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Also Known As: Died:
Born: January 30, 1937 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: London, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Secret Scripture, The (2015)
When a 100-year-old mental patient begins to investigate her past, she reawakens troubling memories.
Foxcatcher (2013)
Mark Schultz, despite having won a gold medal for wrestling at the 1984 Olympics, lives in the shadow of his accomplished older brother, Dave. Mark seems to have found his own path when multimillionaire John E. du Pont invites Mark to to train as part of a national U.S. wrestling team preparing for
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)
A White House butler serves seven American Presidents while observing and enduring the sweep of the Civil Rights movement and its impact upon his family.
Cars 2 (2011)
Miral (2011)
In 1978, at the age of 7, Miral's father sends her to the Dar Al-Tifel Institute, an orphan home, following her mother's death. Brought up safely inside the Institute's walls, she is naïve to the troubles that surround her. In 1988, at the age of 17, she is assigned to teach at a refugee camp where
Whistleblower, The (2011)
While working as a peacekeeper, American police officer Kathy Bolkovac uncovers a world of corruption, cover-ups, and intrigue in post-war Bosnia. She becomes a whistleblower, exposing U.N. involvement in covering up a sex scandal.
Anonymous (2011)
Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was an accomplished poet and dramatist for Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century. In the 20th century, theories arose crediting Edward as the true author of Shakespeare's works.
Coriolanus (2011)
Roman hero Coriolanus is manipulated and out-maneuvered by politicians and even his mother, resulting in his banishment. He subsequently offers himself to his sworn enemy, Aufidius, and together they march on Rome with the intent to destroy the city.
Animals United (2010)
When humans take over every water reserve in the African savannah, the animals hold a conference to figure out their response.
Robinson in Ruins (2010)
The film follows a journey made by a wandering, erratic scholar, through landscapes in the south of England.
Letters to Juliet (2010)
While in Verona, Italy-the city where Romeo first met Juliet-- a young female aspiring writer answers a 50-year-old love letter that sets her on a romantic journey of the heart that changes her life forever.
Eva (2009)
Eva meets Tudor on her 16th birthday and he becomes the love of her life. But their relationship suffers through his constant mysterious departures and reappearances. In Tudor's absence, she meets and marries Baron Oswald Von Seele. But when Tudor returns, Eva's love for him is rekindled and they sp
Riddle, The (2008)
An ambitious London journalist investigates a series of present-day murders that follow the discovery of an unpublished novel by Charles Dickens in the cellar of an old Thames-side-pub.
Short Order (2008)
Fifi Koko, a young chef prodigy, falls prey to an existential quagmire that fears her talent shall not overcome the expectations her reputation has sown. The late hours bring about a colorful cast of strangers and romances that feed her with temptation, insight and humor on the path of her life-defi
How About You (2008)
Ellie is left in charge of an elderly residential home, and while most of the residents have left to spend Christmas with their families, four residents known as 'The Hard Core' remain. The Hard Core have become impossible to live with. In fact, their rude and objectionable behavior is so terrible t
Dealing and Wheeling in Small Arms (2007)
Focuses on the uncontrolled widespread of small arms, which rule and ruin the lives of a growing number of people in developing countries.
Fever, The (2007)
A woman from a privileged world travels to a country in the middle of a civil war. She takes ill, and is left to ponder the difference between the comforts of her life and the images of violence and oppression she has encountered in the middle of the civil war. She struggles with finding the "moral
Evening (2007)
As Ann lays dying in a morphine-induced state, she remembers, and conveys to her daughters, the defining moments in her life 50 years prior, when she was a young woman in love.
Atonement (2007)
Spanning several decades, a drama about a fledgling writer, Briony Tallis, who, as a 13-year-old, irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's lover of a crime he did not commit.
Thief Lord, The (2006)
Prosper and Bo are orphans on the run for their cruel aunt and uncle. The brothers decide to hide out in Venice, where they meet a mysterious thirteen-year-old boy who calls himself "the Thief Lord." Brilliant and charismatic, the Thief Lord leads a ring of street children who dabble in petty crim
Venus (2006)
A pair of grizzled veteran actors have their daily routine disrupted by the arrival of a brash grandniece.
