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Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers



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  • beautiful and talented

    • Allen
    • 2016-11-14

    I loved Ginger in her films with Fred. She was gorgeous, a great dancer and great actress. Her best films with Fred are "Top hat", " Roberta", "Follow the fleet", and " The storey of Vernon and Irene Castle". There are also a few other Fred and Ginger films I haven't seen yet and I'm sure they're great too.

  • great actress and beautiful woman

    • cedric
    • 2015-12-10

    miss Ginger rogers is an great actress and beautiful woman

  • LuvGinger

    • Christine
    • 2015-04-12

    I became a serous fan of Miss Rogers sometime in the late 80s when I was in my early 20s. I was fortunate enough to have met her once (at a book signing). What a lovely woman. She was so real and earthy, and gracious to her fans. One thing I've discovered about Ginger's fans is that we all really go "all in". As it is sort of impossible not to completely fall in love with Ginger when you discover what a truly spectacular performer and human being she is, it's natural to want to collect and acquire as much "Gingerbilia" as possible: films, tv/stage appearances, recordings, photos, autographs etc... She has been such a huge influence and inspiration in my life , and has brought so much joy and happiness to so many people. She makes me proud to be an American and and a Missouri girl (where I grew up). Love and miss you Ginge! Xo.

  • I met Ginger Rogers 4X

    • ElisaBeth
    • 2013-12-30

    I met Ginger Rogers 4 times: after one theater performance in 1975 in Westchter, NY . I got to kiss the cheek that DANCED Cheek to Cheek ... And after her one woman show in New London, CT And after her show at the Waldorf in NYC And finally BEFORE one of her performances at Rockefeller Center, which is the one I loved the most because she met me outside her dressing room with no make - up, her hair up in a white towel, wearing a pink bathrobe with shaggy orange slippers - - -a color combination that only Dunkin Donuts could admire. But she was SO bubbly and excited. SUCH energy. Like a little kid about to get on a marvelous Merry - go round, she said: Guess what?? I'm going to be on Love Boat tonight with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. !! Are you going to watch it???" I then told her: " No, Miss Rogers. I'm here to see you perform tonight. " She said: "Wonderful. Where will you be sitting?" I had no idea do I just said: "Oh you'll be able to spot me. I'll be the one waving my arm and shouting: YOU"RE GREAT YOU'RE THR BEST.. YOU'RE FSNTADTIC...etc. It was so cool to make THE Ginger Rogers laugh. She kissed me good-bye and That was the last time I saw her. She DID write me a thank you letter once when I gave her a sweat shirt from my Alma Mater, Mt. Holyoke, on which I had written on the back: T.H.E. Ginger Rogers with a note saying: I figured you didn't need another feathered boa..." Those 4 times with Ginger Rogers were a huge Highlight in my life . I wish I could see Tender Comrade again. But I loved her 30 ' s films with "Mr. A." as Miss Rogers referred to him in her letter to me (which I framed, of course) all in black and white in the 30's. In fact the FIRST time I met her back stage the first thing I said while holding both her hands: "Miss Rogers !! You're in COLOR !!" She was amazing . I'm grateful to have seen most of her films and serendipitously to have met with her 4 times. What a bonus !!

  • One of the all time best actresses!

    • Anna
    • 2013-10-27

    When she's dancing with Fred Astaire I watch her the whole time! I have fallen in love with every one of her movies.

  • what about a date

    • tom
    • 2012-07-10

    I would have loved to share a milkshake with Ginger(I know she didn't drink)-but if she had.

  • Love Her!

    • GR
    • 2012-06-26

    She is the most amazing actress, singer and dancer! She is my favorite actress and would love to have a day of just Ginger Rogers films. :)

  • Ginger’s Centennial

    • Vivian
    • 2011-04-23

    Ginger's 100th birthday will be here soon, July 16th. I am in the process of writing my tribute to her. I have finished the first 13 chapters. I have posted them at I have included photos from my own collection of memorabilia. Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts about Ginger. I am hopeful that TCM will give Ginger her day in the sun on the anniversary of her 100th birthday. Ginger is number one because there was not anything she could not do well with what seemed like effortless perfection. The films I would like to see TCM show are: I’ll Be Seeing You, Magnificent Doll, Kitty Foyle, Lucky Partners, Fifth Avenue Girl, In Person, Star at Midnight, Roxie Hart, Lady in the Dark, Primrose Path, Major and the Minor, Perfect Strangers, Tight Spot, Once Upon a Honeymoon, Teenage Rebel, It Had to be You, Vivacious Lady, Monkey Business, Carefree, and Swing Time. The problem with listing my favorite Ginger films another film always comes to mind after I have made my decision. I own 72 of Ginger’s 73 films. I am only missing Hat Check Girl. I would love to complete my collection of her feature films. Happy Birthday Ginger!!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partake in your life through your films as we journey together as one. I continue to enjoy listening to your radio appearances and watching you perform on the few television programs I have seen.

