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Joseph Porro

Joseph Porro


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Costume-Wardrobe (feature film)

Beautiful & Twisted (2015)
Set against a blue-sky Miami world of money, hotels and excess, and begins when millionaire heir to the Fountainebleau Miami Beach hotel fortune Ben Novack Jr. is found brutally murdered. It shakes the city's elite society to the core. Police ultimately untangled the sex, lies and payback behind Ben
Alleged (2011)
Charles Anderson is a talented young reporter who feels trapped living in a tiny town in steep decline. Using the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break into the journalistic big leagues, Charles becomes the eager protégé of Baltimore Sun editor H.L Mencken, America
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
Alice, now in hiding in the Nevada desert, once again joins forces with Carlos Olivera and L.J., along with survivors Claire, K-Mart and Nurse Betty to try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead-and to seek justice. Since being captured by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice has been subjected to biogenic experimentation and becomes genetically altered, with super-human strengths, senses and dexterity. These skills, and more, will be needed if anyone is to remain alive.
Ultraviolet (2006)
Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans has emerged with a genetic mutation causing enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. As more people are infected and the government becomes increasingly terrified of their growing power, those with the mutation are treated as outcasts, subjected to terrifying tests and put into quarantine. The government sets out to destroy them, but one woman is determined that that doesn''t happen: ultra-beautiful, ultra-lethal Violet. With eyepopping martial arts skills and chameleon-like abilities, Violet becomes a rogue warrior bent on protecting her new race--and seeking revenge on those who created it.
Music Man, The (2003)
A con man, masquerading as a professor of music, convinces a small town in Iowa to form a brass band.
Equilibrium (2002) as Costume Designer
In the nation of Libria, there is always peace among men. The rules of the Librian system are simple. If you are happy, you will be arrested. If you cry, the law will hunt you down. If you read a contraband book or so much as look at a smuggled painting, you've committed a crime. To keep the peace,
Shanghai Noon (2000) as Costume Designer
Acrobatic Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang comes to America to rescue beautiful, kidnapped Princess Pei Pei. Upon transporting her ransom, Chon finds himself on the very train that Roy O''Bannon, an outlaw of dubious competence, plans to rob. They reluctantly become partners when faced with bad-seed Marshall Van Cleef who''d rather neither one of them make it off the train alive.
Thirteenth Floor, The (1999) as Costume Designer
A virtual reality designer accused of murder realizes he's been living in a simulated world.
Stuart Little (1999) as Costume Designer
A little guy with a big heart (not to mention whiskers, a little pink nose and a really dapper wardrobe), Stuart searches for a sense of belonging and a place to call home in a decidedly supersized world. When he''s adopted by the Littles, a human family, he embarks on adventures with a variety of characters--including his nemesis, family cat Snowbell--and learns the family, loyalty and friendship. The Littles, in the meantime, discover there is a little "Stuart" in all of us--the spunk, spirit and courage to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams despite the odds.
Godzilla (1998) as Costume Designer
A blinding flash of white light fills the sky above the French Polynesian islands. Giant footsteps plow an ominous path through miles of Panamanian forests and beaches. Ships off the U.S. coast capsize, dragged into a rolling sea where they are instantly demolished. This incessant, inexplicable dest
Blindness (1998) as Costume Designer
A dramatic thriller set in Los Angeles, at the home of the middle-class Hong family, in which many layers of deception in their bi-cultural clan are unraveled, upon the arrival of an intruder brandishing a gun.
Homegrown (1998) as Costume Designer
Three laborers on a Northern California marijuana plantation become increasingly paranoid when they learn that their boss has been murdered. They know enough to run, taking with them enough of the crop to pay them for services rendered. Hooking up with go-between Lucy in the next town, they plot the
Deep Rising (1998) as Costume Designer
A group of gunrunners in South China come across a deserted cruise ship occupied by a killer creature... with tentacles.
Quest, The (1996) as Costume Designer
Chris Dubois, an idealistic street criminal on the run from the police, embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery that spans the globe, from the slums of 1920's New York City to the mysterious Lost City of Tibet, high in the Himalayas. Kidnapped and enslaved by gun smugglers, sold by pirates and thrus
Independence Day (1996) as Costume Designer
It is an ordinary summer day. But then, without warning, something very extraordinary happens. Enormous shadows fall across the land. Strange atmospheric phenomena, ominous and mesmerizing, surface around the globe. All eyes turn upward. The question of whether we''re alone in the universe has finally been answered. And, in a matter of minutes, the lives of every person across the globe are forever changed. With the fate of our planet at stake, the Fourth of July is about to take on an entirely new meaning. No longer will it be an American holiday. It will be known as the day the entire world fought back. The day we did not go gentle into the good night... The day all of us on planet Earth celebrated our independence day.
