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A. W. Watkins

A. W. Watkins



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Art Director (feature film)

The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1937) as Art Director
An ordinary man discovers he can make anything happen just by saying it.

Sound (feature film)

The Bushbaby (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A lost girl undertakes a perilous trip across Africa.
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1970) as Recording Supervisor
The infamous submarine captain rescues six shipwreck survivors.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) as Recording Supervisor
In this musical remake, a conservative boys'''' school teacher falls in love with an actress.
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) as Sound Supervisor
Classic sci-fi epic about a mysterious monolith that seems to play a key role in human evolution.
Dark of the Sun (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A mercenary band fights to get refugees and a fortune in diamonds out of the Congo.
Battle Beneath the Earth (1968) as Recording Supervisor
Communist Chinese invade the U.S. by burrowing beneath the Pacific.
Hot Millions (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A computer whiz and his pregnant girlfriend set out to rob a massive corporation.
Inspector Clouseau (1968) as Sound
Scotland Yard borrows a bumbling French police detective to investigate a train robbery.
Eye of the Devil (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A French nobleman deserts his wife because of an ancient family secret.
Where the Spies Are (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A country doctor dabbles in espionage to get a new car.
The Liquidator (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A killer-for-hire gets mixed up with a plot to assassinate England''s Prince Phillip.
The Truth About Spring (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Tommy Tyler a lazy Caribbean sailor and his tom-boy daughter, Spring are out to search for a buried treasure. Tommy brings aboard William Ashton, a young lawyer to help with the search. Ashton turns out to be handy when they encounter dangerous rivals. Tommy also tries to play match maker between Ashton and Spring-a difficult task indeed.
The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A classic car changes the lives of three sets of owners.
The Hill (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Prisoners fight to survive the grueling conditions in a North African military stockade.
Operation Crossbow (1965) as Sound
Allied agents go behind enemy lines to destroy a German missile base.
Murder Most Foul (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Elderly sleuth Miss Marple joins a small-town theatre to investigate a murder.
The Alphabet Murders (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates a series of murders committed in alphabetical order.
The Secret of My Success (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A young innocent becomes the prey for a series of devious, if unlucky females.
Children of the Damned (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Space invaders impregnate six women with super-powered offspring.
Night Must Fall (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A psychopath worms his way into an elderly woman''''s household.
The Chalk Garden (1964) as Sound
A woman with a past signs on as governess for a troubled girl.
Murder Ahoy (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Elderly sleuth Miss Marple takes to the seas to investigate murder on a naval training ship.
633 Squadron (1964) as Sound Supervisor
World War II flyers take on a suicide mission to bomb a Nazi rocket fuel factory.
Murder at the Gallop (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Elderly sleuth Miss Marple suspects foul play when an old friend is supposedly scared to death by a cat.
The V.I.P.s (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Wealthy passengers fogged in at London's Heathrow Airport fight to survive a variety of personal trials.
Come Fly with Me (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Three stewardesses try to find husbands while flying over the Atlantic.
The Haunting (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A team of psychic investigators moves into a haunted house that destroys all who live there.
In the Cool of the Day (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A man''s efforts to save his friend''s marriage lead to infidelity.
The Password Is Courage (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A British officer leads an attempt to escape from a German POW camp.
I Thank a Fool (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A woman once convicted of euthanasia gets a job caring for her prosecutor's wife.
A Matter of WHO (1962) as Sound
Kill or Cure (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A detective bumbles through the investigation of murders at a spa.
I Like Money (1962) as Recording Supervisor
Mr. Topaze (Peter Sellers) is an unassuming school teacher in an unassuming small French town who is honest to a fault. He is fired when he refuses to give a passing grade to a bad student, the grandson of a wealthy Baroness (Martita Hunt). Castel Benac (Herbert Lom), a government official who runs a crooked financial business on the side, is persuaded by his mistress, Suzy (Nadia Gray), a musical comedy actress, to hire Mr. Topaze as the front man for his business. Gradually, Topaze becomes a rapacious financier who sacrifices his honesty for success and, in a final stroke of business bravado, fires Benac and acquires Suzy in the deal. An old friend and colleague, Tamise (Michael Gough) questions him and tells Topaze that if what he now says and practices indicates there are no more honest men.