White Countess (2005)
Set in Shanghai in the late 1930s, the story of the relationship between a disillusioned former US diplomat and a refugee White Russian countess reduced to a sordid life in the city's bars. Todd Jackson (mid-40s), once an American diplomat filled with idealism, has lost his sight several years earli
Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam, The (2005) as Cast
Kamran is a 12 year-old boy in the present day that discovers his ancestor is the 11th Century Mathematician, Astronomer, and Poet of Persia: Omar Khayyam. Although the story of his great ancestor has survived in his family's lore for generations, the tale is now at the risk of extinction. It is Kam
Merci Docteur Rey (2003) as Herself
Thomas Beaumont is recruited into an illicit love triangle to watch a much older man's sexual liaison, but ends up witnessing what turns out to be his murder. The next day Thomas' opera diva mother informs him that his long lost father has been in Paris--until the previous night when he was murdered
Good Boy! (2003) as Voice Of The Greater Dane
Owen Baker is a 12-year-old loner who has been working as the neighborhood dog-walker so he can earn the privilege of getting a dog of his own. His hard work pays off when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, let Owen adopt a scruffy mutt he names Hubble. Both boy and dog get more than they bargained for when Owen wakes up one morning to discover he can understand every word Hubble says-- including the ominous phrase: "Take me to your leaders." Owen learns that dogs came to Earth thousands of years ago to colonize and dominate the planet. Hubble (who is really named Canid 3942) has been sent by the powerful Greater Dane on a mission from the Dog Star Sirius to make sure dogs have fulfilled this destiny. Despite the best efforts of Owen's rag-tag group of neighborhood dogs to convince him otherwise, Hubble soon discovers the awful truth about Earth dogs: "You're all pets!" Now Owen (a boy who never had a friend) and Hubble (a dog who never needed one) must work together to prepare the neighborhood dogs for a visit from The Greater Dane--or all dogs will be removed from the planet! The fate of Earth dogs hangs in the balance, and it's up to Owen, Hubble, and their canine companions to save man's best friend.
Searching for Debra Winger (2003) as Herself
Rosanna Arquette heads up this exploration of the pressures, choices and sacrifices that female actors face working in the entertainment industry, particularly as they hit 40 and begin being overlooked for certain roles. Debra Winger is the example of a pioneer in this battle because of her decisio
Gathering Storm, The (2002) as Clementine Churchill
Remake of the story of Winston Churchill and the time leading up to WWII.
Lonely War, The (2002) as Clementine Churchill
An intimate look at the marriage of Winston and Clementine Churchill during a particularly troubled moment in their lives. In the years before World War II, Churchill found himself on the fringe of British politics and a lone voice in the wilderness as he warned the world of a Nazi threat. Together
Locket, The (2002) as Esther Huish
A young man who starts work at a nursing home meets an elderly resident with a secret past. Before she dies, she makes him promise to return her gold locket to the man who had given it to her years before.
Escape to Life: The Erika and Klaus Mann Story (2001) as Voice Of Erika Mann (English Language Version)
The story of Klaus and Erika Mann, the two brilliant eldest children of Nobel-prize-winner Thomas Mann. Using archival footage, dramatic scenes and interviews, we see how the almost inseparable duo kept going as they grew up in the shadow of a world-famous father and a threatening war. While the sib
Pledge, The (2001) as Annalise Hansen--Victim'S Grandmother
A retiring police chief pledges to catch the killer of a young child.
Mirka (2000) as Kalsan
Years after an unspecified war, 10-year-old boy Mirka shows up in a village looking for his missing mother. Befriended by local hermit Strix, it begins to appear that Mirka is the wartime son of soon to be married Elena.