  • Ginger Rogers

    • Rick Buffington
    • 2011-01-11

    Ginger was absolutely the most breath taking beautiful actress, sexy lady, dancer, comedian, drama queen, athlete, and most delightful personality I believe the screens and stage have ever known. She is definetly under rated in the top 100 as # 14. As I said, there is none better and she should be considered #1, bar none. Her expressions were so real and so effortless. She will be in my dreams forever. I only wish she had made 200 films so I could look forward to watching them all.

  • I rate her higher as an actress

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2011-01-03

    We all know she can dance but I rate her highest as an actress. She should have won an academy for her part in "The Major and the Minor". She can be funny and I would like to see all of her films when she acted.

  • Best Ever

    • lulu
    • 2010-11-13


  • Love Her!!!

    • ArchHenri
    • 2010-11-07

    I became a big fan of Ginger Rogers at the start of this year. I'm 13, and she's my favorite actress. TCM should really show more of her films she did on her own WITHOUT Fred Astaire. She really is one of the best actresses that ever lived. She could be in musicals, comedies, and dramas. She won an Oscar for her dramatic portrayal as Kitty Foyle. She also got a Golden Globe nomination for Monkey Business. The National Board of Review gave her best acting for her performances in Kitty Foyle, The Major and the Minor, and Roxie Hart. I think my favorites of hers are Swing Time, Kitty Foyle, and Monkey Business.

  • Thanks TCM

    • tom
    • 2010-06-17

    I love Ginger-I love her movies and I thank Turner Classic Movies for indulging my pleasures!

  • Wonderful Ginger

    • Barbrasgirl8
    • 2010-04-28

    Ginger will never be forgotten. She was beautiful, funny, sassy and danced like a dream.

  • Ginger was amazing!

    • Tara
    • 2010-04-01

    What a graceful dancer and a talented actress. She could play any role while lighting up the screen with her beauty and wit. Thanks TCM for putting the spotlight on my favorite star for the month of March. You really gave my DVR a workout! It was nice to see her in so many movies without Fred.

  • Monkey Business

    • Patricia ann Cozzan
    • 2010-03-28

    I've seen all of Ms. Rogers films and always enjoyed her. She had it all. Her personality and being a triple threat. . . having the talent to be able to sing, dance, and read lines. I believe she could do it all. So she had said she really wanted to do. Especially after Winning the academy award for Kitty Foil as best actress. But, one of her later films with Gary Grant showed my favorite side, aside from her singing and dancing was her nack for being a querky comedienne. Not to mention how beautiful she was.


    • ERIC
    • 2010-03-22


  • The Best Ever

    • tom
    • 2009-12-16

    Ginger Rogers was the Best ever! A triple threat-her movies forever popular and just the most beautiful woman ever in film.

  • What a dreamboat!

    • Virginia1191
    • 2009-12-05

    The most beautiful and talented actress of all time!!!

  • Ginger, Ginger, Ginger!

    • Dinah Barkeley
    • 2009-10-03

    Love her work, she was really talented and gorgeous!

  • Love her work.

    • DeEttra Abram
    • 2009-09-10

    I can watch anything with her in it. If it's just a cameo, I will love it just the same. There is one movie I would love to see. It is "The Lady in the Dark".

  • Rockstar in my generation...

    • Denise Coleman
    • 2009-08-26

    ...I wanted to watch a romantic comedy and I decided to watch "Shall We Dance".I thought it would be cool cuz it was black and white and had Fred Astaire in it..but to my surprise I see this girl..found out her name is "Ginger Rogers" and boy can she dance..funny and pretty.Plus she is from MO my homestate and born a day before me.July 16..Im July 17.I feel special..and glad to have fallen in love with such a classy lady in her time and soon to be wonderful in mines..ROCKSTAR!!!

  • July 16, Happy Birthday!!!

