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Micheline Presle

Micheline Presle


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: August 22, 1922 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Hitler in Hollywood (2010)
Actress Maria de Medeiros, best known from her role in "Pulp Fiction", is working on a documentary about movie star Micheline Presle whose career began in the 1930s. She discusses her subject with various directors until they hit upon the name Luis Aramcheck. Presle made a film with him in 1939 that
Un homme et son chien (2009)
Attractive widow Jeanne tells Charles that she is getting married again and kicks him, along with his dog, out of her house. She has been his mistress since her husband's death; the two men had been best friends during their service in the navy. With no other resource except a tiny pension, it's the
Last Investigation (2007)
Simon, a former police officer, has ended up in the Sapins Bleus home for "seniors" against his will. He's not ready for retirement and he's not ready to be marginalized. But he's not the only resident of Sapins Bleus who doesn't think they're over the hill. There's aged rocker and karaoke fan Franc
Transfixed (2003) as Bo'S Grandmother
In Brussel's transsexual underworld, a serial killer who targets prostitutes is on the loose. In this atmosphere of uncertainty, sex worker Bo is called upon by Police Inspector Paul Huysmans to testify against her pedophile father. As Bo debates her decision, she daydreams of handsome waiter Johnny
Les Ames calines (2001) as Juliette
50-something bachelor Jacques gets more than he bargained for when he invites student Claire over for a disastrous date.
Charmant garcon (2001) as Octave'S Mother
Octave lives a boring, uneventful life, playing in a jazz band and living with his mother. But things change when he gets into a car 'accident' with beautiful Esther. Esther is a successful, self-confident mosaic artist, living a happy, ordered life. Octave soon begins making elaborate passes at Est
Vertiges de l'amour (2001)
On the eve of his wedding, Vincent finds himself feeling anxious and doubtful. When he sees a beautiful woman on the street, he begins to imagine all the other paths his life might have taken.
Mauvaises frequentations (2000) as Mamie
Fourteen-year-old Delphine is a delicately boned, shy child of the haute-bourgeosie, living a normal, boring middle-class life when she meets punk poet Olivia. Seduced by Olivia's charms and worldliness, Delphine schools herself in Olivia's way of thinking. Soon Delphine falls in love with Laurent a
Venus Beauty Institute (French) (1999) as Aunt Maryse
Nadine works in a beauty parlor in Paris. Aware of her fading beauty, she dates casually, but is fearful of the pitfalls of serious relationships. Her co-workers are the popular Samantha and young Marie, who is intrigued by a well-off widower who has become a regular customer. When Nadine is jilted
Journey to Paris, The (1999) as Madame Dubosc
Daniel is a rural hick who wants to visit Paris. He sets off to meet a relative in the suburbs, but soon things go wrong. When his cab driver steps out of the car for a minute, he is virtually hijacked by a pregnant woman demanding to be driven to the hospital. As events spiral out of his control, t
Chef in Love, A (1996) as Princess Cecilia Abachidze
While preparing an exhibition of Georgian paintings in Paris, Anton Gogoladze is contacted by a mysterious older woman, who asks him to translate a manuscript that has come into her possession. Intrigued, Anton begins to read and finds himself caught up in the story of the famous French chef Pascal
Enfants de salaud (1996)
A humorous tale of impromptu bonding among the four illegitimate children of an unrepentant assassin who meet for the first time during Dad's trial.
Diary of a Seducer (1995) as Diane
Claire Conte, a twenty-year-old, unenthusiastic student of psychoanalysis falls hopelessly in love with a fellow student, Gregory, after he lends her a rare copy of Kierkegaard's novel "Diary of a Seducer." The book seems to possess an uncanny aphrodisiac power which creates a bizarre web of obsessi
Les Miserables (1995) as Mother Superior
Loosely based on Victor Hugo''s classic 1862 novel. Henri Fortin is a rough-hewn but good-hearted man whose trials and tribulations echo the story of Hugo''s hero, Jean Valjean. Though born in the humblest of circumstances, Fortin encounters a diverse array of people in his life and is alternately perceived as a savior and a villain as the fortunes of the world are rocked by the events leading up to, including and immediately following the Second World War.
Blue Helmet (1994) as Gisele
A small-time French winegrower returns with his jealous Andalusian wife to the island resort where they spent their honeymoon, only to discover that the Balkan island is now embroiled in a civil war.
