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Music (feature film)

In America (2003) as Composer
To begin all over again is a classic American dream. But it is remarkably hard to do, as Irish immigrants Johnny and Sarah discover when they hit New York City, with their two spunky young daughters, in the mid-1980s. In pursuit of a dream, the family uses ingenuity and sheer strength of will to mak
The Gatling Gun (1972) as Music
The Christine Jorgensen Story (1970) as Music
In this true story, a sexually frustrated veteran undergoes the world's first male-to-female surgical change.
The Last Shot You Hear (1969) as Music Composition
The Last Shot You Hear (1969) as Composer
The Bubble (1966) as Music
A couple encounter mysterious atmospheric effects in an airplane and find themselves in a town where people behave oddly. They eventually escape.
Bubble, The (1966)
Mark and Katherine, a young couple expecting a baby, take an airplane trip in the 1950s and experience some odd atmospheric effects. They are forced to land in a mysterious, remote town where the citizens stagger around like mindless automatons. When they discover the terrifying fact that the town i
Curse of the Fly (1965) as Music Composition
Remember that scientist that was trying to perfect a matter transportation machine but got fused with a fly when one of the little critters got into the transporter with him? Well, this story is about three of his descendents (a son, Henri Delambre, played by Brian Donlevy and two grandsons). Seems the son wants to continue and perfect the machine while his two sons want to get out of the scientist business and live "normal" lives. The oldest son, Martin, decides to take a wife (who just happens to have escaped from a mental hospital after her parents died). Martin's father is not happy with this intrusion but finally gives in because he understands him son's needs. They all try to be a happy family until humans used in botched experiments are discovered by the new bride and the police nearly discover the lab while looking for Martin's wife. Everyone tries to get out of there via the transporter but things just don't go according to plan ...
Motor Psycho (1965) as Composer
Three bad boy motorcyclists get kicks raping other people's women and generally being a nuisance. When they rape a veterinarian's wife, he takes exception and pursues them, teaming up with a Cajun woman whose husband they killed. The leader of the gang, a Vietnam Vet, begins showing signs of being a few slices short of a loaf.
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) as Composer
Three go-go dancers resort to murder in search of a family''''s hidden treasure.
The Last Man on Earth (1964) as Music
A deadly virus turns most of the world's population into blood-drinking ghouls.
Cattle King (1963) as Music Score
Cattlemen square off over a hotly contested strip of grazing land.
Young Guns of Texas (1963) as Mus comp & cond
Young Guns of Texas (1963) as Composer
Harbor Lights (1963) as Music
Thunder Island (1963) as Music
A central American woman hires an Amnerican hit man to assinate the former dictator of her Island country. The plan is foiled by another American while attempting to save the lives of his wife and child.
Jack the Giant Killer (1962) as Music
A farm boy rises to noble heights to protect a princess from an evil wizard.
Wild Harvest (1961) as Music
Misty (1961) as Music
A farm boy and his sister capture a mysterious wild horse.
The Big Show (1961) as Music
Gun Fight (1961) as Music
Wild Harvest (1961) as Composer
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) as Music
The captain of a nuclear submarine defies his commanders to save the Earth from a deadly space fire.
Frontier Uprising (1961) as Music
Jim Davis, Nancy Hadley, Ken Mayer, Nestor Paiva, Don O''Kelly. While leading pioneers to the West Coast, frontier scout Jim Davis discovers that the U.S. has gone to war with Mexico. Hordes of attacking Mexicans and hostile Indians enliven this remake of KIT CARSON which uses stock footage from the original 1940 version
Pirates of Tortuga (1961) as Music
Five Guns to Tombstone (1961) as Music
Billy is an ex-bandit who has gone clean. His brother Matt is a thug who just busted out of jail. Matt wants his brother to join his gang but Billy refuses until Matt threatens to pin a crime on him. Billy reluctantly rides with the crooks but a brotherly brawl breaks out. Matt is killed in the scuffle that he instigated, while his adolescent son, Ted, looks on. Unaware of his dad's dastardly side, Ted sics the law on Billy.
The Long Rope (1961) as Mus (see note)
The Lost World (1960) as Music
A professor leads an expedition of scientists and adventurers deep in the Amazonian jungle to verify that dinosaurs still live there.
Tess of the Storm Country (1960) as Music Composition and Conducting
Fourth reworking of the classic Grace Miller White novel, this time updated to the 60s, with young Scottish lassie Tess (Diane Baker) becoming embroiled in a conflict about a toxic chemical plant near her new home in Pennsylvania.
Virgin Sacrifice (1960) as Music
A game-hunting party scouring the jungles for jaguars finds itself in a serious situation when one of their own is found murdered and mutilated. Suspicions fall on the human-sacrificing native tribe.
Noose for a Gunman (1960) as Music
An honest gunman takes on a corrupt land baron.
A Dog's Best Friend (1960) as Music
An angry boy''''s life changes when he cares for a wounded German Shepherd and learns about love and loyalty.
A Dog of Flanders (1960) as Music
A Dutch boy''''s loyal dog helps him fight for his dream of becoming an artist.
Cage of Evil (1960) as Music
A cattle driver finds himself stuck working for both sides during the Civil War.
Vice Raid (1960) as Music
A prostitute sets out to frame a cop.
The Music Box Kid (1960) as Music
A gangster''''s heartless ways lead his wife to rebel.
Three Came to Kill (1960) as Music
Professional assassin Cameron Mitchell and his cronies invade the home of a flight controller and take his family hostage as they plot the murder of a Middle Eastern premier.
Return of the Fly (1959) as Music
Attempting to duplicate his father''''s work on matter transmission, a scientist turns himself into a monster.
