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William Powell

William Powell



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  • What a Wonderful Actor and Man

    • MarieMinna
    • 2016-10-26

    My first William Powell movie also was 'My Man Godfrey'. I've been borderline obsessed with him ever since. He and Myrna Loy are my all-time favorite 'movie' couple, and 'The Thin Man' movies with them in them are my favorites of theirs, although 'I Love You Again' and 'Evelyn Prentice' are wonderful also. I'm definitely with you others that feel we were born in the wrong time...!

  • My Man Godfrey

    • Rachel Martinez
    • 2016-09-22

    My first William Powell movie was My Man Godfrey. After that I was hooked. I was born in the wrong decade .

  • fanaddress

    • paul daniello
    • 2016-07-17

    fanaddress to contact his fanclub to get a pictre ofhim in reurn he was a goodactorand rollmodeland mentour.

  • Simply the best, William Powell

    • cc
    • 2015-11-13

    William Powell is absolutely the best. Sadly, I feel he is underrated. He could do it all. When he was just starting out in the silent and doing such villainous roles and not being a true star yet, he was getting the such outstanding reviews. So many pictures were deemed saved just by him being in it. He found super stardom through the Thin Man. A lot of people think that's where his greatness begins. Not so. In the Last Command he was excellent. Street of Chance, One Way Passage, Jewel Robbery Lawyer Man and more are just some examples of his early excellent work. He was nominated 3 times for an Oscar. I think in 1936, an unmatched year by any actor, he could have been nominated 3 times alone. After such a stellar year his world crashed and he was off the screen for nearly 2 years. It was a big deal when he was ready to come back. Outside Hollywood as well as within. A true testament to his popularity. He came back with great movies and went out on top and how he liked. He was very generous with his co-stars and shared generously the screen for the good of fellow actor/actress and the film. His advice was respected. He was no self promoter. Any kindness he doled out was never touted by him. There are so many quotes by such big stars regarding him. He was much loved and quite a character. He was a real presence in Hollywood back then and I wish that he was remembered today as much as the other names that he is equal to or better than. It would also be nice if he could be honored in some way by the Academy, because they have really missed the mark on Mr. Powell and it is a real shame.

  • Every time I see William I Stop and Wach

    • Marcus
    • 2015-11-10

    William is the best thing that d!ever happened to early Hollywood!!

  • My Man Powell

    • Jay
    • 2014-11-05

    William Powell was one of the few actors who could make me smile without saying a word...with his impish grin, he seemed to be telling me 'wait's coming'...and he always delivered...I rank him right up there with Grant & Gagney...

  • william powell

    • dirtuus
    • 2012-12-14

    powell was the best at comedy or serious roles

  • Strongest Leading Actor William Powell

    • Rebecca Crittenden
    • 2012-12-11

    Mr. Powell gave us wonderfully dominant roles with comedy, tragedy, romance and excitement. He could stand alone in a scene or allow the other actors to shine alongside him. The one and only William Powell.

  • My favorite actor

    • Andy D
    • 2012-07-19

    I find myself watching movies of a bygone era wishing that I could have seen them in there initial release. I've been collecting different old movies of his for a year. I love them all. Such a classy actor they don't make them like him any more.

  • William Powell

    • Mike
    • 2012-03-11

    Simply the Best!

  • Love William Powell

    • Jennie Riley
    • 2011-12-08

    William Powell is my favorite actor. It's hard to choose, with all the greats. Mr. Powell is always the commanding presence on screen, whether it be comedy or drama. He had that special quality that cannot be measured. My favorite movie is My Man Godfrey, but he was fabulous as Ziegfield too. Thank you TCM for playing his films. I always look forward to a William Powell film.

  • My All Time Favorite Actor

    • JenniferLynne
    • 2011-09-01

    I never get tired of the great William Powell! I own over 65 of his movies and every time I watch one I am captivated by his screen presence. I especially love him with Kay Francis. My favorite movies of his would be My Man Godfrey, Libeled Lady, The Thin Man, Double Harness, Shadow of The Law and For The Defense. An extremely talented actor!

  • " William The Great "

    • Queen Patty
    • 2011-04-26

    I can watch his movies over and over, he was a wonderful actor. Funny thing is, I have a feeling a lot of his own personality went into his acting! The only thing I would like to know is if anyone can tell me if he had red hairjQuery15106572908021353892_1303848636610??

