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Also Known As: Died:
Born: January 4, 1927 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Widow's Kiss (1995) as Edith Fitzpatrick
The mother of an eighteen-year-old boy dies in a car accident and his father re-marries shortly thereafter. When his father dies soon after the wedding, the boy suspects his stepmother of murder. He, however, must step lightly as he too is a potential suspect.
Web Of Deceit (1990) as Judith Hale
A San Francisco criminal lawyer returns to her hometown of Atlanta to defend a murder suspect. She begins to realize that a powerful family is trying to surpress evidence. At the same time she begins to fall in love with the prosecution attorney.
Night the Bridge Fell Down, The (1983) as Elaine Howard
Movies' "disaster master", Irwin Allen, was the man behind this adventure yarn that strands a group of motorists and fleeing bank robber, Desi Arnaz, Jr., and his girlfriend, Char Fontane, on a bridge that is collapsing because of shifting sands near the pylons. Its unique history is more interestin
Summer Lovers (1982) as Jean Feathererst
When a young American couple travel to Greece for their summer vacation, they are taken not only by the beautiful country, but the uninhibited lifestyle of the people. The husband meets a French archeologist who is working on a dig and begins an affair with her. When his wife learns of his infidelit
Flamingo Road (1980) as Eudora Weldon
This remake of the 1949 Joan Crawford movie, bringing a carnival drifter (Cristina Raines in the Crawford part) to a small Florida city where an aristocratic family unwillingly becomes involved with the ruthless sheriff (Howard Duff taking over where Sydney Greenstreet long ago left off) who fancies
Can't Stop The Music (1980) as Norma White
A lawyer helps an ex-model and a songwriter promote a gay singing group called the Village People.
Death Car on the Freeway (1979) as Rosemary
Model-turned-Charlie's Angel Shelley Hack is a determined TV reporter out to find a maniac who is methodically attacking lone women drivers on the Los Angeles Freeway by pushing them off the road with his powerful van. A number of familiar TV stars (including Dinah Shore, in her "dramatic" TV debut)
Last Day, The (1975) as Betty Spence
A trim A. C. Lyles Western (like the type he made in the 1960s with a stellar cast of veteran actors) that has the Dalton gang riding again, forcing a retired gunman to use his weapons once more to put and end to the Daltons' reign of terror in the climactic battle at Coffeyville, Kansas.
Superdad (1974) as Sue Mccready
Charlie McCready is a worried father. His daughter, Wendy will be attending college in the fall, and he feels the crowd she's hanging out with has no ambition, especially her boyfriend, Bart. He knows that Wendy's friends will all be attending the same college, so, he concocts a plan where Wendy will recieve a scholarship to a different college. This college being the same one where his wife attended. All goes as planned. Wendy attends Huttington and sees less of her old crowd. Soon Charlie's plan backfires, Wendy discovers her fathers scholarship plan and becomes rebellious. When she starts dating a hippie artist, Charlie realizes he has made a big mistake and must do something before Wendy goes too far.
Moon Of The Wolf (1972) as Louise Rodanthe
After several townspeople are savagely murdered, a sheriff in the Louisiana bayous searches for a crazed killer and becomes convinced that he's chasing a modern-day werewolf.
Eyes of Charles Sand, The (1972) as Kathryn Winslow
A young man inherits the ability to see visions from beyond the grave after his uncle's sudden death and is persuaded to investigate a girl's story about her brother's alleged murder. Although no music score is credited because of a composer's strike against TV film packagers at the time, Henry Manc
Crime Club (1972) as Denise London
A fraternity of public and private investigators looks into the suspicious death in an auto accident of the son of one of its members' long-time, wealthy ladyfriend. This was yet another pilot for a prospective series for Lloyd Bridges.
Cutter (1972) as Linda Henderson
Chicago-based private eye goes looking for a missing pro quarterback in this pilot to what would have been among TV's first black detective shows (pre-dating both "Shaft" and "Tenafly" -- which premiered within one day of each other -- by eighteen months).
The Man (1972) as Kay Eaton
The US Vice President has recently died, without yet being replaced, when the President is killed in a building collapse. The President pro tempore of the Senate declines to assume the Presidency because of his own age and ill health. Speaker of the House Douglas Dilman (James Earl Jones) suddenly becomes the first black man to occupy the Oval Office. The events from that day to the next election when he must decide if he will actually run challenge his skills as a politician and leader.
Suddenly Single (1971) as Evelyn Baxter
A bittersweet tale of a newly divorced man trying to find a place for himself in the world of swinging singles.
Strategy of Terror (1969) as Karen Lownes
Hombre (1967) as Audra Favor
A white man raised by Apaches is the only hope for stagecoach passengers stranded by a bandit attack.
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) as Marian
A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.
Come Blow Your Horn (1963) as Connie
A big city swinger teaches his sheltered brother how to become a chick magnet.
The Bramble Bush (1960) as Margaret "Mar" McFie
A doctor commits euthanasia on his dying friend and then pursues an affair with the latter''s wife, causing a small New England town to suspect him of plotting it as a murder.
Strangers When We Meet (1960) as Eve Coe
An extramarital affair threatens the fortunes of two families.
The Young Philadelphians (1959) as Joan Dickinson