Rumor of Angels, A (2000) as Maddy Bennett
Twelve-year-old James Neubauer is spending the summer in Maine. He enjoys riding his bike and trading affectionate jabs with his misfit Uncle Charlie, but he's also dealing with a lot of hidden anger and grief. He's emotionally estranged from his father, resentful of his stepmother and haunted by ev
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) as Edith ("1961")
Three stories that examine the lesbian experience in America through three different decades in the same house. The three stories are: "1961" -- Edith, an older woman who loses her lifelong companion, learns the hard way that their bond was not recognized by family or society; "1972" -- Against the
Girl, Interrupted (1999) as Doctor Wick
It's 1967 and 17-year-old Susanna Kaysen is like a lot of American teenagers her age- confused, insecure, struggling to make sense of the radiply changing world around her. The psychiatrist she meets with (courtesy of her parents), however, gives this behavior a name- Borderline Personality Disorder, 'manifested by uncertainty about self-image, long-term goals, types of friends or lovers to have and which values to adopt'- and whisks her away to Claymoore Hospital. Here, Susanna discovers Lisa, Daisy, Georgina, Polly and Janet- a group of offbeat young women who not only become her closest friends, but light Susanna's way back to something she had lost- herself.
Cradle Will Rock (1999) as Countess La Grange
The story of the staging of Marc Blitzstein's 1937 musical "The Cradle Will Rock", which the government placed an injunction against. The actors led the audience through New York to another venue and acted in the auditorium without props or costumes, just one action during the charged Depression-era
Deja Vu (1998) as Skelly (London)
Dana, a young American woman traveling on business in Jerusalem meets a mysterious older French woman with whom she has an instant rapport and who shares a fascinating story of lost love. When the French woman abruptly exits and leaves behind an antique ruby pin, Dana reschedules her trip to Paris to meet her fiance and instead searches for the French woman. Clues lead her to the English coastal town of Dover where she finds herself inexplicably drawn to an enigmatic, married painter. It is there that circumstances conspire to force them to fulfill their fate.
Lulu on the Bridge (1998) as Catherine Moore
A jazz saxophonist's life changes after he is shot by a stray bullet during a performance. Izzy recovers and then finds a bag belonging to a dead body. Inside is a mysterious stone and a phone number. The number leads him to actress Celia, with whom he falls in love, influenced by the magic stone. T
Deep Impact (1998) as Robin Lerner
After it's discovered that a comet is heading toward Earth, a U.S. spaceship is launched to blow it up. The plan fails, splitting the comet into two pieces, both hurtling towards different parts of North America. One is expected to trigger catastrophic tidal waves on the eastern seaboard and the other to create dense clouds of dust that could wipe out all life.
Uninvited (1998) as Mrs Ruttenburn
Tony Grasso has been in love with Patricia almost all his life. Meeting her in high school, and developing a crush that would never go away, Tony could only worship her from afar as she was never interested in him. When Patricia, her husand and her children all turn up murdered, Tony is the prime su
Wilde (1997) as Lady Speranza Wilde
Story of Oscar Wilde.
Mrs. Dalloway (1997) as Mrs Clarissa Dalloway
An adaptation of Virginia Wolf's 1925 novel about a melancholic middle-aged society woman--"a perfect hostess"--who, thrown into a crisis, reflects upon her life as a politician's wife during the days of World War I. Her story takes place over the course of one day and is juxtaposed with that of a b
Smilla's Sense Of Snow (1997) as Elsa Lubing
A woman suspects the death of a boy is not an accident. So she decides to investigate, unravelling a conspiracy and putting her own life in danger.
Two Mothers For Zachary (1996) as Nancy Shaffell
A mother must fight for custody of her child when her own mother takes her to court because she doesn't approve of her daughter's lesbian lifestyle. Based on a true story.
Mission: Impossible (1996) as Max
A former Russian spy selling international intelligence on the black market... a list containing names of the top undercover agents in the world... a corrupt agent doubling for an unknown organization... a mysterious arms dealer... a spy agency ready to disavow the actions or existence of any of its members captured or killed... and one man on a mission that seems impossible.
Looking for Richard (1996) as Herself
A behind the scenes account of British Shakespearean actors.