  • " William The Great "

    • Queen Patty
    • 2011-04-26

    I can watch his movies over and over, he was a wonderful actor. Funny thing is, I have a feeling a lot of his own personality went into his acting! The only thing I would like to know is if anyone can tell me if he had red hairjQuery15107504093185820289_1303846256032??

  • The Thin Man et al.

    • Teri Pike
    • 2010-08-17

    I've been enjoying William Powell and Myrna Loy in the 'Thin Man' movies for many years now. I've also seen several other movies with William Powell including 'Mister Roberts'. At no time have I ever been disappointed with his capabilities as an actor. He was a great actor whether in comedy or drama. I personally prefer his comedies. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy a good movie.

  • The Thin Man Series

    • deb
    • 2010-02-20

    Would love to share a martini with Nick and Nora.

  • Barrymore or Rathbone?

    • martyr
    • 2010-02-06

    So let me get this straight. According to TCM, nobody portrayed Sherlock Holmes onscreen except Basil Rathbone. Ever. Hmm...

  • William the Great

    • Narlin Lewis
    • 2010-01-24

    William Powell is one of the greatest actors I have had the pleasure to watch. He is as good in a comedy role as he is in a drama. His suave manner and snappy delivery make him fun to watch no matter what his role. He also seems to bring out the best in his co-stars.

  • William Powell's Bio

    • 2009-12-28

    In watching the 1922 classic "Sherlock Holmes" this evening, I recognized whom I thought to be a young William Powell. I accessed his bio on your website to confirm, and I learned that this was his movie premier. However, it states that Basil Rathbone also starred (presumably as Sherlock Holmes). According to the movie's credits, John Barrymore starred as Sherlock Holmes, and according to Mr. Rathbone's bio, he did not star in American films until 1924, two years after Sherlock Holmes was released. So my suggestion would be to revise Mr. Powell's bio to reflect who played Sherlock. It's an "elementary" suggestion. Right?

  • Wow William

    • Sherry Richardson
    • 2009-10-12

    There is something so sexy and intelligent in the charm of William Powell. Whenever one of his movies is on, I am held captive by his aura. What a Man!

  • My Boyfriend! :)

    • Mary
    • 2009-08-18

    My life would not be the same without this man! The moment I first saw him appear onscreen in My Man Godfrey, I was mesmerized. He is charming, funny, witty, sexy, suave; everything a man should be. I love all of his movies from the silent villians, all the way to the old doctor in Mr Roberts. He is truly one of the best and most versatile actors I have ever seen. And boy does this man age well! :) I should have been born 100 years earlier... I heartily agree with the suggestion that he should have, at the very least, his own month at TCM. But to go further, they should make a better effort to restore all of his films. (i.e Nevada, Shadow of the Law... hint hint)

  • Great Actor

    • Dee
    • 2009-08-08

    William H. Powell was one of the greatest actor's who ever lived. He was a "Natural"! There are only ten or twelve other actors that can be called as such; Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Joan Crawford to name a few. I wish he had made more films....especially, more in the "Thin Man" series.

  • THE BEST!!!

    • Anna
    • 2009-08-05

    Powell is one of the greatest actors of his time. His acting is very reall, down to earth. His characters are believable and he never over acts! I wish TCM would make him star of the month or even give him a day in Summer Under the Stars! He is very over looked!

  • No Oscar

    • Lee Ellen Myers
    • 2009-07-01

    William Powell was nominated several times for an Oscar but did not win. It seems to me the Academy was very remiss in not giving him an Honorary Oscar. They had plenty of time since he lived to be over 90 years old. It makes you wonder if anybody at the Academy actually knows anything about what makes a great movie or a great movie actor.

  • William Powell

    • billa1971
    • 2009-04-15

    The Best!

  • Great Actor

    • S. Davis
    • 2009-02-21

    William Powell is a great actor. He was so funny, debonair and very talented in all his roles. He was excellent in those sophisticated, well-bred man roles. I would watch his movies anytime! My favorites are the Thin Man series and My Man Godfrey.

  • Regarding Mr. William Powell

    • Dee
    • 2009-02-09

    I believe him to be the GREATEST Actor of the first half of the twentieth century with (the guy who played in some like it hot running a close second). The only actors worth their salt after 1975 are: Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Myrna Loy (no matter what era she is in she is fantastic), and a few others. There are some prior to 1975 like Kirk Douglass, Broderick Crawford, Lucille Ball, Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, and the late-great, Humphrey Bogart. Everybody else was just hoping.

  • Terrific

    • Mary Bordwell
    • 2008-10-27

    I appreciate Mr. Powells' talents the older I get and the more I can view his movies. It is the actors that make it look easy that are the great ones.