Something Fishy (1993) as Madame Loussine
The days and nights of private investigator Maxime are far from glamorous: all-night stakeouts, sleeping in her clothes, "at home" in a cafe, getting old alone, without family or lover. When she takes on a new case, Maxime uncovers a son (and her surprising love for him) as well as hard truths about
My Name Is Victor (1993) as Luce
A wheelchair-bound ex-dancer, who lost her lover and the use of her legs in a wartime explosion, recounts her life to her 11-year-old grandnephew.
Fanfan (1993)
A quiet, simple-living young man meets a fiery, passionate woman who threatens to bring out in him his own wild side which he desparately tries to keep in check. An adventurous game is embarked upon in which she constantly tempts him while he plays at resistance.
Le Jour des Rois (1991) as Germaine; Marie-Louise
Story of three elderly sisters with distinctive character traits who get together to attend a performance by a fourth, outcast sister in a senior citizens' comic troupe.
Other Eye, The (1991)
A profile of the life and career of Austrian director G.W. Pabst.
Fete des peres, La (1990) as Mireille
Two gay men want to raise a child together, but the woman they found to give them the baby refuses artificial insemination.
Apres Apres Demain (1989) as Neighbor
A handsome gym instructor falls head-over-heels for an indifferent fashion designer.
I Want to Go Back Home (1989) as Isabelle Gauthier
An American cartoonist goes to Paris and and visits with his daughter who is there studying the writings of Flaubert with a great admirer of her father's work.
Blood of Others, The (1988) as Madame Monge
A couple of star-crossed lovers are caught up in the Resistance in Nazi-occupied France.
Alouette, je te plumerai (1988) as Lady With Jewels
An old con-man fakes an illness and takes advantage of the kindness of one of his nurses.
Mignon e Partita (1988) as Professor Girelli
A sophisticated young Parisian girl is forced, due to criminal charges against her father and her mother's nervous collapse, to take up residence with her less sophisticated relatives in Rome.
Les Fausses Confidences (1984) as Madame Argante
Chien, Le (1984)
En Haut des Marches (1983) as Mathilde
Thieves After Dark (1983) as Morell
Demons du Midi (1980) as Rose
Tout depend des filles (1980) as Beety
Certaines Nouvelles (1979) as Helene
S'il vous plait... la mer? (1979) as Mother
On Efface Tout! (1978) as Madame Coeurdevey
Mords pas on t'aime (1976) as Phychologist
Nea (1976)
In Genève, bookseller and publisher Axel Thorpe catches willful, rich 16-year old Sibylle Ashby shop lifting. She brags about her writing, so he challenges her to produce a book. She writes an erotic novel that Thorpe publishes anonymously, and it becomes a best seller. She also tries to capture the love of this 40-year old publisher. When he drops her for her older sister, should she seek revenge or recapture? In subplots, she gets along badly with her sister and her father, and she encourages her mother's affair with dad's sister. Axel has problems too besides the determined Sibylle: he must come to terms with the drowning death of his mother years ago.
Trompe L'oeil (1975) as Mother
Oiseau Rare, L' (1973) as Wife
Slightly Pregnant Man, A (1973) as Doctor
A male Parisian driving school owner who goes to see his doctor and complains of feeling run down is pronounced four months pregnant. When the diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist, the result is an international media frenzy.
Les Petroleuses (1971) as Aunt
Donkey Skin (1970) as Queen
A princess masquerades as a commoner to escape her evil father.
King of Hearts (1967) as Madame Eglantine
During World War I, a Scottish soldier finds an abandoned town ruled by whimsical lunatics.
Hail! Mafia (1966) as Daisy
The Nun (1966) as Madame Demoni
An intelligent, freedom-loving woman is forced into a convent against her will.
The Lady Killer of Rome (1965) as Adalgisa de Matteis
A well-to-do antique dealer is wrongly accused of murder, brought to trial where some of his sordid past comes to the surface, and then is justly found innocent.
Male Hunt (1965) as Isabelle
Dark Purpose (1964) as Monique Bouvier
An American tourist falls in love with an Italian count who harbors a deadly secret.
The Prize (1963) as Dr. Denise Marceau
An American Nobel Prize-winner mixes it up with spies when he travels to Stockholm to collect his award.
Seven Capital Sins (1963) as Mother
Seven vignettes depict the comic side of the seven deadly sins.
Time Out for Love (1963) as Michèle
If a Man Answers (1962) as Maman Stacey
Rich socialite, Sandra Dee meets and marries photographer Bobby Darin and attempts to "train" him to be the perfect husband. Look for a very young Stephanie Powers as the devious friend .
