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Norma Shearer

Norma Shearer



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  • Norma Shearer Movies Best to Worst

    • Cogerson
    • 2015-02-19

    I recently got a request to do a movie page on Norma Shearer. The attached link ranks her movies using box office grosses, reviews and awards as the basis of the rankings. Tons of facts and figures on Shearer's movies from 1929-1942.

  • Where is the Norma Shearer signature collection?

    • Allyson
    • 2012-10-05

    If I could have my dream Norma collection, it would include "Smilin Through", "The Divorcee", "The Barrets of Wimpole Street", "Marie Antoinette", and "A Free Soul". I know three of these titles are already out on dvd, but I think as a whole, these five films sum up her career better than any others.

  • Woman of Class

    • Mark Williams
    • 2011-12-28

    In all my years of watching movies there has never been a more charming and personable beauty than Norma Shearer. The most underrated of all actresses and my new personal favorite of all-time.

  • women of great beauty

    • anonymous
    • 2011-11-11

    No greater beauty than Norma Shearer. I had heard of her but did not realize her magnetic physicality and personality until recently. This lady was far ahead of her time. I understand she was very much in love with her first husband and this really comes across in her personality. I am only disappointed that I could have never met her or even seen her in real life. Thank goodness her films are still around.

  • *Proof that I MELT !!!!!!!

    • Matt Crouse
    • 2011-05-06

    .. I dON't BeLiEVe TheRe'd BE a StAR iN tHe Sky if NoRmA's MaRVeL hAdN'T PLaCed ThEM ThERe !!!!!!!

  • Norma Shearer---Captivating Queen of the Lot

    • Jim Kruger
    • 2010-11-23

    Norma Shearer is simply exquisite---effortless style and grace as well as a certain patrician flair. Have seen most of her films and am knocked out by the way she draws us into ANY role she plays. Like her frequent co-star, Robert Montgomery, has yet to recieve the kind of celebration so richly deserved. Beauty, polish, as well as working class intensity and intelligence ---a clever, light-hearted, almost musical way of delivering her lines ---an exciting discovery for any era, especially mine in the last two years! ---Jim Kruger

  • I love Norma

    • Jeff
    • 2010-10-01

    I watched my first Norma Shearer film, The Divorcee", last summer. I am a big Myrna Loy fan, call myself mloyfan most places on this site, and Norma has done what I didn't think was possible. I am almost has big a fan of hers as I am of Myrna's. I am currently building my Norma Shearer DVD collection and can't wait to see her films I have yet to watch.

  • Favorite Actress

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-18

    She has a quiet quality and I admire her. She had a magnificent smile and I have her movies. She will always be my favorite.

  • Her Facial Expressions...Outstanding

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-18

    This lady had it all. "The Divorcee" lets everyone know just how good an actress she was.

  • A true Actress

    • LindaKelly
    • 2010-07-01

    Norma Shearer is to me the true essence of an actress. She had such poise and beauty in every character I have seen her perform in. There always was a certain sparkle to her characters' personality which she instinctively brought. In my opinion there we do not have the same caliber of actor now as Norma Shearer wasl. She knew her craft and was very gifted in her performances..

  • Marie Antoinette

    • Bill
    • 2010-02-22

    As a child I remember seeing this movie on Saturday night . Her performance is worthy of an Academy Award. The glamour, the beauty, the trememdous acting ability are at there peak in this movie. She rises above and floats above the lucious scenery with her personal presence. She is truly one of the Hollywood Greats, if not the greatest. She deserves the title "" Queen of Hollywood"

