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Cast (feature film)

Strictly Dishonorable (1951) as Stagehand
An opera star risks disaster when he marries a lovesick fan.
The Great Caruso (1951) as Electrician
The legendary opera singer fights to win his place in society.
Show Boat (1951) as Drunk
Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
No Questions Asked (1951) as Bartender
A young lawyer''''s primrose path to success gets him framed for murder.
Excuse My Dust (1951) as Stablehand
An inventor''''s new automobile could put his girlfriend''''s livery stable out of business.
The Tall Target (1951) as Politician
A detective tries to prevent the assassination of President Lincoln during a train ride.
Inside Straight (1951) as Broker
A tycoon rises to the top in 19th-century San Francisco through greed and corruption.
Good Sam (1948) as Whispering usher/Politician
A family man helps out people in need and ends up broke in the process.
That's My Gal (1947) as Stagehand
Two sharpie promoters (Don Barry and Frank Jenks) put on a show they believe is so bad it will not play more than one day and they therefore will not have to pay the long list of investors,i.e, suckers and buyers. But one of the investors dies intestate and his interests pass to the state. The governor's secretary (Lynne Roberts) engages new talent (the Four Step Brothers, Guadalajara Trio, St. Clair & Vilvoa, Dolores and Don Graham, et al) and a new orchestra (Jan Savitt), in order to make the show successful and a profitable investment for the state. Barry (in another of the vast majority of his films in which he was not billed as Don "Red" Barry), who has fallen in love with the first-billed Roberts, reforms and buys up the surplus stock.
Song of Love (1947) as Stage manager
True story of Clara Schumann''''s battle to save husband Robert''''s health and resist the romantic overtures of Johannes Brahms.
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947) as Crandall
Dick Tracy tracks down a bank robber using nerve gas.
Fun on a Weekend (1947) as Oswald J. Nicholl
Penniless strangers team up to fleece the rich.
The Perils of Pauline (1947) as Western saloon set bartender
The world''''s worst actress rises to stardom as serial queen Pearl White.
No Leave, No Love (1946) as Hotel clerk
During a whirlwind two-day pass in New York, a sailor falls in love with an Englishwoman.
Girl on the Spot (1946) as
Eleven Gilbert & Sullivan numbers are melded within the murder-mystery plot of "Girl on the Spot", with a result that either G&S and/or the plot are always seemingly on stage-wait or in the wings awaiting a cue. Lois Collier is the girl-on-the-spot of the title because she was on the scene of a murder. The police conclude she didn't do it and they use her to set a trap for the real killer, a G&S addict, by financing a Broadway production starring Collier. The police department evidently found the money for financing a Broadway show under "Misc.Expenses" in the city budget.
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) as
Years after a murder drove them apart, an heiress tries to win back her lost love.
Bringing Up Father (1946) as Calendar man
Wife Wanted (1946) as Arthur Mayfield
Career-slipping movie star Carole Raymond (Kay Francis) buys in as a real estate partner of Jeff Caldwell (Paul Cavanagh). Actually, through his secretary, Nola Reed (Veda Ann Borg), Caldwell runs a matrimonial bureau and, with the aid of his associate, Lee Kirby (John Gallaudet), they defraud and blackmail a large group of lonely people. Carole, unknowingly, is used as bait for one of their victims, Walter Desmond (Barton Yarborough), who "commits suicide." Reporter William Tyler (Robert Shayne) thinks otherwise and, posing as a rich rancher, contacts Miss Raymond. The latter, now being blackmailed by Caldwell, is forced to persuade Tyler to invest in a fraudulent oil deal. In her own attempt to break the racket, Carole uncovers Mildred Hayes (Teala Loring), another innocent victim of the Desmond case. Despite leading each other on for their own purposes, Carole and Tyler fall in love and combine their efforts.
The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946) as Process server
Two producers and their girls look for a backer for their big show.
