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Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly Rhodes


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: December 4, 1937 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

12 Disasters of Christmas (2012)
Mysterious disasters connected to the Mayan prediction as well as the iconic holiday song, The 12 Days of Christmas, are systematically destroying a small town and spreading throughout the world. A father learns that his daughter is really the "Chosen One" who, alone, can stop further catastrophe -
Iron Invader (2011)
After a meteorite carrying alien bacteria strikes earth, a small town becomes the target of a giant iron statue infected with the material.
Ramona and Beezus (2010)
The adventures of Ramona Quimby come to life in this all new film based on the best selling books by Beverly Cleary that celebrate Ramona's vivid imagination, boundless energy and accident-prone antics.
Tron: Legacy (2010)
Sam Flynn goes in search of his father, who was once the world's leading video-game developer, and has been trapped in the cyber universe that he created for 20 years.
Goblin (2010)
Beyond Loch Ness (2008)
A cryptozoologist seeks out the mythic Loch Ness Monster which killed his father.
Riddles of the Sphinx (2008)
A deadly Sphinx is unwittingly released when an astronomer and cryptographer uncover a series of ancient tunnels. Now they must solve a series of dangerous and complicated riddles in order to trap the Sphinx back in its tomb and save the world from impending destruction.
Snow Dogs (2002) as Race Official No 1
When Miami dentist Ted Brooks finds out that he's been named in a will, he travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance. Once he gets there, however, his dreams turn to mush: he discovers he's been left a team of sled dogs. Not only do the dogs not warm up to him, but a crusty old mountain man named T
Pressure (2002)
Two medical students must struggle to stay alive after an unusual shooting incident catapults them into a world of trouble.
Touched by a Killer (2001) as Berbie Gordon
After learning that a man was convicted of murder on circumstantial evidence, an investigative reporter fights to free the condemned prisoner from death row.
Wedding Dress, The (2001) as Deke Johannson
Bride-to-be Hannah Pinkham awaits the return of her fiance from World War II. Just days before the wedding, she learns that he has been killed. Hannah's wedding dress, which she and her mother designed, is thrown into a cedar-lined trunk, put into the attic and forgotten. More than five decades late
Personally Yours (2000) as Burt
Newly married Jesse and Susannah are wildly in love and devoted to pursuing Jesse's lifelong dream of building a tourist ranch deep in the Alaskan countryside. As time goes on, the tiring demands of developing the ranch take a toll on their once blissful marriage and they divorce. Susannah, craving
Miracle on the 17th Green (1999) as Peter Mckinley
Mitch McKinley wakes up one day to realize that he is unfulfilled in his job as an advertising executive and that he has always dreamed of playing golf on the pro circuit. Middle age hasn't helped Mitch's feeling that life is passing him by and when he unexpectedly loses his job, he decides to try o
Roswell: The Aliens Attack (1999) as Tyler
After aliens crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, two gray alien bodies are found dead, but two others survive and take on human forms. The aliens, John and Eve, are on a mission to eradicate the Earth of all human life. They set out to gain entrance to the Roswell Air Base, where their mission is
Murder on Shadow Mountain, A (1999)
Barbara and Denny Traynor are happily married, with two teenagers, good friends and Denny's successful construction business. Late one night, chaos erupts in their home as Denny is abruptly arrested for the murder of a man named Wayne Kennedy in a killing in Oregon nearly 27 years earlier. In shock,
Big & Hairy (1998) as Ludlow Bumstock
Everything changes when 12-year-old Picasso Dewlap discovers a Sasquatch his own age who has a natural talent for basketball. Ed Tibbetts, as the Sasquatch is called, with his huge height and killer arm, aces the team into the local championships. The cost of winning is high as the childlike Ed miss
Urban Safari (1998)
Joe and Candy Johnson are so desperate to get ahead in the corporate world, they attempt to impress their boss by bragging about an upcoming African vacation. With no money for an African safari, the Johnson's hide in their own apartment during vacation time and soon discover that their friends and
Convictions (1997) as Michael Plummer
After Zalinda's son John is murdered, she becomes an outspoken advocate of the victim's rights movement. Zalinda is determined to keep the young man who took her son's life behind bars. Ten years later, Zalinda realizes that the stress has eaten away at her. She decides that she must confront Jeffre
Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan (1997) as Jack Bailey
Ed Brannigan Sr. is a successful and respected attorney celebrating the addition of his son, Ed Jr., to his law firm. Ed Jr. introduces his divorced father to his attractive friend Rebecca Daly. The two are immediately attracted to one another and Ed Sr. invites her to a dinner party at his seaside