    • Arianna
    • 2009-07-16

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday for this lovely actress. Ginger was awesome in many ways. Love her book! At least we have movies to cherish the moments she was on screen. She was very pretty, and a talented dancer. I wish Ginger a Happy Birthday in heaven!

  • Ginger Rogers needs a collection of her movies

    • keleigh97
    • 2009-05-09

    Ginger Rogers was one of a kind actress because she could do everything. She was truly a professional. She could do drama, comedy, farce, sing, and dance with convincing believability and in the same scene without skipping a beat. She was and is, since we can still view her movies on TCM, magnificent. Not counting her Astaire movies which have already been released in a collection, "In Person", "Star of Midnight", "Professional Sweetheart", (its only drawback is that Ginger was not allowed to sing and was dubbed, a travesty) "Vivacious Lady", "Bachelor Mother", "Fifth Avenue Girl", "Primrose Path", "Lucky Partners", "Tom Dick and Harry", "Once Upon a Honeymoon", "Tender Comrade", "Lady in the Dark", "Magnificent Doll", "It Had To Be You", "Perfect Strangers", "Tight Spot", and "Teenage Rebel". I have not included movies that have already been released to DVD in either someone else’s collection or separately.

  • what an amazing dancer and actoress she is!

    • tammy hubble
    • 2009-05-02

    dear tcm, i love this actress because she dances like she is not on film.I'm a dancer and i love tap just like her. she is so beautiful and is amazing.

  • Ginger is the best

    • Winona
    • 2009-04-21

    Ginger Rogers was both beautiful and talented. I am a fan as is my teenage daughter. I wish TCM could make some sort of Biography on Ginger. I have never seen any. I also hope TCM plays more of her movies in the near future. Nice to have finally had some this past month, but would love to see some other movies that are a little more rare. Maybe on her birthday they could show us 24 hours of her or something. And not the usual with Astaire cause she was a good actress even without her famous dance partner. Keep up the good work TCM, your the best!!!!!

  • Ginger Rogers

    • Arianna
    • 2009-04-20

    I think Ginger Rogers was a great actress. I first saw her in Swing Time with Fred Astaire and right then and there I became a huge fan of her. I've also read Ginger's autobiography and I recommend reading the book if your a fan. And i'm glad she got her academy award for best actress in Kitty Foyle, although in some of her other films, she should of deserved more credit than what people give her. Finally, I am grateful that TCM plays Ginger's film and never forget this talented actress.

  • Thanks, TCM

    • Jaime
    • 2009-02-03

    Thanks TCM for broadcasting 7 "new" movies of "the little blonde" on the next April 8. Well, they are new for me because they are not the usual televised, with Astaire. Also, I don't recall having seen them in spite of having watched movies here and there, then and now for years. I would like to ask TCM to programm all the rest of the movies of this divine actress in the near future, especially those performed with Fonda, Fairbanks, Colman, McCrea, Holden, Milland, Ryan, Webb, Niven etc., made in the 40's?. May God to give us the opportunity to watch these movies in TCM one day! (Gingers' getting better everyday!)......


    • Caroline
    • 2009-01-28

    I love Ginger Rogers. Never tiring and still to this day I watch her movies over and over again. She was so entertaining and beautiful. I have read her book, My Story, and found it to be entertaining, straight forward and very revealing into the life of this wonderful woman. I miss her.

  • Wonderful!

    • Kirst
    • 2008-11-18

    My favorite Classic actress.

  • Ginger is amazing!

    • kendra
    • 2008-11-14

    The best of the best!

  • High Quality Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-22

    One of the finest actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age. Eternally linked with Fred Astaire, Ginger had quite a distinguished career after Fred. I prefer Roger Ebert's gloss on the all too pat Kate Hepburn statement about the Astaire/Rogers magic..."They both had class, and sex was never the point." All ten of their movies together, as a new discoverer of their work, are masterpieces of the dance musical...and Ginger Rogers as Fred's greatest dance partner, contributed A-Level acting skills, as a intriguing foil to Fred's prodigious dance genius. BTW: I don't mind the plots either....They are witty masterpieces of courtship high-jinx of youth....when partners don't know each other, all kinds of fun can result, and does in these films....And the escapism? I don't mind it at all. After all, the depression was such a downhearted time...and these films were, and still are, a elixer for the heart. Some critics of "Top Hat", "Swing Time"...etc., take the dancing too seriously, and the oft repeated "paper thin" plots, as well. Do these critics remember the joys and pitfalls of being young? Ginger Rogers was an absolutely essential ingredient in their boundless public success....then, and though time. Ginger's other work includes many wonderful, and I think underrated films...including "Stage Door", "Vivacious Lady", "The Major and the Minor", "Kitty Foyle", "Roxie Hart", "Tight Spot", "Tom, Dick, and Harry", "In Person", "Rafter Romance", "I'll Be Seeing You" name just a few. I happy to see that TCM is regularly showing some of these films. I do think that there should be an CD box set of Ginger's ten best....just like there is for her films with Fred.

