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George Sanders

George Sanders



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  • Favorite from Foreign Correspondant

    • tooperfect
    • 2018-01-31

    Think he played too many villains,nice to see him as a good guy.Awful what he endured at the hands of theGabors,but he had his share of affairs,too.

  • George Sanders

    • Deborah
    • 2015-11-08

    George Sanders was the perfect gentleman but with a evil twist. His voice was aristocratic with a touch of sinister. Loved him in All About Eve, The Portrait Dorian Gray, Ghost of Miss Muir, Rebecca, and many other movies. A true talent, especially in who done it movies. His sarcasm and wit was wonderful to view. I am waiting for his "Star of the Month," I can watch him all day. He was definitely a classy man.

  • George Sanders - the man with the wicked voice

    • Valentina Sherren
    • 2014-06-23

    George Sanders's voice was smoothly evil - it combined a vocal cocktail of honey smoothness and poisonous drops of venom. His voice and demeanour are forever etched into my memory banks.

  • Tribute To a Typecast Perfectionist

    • Dr. Richard Hauer Costa
    • 2013-03-28

    I shall limit my review to George Sanders's finest performance--one that goes unmentioned here. He played Charles Strickland in Somerset Maugham's novel--a British version of the saga of the French painter Gauguin. Blessed with an extraordinary cast of subordinate role-players includingHerbert Marshall as WSM's narratpr, Steven Geray as a lesser painter who recognizes the expatriot painter's genius and implicitly forgives Strickland fordestroying his marriage; Doris Dudley, as the wife who gives up everything for the unknown genius; and such exceptional performers in key roles such as Florence Bates, Albert Bassermann, and Eric Blore. But it is Sanders's compelling star turn as Strickland that makes this 1942 film superior to Maugham's fine novel. G.S. is required to make convincing a bewildering array of roles from staid London banker to family deserter deter- mined to find in Paris the craft and art of painting to home-wrecker of a Dutch commercal painter happily wed to a silently impressionable wife who falls hopelessly in love with the strange painter she has nursed. Strickland, having caused his married lover to end her life yet forgiven by husband Dirk Stroeve, who elevates art over life, work his way to Tahiti where, without regard for fame or fortune, marries a native girl, raises a family, and paints to his heart's content. Sanders is convincing and nuanced in all these roles. From LLOYDS OF LONDON to Huston's KREMLIN LETTER--1936 to 1970--Sanders revealed intelligence while, as he put it, "doing what I was told to do." Possessng a mellifluous voice, imposing presence, and--yes--dedication wen the film script earned it, George Sanders merits a retrospective look--a serious career assessment. --Richard Hauer Costa, PHD, (315) 733-3837

  • Terrific Actor

    • Bobette Smith
    • 2013-01-01

    His voice, his style, his demeanor, was so captivating whether acting the part of a cad or a lover. He truly was another terrific actor that did not get as many parts or awards as he should. I am however, very delighted that he did get the Best Supporting Oscar for All About Eve. It saddens me to learn that his life was so tormented at the end.

  • Great Villain of Baz Rathbone School

    • Fanmail
    • 2012-10-29

    Outstanding in Witness To Murder and The Falcon Series.Still love my Baz!

  • Samson And Delilah

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-10-12

    "Samson And Delilah" is one of George Sanders' finest performances. What a match...him as the King and Hedy Lamarr as the Queen. For 1949 it was well acted and the color is beautiful. George does an exceptional job in "The Saint". He had a magnificent voice.

  • Forever the tiger...

    • Sarah
    • 2010-02-17

    Like most people of my generation, I first encountered George Sanders as Sher Khan in The Jungle Book and from then on I always saw him as a tiger on screen. His suave voice would purr over the lines luring all into a sense of false security before he struck. As I explored more of his movies I was surprised at his versatility. Of course he's the perfect cad in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, the acidic baddie/only guy to catch on in All About Eve, he had excellent comedic timing and prowess in the Gay Falcon (unfourtunately the only Falcon/Saint film I've seen so far), and probably the best surprise his talent for singing and playing the sympathetic role in Call Me Madam. His voice just melts everything. Him and Claude Rains...just tops in their field.

