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Lance H Robbins

Lance H Robbins


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Producer (feature film)

Mary Higgins Clark's A Crime of Passion (2005) as Executive Producer
When Frederica Dumay inherits half of her father's winery, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery when her partner's wife, who is also her good friend, is murdered.
Mary Higgins Clark's Try to Remember (2004) as Executive Producer
Detective Lisa Munroe returns to the home town she left to forget the death of her best friend fifteen years ago. Sadly, her return coincides with the parole of her friend's killer (Jake Mitchell) as well as a series of murders. At first, the suspect seems all too apparent, but further investigati
Mary Higgins Clark's I'll Be Seeing You (2004) as Executive Producer
Patricia Collins is pulled into two mysteries, discovering the identity of a dead woman who looks eerily like her and finding the truth behind the mysterious death of her own father. She attempts to clear his name for a murder but discovers many hidden family secrets and risks her own life for the t
Mary Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall (2004) as Executive Producer
Katie DeMaio is injured in a minor car accident and taken to Westlake hospital for the night. During her stay, Katie thinks she may have been a witness to a horrific crime but passes it off as a sleeping pill-induced nightmare. When Katie, who works for the District Attorney, begins investigating
Word of Honor (2003) as Executive Producer
Ben Tyson, a well-loved corporate executive and former army lieutenant in Vietnam, finds his current life as a family man, his career, and his reputation, jeopardized when a crime committed by three of his men during the war catches up with his present. Now he must defend his honor and find the one
Mary Higgins Clark's Before I Say Goodbye (2003) as Executive Producer
When her husband dies mysteriously, a woman is led into a vast web of deception. She hopes to find some element of truth with the help of two detectives and a psychic.
Mary Higgins Clark's We'll Meet Again (2002) as Executive Producer
A reporter tries to help her friend clear her name after serving time for the death of her husband. Having been unable to remember the events of the crime sent her to prison but now that she is free 6 years later, her memory starts to return and she knows the kiler is out there.
Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark's He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2002) as Executive Producer
When a egotistical stock broker dies in a bizarre golfing accident, he's given a chance at redemption by the powers above if he can reunite a family on Earth.
Sealed With a Kiss (2001) as Executive Producer
A maverick cop is assigned a serial murder case involving the deaths of several men seemingly at the hands of a woman. He finds all the victims have a common history of domestic violence. In the process of solving the case, he unlocks some dark secrets and finds that the line separating him from tho
Protector, The (1999) as Executive Producer
When the law fails to protect and serve, he takes over.
Macon County Jail (1999) as Executive Producer
Having lost her job in Los Angeles and ditching her unfaithful boyfriend, a woman finds herself stuck in middle-of-nowhere Macon County when her car and possessions are stolen by a hitch-hiker. Though completely innocent, she is thrown in jail for holding up a local store and she must fight for her
Champion's Fight: A Moment of Truth Movie, A (1998) as Co-Executive Producer
Julie Ellis is deeply involved with her high school sweetheart, Luke, even though her parents object that she has made a commitment at such a young age. That commitment only deepens when Luke becomes ill. Wanting to stay close to Luke and offer him comfort, Julie defies her parents' wishes to go awa
Someone to Love Me: A Moment of Truth Movie (1998) as Co-Executive Producer
Cayley Young, a confused teenager suffering from her father's recent death, looks for affection anywhere she can get it, which ruins her reputation and causes her to lose her best friend and a boy who truly cares for her. When she is raped by one of her dates, she finds that her past prevents people
Race Against Fear: A Moment of Truth Movie (1998) as Co-Executive Producer
Mickey Carlyle, a young track runner, aspires to be the perfect athlete after the sudden death of her father, a world-class runner. Determined to carry on her father's legacy, she turns her energies and trust to Coach Kurt Ansom. Her obsessive desire to be the best concerns her mother Margaret, who
Random Encounter (1998) as Executive Producer
Dead set on advancing her career, a young public relations executive suddenly finds herself involved in the murder of her biggest client.
Heist, The (1998) as Executive Producer
Crooks discover that the key to robbing safety-deposit boxes is distracting the ex-cop who monitors the drops via video camera.
Criminal Affairs (1998) as Executive Producer
Stranded in the Maine woods, a young couple learns the cruelty of escaped convict Clint Barker's when he takes them captive in a remote cabin.
