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Nancy Schreiber

Nancy Schreiber


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Cast (feature film)

Cinematographer Style (2006)
Celebrates the art of motion picture photography, and examines how and why movies look the way they do. With interviews of 110 leading cinematographers around the world, director and cinematographer Jon Fauer explores how his colleagues use technique and technology, art and lighting to tell stories

Cinematography (feature film)

Folk Hero & Funny Guy (2016)
A struggling stand-up comic goes on the road as the opening act for his successful singer-songwriter friend.
Silver Skies (2015)
A group of eccentric tenants' lives are turned upside down when their beloved apartment complex is suddenly sold out from under them.
Between Us (2013)
Carlo and Joel have been close friends since graduate school days. Now years have passed, and together with their wives, Grace and Sheryla, they're buying homes, having kids, and growing up. But two nights in each other's homes reveal how far they've also grown apart.
Girls in the Band, The (2012)
The poignant, untold stories of female jazz and big band instrumentalists, and their groundbreaking journeys from the late 30¿s to the present day are recounted. These talented women endured sexism, racism and diminished opportunities for decades, yet continued to persevere in a field that seldom we
It's a Disaster (2012)
Eight friends meet for their monthly "couples brunch." But what starts as an impromptu therapy session and airing of domestic grievances takes a sudden, catastrophic turn when the city falls victim to a mysterious attack. Trapped in the house and unsure of their fates, these seemingly normal people
Just 45 Minutes From Broadway (2012)
The only place Pandora Isaacs has ever felt truly safe and entirely at home is on a stage. Stinging from a recent break-up, she retreats to the safety of her parents' ramshackle upstate country house - just 45 minutes from Broadway - where her non-theatrical sister and her sister's non-Jewish fiance
Every Day (2010)
Ned is a loving husband and devoted father dealing with life's curveballs. He's got a stressed-out wife, an independent teenage son, and an embittered father-in-law who's turning his home upside down. Ned's job writing a scandalous TV series for a demanding boss is unfulfilling, and late night rewri
Serious Moonlight (2009)
After she arrives at her country home for a romantic weekend getaway, things don't go exactly as planned for high-powered Manhattan lawyer Louise. First, her husband of 13 years, Ian, tells her that he's leaving her for a younger woman. Then, one thing leads to another, and pretty soon Ian finds him
Beautiful Life, A (2009)
Maggie is a teenage runaway fleeing her family; David is a teenage illegal immigrant in search of his. When their paths cross, both are alone in the City of Angels; a place where some come to dream and others to hide. Soon the two form unlikely alliances with a Chinese stripper named Esther and Susa
Motherhood (2009)
Eliza is a former fiction writer-turned-mom-blogger with her own site, "The Bjorn Identity." Taking place in a single day in Eliza's life that nearly pushes her to the tipping point, which includes preparing for and throwing her daughter's 6th birthday party, minding her toddler son, and navigating
Letting Go of God (2008)
When two Mormon missionaries knock on Julia Sweeney's door one day, they have no idea what they are getting into. With one seemingly simple question about God, they unwittingly precipitate a soul search of cosmic proportions.
Flakes (2007)
An old hippie owns a bistro that only sells cereal and spends his days serving cereal and chatting with the local clientele about the history of cereal and the ideal milk to flake ratio. Suddenly his utopian state is disrupted when a competitor shrewdly rips off the concept and opens his own cereal
Nines, The (2007)
Consists of three short films. In "The Prisoner," a troubled television star finds himself under house arrest, with his chipper publicist and disillusioned next-door neighbor providing his only links to the outside world. Mysterious events lead him to question whether one or both women are deceivin
Shut Up & Sing (2006)
On stage at a 2003 London concert, Natalie Maines, lead singer of Texan trio the Dixie Chicks, spoke these 15 words to a small audience at the start of their sold-out international tour: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." The comment was delivered on
American Gun (2005)
A series of interwoven storylines that comments on the proliferation of guns in America and its impact on citizens nation-wide. At the start of another day in a Virginia gun store, owner Carl continues to sidestep controversy while running the shop he loves. His newest employee is his granddaughter
Loverboy (2005)
Brilliant, beautiful and financially secure, Emily Stoll never wanted a husband--nor a house with a white picket fence. She knew she needed just one thing to make her truly happy: a child with whom she could share life's wonders. When an anonymous sexual encounter results in the birth of her son, Pa
