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Ed Earl Repp

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Writer (feature film)

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Screenwriter
A postal inspector pretends to be an outlaw to smoke out lawbreakers.
Saddle Legion (1951) as Writer
A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.
Gunplay (1951) as Writer
Two cowboys hunt down the killers of a young boy''''s parents.
Cyclone Fury (1951) as Writer
Law of the Badlands (1950) as Writer
Texas rangers try to infiltrate a band of counterfeiters.
Storm Over Wyoming (1950) as Writer
Two drifters get caught in the middle during a cattlemen-sheep men feud.
Rider from Tucson (1950) as Writer
In order to make Tug Cardwell (William Phipps) sign over his rich gold claim to them, Avery (Robert Shayne), Gypsy Avery (Veda Ann Borg) and Jackson (Marshall Reed) hire Rankin (Douglas Fowley) to kidnap Tug's sweetheart Jane Whipple (Eliane Riley). Rankin hides Jane and then demands half the mine from the other crooks. Dave Saunders (Tim Holt) and Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin), friends of Tug's, find Jane and taker her to safety. The conspirators then shoot Rankin, capture Tug and force him to take them to his claim. Dave and Chito are close behind.
Challenge of the Range (1949) as Orig scr
Guns of Hate (1948) as Screenwriter
Two drifters are falsely accused of murder.
Guns of Hate (1948) as Story
Two drifters are falsely accused of murder.
The Tioga Kid (1948) as Orig scr
"The Tioga Kid" is a remake of 1946's "Driftin' Kid" with only slight plot changes - hero Eddie Dean now has an identical twin brother working with the outlaws of stock from the original, all of the songs are recycled, most of the character names are the same, and the main difference is Jennifer Holt is now playing the role that Shirley Patterson had in "Driftin' River" as "Jenny Morgan," while most of the original cast - Dennis Moore, William Fawcett, Lee Bennett - are also here using the same character role names and, in some instances, the same footage. Eddie Dean (Eddie Dean) and sidekick Soapy Jones (Roscoe Ates)return some stolen cattle (instead of horses) to Jenny Morgan (Jennifer Holt), and Eddie runs off ranch hand Tucson Brown(Lee Bennett), who is working with the outlaws, led by Joe Morino (Dennis Moore), that includes Eddie's (unknown to him) twin Clint Mason/The Tioga Kid. After Jenny sees a wanted poster that makes her think Eddie is the Tioga Kid, Eddie has a hard time before bringing the gang to justice, aided by the change-of-heart Tioga Kid. Dean has more shirt changes than usual because of the dual role and stock footage from "Driftin' River."
The Lone Hand Texan (1947) as Orig scr
The Stranger from Ponca City (1947) as Orig scr
Prairie Raiders (1947) as Orig scr
Galloping Thunder (1946) as Orig scr
The Durango Kid poses as a vicious gunman to infiltrate a band of rustlers.
Terror Trail (1946) as Orig story and scr
Gunning for Vengeance (1946) as Screenwriter
A town''''s new Marshall takes on badmen as the masked Durango Kid.
Heading West (1946) as Orig story and scr
The Fighting Frontiersman (1946) as Orig scr
Texas Panhandle (1945) as Orig scr
Suspended from the Secret Service pending investigation of his rumored activities as the Durango Kid, Steve Buckner (Charles Starrett) heads west to the Texas Panhandle, where he learns renegades have attacked settler wagon trains and have stolen government gold. In Crow Springs, he finds out that Ace Gatlin (Forrest Taylor) is running a land office under suspicious circumstances with Ann Williams (Nanette Parks) innocently serving as his assistant. As the Durango Kid, Steve learns about the fraudulent land swindles and that Gatlin's men stole the gold.
Trigger Trail (1944) as Orig scr
The Last Horseman (1944) as Story and Screenplay
Banker Watson is after Williams' ranch and has his men rob Lucky of the check Williams needs to pay off his note. When Saunders offers to lend Williams the money, Watson kills him and frames Williams. Then he sends a fake cattle inspector to quarantine Williams' cattle. But Lucky suspects Watson and he has a plan to bring him into the open and it also involves a fake inspector.