  • simply wonderful

    • stardust
    • 2008-10-04

    does any one know than name of the movie she was in when she was playing a school girl just to get on a traing for a lower price email me please

  • Virginia Katherine McMath

    • Fred
    • 2008-09-30

    To the woman known as Ginger Rogers, I only wish I had the opportunity to ask for her hand in marriage. Of course I know the outcome of such a proposal. but I consider her to be the most beautiful woman to ever walk on this planet, so I would have to take a shot.

  • Ginger Rogers: EXTRAORDINAIRE

    • keleigh97
    • 2008-09-14

    Miss Rogers was more than mere window dressing for Mr. Astaire. Ginger had so much talent that she made everything look easy. Anyone who could convince the public that a skinny, balding, dancing man was God's gift to women had to be the greatest actress alive. She moved in time with him. They were one. She wasn't out to prove I'm better than you. Ginger made their coming together one of the greatest romantic happenings of the century. This is why their movies have lasted through the test of time. They were human and full of honest emotions displayed in dialogue as well as in the most romantic and fun dances ever to come across the pike. But that is not where Miss Rogers's or Mr. Astaire's careers began and ended. Miss Rogers's films without Mr. Astaire are not given the credit do them. Kitty Foyle should have a second look for its statement about crossing classes and the woman's feelings of love and happiness and what they mean to her deep inside. What is love? And what kind of love is happiness? She was the rightful winner of the Oscar. I became a Ginger Rogers's fan when as a child growing up I saw "I'll Be Seeing You" on television. The honesty and hope portrayed in that film during a time of war an uncertainty was moving. I cry at the end every time I watch it. It seems the human race is always at war or there are troubles we need to overcome and this movie gives us the hope that we can overcome anything. Ginger not only gave us moments for pause and reflection but she also gave us times for laughter and just plain good entertainment. Miss Rogers is deeply missed but she lives on in her most precious gift to us her movies. Happy watching and as she would say "Blessings!"

  • Ginger's acting better every day!!

    • Jaime Ramos
    • 2008-09-01

    After years and years thinking of her as a mere dancer and "partner" of Fred Astaire, Turner Classic Movies give us the wonderful opportunity to see how great she was. Maybe she was not more beautiful than Ava Gardner, not more voluptuous than Rita Hayworth, not more talented than Katherine Hepburn, not more intriguing than Veronica Lake and not funnier than Lucille Ball but, she was all what they were in only one person! Needless to say her singing, her dancing, her ability to portray any character and her class. All of this and much, much more, make me consider "my little blonde" as the greatest actress ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quality Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-27

    For dramatic skill, beauty, and versatility, there are few actresses that can come close to Ginger Rogers. I do think she has been underrated....but not forever. Regarding forever, her dance musicals, comedies, and dramatic roles will (and already are) be rediscovered. A significant number of them are timeless. She was much more than her films with Fred, but, there is no denying, that those great, and innovative, classic dance musicals will always be, the portal to the rest of her career. Not a bad introduction, I would think. She was one of the greatest American actresses of the 20th none.

  • ginger=amazing

    • kendra
    • 2008-08-20

    the best ever!!!!

  • Ginger: My Story

    • KK
    • 2008-08-10

    I saw a comment on here that said if you read "Fade to Black" that it says that Ms. Rogers' marriages all ended due to her mother and carreer, but if you read her autobiography that is not the case. Her first marriage ended due her being extremely young when she married the guy and him turning out to be somewhat abusive, the second due both carreers taking off, the third due to him losing himself in alcohol when he returned from WWII, the fourth due to him being unfaithful, and the fifth when she discovered he was hiding alcohol around their house and drinking a lot. So only one could really be linked to carreer, the others due to alcohol and infidelity. Can't really blame her for those. She is one of my favorite actresses of all time, a true great, that is why I wanted to clear things up.