November (2004) as Director Of Photography
After a dinner out, photographer Sophie Jacobs and her boyfriend, Hugh, stop at a corner store for a late night snack. While Sophie waits unaware in the car, Hugh is murdered in a violent robbery. Haunted by guilt, Sophie goes on with her life as best she can: teaching photography at a local art co
Red Roses and Petrol (2003)
Amid a haze of cigarette smoke and uneaten food, the family of Enda Doyle gathers in Dublin for his wake. A university librarian, poet, and complicated man, he has left behind a trail of unresolved issues, a dysfunctional family, and a disturbing mystery. Enda's dazed widow, Moya, anxiously prepares
Stranger Inside (2001) as Director Of Photography
A fearless, young inmate attempts to connect with the incarcerated mother who gave her up years earlier. Treasure Lee, an African American woman, has been in and out of the juvenile detention system for as long as she can remember. Transferred on her 21st birthday to the State Facility for Women, sh
On the Edge (2001) as Director Of Photography ("Reaching Normal")
Three futuristic short films ("Happy Birthday," "The Other Side" and "Reaching Normal") are woven together through a wraparound narrative which finds an arrogant movie mogul's life transformed after his temp takes him hostage and forces him to watch three shorts as "life lessons" that will help him
Breathe In Breathe Out (2000) as Cinematographer
30 years after the Vietnam War, three US veterans and their grown children revisit Vietnam and assess their feelings about the war and the effects it had on them and their families.
Shadow Magic (2000) as Director Of Photography
Beijing, 1902. While Master Ren, owner of the Feng Tai Photo Shop, prepares for a formal portrait of China's most famous opera star, Lord Tan, Tan's daughter Ling exchanges furtive glances with Ren's chief photographer, Liu. Meanwhile a foreigner named Raymond Wallace hopes to make a fortune with a
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000) as Director Of Photography
A mockumentary sequel to the saga of three documentary filmmakers who mysteriously disappear in the Maryland woods while trying to verify tales of horrible deeds and sinister occurrences in the area. The story delves deeper into the legend of the infamous Blair Witch and the unspeakable evil wrought
Forever Hollywood (1999) as Cinematographer
Comprised from over 400 images from archives and feature films, this short traces the history of American film through the years, featuring footage from the industry's earliest days, behind-the-scenes glimpses of studios and films in production, rare home movies of the stars and sneak peeks into Hol
Walter Rosenblum: In Search of Pitt Street (1999) as Additional Cinematography
Born in 1919 and raised by his working-class Jewish parents in New York's Lower East Side, photographer Walter Rosenblum spent much of his time and work exploring this neighborhood. Particularly interested in the immigrant experience in New York City, Rosenblum joined the Photo League in the 1930's.
Source, The (1999) as Cinematography (Performance Sequences)
The blending of archival footage with new interviews and dramatic recreations bring the cultural history of the Beat Generation to life. Marking the birth of this countercultural movement from its inception in West Coast bohemian living in the 1950s to the hippie enclaves of San Francisco in the 196
Your Friends & Neighbors (1998) as Director Of Photography
Six characters, three men and three women, from a cross-section of social groups, play sexual power games. Jerry and Terri are married, but Jerry begins an affair with Mary, who is unsatisfied in her marriage to Barry. The affair sets off a chain of consequences for all the characters, including Ter
Butter (1998) as Director Of Photography
When he finds his pop-star sister dead of an apparent drug overdose, a young music industry hot-shot suspects his boss and mentor may be behind the crime.
Thicker Than Blood (1998) as Director Of Photography
An Ivy League college graduate postpones entering law school to spend a year working with at-risk, inner-city children. His work exposes him to the violent and seemingly hopeless world of children caught up in programs that don''t work and people who don''t care. But one student shows such promise that he becomes the teacher''s sole focus -- placing the teacher in conflict with the school''s headmaster, a priest.
Story of X, The (1998) as Director Of Photography
The story of X begins with the earliest days of adult film when men peddled stag reels and projectors out of the trunks of their cars. Meet the men behind the camera, such as "King of Sexploitation" Dave Friedman and the preeminent breast man Russ Meyer. Considered pariahs back then, they're now h
StandOff (1998) as Director Of Photography
An FBI operation to storm the Texas headquarters of a fanatical religious sect goes disastrously wrong, leaving two agents stranded in the line of fire.
Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender, The (1997) as Cinematographer