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (1998) as Executive Producer
A sequel to the theatrical film "Richie Rich," about the wealthiest 12-year-old boy in the world. Richie Rich wishes he had never been born when his nasty cousin Reggie Van Dough destroys the neighborhood and loses a sleigh full of Christmas gifts meant for local orphans. Professor Keenbean invents
Casper Meets Wendy (1998) as Executive Producer
An animated adventure with Casper, the Friendly Ghost, and his pal Wendy the Witch.
Overdrive (1998) as Executive Producer
Ever since he lost his family in a terrible car accident, racecar driver Gary Stricker has become a reckless maniac on the track. Until he meets Wendy Sheehan, who gives him a reason to live again. But Wendy has a secret past and, she's got some killers hot on her trail.
Rusty: The Great Rescue (1998) as Executive Producer
Orphaned siblings go to live on their grandparents' farm.
Addams Family Reunion (1998) as Executive Producer
Television movie based on characters created by Charles Addams. Gomez discovers that his grandparents suffer from a disorder which makes them act more normal as they age. Gomez takes Grandma, Grandpa, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch and Thing to an Addams family reunion in the hope
Shadow of a Scream (1997) as Executive Producer
An attractive female undercover detective finds herself attracted to a suspected murderer.
Exception to the Rule (1997) as Executive Producer
After cheating on his pregnant wife during a business trip, a gems trader finds himself trapped in a blackmail plot.
My Brother's War (1997) as Executive Producer
Retired CIA agent Adam Hall has been called in to locate and neutralize Liam Fallon, an armed and dangerous renegade IRA terrorist who has begun a campaign of murder and mayhem designed to end the peace talks. Hall must employ the help of Liam's brother Gerry, a convicted terrorist responsible for k
Casper: A Spirited Beginning (1997) as Executive Producer
When a lost and confused Casper fails to show up for mandatory new ghost training, Kibosh, the monstrous head of Ghost Central Station, sends his sniveling assistant into the world of "fleshies" to find Casper and bring him back.
Scene of the Crime (1996) as Executive Producer
An unorthodox police lieutenant teams up with an actor who is studying serial killers in order to track a murderer.
Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1996) as Executive Producer
Detective Darcy Walker, whose alter ego is the masked crime fighter "Black Scorpion," becomes the guardian of Los Angeles when she takes on the twisted villain Gangster Prankster, a corrupt mayor, a mousy seismologist turned super villain named Aftershock, and a group of her old enemies recently spr
Not of This Earth (1996) as Executive Producer
An invader from outer space shows up on Earth as a "hip" middle-class man in order to collect the only remedy to the deadly disease that is wiping out his planet -- human blood.
Last Exit to Earth (1996) as Executive Producer
On a distant planet in the future, women are the dominant species and men have become docile, non-aggressive and sterile through genetic engineering. A group of women who are determined to save their utopian world plot to use an experimental time machine to kidnap potent males from the past and mate
Unlawful Passage (1996) as Executive Producer
A couple are held captive on their yacht by drug smugglers.
Profile For Murder (1996) as Executive Producer
A criminal psychologist falls under the spell of a rich, manipulative businessman suspected of being a serial killer who preys upon women with whom he has previously had a sexual encounter.
Lady Killer (1996) as Executive Producer
A down-on-his-luck police detective's depression about his lowly desk assignment is interrupted by a string of murders on his daughter's college campus. Taking matters into his own hands, he sets out to catch the killer with the help of an actor who is researching the role of a psycho killer.
Tracks of a Killer (1996) as Executive Producer
Business mogul David Hawkner and his wife are enjoying a quiet vacation by themselves at their isolated retreat. The serenity is broken when they become the targets of a handsome, crazed killer.
House of the Damned (1996) as Executive Producer
A young family moves from California to a mansion in Ireland that proves to be haunted with an evil force.
Hostile Intentions (1995) as Executive Producer
Three women on vacation in Mexico are arrested after committing a minor offense and end up having to fight for their survival.
Someone To Die For (1995) as Executive Producer
The story of a man who must find the strength to prove that he is not guilty of murder, at the same time expose the killer--who is someone to die for.
Midnight Heat (1995) as Executive Producer
A football player is framed for the murder of his team's owner, whose wife he happens to be sleeping with.