  • backwards and in high heels

    • connie ruth
    • 2008-07-17

    I love the comment about Rogers when her dancing is compared to that of Astaire's, yeah but she did it backwards and in high heels. She could do it all, dance, sing, act, paint - her paintings can be seen on the net. Said she couldn't bear to sell any. Married five times and no children. This would be her 97th birthday, July 16. Died of a heart attack in 1995 at age 83.

  • Versatile dynamo!

    • Audrey
    • 2008-06-04

    Ginger Rogers is one of the greatest actresses, accomplished in drama and comedy as well as those musicals we all love! She's one of my absolute favorites. Please check out "Stage Door" and "Swing Time" if you haven't. They are two of her best films.

  • She IS class!

    • Misty
    • 2008-04-15

    I think Ginger Rogers is absolutely wonderful. There is class & grace in everything that she has done. While her movies with Fred are my favorites, I also love her in "The Major & the Minor" and in "The Primrose Path." Well, I actually love her in everything I have ever seen her in.

  • The best!

    • Laura
    • 2008-03-30

    Ginger was awesome...she truly is my favorite actress and it is a shame that she was not valued as she should have been. She was so much better than people gave her credit for...she is the best actress Hollywood ever had--and she had class!

  • She is ALSOME!!!!!

    • Valya
    • 2008-03-14

    I think that Ginger Rogers is a gifted actress that deserves to have her own movie colection.!!!!!

  • I love her!

    • GINGER
    • 2008-01-31

    I am currently reading ginger rogers autobiography, GINGER, MY STORY. It is wonderful! She really was a wonderful, outgoing, beautiful girl. This is so odd to me, she died when I was born, my nickname is ginger, derived from Virginia, and I have a love of tap, and I'm getting lessons soon! And she was my age when she got tap lessons! Weird! I love Ginger Rogers, and she is such an inspiration to girls! I devour old movies, espically with her in it! I love when she and Fred fight through tap dancing in Roberta. I long to see some other movies with her in it!

  • Ginger was Great..

    • Charlie Fowee
    • 2008-01-19

    Ginger was great in all she did..Its a shame she is gone but thanks to TCM are able to bring here to life as if she were here today..Thanks TCM..

  • Disappointed

    • Parker Flores
    • 2008-01-15

    I was disappointed to learn that Ginger was overly preoccupied with her career at the expense of her personal life. (Read: Fade to Black) Her marriages all failed because of her mother and her career. She never had children because of it. Hollywood proves again the screen is but an illusion. I'm still a fan. She made people happy.

  • Kitty Foyle

    • RoseMary Downey
    • 2007-12-09

    Ms. Rogers was a very influential model for me. Her pose and grace were and are still very wonderful to watch; One of my favorite movies of hers is "Kitty Foyle", which to me was not a comedy, but a great role; she is one of my favorit actresses of all time.

  • Most Underrated Comedian

    • 2007-10-09

    Known for her dancing with Astaire, her comedic ability was and has been to this day underrated. Fifth Avenue Girl, Vivacious Lady, Tom Dick and Harry, etc., demonstrate her subtle facial expressions and body language for affect. Modern actresses could learn from her technique.... and pure class also.

  • Beautiful...funny...wonderful dancer

    • pjpurcell
    • 2007-09-23

    My favorite actress!

  • Ginger - a lady with spice

    • ben indick
    • 2007-04-07

    I saw her in person ssome years ago now, after her film career, directing a musical on a stage somewhere in Westchester County, N Y. Everyone wanted to see her and the heck with the play (whose name I forget!) So, after the final curtain she sashayed regally up the aisle to tumultuous applause, and regaled us to our fan-hearts' content!

  • infomation

    • emily
    • 2007-03-29

    Hi, i'm emily sappington, dr. jhon's niece!!!!I'm Ginger Rogers diatent cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!My mom's name is barbra sappington. I miss Ginger ALOT!!!!