Light in the Piazza (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A woman's efforts to marry off her daughter are hindered by a family secret.
Portrait of a Sinner (1961) as Recording Supervisor
Gorgo (1961) as Sound
Entrepreneurs capture a giant sea monster not realizing it''''s really an infant with a protective mother.
Murder She Said (1961) as Recording Supervisor
When nobody will believe she witnessed a murder, elderly sleuth Miss Marple takes a job as a maid to ferret out clues.
The Secret Partner (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A shipping tycoon with a record becomes a suspect when money goes missing from the company vault.
Invasion Quartet (1961) as Recording Supervisor
Four British soldiers infiltrate enemy territory to destroy a strategic artillery placement.
The Millionairess (1961) as Recording Supervisor
When the world's richest woman falls for an ascetic Indian doctor, they plan a test to decide whose dreams will come true.
The Green Helmet (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A race-car driver whose nerves are shot takes on one last job.
Village of the Damned (1960) as Recording Supervisor
After a mysterious blackout, the inhabitants of a British village give birth to emotionless, super-powered offspring.
The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (1960) as Recording Supervisor
Turn-of-the-century Irish patriots plan to overthrow the British government.
Libel (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A former POW is accused of being an impostor.
The Doctor's Dilemma (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A woman tries to convince the medical profession to save her husband despite his lack of character.
The Angry Hills (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A World War II correspondent fights to get strategic information out of occupied Greece.
The House of the Seven Hawks (1959) as Sound Supervisor
A ship''''s captain gets mixed up with murder during the hunt for lost Nazi treasure.
The Safecracker (1958) as Sound Supervisor
A reformed burglar calls on his criminal skills to aid the war effort.
I Accuse! (1958) as Recording Supervisor
True story of writer Emile Zola''''s defense of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish army officer framed by anti-Semites.
tom thumb (1958) as Recording Supervisor
A six-inch-tall boy takes on a pair of comical crooks.
Action of the Tiger (1957) as Sound Supervisor
An adventurer helps rescue political prisoners from Albania.
The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1957) as Recording Supervisor
Poet Elizabeth Barrett defies her tyrannical father for the love of Robert Browning.
The Little Hut (1957) as Recording Supervisor
A neglected wife is shipwrecked on a desert island with her husband and her would-be lover.
Bhowani Junction (1956) as Recording Supervisor
An Anglo-Indian beauty falls for a British officer as her country fights for independence.
Invitation to the Dance (1956) as Recording Supervisor
Three stories told in dance: a circus clown loves a trapeze artist; a bracelet passes from one lover to another; a sailor enters an animated Arabian Nights fantasy.
Quentin Durward (1955) as Recording Supervisor
A gallant Scots knight falls in love with his uncle's future wife.
Bedevilled (1955) as Recording Supervisor
A novice priest offers sanctuary to a girl on the run from gangsters.
Flame and the Flesh (1954) as Recording Director
American Madeline (Lana Turner), a no-better-than-she-has-to-be (and then only when pushed)traveler arrives in Naples. She has an eye for men and a penchant for getting by on her wits---a 1954 term for body---and soon has a well-meaning (dumb) young composer, Ciccio (Bonar Colleano)providing her with room and board. But she has a male counterpart in Ciccio's friend, cafe-singer Nino (Carlos Thompson), who recognizes her for what she is and he decides to intercede on behalf of his friend. Black Widow Madeline welcomes him into her parlor, in a manner of speaking to get past the censors, and the next thing Nino knows, he has abandoned his wedding plans with sweet-young-thing Lisa (Pier Angeli), and runs off with Madeline. Lisa and Ciccio are left with wringing hands, and Madeline and Nino become an American/Italian version of the "Battling Bickersons" or "The Honeymooners", with none of the fun.