An exploration of the way Hollywood dealt with or ignored issues of homosexuality during its so-called Golden Age - when the studio system reigned supreme. It is a comedic and occasionally rude re-examination of the subterfuges by which Hollywood has alluded to and at the same time avoided an issue
M Word, The (1997) as Director Of Photography
A comedy-drama about a young woman who begins to have second thoughts as the day of her wedding approaches.
Nevada (1997) as Director Of Photography
Arriving apparently out of nowhere, a mysterious woman wanders into a remote desert community--seemingly populated only by women--and becomes the object of adoration, speculation, lust and finally violence.
Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, A (1995) as Cinematographer
Leading American filmmaker Martin Scorsese''s entry in the BFI''s "The Century of Cinema" series is three-part, 235-minute odyssey. Showing the same mastery of the documentary form as he has of fictional narratives, he chronicles his self-discovery as a filmmaker, using as touchstones both Hollywood masterworks and unsung B-movies. At the same time, he examines the central conflict in American cinema: the director''s need to reconcile his role as a team player with his own personal expression.
Soft Kill, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful (1995) as Director Of Photography
Film clips and interviews show how female stars have helped shape the dreams Hollywood sells to movie fans.
Girl in the Cadillac (1995) as Director Of Photography
17-year-old Mandy Baker is a free spirit who's bored with her hometown of Paint Rock, Texas, and longs for a relationship with her long-gone natural father. When her mother remarries a steady, well-meaning older man, beautiful Mandy hits the road in search of her real father and a little excitement.
Celluloid Closet, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
From comic sissies to lesbian vampires, from pathetic queens to sadistic predators, Hollywood has both reflected and defined how we think about homosexuality--and what it means to be a man or woman. With clips from over 100 Hollywood movies and interviews with many of the filmmakers and actors who c
Scorpion Spring (1995) as Director Of Photography
A crime-ridden, road picture which follows the random meeting of two off-beat characters: Denis Brabant is a sleazy French actor, ditched by his mistress in the middle of nowhere when he tells her his wife is pregnant; and Zac Cross, more or less Denis'' opposite, is a handsome, naive all-American guy trying to reconcile over the phone with his former sweetheart Beth. With Dennis needing a ride and Zac out of money for gas, the duo pool their resources and hit the road in Zac''s old convertible. Along the way the two are greeted by an a bizzare cast of characters and outlandish incidents, resulting in the duo smuggling an illegal alien across the border.
Dead Beat (1994) as Director Of Photography
Set in Albuquerque circa 1965, an alienated teenager gets involved with a charismatic, off-kilter young man who may or may not have killed a girl. Events come to a dangerous head when the young man falls for a girl even more crazy and volatile than he.
Lush Life (1994) as Director Of Photography
The unique friendship between two New York City jazz musicians is tested when one of them develops a fatal disease.
Obit Writer, The (1993) as Director Of Photography
A young intern at a small newspaper tries to promote himself by unveiling a murder syndicate.
Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography (1992) as Cinematographer
Reknowned cinematographers discuss their influences, techniques and decisions on how to shoot films.
Kiss Me a Killer (1991) as Director Of Photography
Set in a barrio of Los Angeles, a married woman and her lover plot her husband's murder.
Chain of Desire (1991) as Director Of Photography
Erotic entanglements develop between the sophisticates who frequent a trendy New York City nightclub.
Trapped Alive (1990) as Director Of Photography
Three escaped convicts and the two beautiful young women they've abducted find themselves trapped in an abandoned mine where an unseen "evil" lurks.
Through the Wire (1990) as Director Of Photography
An expose of the United States penal system's mistreatment of political activists, specifically three women incarcerated in the Female High Security Unit at Lexington, Kentucky.
Painting the Town: The Illusionistic Murals of Richard Haas (1989) as Director Of Photography
Documentary portrait of the architectural artist Richard Haas.
Interior Decorator From Hell (1988) as Cinematographer
Promises to Keep (1988) as Cinematographer
Story of Mitch Snyder and eleven others who started a hunger strike over the funding of a shelter for the homeless.
Ladykiller (1986) as Director Of Photography
Last to Know, The (1981) as Cinematographer
Alcolholism among women, the causes of the disease, and the effect of the attitudes of men on the subject are examined in the documentary. Four women alcoholics are interviewed, who say that being abandoned by their husbands, and their resulting loneliness, were the important factor contributing to

