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Leah Rhodes

Leah Rhodes



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Costume-Wardrobe (feature film)

Rio Lobo (1970) as Costume Design
A Civil War veteran searches for the traitor behind a friend's death.
5 Card Stud (1968) as Costumes
A mysterious killer stalks the players from a card game that ended in violence.
Good Times (1967) as Costumes
Singers Sonny and Cher try to find the perfect script for their movie debut.
Picture Mommy Dead (1966) as Costumes
A woman is released from an asylum after the shock suffered during the death of her mother.
Tickle Me (1965) as Costume Design
A singing cowboy signs on with an all-woman dude ranch.
Village of the Giants (1965) as Costumes
Delinquent teens ingest a substance and grow to 30 feet tall, then proceed to take over a small town.
Kings Go Forth (1958) as Costume Design
Two American soldiers vie for the same woman in World War II France.
Valerie (1957) as Ward consultant
A rancher has to prove that he didn''''t kill his wife''''s parents.
Forty Guns (1957) as Costume Design
An authoritarian rancher, who rules an Arizona county with her private posse of hired guns, finds herself falling for the new marshal who comes to set things straight.
So This Is Love (1953) as Wardrobe
Opera singer Grace Moore turns to popular music when her dreams of a classical career fail to materialize.
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953) as Costumes
Lester and Orville accidentally launch a rocket which is supposed to fly to Mars. Instead it goes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. They are then forced by bank robber Mugsy and his pal Harry to fly to Venus where they find a civilization made up entirely of women, men having been banished.
The Lone Hand (1953) as Costumes
The Desert Song (1953) as Wardrobe
A French professor secretly leads a band of desert freedom fighters.
April in Paris (1953) as Wardrobe
A bureaucrat's mistake sends a chorus girl to Paris representing American theatre in place of a star actress.
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) as Wardrobe
A small-town girl's love life goes ballistic when her sweetheart returns from World War I.
I'll See You In My Dreams (1952) as Wardrobe
Songwriter Gus Kahn fights to make his name, then has to fight again to survive the Depression.
Room for One More (1952) as Wardrobe
A family with three children takes in troubled orphans.
About Face (1952) as Wardrobe
Two military school cadets discover their best friend is married.
The Winning Team (1952) as Wardrobe
Baseball great Grover Cleveland Alexander fights his way back from a blinding injury.
Bugles in the Afternoon (1952) as Wardrobe
Old enemies stationed together at an Army post vie for the same woman.
Come Fill the Cup (1951) as Wardrobe
Alcoholic newspaperman Lew Marsh hits bottom, loses his job and is rehabilitated by Charley Dolan. After six years on the wagon he gets his job back and devotes himself to other recovering alcoholics. His boss enlists his help to sober up his nephew, Boyd Copeland, who has married Lew's old sweetheart. Boyd, who is involved with a cabaret singer and the mob, presents quite a challenge.
The Mark of the Renegade (1951) as Costumes
Strangers on a Train (1951) as Wardrobe
A man's joking suggestion that he and a chance acquaintance trade murders turns deadly.
Starlift (1951) as Wardrobe
An actress and an air transport crewman fall in love in this star-studded salute to the Korean war.
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951) as Wardrobe
An actress champions the cause of a man whom she believes has been falsely accused of murdering his wife.
The Golden Horde (1951) as Gowns
In 1220, a small band of English crusaders arrives at Samarkand in Central Asia, just as the city and its ruling princess are threatened by the hordes of Genghis Khan. Lovely Princess Shalimar hopes to thwart the conqueror by guile, while Sir Guy wants to put up a brave (if ultimately hopeless) fight. Despite a mutual attraction, their conflicting projects threaten any hope of success either might have had alone. Fast-moving; bears little relation to history.
Only the Valiant (1951) as Wardrobe
Capt. Richard Lance (Gregory Peck) is unjustly held responsible, by his men & girlfriend, for an Indian massacre death of beloved Lt. Holloway. Holloway (Gig Young) is killed while escorting a dangerous Indian chief to another fort's prison. The chief escapes. Knowing their fort is in danger of Indian attack, Lance takes a small group of army misfits to an abandoned nearby army fort to defend a mountain pass against the oncoming Indian assault. Their mission is to stall for time until reinforcements from another fort arrive. The men in this small group of malcontents, deserters, psychopaths & cowards all hate Capt. Lance & wish him dead. Much to their chagrin, the men recognize that Lance's survival instincts, military knowledge & leadership are the only chance the group has of staying alive.
The Breaking Point (1950) as Wardrobe
A desperate fishing boat captain rents his ship to some gunmen on the lam.
Tea for Two (1950) as Wardrobe
An heiress has to say no to every question for 24 hours if she wants to star on Broadway.
Chain Lightning (1950) as Wardrobe
A reckless jet pilot goes to work for a demanding aviation tycoon.
Bright Leaf (1950) as Wardrobe
Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.