  • MGM's 'Queen of the Lot' still reigns

    • Mike
    • 2010-02-16

    As I began research on classic movies several years ago, I came across so many interesting stars...however one of the last I came across and the least interesting, at the time, was someone I had NEVER heard of, Norma Shearer. What a misconception. Norma is ranked as my number one favorite actress on my personal list of the top 10 leading ladies in classic cinema history. She really did have it all; self discipline, poise, the looks, and the talent to become a major star, which she did, dubbed MGM's 'Queen of the Lot'. Her praised performances and oscar nominations aside, how a girl perceived as 'plain', or more brutally, 'a dog', by her first critics could become the favorite of Hollywood's leading studio, MGM (one known for excess, glamour and, of course, beauty) is nothing short of astonishing. This woman proves to us all that you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. What an inspiration she is to me. Her films, slowly regaining favor the public eye, are all wonderful. She could overplay, or be miscast, of course, but what actress couldn't? Onscreen she projects a sexually liberated, sensitive, strong willed and courageous woman. Not bad for a 'dog'. It would be nice if Norma became as well known to future generations as Marilyn Monroe is to the current...she has earned it. What a woman. Intriguing, glamorous and talented. What more can a movie fan ask for?

  • My Favorite

    • Kristen
    • 2009-07-31

    She is absolutely my favorite actress of all time...Most people don't understand it, or even know who she is, since I'm 23. But how she so strongly portrays emotions through her facial expressions is fantastic!

  • Norma Shearer

    • marjorieaw
    • 2009-07-09

    Wish She'd have done more films after 1942. Her filmography seems short lived.

  • The Cat's Meow!

    • Paul Strohm
    • 2009-04-21

    Her performance in The Women made all the difference in the world. She was a wonderful actress, not only of her time, but for all times. Her body moved the camera! I think everyone who is a film fan should have at least this one movie of Miss Shearer in their collection,., The Women. She could hold her own not only against one female star but a cast of female stars. Who else can say that?


    • smithdb
    • 2009-04-16

    In every one of her movies, Norma has such an authentic presence that she almost seems alive in your living room. Although she is much better than some of the corny lines she had to say, Norma still comes across as GREAT! I would have loved to meet her. I only wish that TCM would host a film festival of all of her flics.

  • Great Actress

    • Rita Adams
    • 2009-03-05

    She was beautiful,talented,bright all the things a actress should be.

  • The best...

    • Jazmin
    • 2009-02-02

    She represents the beginning of the true movie star!! It's sad that most people don't know who she is but she is truly the best. I just recently bought a collage poster of her and it was definitely worth it!!!!

  • Ageless

    • Trish
    • 2008-08-17

    Norma Shearer was a true class act. What stands out about her the most is her beauty and charm, her joie de vivre and zest for life, her delightful laugh and personality, and yet, retain her ability to be a girl's girl. Norma chose good roles, even if she did have to pull rank to get them. And she had a certain way of getting your sympathy, no matter what her role, and no matter if she needed it or not. Her characters were relatable...she brought them to vivid life. I think her role in The Women was probably her finest.

  • I LOVE HER!!

    • Linda
    • 2008-08-12

    I had been drawn to her movies for a long time without understanding why I was in awe of her as an actress and found out that she was my grandmother's favorite. She is so much fun to watch!! She's a beauty with such an alive personality. There are only a few of her movies I haven't seen. Would like to see more! She was Hollywood royalty!


    • 2008-07-14


  • Long live the Queen

    • Jackie
    • 2008-06-17

    I dont't understand why the film biography of Norma Shearer was never made. The Queen of the Lot. at MGM, and in fact the queen of hollywood in her time. Most of society does not ackowledge the stars of the silent era, or of the 30's. It was the closest thimg to royalty we have in america. I thimk we would do well to look back and see just what glamour and sex appeal truley is. Today in my mind these attributes come off more as something cheap. Ms. Shearer had a way of making any love scene right or wrong to appear classy. She wreaked of class and poise and ellogence. I think we could use a little today. Everything in todays society is so in your face real. I beleive you see the same thing in our movies today, it's hard to escape. Watch a norma shearer movie and let her take you to a majical era. Wouldn't you like to get away?

  • Quietly gutsy

    • Marie
    • 2008-03-02

    Refined, beautiful, polished... she has that professional ease that doesn't come across as acting. I never hear her mentioned except on TCM. Put me in the "more, please" group.

  • More Please!!!

