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Joseph Ruskin

Joseph Ruskin


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Cast (feature film)

Smokin' Aces (2007)
A mob contract is put out on a semi-famous Las Vegas magician, turning hordes of two-bit hoods and villains into a squad of hit-men in an all out race for his head.
Scorpion King, The (2002) as Tribal Leader
In the notorious city of Gomorrah, an evil ruler is determined to lay waste to all the nomadic peoples of the desert. The few remaining tribes, never natural allies, have to unite or perish. Knowing their enemy relies on the visions of a sorcerer, they hire a skilled assassin, Mathayus to eliminate the visionary. After infiltrating the enemy camp, Mathayus discovers that the sorcerer is in fact a beautiful woman. Rather than eliminate her, he takes her deep into the desert badlands, knowing that the ruler''s henchman will stop at nothing to rescue her and bring her back. Seriously wounded in the ensuing battle, Mathayus must find the strength to lead his scrappy band of allies back to Gomorrah for a final confrontation.
King Cobra (1999) as Dr Irwin Burns
Two years after escaping from a biochemist's laboratory, a giant, mutant, genetically altered King cobra slithers its way into a small town that's about to hold its annual beer festival.
Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) as Son'A Officer No 3
When Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise gets word that Lt. Commander Data has run amok and taken a cultural survey team hostage, his first concern is to save Data--who will have to be destroyed if he cannot be repaired. But when Picard investigates, he finds something strange about the Ba'ku, the race the survey team was observing. The Enterprise command team also discovers that there is more to the supposed cultural survey than they had been told. Soon, Captain Picard is forced to choose between disobeying a direct order and violating the Prime Directive of the Federation.
Criminal Mind, The (1996)
A Los Angeles District attorney is reunited with his brother, only to learn he has become a violent Mafioso.
Cyber Tracker (1994) as J Craig Round
Secret agent Eric Phillips is working as a security guard for Senator Dilly, who is the chief advocate for using the new "Tracker" androids as police officers. When Eric begins to learn about the senator's corruption, he not only becomes a target for Dilly's security chief, but the invulnerable Trac
Indecent Proposal (1993) as Pit Boss
A struggling yuppie couple is offered $1,000,000 to let another man sleep with the wife.
Firepower (1993)
In the Los Angeles of the future, sections known as "hell zones" have been set aside where police do not interfere with criminals. But when the fiance of a police officer is kidnapped into a hell zone, a group of cops go in to rescue her.
Original Sin (1989)
A wife whose seemingly ideal marriage is suddenly shattered when her son is kidnapped and the child's grandfather, an underworld kingpin, appears to be involved.
Longshot, The (1986) as Fusco
Prizzi's Honor (1985) as Marxie Heller
Mob assassins fall in love, neither realizing what the other does for a living.
Sword And The Sorcerer, The (1982) as Malcolm
A young mercenary knight in medieval England discovers that he is a prince who has forgotten his royal heritage. He attempts to regain his kingdom, but it''s now under the control of a tyrannical knight and an evil sorcerer. If he can take back his kingdom, he can save a princess who has been taken hostage by the evil duo.
Munster's Revenge, The (1981) as Pizza Man
In the popular tradition of TV "reunion" movies, this film had the lovable Munster family again taking up residence at 1313 Mockingbird Lane fifteen years after their original show had been relegated to that big syndication series in the sky. Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo and Al Lewis reprising their
Captain America (1979) as Rudy Sandrini
The legendary comic-strip crimefighter's ex-Marine son takes up where his dad left off, righting wrongs, defending the American ideal and pursuing an arch-criminal who plans to decimate Phoenix with a neutron bomb in this pilot for a proposed series.
Dr. Scorpion (1978) as Lieutenant Reed
A live-action comic book adventure in which a power-mad genius threatens world peace with a scheme involving the theft of the country's atomic missiles, and only one man stands in his way.
Panache (1976) as Cardinal Richelieu
A stylish comedy swashbuckler mixing romance, masterful swordplay, political treachery, and twentieth-century pratfalls in seventeenth-century France -- obviously inspired by the success of Richard Lester's versions of "The Three Musketeers" and "The Four Musketeers." This film, which lives up to it
Black Street Fighter, The (1976)
After Leroy Fist has got involved with organized crime, he determined to change his life. But when Leroy tried to distance himself from that life, mobsters murdered his wife. So now Leroy's only goal is revenge.
Bogard (1975)
Banyon (1971) as Carl Horner
An atmospheric pilot for the series (1972-73) about a private eye working the Los Angeles beat circa 1937. In this outing, he's embarrassed when a girl -- his client -- is found murdered in his office with his gun. The subsequent series starring Forster found Joan Blondell (in Hermione Gingold's pil
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) as Tick
A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.
Diary of a Madman (1963) as The Horla
The body of a French magistrate is taken over by the soul of a murderer.
The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond (1960) as Matt Moran
A small-time thief kills his way to the top of the New York rackets.
Hell Bent for Leather (1960) as Shad
When Clay Santell stops in the town of Sutterville after having his horse stolen, he is mistaken by townspeople for a murderer named Travers. The townspeople capture Santell, and turn him over to lawman Harry Deckett. Deckett, who is tired of chasing the real Travers, decides to kill Santell and pass him off as Travers. Santell escapes from Deckett, taking lovely Janet Gifford hostage in the process. Janet comes to believe Santell's story, and helps him in his struggle to prove his real identity.

Cast (special)

Gypsy Warriors, The (1978) as Ganault; The Gypsy Father
The story, set during World War II, follows the exploits of Shelly Alhern and Ted Brinkerhoff, U.S. Army captains who undertake dangerous assignments behind enemy lines. Their cover: posing as gypsies with a man named Ganault, his daughter Lela, and his son Androck. In the pilot episode, Alhern and

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Mario Puzo's The Last Don (1997) as Don Santadio
Based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same title, the three-part miniseries follows the epic story of Domenico Clericuzio, the aging don of the most powerful Mafia family in America. When he attempts to move into more legitimate businesses -- motion pictures and legalized gambling -- old secrets are un

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Power (1980) as Bill Davis
Loosely based on the life of Jimmy Hoffa, this four-hour movie traces the rise of Tommy Vanda (played by Joe Don Baker) from Chicago dock worker to influential labor leader who, like Hoffa, eventually finds himself behind bars in a federal prison and later, not long after his parole, and again like

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