Wind in the Willows, The (1995) as Narration
Since being published in 1908, the tales of Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad have captivated families worldwide, giving readers a glimpse into daily life on the Riverbank. As the seasons change, viewers are taken on a whimsical journey through Spring picnics among the brightly colored flowers, lazy Summer
Month By The Lake, A (1995) as Miss Bentley
On the brink of World War II, a beautiful young nanny enters the romantic lives of an Englishwoman and a Major from the Queen's Army.
Down Came a Blackbird (1995) as Anna Lenke
Psychological drama about a female journalist and other survivors of politically-motivated torture.
Shades of Fear (1994) as Dr Angela Bead
Set in the 1950s, a young West Indian woman takes destiny into her own hands when she embarks on a trans-Atlantic cruise liner bound for England. On board she meets a charismatic Scottish photographer who is not all or indeed anything he seems, a highly regarded art historian with a missing painting
Little Odessa (1994) as Irina Shapira
Joshua Shapira is a hardened young criminal--he's a hit man for the Russian mob--who is estranged from his family and banished from the streets of Little Odessa. Forced to go back to Brighton Beach for a quick job, he is inexorably drawn into his old world. Joshua's worshipful little brother Reuben
They Watch (1994) as Florence Latimer
A father experiences strange apparitions after his daughter is killed in a car accident. A blind woman, who appears to have strong connections to the spirtual world, helps him resolve his relationship with his daughter.
House of the Spirits, The (1993) as Nivea
Set in South America, this familial saga traces the rise of a lower class man and his romance with his elusive bride.
Wall of Silence, A (1993) as Kate Benson
Drama about how Argentina's period of political terror affects two women: one the wife of a "disappeared" political activist, and the other a British filmmaker hoping to make a film on the subject.
Crime and Punishment (1993) as Mrs Raskolnikov
A modern day adaptation of Dostoyevsky's classic novel about a young student who is forever haunted by the murder he has committed.
Sparrow (1993) as Sister Agata
During the terrible epidemic of cholera which devastates Catania, Sicily in 1854, a young cloister novice regains her liberty and finds love. But love brings pain and difficulties which the innocent girl does not know how to deal with.
Mother's Boys (1993) as Lydia
After abandoning her family several years earlier, an emotionally disturbed woman returns, only to discover that someone else has taken her place.
Howard's End (1992) as Ruth Wilcox
A noblewoman's surprising bequest puts three families from different social levels on a collision course.
Stalin's Funeral (1991)
A somewhat historical yet surrealistic take on Stalin's funeral which resulted in the deaths of many crushed attendants.
The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe (1991) as Miss Amelia
A small-town eccentric opens a café in her decaying home.
Whatever Happened To . . .? (1991) as Blanche Hudson
The story of two sisters, one a former child star bent on terrorizing the other who is confined to a wheelchair.
Romeo-Juliet (1990) as Voice Of Mother Capulet
The Romeo and Juliet story acted out by the street cats of Venice, Ghent and New York, as filmed concert.
Breath of Life, A (1990) as Sister Crocifissa
A retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend set in a post-World War II sanitarium.
Orpheus Descending (1990) as Lady Torrance
A television movie of Tennessee Williams' stage play. A shopkeeper welcomes an enigmatic young drifter into her home while her husband is recuperating upstairs from a lengthy illness, causing a deadly scandal in the small Southern town where she lives.
A Man For All Seasons (1988) as Lady Alice More
An adaptation of Robert Bolt's play focusing on the conflict waged between King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More when the King broke with the Roman Catholic Church.
Consuming Passions (1988) as Mrs Garza
An ambitious but bungling young executive attempts to legitimize, and modernize a chocolate company.
Prick Up Your Ears (1987) as Peggy Ramsay
Second Serve (1986) as Richard Radley/Renee Richards
A television movie about Richard Radley, a father, surgeon, naval officer, and athlete, who underwent a sex-change operation to become the woman -- Renee Richards -- whom she felt had always been trapped in the body of a man. The film, based on Renee Richards' own account, describes the psychologica
Comrades (1986) as Mrs Carlyle
Six British farm laborers are imprisoned in Australia in 1834 for forming an unauthorized union in their native country.