Stepsister, The (1997) as Professor Thurston
Following the untimely death of her mother in an apparent accident and then the sudden death of her father, a young woman suspects her new stepmother and stepsister of foul play.
Shadow Of A Doubt (1995) as Williams
A defense attorney and recovering alcoholic takes the case of an ex-girlfriend whose stepdaughter is accused of murdering her wealthy father. Only after the trial verdict does he learn the real truth about his client and the case.
When the Vows Break (1995) as Gene
A woman seeking a divorce becomes the victim of a misogynist judge who strips her of any claim to her joint account. She decides to go to law school to handle her own appeal. Based on a true story.
Beyond Obsession (1994) as Bill Richardson
A successful and generous businesswoman is admired by her associates, but is targeted by her daughter's teenaged boyfriend after the daughter reveals the shocking details of life with mother.
Dirty Work (1992) as Inspector Grissom
A bailbondsman steals counterfeit money from the mob and plants the money with his partner. When a hit squad comes after the innocent bailbondsman, he is forced to bring the partner who framed him to justice.
Kootenai Brown (1991)
Story of western pioneer John George 'Kootenai' Brown, who settled in Alberta, Canada, and became the first park ranger of Waterton Lakes National Park.
Penthouse, The (1989) as Lieutenant Nick Valeri
A wealthy young woman is forced to rely on her wits to save her life when she is held captive by a former friend who is now a mental patient with tormented fantasies about his unexpressed love for her. A prisoner in her own penthouse, the woman must hold off her captor and her mounting terror, in th
After the Promise (1987) as Dr Northfield
Based on actual events, a widower struggles to regain custody of his sons, who were institutionalized by social workers after their mother died.
Dalton: Code of Vengeance (1986) as Major Monty Bennett
A television movie, a sequel to the 1985 NBC movie, "Code of Vengeance," again about David Dalton, a Vietnam veteran who travels the back roads asking only to be left alone, until he helps a friend find her husband, a former commanding officer who's now aiding a para-military army, the New Patriots.
Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac (1984) as Arland Williams
Realistic dramatization of the fatal Air Florida crash in Washington, D.C. in January 1982, and its effects on the survivors, their families and those who helped in the rescue attempts. Among the notable sidelights: the crash itself is never shown and the rescues are staged from a heated pool in the
Danger Bay (1984)
Oh, Heavenly Dog! (1980) as Montanero
Benjamin Browning is a private detective who is working on uncovering a sex scandal in the world of British politics when he is murdered. Benjamin returns to earth as a dog. Now living with magazine reporter Jackie Howard, Benjamin struggles with the lustful human urges inside his now canine body.
Goldenrod (1977) as Keno Mclaughlin
A once-successful champion of the Western Canadian rodeo circuit in the '50s is crippled in the ring, ending his winning streak and breaking up his marriage. Left with responsibility of raising two young sons after his wife deserts him, he finds his life changing when he discovers strength and direc
Hard Part Begins, The (1973) as King
Neptune Factor, The (1973) as Cousins
Aboard the R/V Triton, the Project Neptune team is doing oceanographic research. Director Andrews is trying to keep the research going in spite of opposition from Foundation Head Sheppard. Below on the ocean floor, in the Sealab, the team led by Hamilton is about to return to the surface when the Sealab is ripped loose from it's moorings and sent careening into a trench. Trapped too deep for divers, the only chance is rescue by a new US Navy mini-sub, piloted by the arrogant Cdr Blake USN. Blake, Chief Diver MacKay, Diver Cousins & Dr. Jansen (Hamilton's fiance) dive in the mini sub to attempt the rescue of the trapped Hamilton & crew.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) as Macon
Two free-spirited bank robbers flee railroad detectives and head for Bolivia.
Change of Mind (1969) as Roger Morrow
Gunfight in Abilene (1967) as Joe Slade
Fighting in the Civil War a man accidently kills his friend. Returning to Abilene after the war he finds his former sweetheart about to marry the brother of the man he killed. To pay his debt he not only refuses to win her back but takes the job of Sheriff, a job he doesn't want, when the brother asks him. Still haunted by the killing he refuses to carry a gun. But there is trouble between the ranchers and the farmers and when he finds the brother murdered he straps on a gun and heads after the killer.

Cast (special)

Our Man Flint: Dead on Target (1976) as Lahoud (Guest)
The exploits of Derek Flint, a U.S. government undercover agent. In the pilot, for a potential series called "Our Man Flint," Flint attempts to rescue a kidnapped oil executive from a revolutionary group called "Besla."

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Tale of Two Wives, A (2003) as Frank

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