  • A Wonderful Actor

    • Teri
    • 2008-09-16

    I have enjoyed all of William Powell's movies. I have seen just about all of them but I have to say my favorites place him opposite Myrna Loy especially the "Thin Man" movies. I love their timing.

  • William Powell a versatile classic wonder!

    • K Douglas
    • 2008-09-07

    His movies are the first I pick to watch whenever I want to laugh, or whatever mood I'm in. It doesn't bother me that they are all mostly in b/w, because it prevents us from getting distracted from the acting. Which is why he is so believable. His humor is timeless! I haven't see too many actors that are well rounded and believable these days to watch. But he is definely at the top of my list!

  • Not just the Thin Man

    • K Douglas
    • 2008-08-31

    I love seeing William Powell movies. I have not been let down yet with the range of acting from comedy that's screwballish, to romantic detective. I am currently reading his biography and there are many movies that have not been shown such as: The Kennel Murder Case, the Key, Escapade, Star of Midnight, The Emperor's Candlesticks, the Heavenly body and others. I watch his movies everytime he come on and also invite friends over for movie night when I know his movie is on. Please show these movies!

  • What a Life!

    • Patrick
    • 2008-07-16

    Powell was a pro. Knew his business, pursued his career with great success through thought and selection of roles. Brave fellow, he endured a primitive cancer surgery and came back with info for the public. Drama to comedy. Great comedic timing. His work is still full of great acting examples - especially how to let the rest of the cast shine. Great at the box office, his films still make money on tv, etc.. Every one knows the Thin Man series. The first two are great. Third is falling and the rest are formula. Actors can carry poor scripts. Powell's life story is about a dream, then risk, then work, then risk, then work. Pity he did not write an autobiography with details of his thought process. Heston's books are like Ben Franklin's autobiog - inspirational. Dream, plan, risk, work. It goes way beyond the films or stage. The more I know about Powell as man, the more I appreciate him, quite aside from film. Best regards to all film fans! SOme of the old B/W's are absolute gems.

  • My Favorite

    • gina
    • 2008-06-28

    I just wished that they would play his movies more often. No movies for 2 months or so, then 2 - 3 in one month. I can always watch a William Powell movie.

  • Altime Favorite

    • Sarah
    • 2008-06-24

    William Powell was so sophisticated yet identified with the criminals in many of his movies. His had such carisma and was good in both dramatic and comedy rolls. He was one of a kind. He was a classy guy.

  • Absolutely LOVE him!

    • Kelly
    • 2008-06-21

    They just don't make 'em like Powell anymore. He was intelligent, sophisticated and not afraid to be goofy. I have yet to see a bad film with him in it.


    • gertie
    • 2008-06-02

    I fell in love with him when I was a child and it hasn't changed. He had it all!!

  • "William the Great"

    • Kay Davis
    • 2008-02-29

    "What an Actor" they sure don't make them like they use to". I have a good number of his movies, love them all. I hope you keep showing them on TCM.

  • William Powell, A wonderful Actor

    • Maria D
    • 2007-12-03

    William Powell was one of those few actors who had "IT". That charming star power. The dashing good looks, the quick wit, the charm, the sex appeal. He had it all. He could do comedy, drama, whatever! I enjoy watching his movies over and over again!

  • Greatest Actor in Film

    • Leti
    • 2007-11-24

    I was bored one evening and decided to watch a TCM movie. Since I enjoy watching old movies, I selected "The Thin Man" starring Myrna Loy and William Powell. After watching this movie, I decided that this would be my ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM and in listening to the narrator talk about the movie at the end of the show, I discovered that there were 4 more in the Thin Man Series. I rushed out and both the collection on to continue and purchase another 5 that the two have made together. I fell in love immediately with them and will cherish those films and watch them every chance I get. What chemistry the both had with one another. A true love story even if they were just great friends!!

  • William Powell

    • Linda Martin
    • 2007-11-17

    I just want to say that I like W.Powell, very much in the Thin man films.He has style and class, and he´s bright.


    • Sinclair
    • 2007-08-18

    William Powell was the epitome of style and class. When teamed with Mryna Loy...WOW!!!

  • Suave and Silly...The Genius of William Powell

    • jack laidlaw
    • 2007-08-15

    No one I can think of in 20th century film history can surpass William Powell for sheer elegance and at the same time flat out silliness with a great sense of comic flair. Suave as in the butler Godfrey, as Nick Charles, and as Flo Ziegfeld. Silly as William Chandler from Libeled Lady trying to catch a trout, as Stephen Ireland in Love Crazy "freeing the hats" and getting his head stuck in a descending elevator, and as a crazy Senator who wasn't all that descreet. A great actor for any generation!!!