    • Nancy Paxton
    • 2007-02-23

    Why Ginger? Her vitality, her engaging personality which shines through every character she portrays, her ability to tackle everything from drama to comedy and farce, her singing, dancing and acting seamlessly, often all in the same film, are some of the reasons why I think she's one of the best. There are wonderful actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but few could do it all as Ginger could. I am intrigued and mesmerized when she is on the screen. I believe she was one of the hardest working actors from that era. It's amazing the amount of films she did consecutively which called for hundreds of hours practicing and performing complicated dance routines, along with singing and comedic acting. Fred Astaire and she had to repeat numbers several times to get them just right. Then they had to walk through all the dances again for the still photographers. Fred had many dance partners in his long career. He recalled in his autobiography that most of them would get rattled and cry by the demands of the dances, but not Ginger. She "NEVER cried". She'd just pick herself up, dust herself off, and start all over again (to paraphrase the song from Swingtime). What a gal! In addition to her wonderful career in those classic musicals, she worked with some of the top actors of the time in dramas, mysteries, musicals, and romantic comedies. When her movie career ended, she went back to the stage and was successful there. I truly thank Turner Classic Movies for showing so many of Ginger's films; the familiar ones and the gems that we may not have seen before - all uncut and commercial free, just as the audiences in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s enjoyed them.

  • Makes me Smile

    • Someone
    • 2007-02-18

    As others, I have fell in love with this actress. I really miss her, I wish she was stil alive and came on todays news. But she doesn't really anymore. But in a way she still lives. She lives in our hearts, minds, films and books. She still lives with lots of viger. I am one of the youth but I have fell in love with old Hollywood and I am very happy I did because otherwise I would have never been able to know Ginger Rogers and others. I enjoys eras 1900-1950. It is something diferent and not meny youth know this days anything about that time. They are missin out on lots of fun. Ginger Rogers has helped me fall in love with the eras and I will never forget that.!!!!!

  • I love her!!!!

    • Someone
    • 2007-02-18

    I think that she is one of Hollywoods best actors ever. Also I think that she should of won more Ascors. She is a very beautiful dancer, actress,singer, and a panter. Seems like she was put on this world to be an artist. It's like got created her just for that perpose. I have read her book and also she is a great story teller. She has some very funny stories and she is her self a very funny person and very nice. I have never herd of anyone talking bad of her. But what is their bad about her. That is why she is one of my favorite actors ever and I hope to see her on TCM more often. She is wonderful.!!!!!

  • Amazing, my favorite actress!

    • Catherine
    • 2007-02-15

    Ginger is simply an extraordinary actress and person. So much more than just part of the Astaire&Rogers duo. She could do virtually anything and has proved that in her many films. In my opinion, she is the most talented actress to ever live and so beautiful&delightful. It took me a while to look beyond just Ginger - the dancer, but now that I have I've found so much more in this immensely talented woman.

  • What couldn't she do?

    • BravesGal
    • 2007-02-10

    Every now and again I'll see a new(to me) Ginger film and I'm left in awe of her ability to do just about anything. Comedy, drama, not to mention singing and dancing - she could play any role. What's more, she was actually a decent human being. Her lifespan and mine barely intersected, but I miss her so.

  • Ginger's swell all around

    • grfan
    • 2007-02-09

    Ginger will be remembered for a long time, for her whole body of work. Read her autobiography, written at the end of a long, rich and full life. She was wonderful. Need more folks like her in the world.

  • Part of the best dance duo ever!

    • Chris Farmer
    • 2007-02-08

    Though Ginger Rogers will always be remebered for being part of the best dance duo ever, she has so much more to offer. Ginger was a superb comedic and dramatic actress (and has an Oscar to prove it). If you could look past her beautiful dancing and smile, you can see that she was a beautiful person as well.

  • Ginger makes my day when Iam down

    • 2006-12-12

    Love her in the moves wish she was still around

  • The Beautiful Ginger!

    • Catherine
    • 2006-11-21

    It doesn't matter how bad a mood I'm in, when I pop in a Ginger Rogers movie everything becomes better!I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.She is an amazing actress who today doesn't get the recognition she deserves!

  • Ginger makes me smile!

    • Cynthia
    • 2006-10-25

    I can get lost in her movies. Very relaxing and could watch her all day long!

  • Ginger Rogers, A great American Actress

    • Kelsea
    • 2006-06-04

    My headline basically says it all. Ginger Rogers was a great American Actress who will live on forever through her movies. Movies that will be seen for many generation to come and have survived thesed past decades.

  • Post Generation

    • Scott Plonski
    • 2006-05-02

    The best actress ever, by magnitudes. Her Films are timeless, they should be restored, and offered. Remakes fall short, and bury the scripts that Ginger turned into Classics.

  • A Class Act

    • SwingDancingRed
    • 2006-02-14

    She was a fantastic performer. Touching and talented--I could watch her dance all day.

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