prison and takes over an ICBM silo near Montana and threatens to provoke World War 3 unless the President revels details of a secret meeting held just after the start of the Vietnam War between Dell and the then President's most trusted advisors.
Come Back, Little Sheba (1977) as Milkman
The second Olivier "Tribute to American Theatre" brought to television Inge's play about a sensitive man trying to fight alcoholism and understand his loving but inadequate wife who mourns the disappearance of her youth and her little dog, (whom she called "little Sheba"). Originally Robert Mitchum
Mousey (1974) as Barman
Cast somewhat against type in his first made-for-TV movie, Kirk Douglas is a milquetoast biology teacher in Nova Scotia who learns during divorce proceedings that he is not the father of his wife's son and stops at nothing to take vengeance on her in a cat and mouse game.
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972) as
Actors led by Alan Ormsby go to graveyard on remote island to act out necromantic ritual. The ritual works, and soon the dead are walking about and chowing down on human flesh.
Picture Mommy Dead (1966) as Father
A woman is released from an asylum after the shock suffered during the death of her mother.
No Time for Sergeants (1958) as Oculist corporal
A hillbilly draftee turns the Air Force upside down.
Calypso Joe (1957) as Co-pilot
A stewardess and a television star become romantically involved.
Kiss Them for Me (1957) as War correspondent
Three navy war heroes are booked on a morale-building "vacation" in San Francisco and plan to throw a wild party.
Kelly and Me (1957) as Reporter
Flop vaudeville performer Len Carmody is adopted by Kelly, a trained dog abandoned by Malo's dog act. When Kelly joins Len's ho-hum song and dance, a popular comedy act is born. On the train, Len meets young Mina Van Runkel, daughter of a movie producer in desperate need of new talent (it's 1930). Successful in making "dog pictures," can Len stand being second banana to Kelly? Complications: a pallid romantic triangle...and the reappearance of Kelly's original owner.
The Helen Morgan Story (1957) as M.C.
A singer rises from sordid beginnings to fame and fortune... only to lose it all.
Autumn Leaves (1956) as Paul's voice
A woman falls for a younger man with severe mental problems.
Battle Taxi (1955) as Lt. Joe Kirk
A hotshot jet pilot joins a helicopter rescue team during the Korean War.
The Big Knife (1955) as Bongo player
An unscrupulous movie producer blackmails an unhappy star into signing a new contract.
Day of Triumph (1954) as Philip
Fangs of the Arctic (1953) as Constable Mike Kelly
For Men Only (1952) as Tod Palmer
Hollywood Story (1951) as Actor in full dress
Hollywood 1950: The successful producer Larry O'Brian arrives in Los Angeles to found a motion picture company. He buys an old studio which was unused since the days of silent movies. He's shown the office where the famous director Franklin Farrara was shot. The case hasn't been solved until now, although there were many suspects. O'Brian becomes fascinated by the subject and wants to shoot a movie about it. He investigates himself and soon gets into danger himself.

Writer (feature film)

Trouble in Paradise (1989) as From Story
A television movie about two people whose lives are thrown together when they are stranded on a tropical island after a shipwreck. They are soon joined by drug smugglers who have come to collect their cache of heroin which was hidden on the ship.
Murder: A Self-Portrait (1989) as Screenwriter
When the murderous past of a European artist is about to be revealed by his ex-wife, he sets into motion an elaborate murder scheme.
Trouble in Paradise (1989) as Screenwriter
A television movie about two people whose lives are thrown together when they are stranded on a tropical island after a shipwreck. They are soon joined by drug smugglers who have come to collect their cache of heroin which was hidden on the ship.
Too Late the Hero (1970) as Story
During World War II, a British platoon goes behind enemy lines in the Pacific.
Picture Mommy Dead (1966) as Screenwriter
A woman is released from an asylum after the shock suffered during the death of her mother.