Steaming (1985) as Nancy
Wetherby (1985) as Jean Travers
When a young man, a casual acquaintance of a middle-aged woman, decides to kill himself right before her eyes, the woman is then forced to reexamine her past and becomes occupied by the memory of a man she was once in love with.
The Bostonians (1984) as Olive Chancellor
A bored lawyer and a suffragette vie for the attentions of a faith healer's charismatic daughter.
Wagner (1983) as Cosima
My Body, My Child (1982) as Leenie Cabrezi
Vanessa Redgrave is a middle-aged Irish-American schoolteacher and mother of three grown daughters who finds herself pregnant again and must agonize over whether to give birth to a child that probably will be deformed or have an abortion against her religious beliefs. Jack Albertson, as her tough-ta
Playing for Time (1980) as Fania Fenelon
Multi-award winning dramatization based on the memoirs of Fania Fenelon, a French Jew who became a member of a women's orchestra inside Auschwitz, playing music for their Nazi captors as well as for fellow inmates marching to their deaths. The controversial casting of Vanessa Redgrave, making her Am
Agatha (1979)
Based on the actual 11-day disappearance of famed mystery writer Agatha Christie in 1926, the film fictionalizes her whereabouts during that time. When her husband announces that he is leaving her for another woman, Christie creates a mystery out of her own life by hiding in a Harrogate hotel and plotting revenge on her spouse while all of England searches for her. The reporter who finds Christie tries to foil her plan and finally falls in love with her.
Bear Island (1979) as Hedi Lindquist
A group of people converge on a barren Arctic island. They have their reasons for being there but when a series of mysterious accidents and murders take place, a whole lot of darker motives become apparent. Could the fortune in buried Nazi gold be the key to the mystery? Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave investigate.
Agatha (1979) as Agatha Christie
Based on the actual 11-day disappearance of famed mystery writer Agatha Christie in 1926, the film fictionalizes her whereabouts during that time. When her husband announces that he is leaving her for another woman, Christie creates a mystery out of her own life by hiding in a Harrogate hotel and plotting revenge on her spouse while all of England searches for her. The reporter who finds Christie tries to foil her plan and finally falls in love with her.
Yanks (1979) as Helen
Julia (1977) as Julia
To help a childhood friend, playwright Lillian Hellman carries money for the resistance into Nazi territory.
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976) as Lola Deveraux
Sherlock Holmes seeks psychiatric help from Sigmund Freud and gets caught up in mystery.
Out Of Season (1975) as Ann
Murder on the Orient Express (1974) as Mary Debenham
Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a mysterious businessman during a luxurious train ride.
Body, The (1971) as Narration
Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) as Mary [Stuart], Queen of Scots
In this historical drama, Mary must battle Queen Elizabeth I, her brother James, the Scottish Lords, the Scottish protestants, her husband and herself to secure the crown for her son and heir, the future James I of England.
The Devils (1971) as Sister Jeanne
An account of the apparent demoniacal possession of the 17th-century nuns of Louden, climaxing in the burning of their priest as a sorcerer.
The Trojan Women (1971) as Andromache
Hecuba and the other women of Troy rise to find their city in ruins and their cause lost. The city has fallen into Greek hands and it is likely their lot to become slaves of Greek soldiers. A messenger approaches to inform them that the lots have been drawn and each woman will be taken to the man who drew for her. Of particular interest is Hecuba's daughter, Cassandra, who is chosen for the Greek kings bedchamber. She has received word of this news already and is in hiding because she has sworn an oath to the gods that she will live as a virgin. When she is found she has some particularly nasty things to say about treatment at Greek hands.
Vacanza, La (1971) as Immacolata
Medieval drama in which Redgrave plays an allegedly insane woman who is allowed to finally leave the madhouse to see if she is capable of functioning normally. Her parents pay no attention to her and eventually sell her to a creditor. En route she escapes and runs into a poacher. She explains her terrible situation via flashback. He feels sympathetic and so the two head off for many free-flowing adventures.
A Quiet Place in the Country (1970) as Flavia
A beautiful ghost inspires a painter to commit murder.
