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Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop



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Cast (feature film)

The Big Land (1957) as Kate Johnson
A cattleman tries to convince a group of farmers to build a small town as a railroad link.
Headline Hunters (1955) as Laura Stewart
The High and the Mighty (1954) as Lillian Pardee
When a commercial airliner develops engine trouble, the passengers and crew think back on the lives they could be losing soon.
Sabre Jet (1953) as Mrs. Marge Hale
A reporter covering the lives of Air Force wives during the Korean War runs into her estranged husband, an Air Force colonel.
Westward the Women (1952) as Laurie [Smith]
A frontiersman leads a wagon train full of mail-order brides.
Deputy Marshal (1949) as Claire Benton, also known as Claire Northey
A few minutes before he is killed by an unseen gunman using a split-butt rifle, in a saloon in Tumult, Wyoming, railway employee Harley Masters (Wheaton Chambers) gives a secret map to Deputy Marshal Ed Garry (Jon Hall.) Garry is questioned about the murder by Master's niece Janet (Frances Langford); her cousin Bill Masters (Russell Hayden); the town big-shot, Joel Benton (Dick Foran) and Doc Vinson (Clem Bevans). Garry meets Claire Benton (Julie Bishop) when her brother and his henchman Eli Cressett (Joe Sawyer) question Garry about the map. Garry accuses Cressett of being one of the two wanted men he is seeking. Cressett, aided by Benton, escapes from jail. Garry and Janet find a split-butt rifle near where one of her hands was killed in a rustling raid. They take it to town and Garry telegraphs the Winchester Arms Company and asks the name of the purchaser based on their serial number records. Cressett meets with Bill Masters, the real leader of the gang, and is offered more money if he will kill Benton. He agrees, but intends to double-cross Masters.
The Threat (1949) as Ann Williams
An escaped con kidnaps the people he thinks put him behind bars.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Mary
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
Last of the Redmen (1947) as Cora Munro
High Tide (1947) as Julie Vaughn
A reporter hires a bodyguard to protect him from a gang boss he has been investigating. After a car accident traps the two of them inside the car with the tide coming in, the reporter recounts for his bodyguard the circumstances leading up to their predicament.
Idea Girl (1946) as Pat O'Rourke
Larry Brewster (Jess Barker), partner in the music publishing firm of Brewster and Crow, returns from a trip to find that his partner, J. C. Crow (Alan Mowbray) has hired Pat O'Rourke (Julie Bishop)as a song plugger. Larry doesn't approve of the plan and, in a bad mood, refuses to see composer Wilfred Potts (George Dolenz)who is offering a song for publication. Pat, in spite of Larry's objections, stays on the job. She has the firm promote an amateur song-writing contest, and the winner is a submission by Potts, but because he used the name of Wicks, the firm can't locate him and is facing prosecution on charges of using the mail to conduct a fraudulent contest.
Murder in the Music Hall (1946) as Diane
Cinderella Jones (1946) as Camille
A woman can claim inheritance only if she marries a genius.
Strange Conquest (1946) as Virginia Sommers
In this remake of Universal's 1938 "The Crime of Dr. Hallet", two scientists, Dr. Paul Harris (Lowell Gilmore) and Dr. William Sommers (Peter Cookson), are seeking a cure for a jungle fever. Sommers dies after inoculating himself with a new serium. Gilmore, in order to continue to receive the financial backing that Sommers had, assumes his identity and carrys on the work with newly-arrived Dr. Mary Harris (Jane Wyatt.) Sommers widow Virginia (Julie Bishop) also drops in and accuses Harris of murdering her husband. To prove his innocence, Mary, who is in love with him, inoculates herself with the Harris serium.
You Came Along (1945) as Joyce Heath
War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour. After some amusing escapades, Bob and Ivy become romantically involved, agreeing it's "just fun up in the air." Then Ivy finds out the real reason why it shouldn't be anything more.
Rhapsody in Blue (1945) as Lee Gershwin
Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.
Hollywood Canteen (1944) as
A serviceman and a starlet find love at the star-staffed serviceman's center.
Northern Pursuit (1943) as Laura McBain
A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Princess O'Rourke (1943) as Stewardess
A flying ace's romance with a princess creates diplomatic problems.
The Hard Way (1943) as Chorine
An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.
Action in the North Atlantic (1943) as Pearl O'Neill
A Merchant Marine crew fights off enemy attacks at the start of World War II.
The Hidden Hand (1942) as Rita Channing