Man from Rainbow Valley (1946) as Hizzoner, the Mayor
Monte Hale (Monte Hale), cowboy creator of the popular comic strip featuring "Outlaw", the wild horse,is as fond of the real horse as his thousands of fans are of the comic strip version. When unscrupulous rodeo promoter Colonel Winthrop (Ferris Taylor) gets the idea of capturing "Outlaw" and making him a show horse, his niece Kay North (Adrian Booth) tricks Monte into believing she is a writer assigned to do an article on the real horse. With her help, Winthrop's henchmen Tracy (Bud Geary) and Lafe (Kenne Duncan) capture the horse, thus leaving unprotected the colt, "Shadow", and the herd of mares, against the wild animals who attack them when their protector is missing. Furious at the theft of the horse, Monte goes to the Winthrop Rodeo and, with the help of his kid sister, Ginny (Jo Ann Marlowe) and Locoweed (Emmett Lynn), an elderly comic-strip fan, rescues the horse.
The Missing Lady (1946) as Waldo
Lawyer-superhero Lamont Cranston searches for a stolen statue that could solve an art dealer''''s murder.
Little Giant (1946) as Bartender
Lou Costello plays a country bumpkin vacuum-cleaner salesman, working for the company run by the crooked Bud Abbott. To try to keep him under his thumb, Abbott convinces Costello that he's a crackerjack salesman. This comedy is somewhat like "The Time of Their Lives," in that Abbott and Costello don't have much screen time together and there are very few vaudeville bits woven into the plot.
Rendezvous 24 (1946) as Herr Kompenik
Decoy (1946) as Bartender
A woman saves her gangster boyfriend from the gas chamber to get her hands on his hidden money.
Sing While You Dance (1946) as Jerome Smith
A struggling lyricist befriends a composer''''s widow.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945) as Cop
A pair of wacky lackeys try to take Tinseltown by storm.
Lady on a Train (1945) as Fat man
A young woman enlists a mystery writer to help her solve a murder when the corpse vanishes.
Swingin' on a Rainbow (1945) as Drunk
A young girl goes to New York to find a bandleader who has stolen all the songs she wrote and is passing them off as his own. She soon meets and falls in love with a struggling young songwriter who has his own problems.
Shady Lady (1945) as Male clerk
Bedside Manner (1945) as George Hastings
Blonde from Brooklyn (1945) as Drunk
An aspiring singer masquerades as a Southern belle to get a radio job.
Where Do We Go from Here? (1945) as Dutch councilman
Bill wants to join the Army, but he's 4F so he asks a wizard to help him, but the wizard has slight problems with his history knowlege, so he sends Bill everywhere in history, but not to WWII.
Lost Angel (1944) as Man with spaghetti
A girl raised to be a genius gets lost and discovers the simple pleasure of life.
Shine on Harvest Moon (1944) as Drunk
Song-filled look behind the scenes of vaudeville, based on the lives of Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.
The Falcon Out West (1944) as Charlie
A society sleuth turns cowboy to investigate a Texas murder.
The Princess and the Pirate (1944) as Drunk pirate's companion
A cowardly knight rescues a disguised princess from pirates.
Sensations of 1945 (1944) as Photographer
Music in Manhattan (1944) as Fat man
An actress''''s publicist starts a rumor that she''''s a war hero''''s secret bride.
Quiet Please Murder (1943) as Husband
Hi Diddle Diddle (1943) as Fat man
When the bride's mother is supposedly swindled out of her money by a spurned suitor, the groom's father orchestrates a scheme of his own to set things right. He is aided by a cabaret singer, while placating a jealous wife.
Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942) as Bartender
A radio correspondent tries to rescue a burlesque queen from her marriage to a Nazi official.
I Married an Angel (1942) as Board member
A playboy drops his many girlfriends when he falls in love with a grounded angel.
My Favorite Spy (1942) as Man in park
Bandleader Kay Kyser leaves his bride at the altar to help catch international spies.
Grand Central Murder (1942) as Switchboard man
A detective investigates an actress's murder in a train car.
The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942) as Guldschreschts
Tennessee Johnson (1942) as
Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Dr. Renault's Secret (1942) as Proprietor
A young man visits his fiancée in a remote French villa where her scientist father (George Zucco) resides. There he meets Noel (J. Carrol Naish), Dr. Renault's mysterious assistant, who has a strange attraction to Renault's daughter. Soon he learns Noel's true identity: he is an ape that was turned into a man by Renault's bizarre experiments!