Oh! What a Lovely War (1969) as Sylvia Pankhurst
This film offers a series of vignettes based on British involvement in World War I, as seen through the eyes of a working-class family.
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968) as Clarissa
Snobbery and bad politics lead to military disaster during the Crimean War.
The Sea Gull (1968) as Nina
The film adaptation of Anton Chekhov's story of life in rural Russia during the latter part of the 19th century.
Isadora (1968) as Isadora Duncan
A biography of the dancer Isadora Duncan, the 1920s dancer who forever changed people's ideas of ballet. Her nude, semi-nude, and pro-Soviet dance projects as well as her attitudes on free love, debt, dress, and lifestyle shocked the public of her time.
Camelot (1967) as Guenevere
The romance between Guinevere and Lancelot destroys King Arthur's dream kingdom.
Tonite Let's All Make Love in London (1967) as Herself
A classic documentary about what proved to be the final days of Seinging London. Covering the whole scene, the film includes revealing and often hilarious intervies with Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Julie Christie and David Hockney. Mucis, including performances by the Stones, Eric Burdon and The Ani
The Sailor From Gibraltar (1967) as Sheila
A young man gets mixed up in a woman's search for her lost lover.
Morgan! (1966) as Leonie Delt
An eccentric artist wages an all-out campaign to stop his ex-wife from remarrying.
A Man for All Seasons (1966) as Anne Boleyn
A devout scholar gets caught in the middle of Henry VIII's plans to break with the Catholic Church.
Blow-Up (1966) as Jane
A photographer discovers a murder in the background of a candid photo.
Behind The Mask (1958) as Pamela Gray
The rivalry between two surgeons threatens their patients.

Producer (feature film)

Fever, The (2007) as Producer
A woman from a privileged world travels to a country in the middle of a civil war. She takes ill, and is left to ponder the difference between the comforts of her life and the images of violence and oppression she has encountered in the middle of the civil war. She struggles with finding the "moral

Cast (special)

57th Annual Tony Awards, The (2003) as Presenter
Live coverage of the 57th annual Tony Awards presentation, saluting the shows and stars of the 2002-2003 Broadway season.
Widow of the Revolution: The Anna Larina Story (2000) as Voice Of Anna Larina
Profile of Anna Larina, the daughter of one founding father of the Soviet Union and wife of another. Born in 1914, Anna Larina was the daughter of Yuri Larin, a close friend and revolutionary colleague of Lenin. Twenty years later, she married Soviet leader Nikolai Bukharin, the "golden boy" of the
70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998)
Live presentation of the 70th annual Academy Awards.
1990 Ace Awards-11th Annual (1990) as Presenter
Live presentation of the eleventh annual ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Sponsored by the National Academy of Cable Programming.
Three Sovereigns For Sarah (1985) as Sarah Cloyce
A three-part drama set in 17th-century Massachusetts at the time of the Salem witch trials. Sarah Cloyce, a woman wrongly accused of witchcraft, bravely faces her accusers to emerge triumphantly.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Jim Henson's Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (2001) as Matriarch
Contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, with a revelation: the original Jack was perhaps the greatest thief of all time. He stole the golden goose and the singing harp from giant Blundermore Thunderdell then chopped down the beanstalk, sending Thunderdell to his dea
Bella Mafia (1997) as Graziella Luciano
Drama about family, loyalty, love and revenge based on the novel by Lynda La Plante. The world of Don Roberto and Graziella Luciano is turned upside down when their favorite son Michael is murdered. Michael's secret girlfriend Sophia is pregnant with his child, unbeknownst to the family. After she g
Peter the Great (1986) as Sophia
An eight-hour, four-part miniseries based on Robert K. Massie's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the Russian Czar who opened his sprawling empire to the West. The action begins in the late seventeenth century when the young Peter is named co-czar with his brother, Ivan. Court intrigue involving h

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Byron (2003) as Lady Melbourne
Young Catherine (1991) as Empress Elizabeth
A miniseries based on the early life of Catherine the Great, the 18th-century Russian empress.

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