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Rosemary Welden

Rosemary Welden


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Producer (feature film)

Woman Chaser, The (1999) as Associate Producer
Richard is a L.A. used car salesman on a quest to find the true meaning of his life. When he turns over his car lot to his inept assistants, he begins to write his first screenplay -- a woeful tale about a truck driver who runs over a little girl and gets shot to death trying to outrun the law. Whe

Casting (feature film)

Scalene (2012)
A mother seeks revenge after her mentally-challenged son is accused of a sexual assault by his student caretaker.
Final Season, The (2007)
In the small town of Norway, Iowa, everyone comes together for high school baseball. But life throws curve balls; and the passionate young players, rookie coach Kent Stock, and the hometown fans find that life's greatest challenges strike off the diamond. This is the true story of a coach who inspi
Undisputed 2 (2007)
The continuing story of convict and world heavyweight champion George "Iceman" Chambers who was sent to prison to serve 6-8 years on a rape charge.
Never Submit (2007)
A fight movie set in the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) featuring real MMA fighters.
When Nietzsche Wept (2007)
In 1882, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is helped by Josef Breuer, a Viennese doctor who is one of the founders of psychoanalysis, to fight his hemicrania and despair.
Gryphon (2007)
During the 13th century, two warring kingdoms must band together to stop a murderous Gryphon conjured up by an evil wizard.
Living & Dying (2007)
Two killers turn the tables on a group of robbers when they find themselves in a hostage situation. Surrounded by the police, the robbers must play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse before the killers execute the hostages.
End Game (2006)
A White House secret service agent and a hotshot reporter work together to nail the conspirators involved in the assassination of the President.
Black Hole, The (2006)
An energy creature is released when a government lab at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island creates a black hole.
Cutter, The (2006)
A former cop turned Los Angeles P.I. takes on a case of a missing diamond cutter that leads him on an adventure of love and villainy spanning Nazi Germany to the present day Jewelry District.
Holly (2006)
Set in Cambodia, a tale that depicts child prostitution through the non-sexual, complex relationship between Holly, a beautiful 12-year-old Vietnamese girl, and Patrick, an obsessive 40-year-old American stolen artifacts dealer.
Larva (2005) as Casting Director
The small town of Host, Missouri is overrun with deadly larvae when the residents eat the infested genetically engineered meat from the local packing plant. The larvae then take on a life of their own when they grow wings and become more carnivorous.
Mansquito (2005)
A group of scientists are searching for the cure to the West Nile virus when the head scientist accidentally crossbreeds himself with a mosquito. A female colleague is the only one who can stop him but she is also slowly turning into the hybrid species.
Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (2005)
On a remote island, a team of scientists is menaced by a deadly undersea creature, one scientist's genetically engineered creation, part human, part shark.
Snake King, The (2005)
An expedition team searches for the mythical fountain of youth deep in the Amazon rainforest. But they must contend with a deadly, five-headed serpent which protects it.
They Are Among Us (2004)
As Daniel prepares to go off to college and nears his 18th birthday, he begins to feel an unwanted negative attention focused upon him from the residents in his own idyllic small town of Point Ridge. Why he has become a subject of whispers, gossip, and rumours, he doesn't know. Coupled with some s
Suspended Animation (2003) as Casting
Hollywood animator Tom Kempton gets lost during a trip in the hills of Northern Michigan, but finds shelter in an isolated cabin owned by a pair of sisters who have a penchant for cannibalism. What started out as a relaxing getaway, becomes a waking nightmare when Tom finds himself at the hands the
House on a Hill, A (2001) as Casting
Harry is an irascible, aging architect trying to achieve the dream of building his masterwork. A wealthy young couple has commissioned Harry to design and rebuild a house he once owned that had burned down. Though reluctant at first, he eventually takes on the assignment and develops a new sense of
Jimmy Zip (1999) as Casting Director