The body count rises during the competition for a family inheritance.
Lady Gangster (1942) as Myrtle Reed
A radio broadcaster tries to reform a gangster's moll who has been sent up the river.
Busses Roar (1942) as Reba Richards
A saboteur rigs a bomb to destroy a strategic oil field.
Escape from Crime (1942) as Molly O'Hara
An ex-con becomes a daredevil photojournalist.
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942) as Violet
The Western hero takes on a ruthless land baron whose henchmen killed his best friend.
I Was Framed (1942) as Ruth Marshall
A news man''''s political investigations land him in prison.
International Squadron (1941) as Mary [Wyatt]
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
The Nurse's Secret (1941) as Florence Lentz
When her patient is murdered, a private-duty nurse investigates the crime.
Steel Against the Sky (1941) as Myrt
Steel-worker brothers compete for the same woman.
Back in the Saddle (1941) as Taffy
A land grabber frames a rancher who's discovered copper on his land.
Girl in 313 (1940) as Lorna
The Ranger and the Lady (1940) as Jane Tabor
While Sam Houston in in the nation's capital trying to get Texas into the Union, his aide is trying to impose a self-serving tax on the use of the Santa Fe trail. The lady owner of a wagon train is using the trail, and a Texas Ranger comes to her assistance.
Her First Romance (1940) as Eileen Strong
A rather plain coed Fellows and her beautiful sister Wells compete for the same man Evans. When Ladd thinks Evans is moving in on Linden he knocks him down, but things get straightened out.
Young Bill Hickok (1940) as Louise Mason
Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane try to stop foreign agents from taking over the West.
My Son Is Guilty (1939) as Julia Allen
Tim Kerry, a cop on the beat in Hell's Kitchen, welcomes his grown son Ritzy home after a two-year prison term. Ritzy's former friends and his ex-girl Julia join with Tim in hoping he'll go straight. But local gang leader Claire Morelli (the former boss's widow) knows of Ritzy's talents from other ex-cons, and makes him an offer hard to refuse. A chain of double-crosses seems to make tragedy inevitable...
Torture Ship (1939) as Joan Martel
The Kansas Terrors (1939) as Maria
Behind Prison Gates (1939) as Shelia Murray
My Son Is a Criminal (1939) as Myrna Kingsley
When G-Men Step In (1938) as Marjory Drake
Fred Garth (Don Terry) owns a printing establishment and poses as a business research expert, but actually runs several white-collar rackets operating by means of high-pressure telephone soliciting. He has sent his younger brother, Bruce Garth (Robert Paige), through law school with the intention of making him his legal watch-dog. But idealist Bruce enrolls as a Department of Justice investigator, and is detailed to track down charity and other phoney rackets. Both brothers are in love with attractive socialite Marjorie Drake (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells), who is unaware of Fred's schemes and he uses her to meet other social leaders with pet charities and his salesmen sell them the program ads at five times the charity rate. Bruce and his partner Neale (Gene Morgan) trace the phone rackets to Bruce and a confrontation looms.
The Main Event (1938) as Helen Phillips
Flight to Fame (1938) as Barbara Fiske
Little Miss Roughneck (1938) as Mary LaRue
A talented 10-year-old singing prodigy, Foxine LaRue (Edith Fellows), who is only slightly less artificial and theatrical than her name, is pushed into vaudeville by her stage-mother mama, Gert LaRue (Margaret Irving), who is even more artificial and theatrical than her name. Foxine's pretty and older sister, Mary LaRue (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells) makes sacrifices to support the trio. Al Partridge (Scott Kolk as Scott Colton), a hollywood agent becomes interested in Mary and takes the family trio to Hollywood in the hopes of Foxine getting into the movies. After several incidents by the rowdy Foxine on the train, and later at International Studios, Foxine is further from being in the movies than she was in New York. Gert decides that a "hoax" kidnapping is just the ticket to get Foxine the publicity to land a studio contract. That night Foxine dresses as a boy, disarranges her room, leaves a "ransom note" and hops a freight train. The police arrive the next morning and hear Mary accuse Al and Gert of staging the kidnapping, and they are arrested. Foxine leaves the train several hundred miles away and takes shelter with the good-natured Pascual Orozco (Leo Carrillo) and his family. The arrested pair are released when the police receive another ransom note (sent by Foxine.)
The Little Adventuress (1938) as Helen Gould
Highway Patrol (1938) as Jane Brady
Spring Madness (1938) as Mady Platt
A Harvard man romances a coed from a nearby college.
Flight into Nowhere (1938) as Joan Hammond