Cairo (1942) as Sleepy man
A war correspondent in Egypt thinks a screen star on tour is a spy.
My Sister Eileen (1942) as Drunk
Two sisters - one smart, one pretty - move to New York to build careers.
Fingers at the Window (1942) as Krum
A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.
Three Girls About Town (1941) as Guest
Sisters working at a hotel try to hide a dead body before the next convention arrives.
Birth of the Blues (1941) as Fat man in theater
Jeff grows up near Basin Street in New Orleans, playing his clarinet with the dock workers. He puts together a band, the Basin Street Hot-Shots, which includes a cornet player, Memphis. They struggle to get their jazz music accepted by the cafe society of the city. Betty Lou joins their band as a singer and gets Louie to show her how to do scat singing. Memphis and Jeff both fall in love with Betty Lou.
Bachelor Daddy (1941) as Louie
Love Crazy (1941) as Man at front desk
A businessman concocts a series of harebrained schemes to keep his wife from divorcing him.
Time Out for Rhythm (1941) as Drunk
The producers of a musical each hire different women to star.
Ride, Kelly, Ride (1941) as Fat man
You're the One (1941) as Man in wheelchair
There's Magic in Music (1941) as Policeman
Washington Melodrama (1941) as Cabbie
A philanthropic businessman is framed for murder during a lobbying trip to Washington.
Women Without Names (1940) as Ogrim
Construction engineer Fred MacNeil (Robert Paige) meets waitress Joyce King (Ellen Drew) at a hamburger stand and she accepts his invitation to see her home. Joyce is unaware she is being trailed by two detectives on the trail of her former husband, Walter Ferris (John McGuire). Joyce tells Fred that her ex-husband is a wanted criminal, but Fred waves aside her objections and they make plans to marry and honeymoon in Tennessee. Following the wedding, they return to the house after Ferris, accompanied by Peggy Athens (Judith Barrett), has broken in. Caught by Detective Reardon (Thomas E. Jackson), Ferris kills the officer and escapes. McNeil and Joyce arrive immediately afterwards and are accused of the killing by the neighbors. John Marlin (John Miljan), assistant District Attorney, railroads the lovers because he wants to use their prosecution to boost his drive for the District Attorney post.Fred is sentenced to hang and Joyce is given life in prison.
Keeping Company (1940) as Bert Crouch
A young man's engagement is jeopardized by the return of an old girlfriend.
The Mortal Storm (1940) as Fat man in cafe
The Third Reich's rise tears apart a German family.
Sandy Gets Her Man (1940) as Clerk
Yesterday's Heroes (1940) as Dave
Honolulu (1939) as Guest
A movie star trades places with a Hawaiian plantation owner.
Code of the Streets (1939) as Joe
The Man in the Iron Mask (1939) as Athos
The Three Musketeers rescue the king''''s unjustly imprisoned twin.
Fast and Furious (1939) as Bartender
Married book-dealers Joel and Garda Sloane get mixed up with murder during a beauty pageant .
Inside Story (1939) as Hopkins
Hotel Imperial (1939) as Fat comic
It is the fate of a small frontier town, adjoining the no-man's-land where the Russians and Austrians are fighting out one of the final campaigns of World War I, to be occupied one day by the Russians, the next by the Austrians, and the inhabitants soon acquire a complacent view of the changing allegiances. To the town comes Ann Warschaska (Isa Miranda), intent on aveninging the suicide of her sister, who has killed herself after being betrayed by an Austrian officer. She knows no more about his identity than the number of his room at the "Hotel Imperial". She gets a job at the hotel as a maid but soon combines this work with modeling, when an eccentric Russian, General Videnko (Reginald Owen), with a passion for painting asks her to pose for him. Breaking into the fatal Room 12, she finds Lt. Nenassey (Ray Milland), a young Austrian officer who has taken refuge there after being separated from the army. Thinking him the betrayer of her sister, she plans to hand him over to the occupying-Russians, but relents when she learns that there are two Room 12's. The man actually guilty of the crime is a Russian spy who holds a commission in the Austrian army. Believing him to be a fellow-soldier in distress, Nenassey makes plans to help him escape, but finds out at the last minute that he is a Russian spy. A strange turn events allows Nenassey to aid Anna in her mission and rid his country of a dangerous enemy at the same time. General Videnko, meanwhile, is giving a grand-style banquet for the man who will never be able to attend another.