The Miracle of the Hills (1959) as Music
The Sad Horse (1959) as Music
Counterplot (1959) as Music
While hiding in Puerto Rico, a man framed for murder dodges the police, his girlfriend and the real killer.
Pier 5, Havana (1959) as Music
An American in Cuba tries to thwart a bombing plot aimed at Castro.
The Big Circus (1959) as Music Composition and Conducting
A ringleader tries to keep his circus on the road despite the efforts of a saboteur.
The Cosmic Man (1959) as Orig mus
The latest UFO, a white globe levitating in a California canyon, is investigated by the Air Force, aided by physicist Karl Sorensen. Just big enough for one "man", the object seems impenetrable, but that night a half-invisible being visits the town, and a strange bundled-up man takes a room at Angela Green's mountain lodge, the investigators' headquarters. Sorensen thinks the Cosmic Man is benevolent, but to the colonel he represents either danger...or military advantage.
Sierra Baron (1958) as Music
Hong Kong Confidential (1958) as Music
Secret agents set out to rescue a kidnapped Arab prince.
It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958) as Music
A blood-sucking monster stalks the crew of a U.S. spaceship.
Villa!! (1958) as Music
The career of folk hero Pancho Villa whose banditry was put to the service of Mexican patriots attempting to overthrow the feudal landowners.
Machete (1958) as Music
Mari Blanchard, Albert Dekker, Juano Hernandez, Carlos Rivas, Lee Van Cleef. Shot on location in Puerto Rico, this hot-blooded melodrama focuses on the ill-fated relationship between a sugar cane plantation owner, his scheming wife, and his loyal foreman
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) as Music
Cattle Empire (1958) as Music
She Devil (1957) as Music
The Black Scorpion (1957) as Orchestration
Giant prehistoric scorpions terrorize the Mexican countryside.
Gun Duel in Durango (1957) as Music
A reformed outlaw takes on his old gang.
Kronos (1957) as Music
Scientists investigate what appears to be a meteorite that crashes into the ocean. After a few days and nights of mysterious lights and noises, a giant machine comes out of the ocean. The machine is the creation of an alien race, that is trying to syphon energy from earth. A true classic, in that it is so different from anything in the time period. To this day, nothing else has come out like it.
Ghost Diver (1957) as Music
Hell Ship Mutiny (1957) as Music
Monkey on My Back (1957) as Music
Real-life prizefighter Barney Ross fights drug addiction to get back into the ring.
5 Steps to Danger (1957) as Music
A couple attempts to keep important secrets from Communist spies.
The Deerslayer (1957) as Music
In the wilderness of early Colonial days, trapper Tom Hutter lives with his two daughters in an isolated floating fort. Tom's one-man vendetta against Indians has brought the wrath of the Hurons down on him...thereby garnering the reluctant aid of wilderness wanderer Deerslayer and his Mohican blood-brother, Chingachgook. Among adventures, violence and escapes, a batch of dirty secrets emerges...
The Desperados Are in Town (1956) as Music Director
Scandal Incorporated (1956) as Music
Sins of Jezebel (1953) as Music Composition and Conducting
The Tall Texan (1953) as Music Composition and Conducting
No Escape (1953) as Composer
A woman and a songwriter suspected of murder join forces to crack the case.
The Great Jesse James Raid (1953) as Music Composition and Conducting
The Great Jesse James Raid (1953) as Composer
No Escape (1953) as Music Composition and Conducting
A woman and a songwriter suspected of murder join forces to crack the case.
Danger Zone (1951) as Music
Pier 23 (1951) as Music
One Too Many (1951) as Orig mus score and cond
M (1951) as Orch cond
When the police hunt for a child killer cramps their style, the criminal underworld tries to track him down.
Sky High (1951) as Music
Leave It to the Marines (1951) as Music
Roaring City (1951) as Music
Dennis O'Brien (Hugh Beaumont) is hired by Barton (Stanley Price) to bet on Harper, an old fighter, against Lundy (Greg McClure), placing the bets in the name of Steve Belzig. Lundy dies of a blood clot during the bout. At Barton's hotel, after the fight, Dennis finds Gannon (William Tannen) and Lundy, where he learns that Belzig is Lundy's real name and that Barton and Gannon had the fight fixed for Lundy to take a dive in the first round, but Barton told Lundy to wait until the seventh and Harper didn't last that long. Dennis is knocked out and comes to to find police Lt. Burger (Richard Travis) in the room with him with Lundy dead. Accused of the murder and out on bail, Dennis starts his own investigation and finds that Gale Chase (Rebel Randall) is connected with Gannon. He makes Gannon think that Gale is double-crossing him, but is arrested by Burger before he can harm Gale...(end first story...start second story)...Irma Rand (Joan Valerie) hires Dennis to pose as Ted Fallon, husband of her step-daughter Sylvia (Wanda McKay). She introduces him to Eddie (Abner Biberman) and Bill Rafferty (Anthony Warde), who knock him out and he awakens to find himself next to the body of the real Ted Fallon. He goes to Sylvia's apartment where he is again slugged by the two thugs, but this time he awakens and finds both men dead. The always-late Lt.Burger accuses him of these crimes. He learns from his buddy, Professor Shicker (Edward Brophy) that Sylvia had cashed $30,000 worth of bonds belonging to Rafferty and is planning to flee the country with Irma. Catching up to them Dennis and Burger learn that Irma killed Ted Fallon...and Sylvia, believing that Rafferty did it, killed him and Eddie.
Holiday Rhythm (1950) as Composer
Holiday Rhythm (1950) as Music

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