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Charles Mcdonald


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Title Design (feature film)

Devil and Daniel Johnston, The (2005)
Portrait of a manic-depressive genius singer, songwriter and artist, Daniel Johnston. As a reclusive teenager, Johnston began showing signs of unusual artistic ability. He religiously recorded his thoughts and stories onto cassette tapes, directed intuitive Super-8 films starring his siblings, and c
I Heart Huckabees (2004) as Title Artist (Howard Anderson Company)
Convinced that a series of coincidences involving a doorman hold some secret to life's largest riddles, Albert Markovski seeks the help of a detective agency unlike any other--which leads him down a path that questions the essence of existence itself. In an attempt to ferret out the meaning of the
Uptown Girls (2003) as Title Design (Howard Anderson Company)
Molly Gunn is the spoiled, freewheeling daughter of a late rock legend and the toast of the Manhattan social scene. However, after hitting a huge financial snag, when her inheritance is stolen by her manager, Molly is forced to do something that she''s never done before--get a job. Molly becomes a nanny to a notoriously precocious and disobedient Ray Schleine, an "eight-year-old going on forty" who lives with her mother on the Upper East Side. Emotionally distant from her fast-paced A&R executive mother Roma, Ray has grown up with a revolving door of nannies and too little stability. Molly and Ray both feel painfully alone in the world, but as they try to make their new arrangement work, each discovers in the other a true friend.
House of 1,000 Corpses (2003) as Title Design
Captain Spaulding is Ruggsville's own PT Barnum. More demented sideshow carney than dazzling circus showman, Spaulding is the proprietor of the Museum of Monsters and Madmen, where weary travelers can fill their gas tanks with the only petrol for miles and their stomachs with his secret recipe of fr
Original Sin (2001) as Title Designer
In turn of the century Cuba, Luis, a wealthy coffee tycoon, arranges to marry an American woman named Julia. When he takes Julia as his wife, he thinks his life is complete. But people aren't always who they seem and Luis's life begins to unravel. When Julia disappears with his money, Luis is forced
Just the Ticket (1998) as Title Design
Gary is a ticket scalper, and not just any scalper but the best in the business. But he has two problems: a seemingly wealthy competition who is willing to pay way over the odds to beat Gary to tickets, and his ex-wife who wants him to go straight. Although separated, Gary and Linda are still attrac
Mighty, The (1998) as Title Designer
The funny and poignant story of two outcast thirteen year old boys, one a slow giant and the other a tiny genius, who are ostracized as freaks by the other kids in town but emerge triumphant thanks to their powerful and unique friendship.
Barb Wire (1996) as Main Title Design
There's a joint in Steel Harbor. It's called the Hammerhead Bar and Grille. The place is legendary. So is its owner. Her name is Barb Wire. She's razor sharp. She's tough as nails. She won't take shit and she won't take sides. She lives in the not-too-distant future where biology is used to kill, no
Sleepers (1996) as Title Design
Church of the Holy Angels and its grammar school were the center of Hell''s Kitchen in the 1960s--a place of refuge for many neighborhood kids from troubled homes. Father Bobby had his favorites--among them were Lorenzo and his pals, Michael, John, and Tommy. Because their blue-collar, hardworking parents were more often fighting than not, the four boys formed a kind of family of their own. Then, one boring summer day, a street prank gone dangerously awry resulted in the quartet being sent to the Wilkinson Home for Boys in upstate New York where they were tortured, abused and raped under the leadership of a sadistic guard named Sean Nokes. A decade and a half later, nothing can erase their painful memories, but the lessons of Hell''s Kitchen allow them to even the score of the terrible hand that Fate had dealt them. In their shocking retaliation, they are daringly aided by Father Bobby and an aging, shadowy mob figure, both of whom have known the four boys since their childhoods.
Losing Isaiah (1995) as Title Design
A white social worker adopts an African-American baby abandoned by her crack addicted mother. Several years later the mother recovers and goes to court to try and regain custody of her child.
All About Bette:The Life And Films Of Bette Davis (1994) as Main Title Design
Jodie Foster hosts a retrospective on the life and career of one of Hollywood''''s greatest stars.
That's Entertainment! III (1994) as Title Designer
Classic musical numbers and rare behind-the-scenes footage show how MGM created the screen''s greatest musicals. Featuring clips with Gene Kelly, Lena Horne and Debbie Reynolds.
Jimmy Hollywood (1994) as Title Designer
An unemployed Hollywood actor will go to any means to get a role. When his car radio is stolen, the chance of a lifetime appears to be his.
My Boyfriend's Back (1993) as Title Designer
A highschool student who wants to date the prom queen, has his dream cut short when he dies. However, he returns from the dead and proceeds to fulfill his earthly wish.
Blood and Concrete - A Love Story (1991) as Titles Designer
A dimwitted thug encounters a strung-out, suicidal young woman and an unlikely relationship develops as they work together to make a break for new horizons.
Turn Back the Clock (1989)
A woman murders her husband at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and discovers she is mysteriously reliving the previous, traumatic year.
Permanent Record (1988) as Title Design
When a popular and talented high school student commits suicide, his entire town, specifically his best friend Chris, is left in shock, wondering why he did it. As Chris begins to take over many of David's responsibilities, however, he soon finds himself under the same intense pressures and looking
Starcrossed (1985)
Take the Jeff Bridges/Nancy Allen movie, "Starman," and change the sexes, add a touch of music video ambiance, delete the foul language and this brisk, amiable sci-fi tale emerges, with a lithe extraterrestrial fleeing relentless alien killers with the help of a sympathetic but endlessly astonished