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Ghost World (2001) as Additional Photography
Enid and Rebecca are two teenage girls out of synch with the world around them. Their uncensored commentary spares no one as they try to find a place for themselves in a modern America of endless strip malls and fast-food chains. After graduating from high school, they face an unpleasant immediate f
Seeing Red (1984)
A documentary about the American Communist Party movement in the 1930s.

Cinematography (special)

Peter Jennings Reporting: I Have a Dream (2003) as Additional Camera
Special hosted by Peter Jennings which examines the impact and circumstances surrounding the famous oration given by Martin Luther King Jr. at Washington D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the event's 40th anniversary.
Hamptons, The (2002) as Director Of Photography
Reality-based 4 hour documentary miniseries special examining the fashionable New York summer retreat, the Hamptons and the people that vacation or live there.
Shooting War (2000) as Director Of Photography (Host Shoot)
Documentary that celebrates the motion picture combat cameramen who served on the front lines of World War II. The program traces their story from Pearl Harbor to the war's aftermath in devastated Nagasaki. Most of the combat camera operators were enlisted men who were handed cameras instead of guns
100 Years of Women (1999) as Cinematographer
Documentary that profiles six women between the ages of 95 and 106, focusing on what they experienced and observed over the last ten decades and the passing of the century.
Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union (1998) as Additional Camera
Celebration of three decades of the music magazine, "Rolling Stone." Features interviews with musicians and young people from around the country, as well as musical performances, comedy skits and film clips expressing a variety of themes including Identity, Spirituality, Sex & Love, Music, Values, F
Influenza 1918 (1998) as Cinematographer
Documentary on the flu epidemic which ravaged America starting in Spring 1918. In less than a year, the epidemic killed 675,000 people, more than died in all the wars of the 20th century combined, before disappearing as mysteriously as it began.
75 Years of Laughter (1998) as Director Of Photography; Director Of Photography (Interviews)
Documentary focusing on Warner Bros. classic comedies, including interviews and clips from many of its films.
Reba! (1994) as Camera Operator
A special featuring country music star Reba McEntire during her 1994 multi-city tour.
In a New Light (1992) as Director Of Photography (Interviews)
An information and entertainment special focusing on the fight against AIDS.
Creative Spirit, The (1992) as Director Of Photography
A four-part series focusing on how people around the world use their creativity to make everyday life more productive and enjoyable.
Missing Parents (1991) as Director Of Photography
A rebellious high school student slowly realizes his deep attachment to his parents after returning home and discovering they have run away.
Kids on Kids on Kids (1987) as Director Of Photography
Documentary interviews children on topics that relate to their own lives.

Animation (special)

Spirit to Spirit: Nikki Giovanni (1987) as Additional Stills Animation
A documentary examining the life and art of Nikki Giovanni, the popular American poet. She weaves into the documentary observations about her family with poems about her childhood.

Film Production - Main (special)

75th Annual Academy Awards, The (2003) as Production Staff (How Oscars Changed Me)
Live coverage of the 75th annual Academy Awards presentation for excellence in film from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.
Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000) as Additional Photography
A follow-up to the 1995 documentary "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills." The program revisits the controversial case of three Arkansas teenagers convicted in 1994 of murdering three 8-year-old boys and features interviews with the three convicted men, the original judge and police
Story of Mothers & Daughters, The (1997) as Additional Photography
A diverse group of girls and women explore the complex mother/daughter relationship through interviews highlighting their experiences.
Wild West, The (1993) as Photography
A five-part, 10-hour documentary depicting the "Wild West." Uses still photographs and voice-over narration.
Greatest Sports Upsets (1987) as Photography
A retrospective featuring vintage film footage and exclusive interviews with original observers of 11 of the sports world's historic underdog achievements.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Buying the Cow (2002) as Director Of Photography
Curse of Inferno, The (1997) as Director Of Photography

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

Winner, The (1997) as Additional Photography

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