Criminal Hearts (1995) as Executive Producer
A jilted woman out for revenge picks up a hitchhiker running from police. An innocent road trip becomes mixed with passion and danger.
Death Artist, The (1995) as Executive Producer
When a hack artist accidentally kills a cat and covers the body in plaster, the "statue" is a hit and he becomes the darling of the art world that previously snubbed him. Now, in order to keep his success going, he turns to killing people and turning them into pieces of "art."
Terminal Virus (1995) as Executive Producer
After global nuclear, chemical and biological warfare destroys the ozone layer, horrible sickness overcomes what's left of humanity. As a result, men and women become toxic to one another, and genders separate and arm themselves to the teeth in order to protect against infection.
Bucket of Blood, A (1995) as Executive Producer
An aspiring artist finally gets some respect for his work when he concocts a "sculpture" that rockets him to the cutting-edge of modern art using a knife, a cat, and some plaster. With fame comes the need for increasingly ghastly materials for his art.
Hard Evidence (1995) as Executive Producer
A man becomes involved with a married woman who is smuggling drugs.
Star Quest (1995) as Executive Producer
Eight multinational representatives on their way to scout out a new home for the human race (the Earth being nearly depleted of its resources) awake from suspended animation to find their commander dead. Through confrontational and mutinous attempts to restabilize the mission, it is discovered that
Deadly Sins (1995) as Executive Producer
Young women wind up missing or dead at a religious school for girls.
Baby Face Nelson (1995) as Executive Producer
Story based on the life of famed gangster Baby Face Nelson, who, in 1920's Chicago, competed with Al Capone and John Dillinger in brutality and crime to become Public Enemy Number One.
Crazysitter, The (1995) as Executive Producer
When a petty criminal escapes from jail, she lays low by posing as a babysitter for two seemingly precious children. But when she decides to sell them for a quick profit, she gets more than she bargained for.
Wasp Woman (1995) as Executive Producer
A scientist offers an aging former model the rights to his incredible wasp-hormone youth serum, but there are some very strange side effects.
Not Like Us (1995) as Executive Producer
Once a mysterious brother and sister arrive in a serene and placid town, the locals begin dying, one after another. John and Joan are aliens from another planet who've come to Earth to experiment in skin grafts and transplants using humans; they turn their cellar into a lab full of vivisected townsf
BLACK SCORPION, THE (1995) as Executive Producer
A masked female crime fighter uses the techniques of "Batman" to bring criminals to justice.
Virtual Seduction (1995) as Executive Producer
A man who is shattered by the murder of his fiancee volunteers to be a test subject for the virtual-reality experimentation of a scientist. He flees reality to relive his past, undoing his fiancee's murder in his unconscious. When his fantasies become so addictive, he has to be shocked back into the
Beyond Suspicion (1994) as Executive Producer
While researching a story, an aggressive photojournalist finds herself at the scene of a cop's brutal slaying.
In the Heat of Passion II (1994) as Executive Producer
A woman who was confined to a wheelchair dies in what appears to be an accident. In fact, she was murdered by her adult daughter and husband, who are lovers. The couple has gotten away with murder, but when there are complications over her inheritance, mistrust between them surfaces and they begin p
Cheyenne Warrior (1994) as Executive Producer
A pregnant young woman and her husband are attacked by a gang of cutthroats while traveling west to escape the Civil War. Murdering her husband, the vicious outlaws abandon Rebecca to her fate in a remote trading post. But inside she finds a badly wounded Cheyenne warrior. What follows is a tender s
Under the Gun (1994) as Executive Producer
A cop needs his own protection when investigating a case where suspected felons are being brutally murdered.
Floating Outfit: Trigger Fast, The (1994) as Executive Producer
One year after the end of the Civil War, circa 1867, a group of southern troops in Mexico must be pardoned and then brought home in order to help rebuild the country.
Shadow of Obsession (1994) as Executive Producer
The life of a college professor is shattered when the young man who is obsessed with her fakes his own murder and frames her for the crime.
Deceptions II: Edge of Deception (1994) as Executive Producer
A voyeuristic detective gets wrapped up in a seductive reporter's world of passion and betrayal.
Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994) as Executive Producer
A series of bizarre serial killings occur after a therapist advises his patient that she and her husband should act out her sexual fantasies.
Reflections in the Dark (1994) as Executive Producer
A glamorous convicted murderer, who killed her pompous husband because "divorce would have broken his heart," is about to take the chair.