  • Handsome and Talented

    • jeanna
    • 2007-08-12

    He was an outstanding actor. I have seen many of his movies and he has been fantastic in each roll. I really enjoyed his Thin Man series and my all time favorite was and still is My Man Godfrey. I truly enjoy watching him onscreen. Thanks TCM for these great classics!

  • handsome

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    He's handsome and cool. He was perfect for "The Think Man" series. Him and Myrna Loy made a cute screen couple. He's a good man.


    • edith kelsay
    • 2007-08-09


  • Love William Powell

    • alice
    • 2007-08-09

    He was a actor that i could set & watch all day long...of all the movies that i've seen.. he was great in all of them... I could set & watch the Thin Man Movies over & over..William Powell & Myrna Loy are my Favorite actors...

  • A Cool Pool Parlor Dude

    • gwendolyn jennels
    • 2007-08-02

    William Powell was an outstanding actor in every sense of the word. He was able to always create a suave debonaire character whom most people had to respect. He had such a way with him that he swept women off their feet before they knew what hit them. I simply love all the Thin Man series, where he played an impeccable private detective. Myrna Loy was the perfect wife for such a remarkable character with such class and sophistication. My favorite movie in which he was the star was "My Man Godfrey", he was absolutely the greatest. He played that role with finesse, grandeur, and which could be compared of someone of nobility. Actors like him don't exist anymore.

  • I dream of Bill Powell!

    • Anne O.
    • 2007-07-12

    I just finished the lastest biography on him and it is ,in my opinion, the best. It tells of his life after films, his retirement, life with wife, Diana and much more. He is my favorite actor of all time. I just can't say enough about what a truly GREAT actor and man he was!


    • 2007-04-05


  • So smooth and elegant, a real natural performer.

    • Gabby
    • 2007-04-04

    To watch William Powell is sheer joy. His easy demeanor in front of the camera is unmatched, I drink it in whenever I watch him. My husband and I don't miss his films if at all possible -- even if we have seen them many times over -- because of his natural comedic touch and dramatic flair. To me, he embodies all that a movie star should be: class, sexiness and talent.


    • Jack Williams
    • 2007-02-28



    • TERRYF
    • 2006-12-06


  • first class all the way

    • michael york
    • 2006-10-09

    what a great actor iwish i knew more about him! his performances are indelible even when the movies become too formulaic his nick charles is an iconic delight i love most of all life with father how great he was in that! not to mention one way passage manhattan melodrama my man godfrey and mister roberts did anyone have a better year in film than powell in 1936! the chemistry with lombard in godfrey is electric even though they had been divored a couple of years previously how sad that jean harlow died before they could marry these twin tragedies must have affected him greatly although i know he had a long and happy marriage to the very young diana lewis wish i could read more about him

  • The best

    • Jere Houser
    • 2006-09-29

    Could play Drama and comedy equally well. Just a pleasure to watch. A real gentleman. Too bad no one in Hollywood today is like him.

  • Of Versatility And Matrimony

    • gene
    • 2006-08-04

    When i first saw William Powell in I Love You Agin (1940), I thought, there must be something about him that drew audiences in. As with all these stars, there's always a factor of charm that makes them so watchable, loveable; Powell is certainly no exception. As a 19 year old, I guess what sets Powell apart from stars today is his quality and versatility. Able to act the fool and the distinguished gentlman all in one fine moment and yet still be believeable, Powell makes dramatic acting child's play. Powell is, in my oppinion, the only actor I've ever seen to make marriage seem so enticing. If ever to watch a movie, watch Evelyn Prentice and you'll know what I mean. Even when a marriage goes horribly wrong, Powell's tenderness and heartfelt eyes put you evermore in the honeymoon period. So, after all is said and done, I make one last statement: William Powell makes it impossible to sit down to one of his films and not be madly in love with his smile, intelligence, and cander by the end of the picture.

  • Class Act

    • camillofan
    • 2006-07-06

    There was (& is) no one quite like him. Whether playing the gentleman, the rogue, or the gentleman rogue, William Powell was 100% class.

  • elegant lovely man

    • margaret bankard
    • 2006-07-05

    Hi, I have the bio of william powell entitled Gentleman..what a wonderful person and great great actor..just too too bad there aren't any today..thank you..

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