Another Thin Man (1939) as Cookie
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) as Hotel clerk
A Japanese spy tries to stop secret agents from blowing up the Suez Canal to trigger world war.
Nurse Edith Cavell (1939) as George Moulin
English nurse Edith Cavell is matron in a small private hospital in German-occupied Brussels during WWI. When the son of a recently deceased patient escapes from a German prisoner-of-war camp, Cavell aids him to reach Holland and safety. This leads to Cavell, a local noblewoman, the grandmother of the escaped prisoner-of-war, and others to form an organization to help Belgian, French, English and other soldiers escape as well. Eventually the Germans become aware of what's happening and take action.
Rose of Washington Square (1939) as Mr. Paunch
A singer struggles to keep her criminal boyfriend from trouble.
They Made Me a Criminal (1939) as Hendricks
A young boxer flees to farming country when he thinks he's killed an opponent in the ring.
Man About Town (1939) as Petitioner
Producer Bob Temple, who's brought an American show to London, loves his star Diana, but she won't take him seriously as a lover. To show her, he picks up stranger Lady Arlington, whose financier husband neglects her. On a weekend at the Arlington country house, Bob is used by both Lady A. and her friend to make their husbands jealous; this works all too well, and Bob is in danger from both husbands.
Disbarred (1939) as Brimmer's witness
Keep Smiling (1938) as Prop man
Jane breaks into the film business while also reviving the flagging career of her film director uncle (Wilcoxon) and getting him hooked up with his secretary (Stuart).
The Arkansas Traveler (1938) as Optimistic hobo
Rascals (1938) as
A Gypsy band takes lots of stuff but always in a good cause. Led by Jane Withers, they pick up a socialite (Hundson) who has amnesia. She works as a fortune teller and raises enough money for an operation to regain her memory.
International Settlement (1938) as Lord Fauntleroy
The Great Waltz (1938) as Vogelhuber
Composer Johann Strauss risks his marriage over his infatuation with a beautiful singer.
Stolen Heaven (1938) as Wenzel
Romance on the Run (1938) as Happy drunk
Algiers (1938) as Bertier
A thief on the run from the law risks his life for love.
Change of Heart (1938) as Plumber
Five of a Kind (1938) as Big man
The Jury's Secret (1938) as Juror Hackenmier
Bill Sheldon (Larry J. Blake as Larry Blake) has a grudge against Midland City newspaper publisher Brandon Williams (Samuel S. Hinds) as Sheldon blames the city's recent flood against Williams for using his power and influence to hold up government flood control money. When Williams is found murdered, Sheldon is charged with the crime that was actually committed by Walter Russell (Kent Taylor), the paper's rebel editorial writer. Ney York reporter Linda Ware (Fay Wray) arrives to cover the story and finds that Russell, her old sweetheart, is on the jury hearing Sheldon's trial. She also discovers that he is the killer. Russell forces an acquittal and, before another trial can be held, realizes that his conscience will not permit him to let Sheldon be tried again.
Walking Down Broadway (1938) as Stage manager
A Slight Case of Murder (1938) as Speakeasy proprietor
A gangster finds the straight life ain't so simple.
Say It in French (1938) as Waiter
Sharpshooters (1938) as Landlord
Saratoga (1937) as Passenger on train
A horse breeder''''s daughter falls for a bookie.
Double Wedding (1937) as Shrank
A dress designer tries to break her sister's engagement to a free-living artist, only to discover the man is falling for her instead.
God's Country and the Woman (1937) as Kewpie
A lady lumberjack falls for one of her workers, not realizing it's a business rival in disguise.
The Girl Said No (1937) as Sugar Plum
Prescription for Romance (1937) as Sergeant Toberay
Sing While You're Able (1937) as Blodgett
This Way Please (1937) as Wagon driver
Beg Borrow or Steal (1937) as Mr. Thompson
Con men on the Riviera live by their wits.