A young lawyer from the wrong side of town tries to break into society.
The Young Lions (1958) as Margaret Freemantle
A Jewish soldier faces anti-Semitism when he enlists to fight World War II.
Harry Black and the Tiger (1958) as Christian Tanner
The Big Show (1957) as
Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (1957) as Myra Hagerman
No Down Payment (1957) as Betty Kreitzer
An introspection into the world of the newly formed suburbia, following the multiple story lines of various people living in a middle-class housing development.
Bigger Than Life (1956) as Lou Avery
A "miracle" drug threatens a family man's sanity.
World in My Corner (1956) as Dorothy Mallinson
A scrappy fighter from Jersey City named Tommy Shea -- "born in a dump, educated in an alley" -- catches the eye of wealthy businessman, Robert Mallinson, who allows him to train at his Long Island estate. Shea soon falls for Mallinson's daughter, Dorothy, but fears he doesn't have the money to support her in proper style. To get this money, Shea decides to work with crooked fight-promoter Harry Cram, even though this means dropping his honest manager, Dave Bernstein. As the big fight approaches, however, Shea begins to have second thoughts.
Flight to Hong Kong (1956) as Pamela Vincent
A syndicate boss betrays the mob in the name of love.
Kiss of Fire (1955) as Princess Lucia
In 1700, news that the king of Spain is dying comes to the Spanish outpost in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For some reason, lovely Princess Lucia, the preferred heir, is in this remote location. To get her back to Europe without running afoul of the Viceroy of Mexico (who backs another heir) will require a guide friendly with the Indians: outlaw El Tigre, whom the princess (initially) despises. The highly hazardous journey is made more so by presence of turncoats in the group...
Captain Lightfoot (1955) as Aga [Doherty]
In 1815, Michael Martin, member of an Irish revolutionary society, turns highwayman to support it, and is forced to flee into outlawry. In Dublin, he meets famous rebel "Captain Thunderbolt" and becomes his second-in-command, "Lightfoot." 'Tis a perilous life, with captures, turncoats, rescues, and romance.
Taza, Son of Cochise (1954) as Oona
Three years after the end of the Apache wars, peacemaking chief Cochise dies. His elder son Taza shares his ideas, but brother Naiche yearns for war...and for Taza's betrothed, Oona. Naiche loses no time in starting trouble which, thanks to a bigoted cavalry officer, ends with the proud Chiricahua Apaches on a reservation, where they are soon joined by the captured renegade Geronimo, who is all it takes to light the firecracker's fuse...
The Black Shield of Falworth (1954) as Meg
Technicolor & tights. In the days of King Henry IV, stalwart young Myles and his sister Meg have been raised as peasants, without any knowledge of who their father really was. But one day they journey to Macworth castle. There Myles falls in love with the Mackworth's daughter Anne, makes friends and enemies, and learns to be a knight so that, through the planning of Mackworth and his friend, Prince Hal, Myles can regain his true birthright from the evil Albon, and bear the black shield of Falworth.
Magnificent Obsession (1954) as Joyce Phillips
A playboy becomes a doctor to right the wrong he's done to a sightless widow.
Prince of Pirates (1953) as Countess Nita Orde
A prince fights to free his people from his older brother''''s oppressive rule.
It Came from Outer Space (1953) as Ellen Fields
No one believes an amateur astronomer''s spaceship sighting until the town''s people begin disappearing.
Flaming Feather (1952) as Nora Logan
Sterling Hayden, Forrest Tucker, Barbara Rush, Arleen Whelan, Carol Thurston, Edgar Buchanan, Victor Jory, Richard Arlen, and Ian MacDonald as Tombstone Jack. An outlaw with a secret motive poses as a wealthy landowner and leads a band of renegade Indians against rancher Sterling Hayden and cavalry officer Forrest Tucker.
When Worlds Collide (1951) as Joyce Hendron
Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hanson, Larry Keating, John Hoyt. A landmark science fiction film of the fifties. Scientists race against time to build a super rocket ship that can save a select group before the earth collides with another planet. Naturally, no one wants to be left behind for the final Armageddon. The special effects which include a giant tidal wave crashing down on Broadway won an Oscar. Produced by fantasy film specialist George Pal (The Time Machine ) .
Molly (1951) as Debby
Quebec (1951) as Madelon
The First Legion (1951) as Terry Gilmartin

Cast (special)

At Your Service (1984) as Barbara Stonehill
The story follows the antics of the staff of a wealthy woman who take charge of her mansion when she is away. In the pilot episode, the servants attempt to conceal their money-making activities from the new butler.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Women I Love - Beautiful but Funny (1982)
A salute to the women Bob Hope has worked with for 32 years on television.
Portrait of Grandpa Doc (1977) as Bruce'S Mother
The story of a gentle and loving grandfather who encourages his grandson's ambition to be a painter.
Of Men of Women (1973) as Interviewer ("The Interview")
A second pilot for a potential series based on the many faces of love. Three stories are presented: "The Interview" depicts a verbal sparring match between an egotistical movie director and a probing TV commentator; "Margie Passes" tells of an effervescent teenage girl with an everlasting effect on
Notorious (1961) as Alicia Huberman
The story, set in Brazil in 1945, relates the efforts of a U.S. government agent to report on the activities of the Nazi underground in Rio de Janeiro.

Cast (special)

Seekers, The (1979) as Peggy Kent

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