Crest of the Wave (1954) as Recording Director
British and American sailors conduct demolitions experiments off the Scottish coast.
Betrayed (1954) as Recording Supervisor
During World War II, a U.S. officer falls for a Resistance fighter suspected of being an enemy spy.
Beau Brummell (1954) as Recording Supervisor
An English Don Juan courts the Prince of Wales'''' favor while romancing his way through society.
Mogambo (1953) as Recording Director
In this remake of Red Dust, an African hunter is torn between a lusty showgirl and a married woman.
Never Let Me Go (1953) as Recording Director
An American correspondent and his Russian ballerina wife are separated by the Soviet authorities.
Terror on a Train (1953) as Recording Director
It's a race against the clock to defuse a time bomb on board a train filled with high explosives.
The Hour of 13 (1952) as Recording Director
A gentleman thief in Victorian England tries to reform and do one good deed.
Ivanhoe (1952) as Recording Director
Sir Walter Scott's classic tale of the noble knight torn between his fair lady and a beautiful Jew.
Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951) as Recording Supervisor
The British sleuth comes out of retirement to help catch a band of thieves armed with military weapons.
The Miniver Story (1950) as Recording Director
A brave family comes together in the face of post-war problems.
Edward, My Son (1949) as Recording Director
A possessive father destroys anyone who threatens his plans for his son.
Conspirator (1949) as Recording Director
A newlywed suspects her husband of being a Communist spy.
Hatter's Castle (1948) as Recording Director
Vacation from Marriage (1945) as Sd dir
After World War II service changes them, a married couple dread their postwar reunion.
The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943) as Sd dir
The Saint infiltrates a small English village run by smugglers.
Suicide Squadron (1942) as Sd dir
A Polish flyer struggles to regain his memory so he can return to the fight against the Nazis.
49th Parallel (1941) as Sound Supervisor
The crew of a stranded German U-boat tries to evade capture in Canada during World War II.
The Saint's Vacation (1941) as Sd dir
Reformed jewel thief Simon Templar vies with Nazi agents for possession of a mysterious music box .
Over the Moon (1940) as Sd dir
A surprise inheritance breaks up a once-impoverished noblewoman and a doctor.
21 Days Together (1940) as Recording Director
After accidentally killing his mistress'' husband, a man must decide whether to let another man hang for his crime.
The Thief of Bagdad (1940) as Sd dir
A young thief faces amazing monsters to return Bagdad's deposed king to the throne.
Haunted Honeymoon (1940) as Recording
British sleuth Sir Peter Wimsey''''s wedding celebration is cut short by the discovery of a murdered man in his honeymoon cottage.
The Lion Has Wings (1940) as Recording Director
Britishers of every class band together to repel the German Blitz.
The Challenge (1939) as Sd dir
Rival teams compete to be the first to climb the Matterhorn.
The Four Feathers (1939) as Sound dir
A disgraced officer risks his life to help his childhood friends in battle.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939) as Recording
A cold-hearted teacher becomes the school favorite when he''s thawed by a beautiful young woman.
Clouds over Europe (1939) as Recording Director
When enemy agents steal plans for an experimental plane, the test pilot fights to clear his name.
Prison Without Bars (1939) as Sd dir
Suzanne, Renee, Nina and Marta all hate their prison and all the girls are trying to escape while Madame Appel just causes chaos throughout the whole film. The girls are used to being slapped and treated badly, so when Yvonne comes along and asks them to tell her their complaints, they don't believe her at first.
U-Boat 29 (1939) as Sd dir
A German sub tries to sink the British fleet during World War I.
The Citadel (1938) as Recording Director
A struggling doctor is tempted to give up his ideals for a posh high-society practice.
A Yank at Oxford (1938) as Recording Director
A cocky American student runs into trouble when he transfers to the famed British college.
Action for Slander (1938) as Sd dir
The Drum (1938) as Sd dir
An Indian prince tries to save his British masters from a deadly revolt.
The Divorce of Lady X (1938) as Recording Director
In need of a hotel room, a woman poses as a scandalous divorcee.