Visual Effects (feature film)

Breakfast of Aliens (1993) as Special Visual Effects And Titles
While slurping his breakfast from his dog bowl one day, Walter Clydepepper accidentally swallows an alien creature. Now his dreams of becoming a stand-up comic may come true, but he could become as hideous as the creature that controls him.

Title Design (special)

Rock and Roll Moments: Super Star Artists and Groups (2001) as Main Title Designer
An inside look at rock 'n' roll performers, including Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes and The Beatles.
Laverne & Shirley Reunion, The (1995) as Main Title
Nostalgic tribute to the situation comedy, "Laverne and Shirley."
More of the Best of the Hollywood Palace (1993) as Main Title Graphics
Special showcasing the top comedy and musical performers who appeared on the variety series, "Hollywood Palace," which aired on ABC from 1964 to 1970. Also included are never-before-seen outtakes.
Bradymania: A Very Brady Special (1993) as Main Title Graphics
A special featuring insights and recollections of the series "The Brady Bunch." Included are cast interviews, tributes, fan comments and a look at the successful stage show, "The Real Live Brady Bunch."
Intimate Portrait: Jackie Onassis (1993) as Title Designer
Documentary on the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Happy Days Reunion, The (1992) as Main Title Graphics
A special featuring a reunion of the cast of "Happy Days," which aired on ABC from 1974 to 1984. Included are highlights from the series and personal recollections from the cast.
Best of the Hollywood Palace, The (1992) as Main Title Graphics
A special hosted by Suzanne Somers featuring clips from the series, "The Hollywood Palace," which aired on ABC from 1964 to 1970.
American Band: The Beach Boys, An (1987) as Main Title Designer
A documentary which presents a look at the history of the rock group, "The Beach Boys." The program features clips from television and concert appearances.

Art Department (special)

Jack Lemmon (1996) as Graphic Designer
Documentary examination of the life and career of actor Jack Lemmon. Features sequences from his films and the recollections of his peers.
Laverne & Shirley Reunion, The (1995) as Graphics
Nostalgic tribute to the situation comedy, "Laverne and Shirley."

Title Design (TV Mini-Series)

Bloodlines: Murder in the Family (1993)
A miniseries based on a true-life murder case involving two brothers who confessed to having paid for the murder of their parents.

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