The Five Day Lover (1961) as Madeleine
Lors d' un défilé de mode de la société de Madeleine, Claire rencontre Antoine et devient sa maîtresse. Seulement cinq jours par semaine, parce qu'elle est occupée avec son riche mari. Antoine aussi est riche et se rend aux rencontres accompagné par sa voiture et son chauffeur, Marius. La réalité est différente pour tous les deux: Antoine est l'amant de Madeleine qui est aussi la meilleure amie de Claire; alors que George, le mari de Claire, n'est pas du tout riche et a un emploi modeste. Tout marche à merveille jusqu'à ce que Madeleine découvre la vérité. Elle prépare sa vengéance et organise une fête à laquelle elle invite Antoine, Claire et George.....
Baron de l'Ecluse, Le (1960) as Perle
An aging jetsetter wins a yacht in a Deauville casino gamble and takes off on some adventures with his former mistress and some other friends, but at the end realizes that true love has eluded him.
Chance Meeting (1959) as Jacqueline Cousteau
Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer (Hardy Kruger)hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacquleine Cousteau (Micheline Presle), an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts. He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan (Stanley Baker)who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline. Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van-Rooyen as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis (Robert Flemyng), explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton , a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.
Louves, Les (1957) as Helene
Mariee est Trop Belle, La (1956) as Judith
Napoleon (1955) as Hortense De Beauharnais
Orson Welles è Hudson Lowe in questa mega produzione cinematografica che racconta scorci ed episodi della vita di Napoleone.
House of Ricordi (1955) as Virginia Marchi
A sweeping chronicle of the Ricordi family which grew to become Italy's premier music publishing house and pioneered the idea of royalty fees for its many clients which included many famous composers.
Royal Affairs in Versailles (1954) as Madame Du Pompadour
Witty narration follows the history of Versailles Palace; founded by Louis XIII, enlarged by autocratic Louis XIV, whose personal affairs and amours, and those of his two successors, are followed in more detail to the start of the Revolution, after which the story is brought rapidly up to date. A huge cast plays mainly historical persons who appear briefly.
Amour d'une femme, L' (1953) as Marie
Adventures of Captain Fabian (1951) as Léa Marriotte
Under My Skin (1950) as Paule Manet
When jockey Dan Butler wins a steeplechase race he had agreed to throw, he is roughed up and threatened by the racketeer he disappointed, Louis Bork. Dan and his young son Joe travel through Europe, Dan hoping to win enough to pay off Bork and get Joe safely back to America.
American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950) as Jeanne Martinez
Diable au corps, Le (1947) as Marthe
During World War I, underage student Francois Jaubert meets and falls in love with Marthe Grangier, who is engaged to Jacques, a soldier at the Front. Though Francois pursues her ardently, they become separated and she marries Jacques. But when Marthe and Francois meet again, their mutual feelings prove stronger than ever, and they begin an extramarital affair...regardless of potentially tragic consequences.
French Way, The (1945)
World War II has begun, but Parisian neighbors Dalban (biographer of Napoleon) and Mme. Ancelot still feud over his claim that her great-great-grandmother did *not* sleep with the Emperor! Their underage children Claire and Bernard are in love, but cannot marry over their parents' opposition. Dalban enlists beautiful cabaret star Zazu to divert Bernard's attention with a showgirl. But Zazu has her own ideas about young love...and strange things happen in air-raid shelters!
La Nuit fantastique (1942)
Denis is distracted: he's studying all day for philosophy exams and working all night at the flower market; plus, whenever he closes his eyes, he dreams of a mysterious woman in white. His girlfriend Nina is annoyed at him for his inattention, so she steps out behind his back with a friend of his. One night, while napping at the flower mart, he pursues the mystery woman in what he thinks is a dream, and finds himself with her in a restaurant with her father and her fiancé, then on to a magic shop, the Louvre, a nightclub, and a mental asylum. During the night, he discovers a plot against her, and still believing it's a dream, goes to great lengths to try to save her.

Cast (feature film)

Count of Monte Cristo, The (1999) as Madame De Saint Meran

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