    • Flora
    • 2008-02-27

    I can't get enough of this beautiful and talented actress. I always search's schedule for her movies and sadly can't really find to much material. So, dear TCM please try to show more of Norma Shearer's movies and show them more often than not. Her beauty is breathtaking and her acting is truely flawless, at least in my humble opinion. She was such a classy lady, too bad we don't really have people like her anymore. She is a wonderful role model to me and to many women who appreciate what Norma Shearer really was.

  • We Don't Get Enough

    • Tom
    • 2007-12-24

    I first saw her in "Private Lives" and thought her performance was comic genius. I then fell in love with her in "The Women" and have been waiting ever since for more of her movies to be made available on DVD. The world needs more exposure to her, lest her goodness be forgotten and her talent be known to a dwindling few.

  • True Golden Age Icon

    • John
    • 2007-11-26

    To me, Norma Shearer is the epitomy of Old Hollywood. Good, bad or otherwise, she just is the queen of a long gone system that once was. I love the decade of the 1920's. That was really the beginning of our modern times - phones, radios, cars, appliances of every kind and of course - movies, were extremely embraced on a mass basis. The 20's also had jazz, prohibition, flappers, style, rapid wealth accumulation through the economic boom. Perhaps because it all ended so abruptly makes it more special. The people of the 20's were very similar to us today in that they had movie idols just like we do. Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford, and others had fame and wealth on par, if not more when adjusted for inflation, than Madonna, Sting and Oprah combined. Anyway, enough about that fabulous decade. Norma Shearer's silent movie career began then, which adds to her appeal for me. With her absolutley perfect voice, she naturally made the transition to talking pictures.

  • One Seductive Actress

    • Tam
    • 2007-10-22

    I being an Ethiopian American would seem odd in being a fan of Norma Shearer but after watching her in "The Divorcee" (1930) & "A Free Soul"(1931), I became one of her great fans. She was not the best actress,the most attractive or the sexiest actresses in Hollywood era but there was something about her. Those sleepy bedroom eyes were so sexy. She really was a seductive lady. To bad she has not gotten the credit she deserves. I hope Warner Brothers will sell a package of her movies so that the world will learn of her greatness and beauty. She is without a doubt in my top three sexiest actresses in Hollywood history. I loved the old movies before the pre-code period, especially hers.

  • classic beauty from within

    • monique gant
    • 2007-08-21


  • Norma Shearer: Fascinating, Unique, Talented

    • Michael J. McCabe
    • 2007-07-06

    Word has it that THE DIVORCEE and A FREE SOUL are to be included in a FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD VOLUME 2 set sometime in 2008. Nevertheless, the marketing personnel at Warners must be awakened to the fact that all of Shearer's films are worthy of being committed to DVD, especially her "talkies." I have been genuinely enamored of the range of her acting abilities and accomplishments for years. Like Jean Arthur, Margaret Sullavan, and Martha Scott -- Norma Shearer's talents and style transcended the era that witnessed them first-hand. I love her!

  • Norma Shearer Boxed Set

    • Raquel
    • 2007-07-04

    Why isn't there one? There are so many ways to package it and you could even do a volume 1 and 2. I would be first in line to get it. In fact I'd get two!


    • Movie Diva
    • 2007-05-27

    ALERT TO ALL NORMA SHEARER FANS: On August 14th, The Shakespeare Collection is being released on DVD. It includes: Hamlet, Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Romeo and Juliet which was with her and Leslie Howard. Maybe there's hope for Norma Shearer fans after all.

  • Viva Norma!

    • Michael
    • 2007-05-11

    It is a disgrace that more of her films are not on DVD! "Idiot's Delight", "Private Lives" and "The Student Prince" top the list of must-haves. Throw in "The Stolen Jools" and "Hollywood Revue of 1929" as bonuses. Please, please! Get more on DVD!

  • How can anyone leave Norma out of things??