Mannequin (1937) as Schwartz
A small-time crook's wife falls for a shipping magnate.
The Good Old Soak (1937) as Mike
A small-town drunk catches a temperance campaigner in dirty dealings.
Married Before Breakfast (1937) as Waiter
A madcap inventor tries to market a razor-less shaving cream.
Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937) as Ship's bartener
Mr Moto encounters mysterious goings-on on a ship bound for Shanghai. He recognises his steward as the murderer of a man in San Francisco, and catches him trying to steal an important letter from the stateroom of another passenger, Robert Hitchings. Hitchings, son of the owner of the shipping line, falls in love with Gloria, who refuses to tell him anything about her life and disappears when they arrive in Shanghai. In Shanghai, Mr Moto uncovers the secret which links the murder in San Francisco, the mysterious letter, and Gloria.
The Emperor's Candlesticks (1937) as Porter
Spies on opposite sides fall in love in pre-revolutionary Russia.
Fury (1936) as Waiter
An innocent man escapes a lynch mob then returns for revenge.
Hollywood Boulevard (1936) as Scenarist
Mister Cinderella (1936) as
A timid young man longs to enter high society.
Love Before Breakfast (1936) as Fat man
A Park Avenue beauty plays two suitors against each other.
The Gorgeous Hussy (1936) as Major domo
President Andrew Jackson's friendship with an innkeeper's daughter spells trouble for them both.
Love Before Breakfast (1936) as The host
A Park Avenue beauty plays two suitors against each other.
San Francisco (1936) as Freddie Duane
A beautiful singer and a battling priest try to reform a Barbary Coast saloon owner in the days before the big earthquake.
Sons O' Guns (1936) as Vogel
A song-and-dance man gets caught up in war and espionage.
Goin' to Town (1935) as Buck's cowboy
When her fiancée Buck Gonzales is killed, dance hall queen Cleo Borden inherits his wealth. Included are oil wells supervised by British engineer Carrington, whom Cleo sets out to win by becoming a "lady." She races her horse in Buenos Aires, gains social position by loveless marriage to bankrupt Colton, and even sings in an opera. But when she meets Carrington again, he's become the Earl of Stratton...
Guard That Girl (1935) as Ellwood
Bad Boy (1935) as Customer
Poolroom ace Dunn marries his girlfriend Wilson but cant find work so he sends her back to her family. Things improve after he catches some crooks.
Traveling Saleslady (1935) as Harry
A toothpaste tycoon''''s daughter joins his rival to teach him a lesson.
Three Women (1935) as
Public Hero No. 1 (1935) as Salesman
An undercover G-man helps with a jailbreak to learn the mob''''s secrets.
Age of Indiscretion (1935) as Rotarian
A moralistic publisher discovers his wife is cheating on him.
Shadow of Doubt (1935) as Detective
Murder charges threaten an actress's marriage plans.
Shadow of Doubt (1935) as Detective
Murder charges threaten an actress's marriage plans.
Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Burly man
A scientist named Hunter Hawk invents a device that can turn flesh to stone. While celebrating his discovery he becomes involved with a half naked leprechaun. On a trip to New York, Hunter and Meg (the leprechaun) decide to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and turn all of the Statues of Greek Gods into people. What follows in a drunken romp around New York with Medusa's severed head still in Perseus' hand.
Society Doctor (1935) as Fat man
When his pioneering ideas cause problems, a hospital doctor goes into private practice.
Here Comes the Band (1935) as Salesman
A songwriters takes on the corrupt publisher who stole his music.
The Thin Man (1934) as Foster
A husband-and-wife detective team takes on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts.
I Give My Love (1934) as Bartender
Paris Interlude (1934) as Noble
Expatriates and foreign correspondents mix in a Paris bistro.
Marrying Widows (1934) as His partner
The Firebird (1934) as First cop
A young girl''''s secret romance is exposed when her lover is murdered.
Handy Andy (1934) as Phil
A druggist lets his socially ambitious wife convince him to pursue the high life.