An abused, sixteen-year-old pyromaniac runaway named Jimmy Zip goes on a firecracker rampage, encountering a metal sculptor with Tourette's syndrome who lives in his car. The sculptor catches the teenager and makes him his apprentice. Together they blow away the art world and a local drug-dealing pi
Hi-Line, The (1999) as Casting Director
Sam Polvino comes to a small Montana town to recruit employees for his Chicago retail agency. His first interviewee is Vera Johnson, a recent high school graduate eager for her first job. However Sam has not been upfront about why he is in Montana--he agreed to find Vera Johnson to fulfill a final
Diamonds (1999) as Additional Casting (Los Angeles)
In an effort to bond with his estranged son, Lance, elderly former prizefighter Harry Agensky takes his son and grandson on a road trip to Reno in search of 13 stolen diamonds, stashed away years ago. On the way there, the men visit a local brothel run by madame Sin-Dee, so that 15-year-old grandson
Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy (1998) as Casting
When her tomb is opened, the ancient mummy of an Egyptian queen comes alive and travels through time to modern San Francisco in order to destroy her enemies.
Joyride (1997) as Casting
Three kids steal a car to escape their small town and find a dead body in the trunk.
Expert, The (1995) as Casting (Los Angeles)
After a serial killer murders his sister, a special combat trainer for the police department seeks revenge.
Shattered Image (1994) as Casting Director
When a former model arranges the kidnapping of her husband for the ransom money, he is accidentally killed. Months later, she receives a mysterious call from a man claiming to be her husband, and she fears that he discovered her scheme and faked his death.
All Tied Up (1994) as Casting
Brian, a young ladies man finally finds true love, but can't give up his bachelor ways and, after catching him with another woman, she vows never to see him again. When he breaks into Linda's house to talk her into coming back to him, he finds himself a prisoner of Linda and her roommates.
Body Shot (1993) as Casting
LA paparazzo Mickey Dane is obsessed with rock 'n' roll superstar Chelsea Savage. Seeking an exclusive for a tabloid newspaper but in need of cash, Dane agrees to shoot a portfolio for a mysterious client only to find himself framed for murder following Chelsea's sudden demise.
Fatal Charm (1992) as Casting
Adam may be a convicted rapist and murderer, but through the eyes of a smitten, naive high-school girl, he's a handsome charmer who couldn't possibly have committed such heinous crimes. She gets a very rude awakening after she starts to correspond with him.
Grampire (1992) as Us Casting
A 12-year-old American boy comes to New Zealand on vacation and discovers that his grandfather is a vampire.
Invasion of Privacy (1992) as Casting
A beautiful writer becomes the object of deadly obsession to a troubled prison inmate she interviews.
Demonstone (1990)
The excavation of mystical ruins in the Phillipine jungle results in unleashed terror, and an American Marine is framed for murder.
Closer, The (1990) as Casting
Heeding a doctor's warning, an aggressive salesman retires, then finds that his new situation could prove more hazardous than his previous one.
Driving Force (1989) as Casting
Phantom of the Mall (1989) as Casting
A deformed man emerges from the ashes of his burnt house and wrecks havoc on the arsonists.
Stepfather II (1989) as Casting
In a sequel to the 1987 thriller, the stepfather escapes from the asylum he found himself in, romances another widow, but is discovered before incurring fatal damage.
Johnny Be Good (1988) as Casting Associate
Comedy revolving around college football recruiting.
Dead Heat (1988) as Casting Associate
A "dead" policeman is "re-activated" and goes on a manhunt for his killers.
Steal the Sky (1988) as Casting
A movie about the theft of a Russian MIG in 1966 by an Israeli-trained American woman and the Iraqi Air Force fighter pilot who became involved with her.
Big Bad Mama II (1988) as Casting
In the 1930s, a bank forecloses on the home of Wilma McClatchie, causing her to turn to a life of crime, taking her daughters with her.
Munchies (1987) as Casting Associate
The 'mucnchies' are found in a cave in Peru and then kidnapped by an evil man who wants to make money off of them. They multiply when chopped up and they get really mean and create all kinds of trouble.

Casting (special)

Gambler (1988) as Casting
A "CBS Schoolbreak Special" dramatizing the effects of teenage gambling on a seventeen-year-old high school student on the threshold of a promising career as an athlete.

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