Maximum Risk (1996) as Costume Designer
Alain Moreau, a French soldier, never knew he had a brother, much less a twin, until he found him lying dead on the streets of his European home town. To find out who his brother was, Alain must step into his shoes. he must become Mikhail, and follow his footsteps back to New York''s tough Little Odessa and into the same shadowy underworld that swallowed his brother. There''s only one problem: all traces of Mikhail''s life are rapidly disappearing, and the one person who knew Mikhail best may not be telling all she knows...
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie (1995) as Costume Designer
After their Command Center is trashed by the nefarious Ivan Ooze, the Power Rangers must obtain a new and greater power to rescue Zordon--and the world. With the help of a stunningly beautiful warrior named Dulcea, they learn the ancient art of Ninjetti, the perfect union of mind, body and spirit. W
Stargate (1994) as Costume Designer
Two very different men join forces to unravel the mystery of a "StarGate," an ancient human transmitter, discovered in the Egyptian desert. Once activated, it enables scientists and the military to travel light years from earth, to a strange and alien world, where the visitors must overcome an enigm
Super Mario Bros. (1993) as Costume Designer
Live-action film based on the Nintendo video game about two Italian plumber brothers from Brooklyn; story has them going on an adventure into the Mushroom Kingdom and trying to save a girl from an evil dinosaur/human villain.
Tombstone (1993) as Costume Designer
A retired lawman straps on his guns one more time to fight a vicious outlaw band.
Universal Soldier (1992) as Costume Designer
An action-packed thriller about a unit of genetically engineered soldiers that have gone awry.
Perfect Weapon, The (1991) as Costumes
A martial arts expert solves and avenges the murder of a close friend.
Kickboxer 2 (1991) as Costumes
A kickboxing champion avenges the death of his brothers.
Bukharin - Enemy of the People (1991) as Costumes
A story of the life of the late Communist leader Nikolai Bukharin, a former editor of Pravda and an early proponent of perestroika, who subsequently lost his party posts in 1929 after speaking out against his old friend Stalin. Bukharin was tried for treason and executed in 1938.
Double Impact (1991) as Costume Designer
Twin brothers meet, after being raised apart in different cultures, and take on the Chinese mafia in Hong Kong to avenge the murder of their parents and to reclaim their stolen inheritance.
Meet the Applegates (1991) as Costume Designer
A family of giant beetles, posing as the model American family, infiltrates a small town and sets about blowing up a nuclear power station as a warning against overdevelopment in the Brazilian rain forest.
Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little Murder, A (1990)
A television movie in which a young couple and their baby move to suburbia and discover that their neighbors are plotting a murder when a communications device in their baby's room picks up their conversation.
I Come In Peace (1990) as Costume Designer
Two human cops track down a ruthless alien fugitive who forcibly overdoses his victims with heroin in order to siphon off the endorphins it produces in the human brain, an illegal narcotic on his own planet.
Death Warrant (1990) as Costume Designer
In an attempt to uncover a serial killer, a policeman goes undercover posing as a prison inmate.
Lionheart (1990) as Costume Designer
A French legionnaire deserts his company in order to rescue a brother involved with drug dealers in Los Angeles.
FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2 (1989) as Costume Designer
In the sequel, a female vampire wreaks havoc.
The Blob (1988) as Costume Designer
A strange lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows.
Near Dark (1987) as Costume Designer
A young man reluctantly joins a travelling family of evil vampires, when the girl he''''d tried to seduce is part of that group.
Johnnie Mae Gibson: Fbi (1986)
Growing up in a poor but proud Southern family, Johnnie Gibson cultivates a burning desire to rise above her circumstances. Married at an early age to her college sweetheart, Johnnie defies her husband's need for a strong family life and pursues her career instead. Based on the true events in the li
Neon Maniacs (1986) as Costume Designer
Masses of zombies lay in wait under the Golden Gate Bridge, coming out at night to terrorize on the citizens of San Francisco. When a high school girl named Natalie escapes being mutilated like so many of her friends during one massacre, no one will believe her story. Now targeted by the monsters, N

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Munchies (1987)
The 'mucnchies' are found in a cave in Peru and then kidnapped by an evil man who wants to make money off of them. They multiply when chopped up and they get really mean and create all kinds of trouble.
Munchies (1987)
The 'mucnchies' are found in a cave in Peru and then kidnapped by an evil man who wants to make money off of them. They multiply when chopped up and they get really mean and create all kinds of trouble.

Costume-Wardrobe (special)

Ticket to a Dream (1989) as Wardrobe
A syndicated special focusing on lottery winners and how their winnings have affected their lives.

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