  • The perfect man

    • Bella Shay
    • 2009-09-03

    Velvet Voice Beautiful Smile Charming even though he was a "cad"

  • *

    • *
    • 2009-06-13

    What a voice! Sanders literally purred when he spoke. His voice was the first thing that interested and motivated me to watch as many of his movies as I could. Aside from the obvious, he was also a great actor. Always smooth and effortless in delivery and completely ruthless when playing a cad. I think it's unfortunate that he doesn't get much attention. Sanders was a marvelous actor and it's sad that he is so underrated. He was so unique and I can't imagine there will be another actor similar enough to take his place.

  • I just want to see more of his movies!

    • janezbiz
    • 2009-02-11

    Of course he was incredible. No one these days can get close. So let's see and hear him..even in The Jungle Book! Besides Cary Grant, he has the sexiest voice above even Alec Baldwin!..


    • Samantha Tinkham
    • 2008-11-06

    I think He was the best looking man to ever be born.

  • He was so suave!

    • Annabelle
    • 2008-09-09

    George Sanders has to be one of the most talented actors ever. He always played suave, cynical cads, but inside he was a very sensitive man. Amazing guy, rest in peace George, this teen girl has just discovered your movies and you were so hot!

  • My 1940s Crush

    • Mary Kate
    • 2008-08-25

    George Sanders was an extraordinary actor and commanded such a strong screen presence in all his films. Always considered a secondary star, I wonder what he must have thought of himself going to his movie debuts. Equal to the leading man in charm,sex appeal and ability, I would have liked to see him in more leading man heroic roles and less of a sinister cad. I bet he would have been marvelous.

  • Over 100 films!!

    • gloria
    • 2008-08-06

    This man deserved much much more credit and accolades then he got! He was an unbelievably great actor and should have also been seen as a hearthrob too! Any of his films are good.

  • My Favorite Cad

    • Annie Laurie
    • 2008-07-04

    Wonderful, first rate, urbane screen presence with lots of class. I especially remember his fine performances in Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Picture of Dorian Grey, Winess to a Murder, All About Eve and Rebecca. I want to note he is underrated as an actor, deserves more credit and publicity. I did not know he took his own life, it would be nice if he knew he is still remembered more than 30 years later.

  • A Great Actor

    • Elleen Chapman
    • 2008-06-11

    I thought George Sanders was an excellent actor. Even though he played a cad in many movies, he was very good. I just recently saw him in the Saint movies and love him in those. I thought he was a very handsom man. I was so sorry to read that he took his own life. So sad. Thank goodness TCM keeps playing his movies. I always watch them when they are on.

  • What a cad!

    • GloJean
    • 2008-04-25

    As the song goes..."If you covered him with garbage, George Sanders would still have style". I think he, along with Claude Raines and Basil Rathbone, would have been a good choice to play the Emporer in the Star Wars saga.

  • A great scoundrel

    • QueenieBee
    • 2008-04-12

    I really enjoy watching George Sanders. I haven't been able to watch all of his movies yet but the ones I have watched I I have seen several times and have really enjoyed.... The Strange Woman, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and All About Eve. I was deeply saddened to learn about his suicide.

  • Knew how to act the cad

    • punky
    • 2008-01-12

    If anyone could play the sweet, but devilish cad in a film, it was George. His voice and vibe that he brought everytime he stepped onto the screen made every role his own. Great actor!

  • Wonderful Actor

    • anne22157
    • 2007-11-13

    Who knew Sanders was the FIRST Saint? I watched the Sanders' all day Saintathon 11/12/07. When one thinks of Simon Templar images of another suave Englishman Roger Moore comes to mind. I liked Sanders in this role: charm, wit, and engnimic danger are all portrayed as in his more notable roles in REBECCA, THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES, and ALL ABOUT EVE. The world became a little more boring when in 1972 Sanders took an overdose of sleeping pills; I was just discovering this special actor and films at age 15. Whether the hero or villian or a smattering of both George Sanders brought a sophistication that was never patronizing on film. I'll just remember that whistle as the Saint leaves until his services are needed again.

  • Awesome actor

    • Xeria
    • 2006-12-05

    I love George Sanders. He was such a great actor. He could be both villian and hero in his movies. Even though he played villians more in his movies. I really can't compare anybody nowadays when it comes to his acting style. He is like Yul Brynner in a class of his own. The only sad thing about his life was that he took his own life, which is very sad.

  • for sanders diversity

    • michael york
    • 2006-08-29

    check out call me madam where he is both charming and sincere without a hint of acidity and his sinhing voice is quite marvelous he is also quite touching in the last voyage

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