The Girl from Missouri (1934) as Willie
A gold-digging chorus girl tries to keep her virtue while searching for a rich husband.
Little Man, What Now? (1934) as Robust man
Impoverished newlyweds travel from the country to Berlin to find success. At first, things look rosy, but when the Pinnebergs discover that the husband's stepmother--with whom they are now living--is a notorious madame, groom and pregnant bride must take to the road.
Half a Sinner (1934) as Bloomfield
Only Yesterday (1933) as
Hallelujah I'm a Bum (1933) as John
A tramp rescues the mayor's girlfriend from a suicide attempt.
Rafter Romance (1933) as Drunk in boarding house hallway
A salesgirl falls for a night worker without realizing they share the same apartment.
Easy Millions (1933) as
Daring Daughters (1933) as Joby Johnson
Secret Sinners (1933) as
Love Me Tonight (1932) as Emile
A Parisian tailor falls in love with a princess.
Night World (1932) as Tommy
"Happy" MacDonald and his unfaithful wife own a Prohibition era night club. On this eventful night, he is threatened by bootleggers, and the club's star dancer falls in love with a young socialite who drinks to forget a personal tragedy, among other incidents.
The Impatient Maiden (1932) as Mr. Gillman
Hotel Continental (1932) as Charlie Layton
The Pride of the Legion (1932) as Souse
Bird of Paradise (1932) as Hector
An island visitor falls for a Polynesian beauty slated for sacrifice to the gods.
Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) as Paul
A mad doctor tries to mix human and gorilla blood with deadly results.
Call Her Savage (1932) as Man who does pick up Nasa
A Texas gal storms her way through life, brawling and boozing until her luck runs out, forcing her to learn the errors of her ways.
Evenings for Sale (1932) as Otto Volk
Leftover Ladies (1931) as
Bad Sister (1931) as Wade Trumbull
Marianne falls in love with con man Valentine who uses their relation to get her father's endorsement on a money-raising scheme. He runs off with the money and Marianne, later dumping her. Her sister Laura loves Dr. Lindley although she knows he loves Marianne. Marianne returns and marries a wealthy young man, and Lindley turns his love toward Laura.
Three Girls Lost (1931) as
Architect Gordon Wales finds fellow apartmenthouse resident Joan Marsh locked out and flirts with her. When she is murdered evidence points to him. He and Joan's roommate Noreen become involved.
Viennese Nights (1931) as Gus
Six Cylinder Love (1931) as Harold Rogers
Troubles begin for the Sterlings when they buy an expensive car. Friends press them for rides; Marilyn has an accident which Gilbert must get $5,000 from his boss to pay for. They finally sell the car to the janitor.
Compromised (1931) as Tony
Arrowsmith (1931) as Bert Tozer
A crusading doctor fights his way through tragedy to find his true calling.
Liliom (1930) as Wolf
Lawful Larceny (1930) as French
A wife seeks revenge against the owner of a gambling operation.
Captain Thunder (1930) as Pablo
A Mexican bandit kidnaps a wedding party.
Hold Everything (1930) as Nosey Bartlett
No, No, Nanette (1930) as Bill Early
The Princess and the Plumber (1930) as Albert Bowers
Song of the Flame (1930) as Count Boris
This was a screen version of the 1925 operetta by Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach,Herbert Stohart, and George Gershwin. The story of the movie is about a peasant ( Bernice Claire ) who is known as "The Flame" who leads a revolution in Russia. This peasant who is in love with a Russian prince (Alexander Gray) saves his life by agreeing to sacrifice her virginity to an evil fellow-conspirtator (Noah Beery).This was an all Technicolor musical which was had a sequence in Vitascope (a Warner Brother's wide screen process)
The Desert Rider (1929) as Friar Bernardo
A pony express rider tracks the outlaws who robbed him.
So Long Letty (1929) as Tommy Robbins
An eccentric wife lets a more conventional type take her place to meet the in-laws.
The Show of Shows (1929) as Father
Warner Bros. stars perform a series of musical and dramatic sketches.
Young Nowheres (1929) as Mr. Jesse
The Time, the Place, and the Girl (1929) as Butter & egg man
The Argyle Case (1929) as Joe
A homicide cop investigates the murder of a multimillionaire.