The Gaiety Girls (1938) as Sd dir
South Riding (1938) as Recording Director
"Winifred Holtby realised that Local Government is not a dry affair of meetings and memoranda:- but 'the front-line defence thrown up by humanity against its common enemies of sickness, poverty and ignorance.' She built her story around six people working for a typical County Council:- Beneath the lives of the public servants runs the thread of their personal drama. Our story tells how a public life affects the private life; and how a man's personal sufferings make him what he is in public. " Corruption, intrigue and romance in a Yorkshire setting. A country squire whose wife is in a mental hospital becomes attracted to a crusading local schoolmistress.
The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1938) as Sd dir
The masked hero plots to rescue his wife when his enemies kidnap her.
Under the Red Robe (1937) as Sound Recording
Dinner at the Ritz (1937) as Sound Recording
The daughter of a murdered financier is working as a jewelry salesperson while she tracks those among her father's colleagues who plotted against him.
Storm in a Teacup (1937) as Sd dir
A small-town politician tries to end his daughter's romance with a crusading reporter.
Troopship (1937) as Recording Director
The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1937) as Recording Director
An ordinary man discovers he can make anything happen just by saying it.
Fire over England (1937) as Recording Director
A British spy infiltrates the Spanish court to thwart their planned invasion of England.
Forever Yours (1937) as Recording Director
A woman who has a failed romance becomes involved with a widowed opera singer.
Men Are Not Gods (1937) as Recording Director
A secretary to an eccentric drama critic is persuaded to alter a ruinous review of a Shakespearean actor and falls in love with him.
Dark Journey (1937) as Sd dir
Rival spies fall in love during World War I.
Knight Without Armor (1937) as Recording Director
A British spy tries to get a countess out of the new Soviet Union.
Elephant Boy (1937) as Recording Director
A boy promises to lead trackers to an elusive herd of wild elephants.
Love from a Stranger (1937) as Sd dir
Carol wins the lottery, but unfortunately her sudden wealth leads to a disagreement with her fiancé Ronald, and the two break up. Carol quickly falls in love with the romantic and mysterious Gerald, and marries him despite the warnings of her friends. It is not long before Carol begins to see that Gerald is disturbed and perhaps even dangerous, and she soon realizes that she is in great peril.
Dreaming Lips (1937) as Sound Supervisor
Murder on Diamond Row (1937) as Recording Director
London's jewel thieves are under the thumb of a mysterious fence, who ruthlessly exposes any thief who crosses him. Desperate, Scotland Yard re-hires ex-Inspector Barrabal who, as a known drunkard, is ideally suited to go undercover with a faked criminal record (which may spoil his chances with lovely Carol Stedman). Interested parties: Larry Graeme, cat burglar; his girl, sexy dancer Tamara; Collie, sardonic reporter. Then murder makes apprehension of the Squeaker urgent.
The Ghost Goes West (1936) as Recording Director
An American millionaire moves a Scottish castle to Florida, not realizing it''''s haunted.
I Stand Condemned (1936) as Sound Recording
During the First World War, Russian officer Ignatoff, wounded, falls in love with his nurse, Natasha. But she is subject to an upcoming marriage of family convenience to Brioukow, a wealthy industrialist of peasant stock. Brioukow is unjustifiably jealous, since Natasha has not betrayed him. He forces Ignatoff into his debt as a means of humiliating him. When Ignatoff's new friend, Madame Sabline, offers to pay his debt, preventing his ruin, Ignatoff comes quickly to realize that Madame Sabline has an ulterior motive, one that could prove dangerous to more lives than just Ignatoff's.
Rembrandt (1936) as Recording Director
The respected painter takes to drink and faces down scandal after his wife dies.
Things to Come (1936) as Recording Director
Two generations of philosophers try to bring an end to war.
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935) as Recording Director
A British aristocrat's effete facade masks a swashbuckling hero rescuing victims of the French revolution.
The Private Life of Henry VIII (1934) as Sound
The famed English monarch suffers through five of his six disastrous marriages.

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