Music (feature film)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)
Percy Jackson faces cannibal giants at his prep school and learns that Camp Half-Blood is under attack by a mysterious enemy.
Saving Mr. Banks (2013)
Walt Disney spent twenty years in pursuit of the film rights to P.L. Travers' popular novel, "Mary Poppins," a quest he began in the 1940s as a promise to his two daughters. When Travers travels from London to Hollywood in 1961 to finally discuss Disney's desire to bring her beloved character to the motion picture screen, Disney meets a prim, uncompromising sexagenarian not only suspect of the impresario's concept for the film, but a woman struggling with her own past. During her stay in California, Travers' reflects back on her childhood in 1906 Australia, a trying time for her family that not only molded her aspirations to write, but one that also inspired the characters in her 1934 book. None more so than the one person whom she loved and admired more than any other-her caring father, Travers Goff, a tormented banker who, before his untimely death that same year, instills the youngster with both affection and enlightenment (and would be the muse for the story's patriarch, Mr. Banks, the sole character that the famous nanny comes to aid). While reluctant to grant Disney the film rights, Travers comes to realize that the acclaimed Hollywood storyteller has his own motives for wanting to make the film-which, like the author, hints at the relationship he shared with his own father.
Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)
Two garden gnomes, Gnomeo and Juliet, try to avoid tragedy and find a happy ending to their star-crossed love affair when they are caught up in a feud between neighbors.
PARENT TRAP, THE (1998) as Song ("Let'S Get Together")
The tale of identical twin sisters who were separated shortly after birth by the break-up of their different continents by their two successful parents. Hallie is growing up in Napa Valley with her vineyard-owner father, Nick Parker. Annie is raised in fashionable London by her mother, Elizabeth Jam
Lion King, The (1994) as Song ("It'S A Small World")
A young lion cub hides from his colony after being blamed for his father's death, but triumphantly returns when he realizes it his destiny to be King.
Life with Mikey (1993) as Song ("A Spoonful Of Sugar")
When an unsuccessful talent agent discovers a charismatic twelve year-old street urchin and lands her a lucrative commercial career, they develop a love/hate relationship.
Radio Flyer (1992) as Song ("Cliffhanger Ii (From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)")
The story of two young brothers who escape from the harsh realities of life and abuse by their stepfather through fantasy.
Fabulous Baker Boys, The (1989) as Song ("You'Re Sixteen (You'Re Beautiful And You'Re Mine)")
Two brothers hire a female singer to help their dwindling duo piano-playing act.
Hound-Dog Man (1959) as Composer
Two young boys spend the summer of 1912 having fun and games instead of working on the farm.

Production Companies (feature film)

Live Wire (1992)
A demolitions expert is on the trail of international terrorists who are using a revolutionary new explosive to blow up U.S. senators.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Grissom Gang (1971) as Dial supv
In the 1920s, debutante Barbara Blandish is kidnapped and held for ransom by the half-witted, sadistic Grissom Gang, which is led by Gladys "Ma" Grissom. When one of the boys falls for Barbara, the family unity of the gang is disrupted, resulting in violence.
Too Late the Hero (1970) as Dial supv
During World War II, a British platoon goes behind enemy lines in the Pacific.
The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968) as Dial coach
An obsessed movie director grooms an unknown to play his deceased movie-star wife.
The Killing of Sister George (1968) as Dial coach
A radio star''''s outrageous behavior costs her her job and her lover.
The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) as Dial supv
The survivors of a desert plane crash fight to get back in the air.
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) as Dial supv
A wealthy southern spinster fights to keep her family''s secrets hidden.
4 for Texas (1963) as Dial coach
Double-crossing outlaws go straight and become rival saloon owners.
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) as Dial coach
A crazed, aging star torments her sister in a decaying Hollywood mansion.
Attack (1956) as Dial supv
A cowardly captain leads his men into danger in WWII Belgium.
The Big Knife (1955) as Dial coach
An unscrupulous movie producer blackmails an unhappy star into signing a new contract.
Kiss Me Deadly (1955) as Asst to the prod
Detective Mike Hammer fights to solve the murder of a beautiful hitchhiker with a mysterious connection to the Mob.
The Big Knife (1955) as Asst to the prod
An unscrupulous movie producer blackmails an unhappy star into signing a new contract.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie (1988)
Compilation documentary on the life of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie.

Cast (special)

Dick Van Dyke: Put on a Happy Face (2000) as Interviewee
Profile of actor Dick Van Dyke.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Two Mrs. Grenvilles, The (1987) as Billy Bob Veblen
A miniseries based on Dominick Dunne's novel about the sensational Woodward murder case of 1955. Showgirl Ann Arden marries wealthy Billy Grenville and must contend with the disapproval of her patrician mother-in-law, Alice. Ann's rag-to-riches ascent into New York society comes to a halt when she s
Holocaust - The Story of the Family Weiss (1978) as Cassidy
Chosen as the Outstanding Limited Series (1977-78) at Emmy Award time, this original drama about two German families that are affected by events between 1935 and 1945 rivaled "Roots" in its impact on viewers in this country and sparked controversy throughout Europe as it premiered on television in o

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