Twin Beds (1929) as Edward J. Small
The Last Warning (1929) as Mike
A producer decides to reopen a theater, that had been closed five years previously when one of the actors was murdered during a performance, by staging a production of the same play with the remaining members of the original cast.
Under the Black Eagle (1928) as Hans Schmidt
Wickedness Preferred (1928) as Homer Burton
A Certain Young Man (1928) as Mr. Crutchley
Telling the World (1928) as Lane
Honeymoon (1928) as Bert
In this comedy, a jilted lover gets even by giving his ex-girlfriend and her new groom a police dog for a wedding present. The K-9 has been specially trained to attack anyone who touches his mistress, the bride. The fur really flies when the newlyweds attempt to go on their honeymoon. Things get better when the protective dog falls madly in love with a pretty white kitty.
The Crowd (1928) as Bert
In this silent film, an office worker deals with the simple joys and tragedies of married life.
The Latest From Paris (1928) as Bert Blevins
Romance blossoms between salespersons from feuding dress companies.
Riders of the Dark (1928) as Sheriff Snodgrass
A lieutenant from the U. S. Cavalry is assigned to bring law and order to a frontier town ruled by a gang of cattle rustlers.
The Taxi Dancer (1927) as Charlie Cook
Card shark Lee Rogers overhears Joselyn Poe crying in her furnished room. She is trying to get a dancing job in New York without any luck. He gets her a job as a taxi dancer through which she meets chorus girl Kitty who introduces her to all sorts of cads. Meanwhile Lee, who realizes he loves her, decides to go straight
Tillie the Toiler (1927) as Bill
Twelve Miles Out (1927) as Luke
Jerry always wins in his rivalry with Red over women, gunrunning, and diamond smuggling. While running booze into the U.S. during Prohibition, Jerry seizes Jane''s seaside home. When she tries to turn him in, he kidnaps her and her fiance John. Jane, now in love with Jerry, must watch as Jerry and Red shoot it out on board Jerry''s boat.
The Flaming Forest (1926) as Sloppy
Tin Hats (1926) as "Dutch" Krausmeyer
Money Talks (1926) as Oscar Waters
A man facing financial ruin attempts to win back his wife who is considering a divorce.
The Denial (1925) as Arthur
A woman''''s life is ruined by her over-protective mother.
Excuse Me (1925) as Jimmy Wellington
Don't (1925) as Uncle Nat
A Lady of Quality (1924) as Sir Christopher Crowell
Excitement (1924) as Toby
The Storm Daughter (1924) as Olaf Swensen
High Speed (1924) as Dick Farrell
The Flirt (1922) as Wade Trumble
The Black Bag (1922) as Mulready
A Small Town Idol (1921) as Martin Brown
A young man in a small town is accused of being a thief. Unable to prove his innocence, he leaves town and goes to Hollywood to become an actor.
The Millionaire (1921) as Bobo Harmsworth
The Rowdy (1921) as Howard Morse
Down on the Farm (1920) as Her Father
When The Sportive Banker comes to collect the mortgage from The Girl's Father, he proposes that The Girl could be bartered for the payment. However, The Girl is in love with The Rustic Sweetheart, and to foil The Sportive Banker's plans, she forges a letter purporting that she has been compromised by The Man of Mystery.
Yankee Doodle in Berlin (1919) as Von Hindenburg
A U.S. spy infiltrates the German Army disguised as a woman.

Cast (short)

Happily Buried (1939)
In this short film, two heirs of competing waffle iron companies are getting married, but call off the wedding when they can''''t agree on the shape of the new iron.
Echo Mountain (1936)
In this musical short, a guide leads several tourists up a beautiful mountain in Switzerland. Vitaphone Release 7633-7634.
Things You Never See on the Screen (1935)
This short film presents a series of bloopers from various Warner Bros. productions.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1925 Studio Tour (1925)
This short film provides a silent tour of MGM studios in 1925.
Hearts and Flowers (1919)
Complications ensue in this short silent comedy when an orchestra leader falls in love with a flower girl.

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