Paid to Dance (1937) as Joan Bradley
Government undercover agents William Dennis (Don Terry) and Joan Barclay (Jacqueline Wells) are working to solve the disappearances of girls working as "taxi-dancers" from dance halls operated by Jack Miranda (Arthur Loft) and his henchman Nifty (Paul Fix). Dennis sets himself up as a theatrical booking agent, and shows his power by the opening and closing of Miranda's Paradise Club at will.
She Married an Artist (1937) as Betty [Dennis]
Counsel for Crime (1937) as Ann McIntyre
Law school graduate Paul Maddox (Douglass Montgomery), adopted son of Senator Robert Maddox (Thurston Hall), accepts an offer to join the law firm of William "Bill" Mellon (Otto Kruger), brilliant but unscrupulous criminal attorney. Mrs. Maddox (Nana Bryant) is actually Paul's real mother, although neither the Senator nor Paul know it, and Bill Mellon is his father. Yes, it is one of "those" plots. Paul is at first critical of Mellon's sharp practices, but he relents when Ann McItyre (Jacqueline Wells, long before she ever thought about being Julie Bishop) convinces him it's all within the law, a fact most law school graduates would have learned in law school. Gambler Georgie Evans (Stanley Fields) comes to Mellon and tells him he has just killed Harrison, another underworld character, and insists it was in self defense. Mellon coaches Evans in how to tell his story to the police, then sends him to police headquarters to give himself up, and then assigns Paul to follow up on the case. While Evans and Paul are on separate routes to the police station, Evans stops by Harrison's and kills him under circumstances corresponding with Mellon's fool-proof alibi version already supplied before the act. Truly a good example of why it is best to consult an attorney before committing a rash act. Mellon learns of this post-dated action but, for a large sum of money from Evans, agrees to have his firm represent him and assigns Paul the task. Paul, of course, wins Evans an acquital. Paul later learns that the killing was committed after Evans had retained Mellon and quits the firm. Paul's moral snit does not extend past the point of allowing his adopted-father's influence getting him appointed Assistant District Attorney. Paul begins a probe against malpractice in the law profession, and Mellon hires Mitchell (Marc Lawrence) to dig up scandal on state officials sponsoring the probe. Mitchell does this even better than Mellon anticipated, especially when he comes back with the truth about Paul actually being Mrs. Maddox' own son. When Mitchell refuses to give up the papers with the proof, he and Mellon struggle and Mitchell dies from a shot from his own gun. Mellon is charged with murder and Paul is the prosecutor. Will Paul send his real Pa to jail for life?
Girls Can Play (1937) as Ann Casey
The Frame-Up (1937) as Betty Lindale
The Bohemian Girl (1936) as Arline as an adult
Two pickpockets raise a stolen child, not realizing she''s royalty.
Coronado (1935) as Barbara Forrest
Square Shooter (1935) as Sally Wayne
Night Cargo (1935) as Claire Martineau, alias Marty
The Black Cat (1934) as Joan Alison
A Satanist faces off with the vengeful man whose wife and daughter he has stolen.
Happy Landing (1934) as Janet Curtis
Kiss and Make-Up (1934) as Beauty clinic patient
The Loudspeaker (1934) as Janet Melrose
Alice in Wonderland (1933) as Alice's sister
A trip through the looking glass and down a rabbit hole sends an English girl into a world of fantastic characters and strange potions.
Tarzan the Fearless (1933) as Mary Brooks
The jungle king helps a young woman rescue her father from the high priest of a lost city.
Tillie and Gus (1933) as Mary Sheridan
Tillie and Augustus Winterbottom are thought to be missionaries when they arrive to find Phineas Pratt trying cheat the Sheridans out of her father's inheritance, including a ferry franchise and a boat. The only way to keep the franchise is to win a race against Pratt's boat.
Scareheads (1931) as
The Family Upstairs (1926) as Annabelle Heller
The Home Maker (1925) as Helen
The Golden Bed (1925) as Flora, as a child
Femme fatale Flora marries a titled European to save the family planation. Her husband and a rival fall to their deaths in a glacier. Next Flora weds her sister Margaret's love Admah. She bleeds him dry. While he's in prison she goes back to the decaying plantation to die.
Classified (1925) as Jeanette

Cast (short)

The Knockout (1932)
In this short film, a college freshman who injures the school''''s star boxer must take his place in a tournament.
You're Telling Me (1932)
In this comedic short, two college students take up a friend''''s invitation to stay with him in the city.
Skip the Maloo! (1931)
In this comedic short, a Duke pretends to be a Duke and disabuse the wife and daughter of a noble family of any fondness for nobility.

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