Three Secrets (1950) as Wardrobe
A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.
Backfire (1950) as Miss Mayo's gowns by
A veteran tries to clear an old friend of a murder charge.
Night unto Night (1949) as Wardrobe
A terminally ill scientist seeks comfort from a mentally disturbed widow.
The Story of Seabiscuit (1949) as Wardrobe
Fictionalized account of the legendary racehorse's training and triumphs.
Task Force (1949) as Wardrobe
A naval officer devotes his life to the development of the aircraft carrier.
One Sunday Afternoon (1949) as Wardrobe
A dentist in turn-of-the-century New York thinks he may have married the wrong girl.
White Heat (1949) as Wardrobe
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
Adventures of Don Juan (1949) as Wardrobe
The legendary lover saves his queen from treason.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) as Wardrobe
A vaudeville clown neglects his family while fighting for stardom.
Colorado Territory (1949) as Wardrobe
An outlaw just released from prison is sucked back into a life of crime in this remake of High Sierra.
The Girl from Jones Beach (1949) as Wardrobe
An artist discovers a real-life version of the perfect woman he's been drawing for years.
Key Largo (1948) as Wardrobe
A returning veteran tangles with a ruthless gangster during a hurricane.
My Girl Tisa (1948) as Wardrobe
One for the Book (1948) as Wardrobe
A lovelorn actress shares her apartment with a lonely soldier.
Two Guys from Texas (1948) as Wardrobe
Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.
Wallflower (1948) as Wardrobe
Two sisters compete for the same man.
Pursued (1947) as Gowns
Stallion Road (1947) as Wardrobe
A veterinarian and a novelist compete for the heart of a lady rancher.
That Way with Women (1947) as Wardrobe
An elderly millionaire makes a hobby of playing cupid.
Janie Gets Married (1946) as Wardrobe
A war bride helps her husband adjust to civilian life.
Her Kind of Man (1946) as Wardrobe
A singer can't choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.
Saratoga Trunk (1946) as Gowns
A woman with a past returns to 19th-century New Orleans for revenge.
Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) as Wardrobe
A runaway prince in disguise takes up with a taxi driver.
Cloak and Dagger (1946) as Wardrobe
Near the end of World War II, the Allies must find out how much the Axis knows about building atomic bombs. The OSS recruits a physicist, Alvah Jesper, to reach his former colleague, Katerin Lodor, now in Switzerland, and bring her out for debriefing. He reaches her, but a German agent is quickly onto him, and Lodor dies. Jesper must now get into Italy, go underground with the help of Gina, a resistance leader, and convince Polda, a physicist there, to leave with him. Polda won't go until his daughter is rescued from German detention. As Jesper's pal Pinky works on rescuing Polda's daughter and as time for escape runs down, Jesper and Gina fall in love.
The Big Sleep (1946) as Wardrobe
Private eye Philip Marlowe investigates a society girl's involvement in the murder of a pornographer.
Never Say Goodbye (1946) as Wardrobe
A husband tries to win back his wife before she can divorce him.
Hotel Berlin (1945) as Wardrobe
During World War II''''s final days, people with a variety of problems converge on a Berlin hotel.
God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) as Wardrobe
A flyer dismissed as too old fights to prove himself against the Japanese.
Roughly Speaking (1945) as Wardrobe
A man's wild moneymaking schemes leave his wife to raise their family.
Too Young to Know (1945) as Wardrobe
A returning GI searches for the wife who left him and gave away their son.
Confidential Agent (1945) as Wardrobe
A Spanish spy and an American heiress battle fascists in England.
Crime by Night (1944) as Gowns
Married detectives investigating a small-town murder uncover a spy ring.
The Conspirators (1944) as Gowns
A guerilla leader falls in love with a mysterious woman in World War II Lisbon.
Janie (1944) as Gowns
A small-town girl defies her father by falling for a soldier.
Passage to Marseille (1944) as Gowns
Devil's Island escapees join up with the Allies during World War II.
Experiment Perilous (1944) as Gowns for Hedy Lamarr
A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
Between Two Worlds (1944) as Gowns
Passengers on a luxury liner realize they are en route to the afterlife.
Find the Blackmailer (1943) as Gowns
A private eye hunts for the talking bird that holds the key to a murder.
Northern Pursuit (1943) as Gowns
A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Murder on the Waterfront (1943) as Gowns
Nazis and entertainers are involved in an inventor's murder.
The Smiling Ghost (1941) as Gowns
A newswoman investigates a haunted house.

Art Department (feature film)

Funny Face (1957) as Assoc des
A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village unknown into an international supermodel.

Costume-Wardrobe (short)

Old Hickory (1940)
This short film presents four key incidents in the public life of Andrew Jackson. Vitaphone Release 9590-9591.
The Royal Rodeo (1939)
In this short film, a young monarch invites a traveling rodeo show to perform at his palace. Vitaphone Release 9539-9540.
The Monroe Doctrine (1939)
This short historical film focuses on the creation of the Monroe Doctrine. Vitaphone Release 9436-9437.

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