    • Nickole
    • 2007-04-15

    Norma Shearer is one of the actresses of the 30's. Norma made a great impact on women during that day and age, and it is a disgrace to think that no one at Warner Bros. has thought it right to put her films on DVD so all of us in this generation could enjoy them. For those people that haven't heard of her, you should check into her lifetime of achievements and sorta sexiness about her. She was the first to bring the pre-code films to the big screen, and she won an oscar for, so I hope that someday Norma will be remembered and put on DVD so others may enjoy her.

  • Why no Norma Shearer on DVD?

    • Rob
    • 2007-01-01

    It isn't right for Warner home video to be interested in a third Bette Davis box set when there are only two of Norma Shearer's movies on DVD. One really because I wonder if "The Women" is only on DVD because of Joan Crawford. A box set featuring her precode movies or her dramas like "Smilin' Through" and "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" would statisfy Shearer fans. I couldn't belive when I saw the Forbidden Hollywood Collection there were Norma Shearer's legs on the cover, but of course no new DVDs.

  • a dazzler

    • nichaerl york
    • 2006-09-23

    we do need more of her films on dvd

  • Very under-rated

    • Kimberly G
    • 2006-08-30

    I became a Norma Shearer fan after seeing again The Women recently. Since then I have read both biographies and have found her a fascinating actress. She is one of those stars that have been ignored. Because her career was short as opposed to Joan Crawford and Bette Davies, film historians do not seen to recognize what a great actress she was. Seeing the Divorcee and my favorite, A Free Soul makes you appreciate her more. The only movie I didn't care for her in was Idiot's Delight. She was wooden and phony. But otherwise everything I've seen before that was a delight. Norma was an actress ahead of her time.

  • Norma's the Greatest

    • Frank Greene
    • 2006-08-05

    Norma is an often underrated actress of the thirtess. She contributed so many of the most emotionally intelligent perfromances of the thirties (Marie Antoinette, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, Romeo and Juliet, The Divorcee, Private Lives, The Women, etc) that she deserves more reknown than she has received. A truly great actress.

  • Light years ahead of her time.

    • Martin Smith
    • 2006-07-27

    Thank god the talkies came around. To waste this woman's talent on silent movies would have been a crime. Everything about Norma Shearer screamed smart and sexy. She was not a curvy, busty bombshell but she could wring more sexappeal out a scene than any actress I've seen on film. It's a shame that the silly film "The Women" stands as the only DVD tribute to this great actress.

  • Shearer's importance in movie history

    • Mike
    • 2006-07-02

    In my opinion, Norma Shearer is one of the great movie actresses in film history. Since she has left the screen, she like many, has become somewhat forgotten. There should be a celebration of her films and a release of a Norma Shearer box set like Garbo and Crawford have.

  • what a great actress

    • Nickole
    • 2006-06-30

    Norma Shearer is my favorite actress, shea was one of the first to introduce Pre-Code films to the world. She was and is one of the best examples of womanhood. She always brings the silver screen to life with her performances. The biggest problem, is that she is not known for her best films, only her worst!!! It is a shame that actresses are known for their best, but she got the short end of the stick. If people call themselves true movie buffs but haven't seen her films, they are not true buffs, forshe is what I think the silver screen should look like!!!!

  • Not Praised Enough

    • Mallory
    • 2006-05-15

    Norma Shearer was a fantastic actress who brought life and interest to her roles. Her magnetic on screen personality is admirable and it's a shame that she isn't better known by today's public. (The absence of her films on DVD is probably a part of this problem that should be remedied!)

  • Shearer Sophistication

    • Matthew Wirta
    • 2006-03-24

    Norma Shearer in one of the greatest actresses to grace the silver screen. Like most people I first saw her in THE WOMEN, and she was very interesting. Why I saw more and more of her film roles I thought that this woman was a rare treasure, a gem, a true actress. My favorite roles are her in THE DIVORCEE, MARIE ANTIONETTE, and PRIVATE LIVES. I admire her very much.


    • Fred Weinberg
    • 2006-03-22

    Muss Sherarer worked hard and made a sucessfull life for herself. I enjoyed all her films. The Women is one of my favorite films. Also liked, Idoits Delight, with Gable.

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