The Vigilantes Ride (1944) as Story and Screenplay
Utilizing a plot that Columbia had used twice before with Buck Jones and again with Charles Starrett, this version shifts the state of the Rangers from Texas to Arizona, where Ranger Rod Saunders (Stanley Brown) is killed by a band of outlaws and his brother Ranger Lucky Saunders (Russell Hayden)swears to avenge his death. The outlaws, led secretly by town businessman Anse Rankin (Tristram Coffin), have been terrorizing the town and the citizens. Rankin accuses the Rangers of being unable to cope with the situation and organizes a Vigilante Defense League, with himself as the head and with the intent of forcing the ranchers to pay tribute for protection against his own gang. Lucky, working with Captain Randall (Jack Rockwell), resigns in disgrace from the Rangers and pretends to go over to the side of the outlaws.
Saddles and Sagebrush (1943) as Story and Screenplay
Six Gun Gospel (1943) as Screenwriter
Shipments of gold from Goldville are being hijacked by a gang secretly headed by Ace Benton (Kenneth Macdonald), the town's leading citizen. Benton is also trying to acquire all the town property, as he knows the railroad is planning a line through there. U.S. Marshals Nevada Jack McKenzie (Johnny Mack Brown) and Sandy Hopkins (Raymond Hatton) are sent in, with Sandy posing as a preacher. Mine owner Bill Simms (Kernan Cripps) is almost wiped out by previous holdups and Dan Baxter (Eddie Dew), in love with Simms' daughter Jane (Inna Guest), offers to drive the next stage shipment and Sandy is to ride shotgun. Benton's gang, headed by Durkin (Roy Barcroft) intends to rob the stage.
Silver City Raiders (1943) as Story and Screenplay
The Lone Prairie (1942) as Story
Russell Hayden, Dub Taylor, Lucille Lambert, John Merton, & Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Way out west, a gang of desperados exploit the local settlers until Russell Hayden straps on his six-shooters and restores law and order to the once-peaceful prairie.
Rawhide Rangers (1941) as Orig scr
Call of the Rockies (1938) as Orig scr
Cattle Raiders (1938) as Screenwriter
West of Cheyenne (1938) as Orig scr
Outlaws of the Prairie (1937) as Screenwriter
The Old Wyoming Trail (1937) as Screenwriter
When Bob Patterson arrives to buy cattle he gets caught up in Kenney's plan to take over Halliday's ranch. Kenney's gang led by Slade are keeping all cattle buyers away so Halliday will be unable to pay off his note. When Slade robs Halliday, Bob has a plan that will use the stolen bills to trap Kenney.
Prairie Thunder (1937) as Orig scr
A scout risks his life to repair telegraph wires torn down by the Indians.
The Devil's Saddle Legion (1937) as Story and Screenplay
A crooked sheriff tries to pin a rancher''''s death on the victim''''s son.
The Man from Hell (1934) as Story
Clint Mason returns from prison after serving three years for a crime he didn't commit and finds his girl friend is about to marry Anse McCloud. He suspects McCloud is the wanted murderer that escaped from the same prison he was in. But McCloud has a large gang that includes the Marshal and Clint's life is quickly in danger.

Writer (short)

Trial by Trigger (1944)
A logger must save his stand of redwoods from being bought by an unscrupulous logging company owner in this short film. Vitaphone Release 1234A.
Roaring Guns (1944)
In this short film, farmers take up arms against miners whose operations are destroying their farms. Vitaphone Release 1183A.
Gun to Gun (1944)
This short western focuses on a ranch owner who must deal with corrupt officials over a cattle transaction.
Wagon Wheels West (1943)
In this short film, a U.S. marshal seeks vengeance against the man who killed his father. Vitaphone Release 1147A.
Oklahoma Outlaws (1943)
In this short western, a gang of outlaws threatens a family. Vitaphone Release 1145A.
Romance Road (1937)
In this short film, a RCMP sergeant must mediate a land rights dispute between an advancing railroad construction gang and French Canadian trappers in the rugged Northwest Territory of Canada. Vitaphone Release 8179-8180.

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