Honor Thy Father and Mother -- The True Story of the Menendez Murders (1994) as Executive Producer
A television movie about Lyle and Erik Menendez who killed their parents allegedly to collect their multi-million dollar inheritance. The brothers claimed they acted in self-defense following years of sexual, physical and mental abuse.
Just One of the Girls (1993) as Executive Producer
A high school boy disguises himself as a girl in order to hide from the school bully and develop a close relationship with a beautiful cheerleader.
Tomcat: Dangerous Desires (1993) as Executive Producer
An acclaimed dancer falls victim to a genetic flaw. Bound to a wheelchair with a deteriorating body, he is given a second chance via a radical experiment involving the injection of feline RNA into his system. Revived, he goes about life with a penchant for high locales and amoral behavior.
In the Shadows, Someone's Watching (1993) as Executive Producer
A series of strange "accidents" befall some of the children in a small town.
Under Investigation (1993) as Executive Producer
A jaded police officer searches for a sadistic murderer, all clues leading to a beautiful woman who stands to inherit $10 million in insurance money.
Flight From Justice (1993) as Executive Producer
A daredevil, hot-shot military pilot gets involved in a difficult rescue mission.
Black Ice (1992) as Executive Producer
A thriller set in the mid- and Northwest United States, about an undercover CIA operative who inadvertently kills the congressman she is assigned to have an affair with. Fleeing across country in a taxi cab, she is pursued by a CIA assassin out to eliminate her in order to save the Agency from being
Revenge on the Highway (1992) as Executive Producer
Based on the true story of a retired truck driver whose son is killed in a hit-and-run accident involving a truck. The father returns to the road to find his son's killer.
Round Trip to Heaven (1992) as Executive Producer
On a quest to locate a beautiful model two guys get caught up in a chase for a suitcase full of stolen cash.
Prey of the Chameleon (1992) as Executive Producer
An oil wildcatter becomes the victim of a female psychopath who undergoes chameleon-like transformations as she assumes the characteristics of her victims.
Backstreet Dreams (1990) as Executive Producer
A young hood tries to go clean for the sake of his autistic son.
Backstreet Dreams (1990) as Producer
A young hood tries to go clean for the sake of his autistic son.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Panic in the Skies (1996) as In-Flight Video Attendant

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Au Pair II (2001) as Executive Producer
Till Dad Do Us Part (2001) as Executive Producer
Ice Angel (2000) as Executive Producer
Taken (2000) as Executive Producer
Elian Gonzalez Story, The (2000) as Executive Producer
Final Ascent (2000) as Executive Producer
Rocket's Red Glare (2000) as Executive Producer
Saint Patrick, the Irish Legend (2000) as Executive Producer
Special Delivery (2000) as Executive Producer
Spiral Staircase, The (2000) as Executive Producer
Man Who Used to Be Me, The (2000) as Executive Producer
Time Share (2000) as Executive Producer
Eternal Revenge (2000) as Executive Producer
Heaven's Fire (1999) as Executive Producer
Darklings, The (1999) as Executive Producer
Requiem For Murder (1999) as Executive Producer
Error in Judgment (1999) as Executive Producer
Pact, The (1999) as Executive Producer
Fatal Affair (1999) as Executive Producer
Don't Look Behind You (1999) as Executive Producer
Two of Hearts (1999) as Executive Producer
Au Pair (1999) as Executive Producer
Free Fall (1999) as Executive Producer
Silver Wolf (1999) as Executive Producer
Dangerous Waters (1999) as Executive Producer
Michael Jordan: An American Hero (1999) as Executive Producer
Twist of Fate (1999) as Executive Producer
Love On The Edge (1999) as Executive Producer
Like Father, Like Santa (1998) as Executive Producer
Christmas Reunion, A (1998) as Executive Producer
Voyage of Terror (1998) as Executive Producer
Catch Me If You Can (1998) as Executive Producer
Earthquake in New York (1998) as Executive Producer
Perfect Little Angels (1998) as Executive Producer
Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (1998) as Executive Producer
National Lampoon's Men in White (1998) as Executive Producer
Sweet Deception (1998) as Executive Producer
Kiss of a Stranger (1997) as Executive Producer

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Les Miserables (2001) as Executive In Charge Of Production (Fox Family Channel)

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