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Cast (feature film)

Mermaid Chair, The (2006)
A haunting story about Jessie, a married woman who returns to her coastal South Carolina hometown to help her tormented mom. There, Jessie undergoes a spiritual, artistic and erotic awakening when she is tempted into a romance with a Benedictine monk, and must face the crisis and feelings it ignites
Magic of Ordinary Days, The (2005) as Cast
In 1944, at the tail end of World War II, a young pregnant woman accepts the hand of a Colorado farmer in an arranged marriage and together they create a family.
Deck the Halls (2005)
Holly Hall takes her son, Ben, back to her old hometown after becoming widowed. Ben soon begins to think that their new neighbor is Santa Claus, himself, and would be a perfect romantic match for Mom.
Phenomenon II (2003) as Doc
A sequel to the feature starring John Travolta, where a small-town auto mechanic suddenly develops an insatiable appetite for learning and begins to comprehend the beauty and intelligence of the universe. After coming under persecution for his newfound abilities, the man escapes to a new town, ass
Monte Walsh (2003) as Old Doctor
An aging cowboy realizes that the West is changing and fights to keep his piece of it alive. Facing the death of an era as the age of technology invades his old-school cowboy ways at the turn of the 20th century, Monte Walsh must change with the times or die defending his way of life.
Love and Treason (2001) as Ace Timmons
A naval officer finds herself ensnarled in a vengeful and deadly plot involving military secrets when her husband, an officer turned traitor, escapes from prison. After Kate Timmons makes the painful decision to turn in her husband, Eli Dixon, and divorce him, she is demoted and spends years trying
Crossfire Trail (2001) as Gene Thompson
Rafe Covington is a restless wanderer who promises a dying friend that he will look after his widow in Wyoming. When Rafe and his two traveling companions arrive at Long Valley, his late friend's ranch, oil has been discovered and the small Wyoming town is terrorized by a conniving land owner and hi
6th Day, The (2000) as Speaker Day
In the near future when the cloning of all species except for humans is legal, family man Adam Gibson comes home from work one day to discover that a clone has replaced him. He must next save himself from the assassins who need to destroy him in order to protect their secret. Then he must uncover who and what is behind the horrible things happening to him.
Out of Time (2000) as Morgan Sutter
A modern retelling of Washington Irving's "Rip Van Winkle." In 1980 rural Oregon, Jack Epson is a nature-loving dreamer suffering from untreatable leukemia. Living in the forest surrounding Suttersville are magical spirit guides, led by Morgan Sutter, the town's founder, and Young Dog, an ancient Na
Christmas Secret, The (2000) as Dr Norman Ferguson
A scientist sets out to prove that reindeer can fly and along the way discovers the true meaning of faith, family and Christmas. When he was a boy, Jerry McNeal was rescued from a fall by a reindeer. Jerry has continued to believe that reindeer can fly, but he has put aside his obsession to be a res
Hard Time: The David Milgaard Story (2000) as Judge Bence
Television movie about a man wrongly jailed for a murder he did not commit. David Milgaard spent 23 years in jail for the 1969 murder of a nurse. DNA tests eventually established that Milgaard could not have committed the crime.
Jack Bull, The (1999) as Judge Wilkins
Western set during the late 19th century when the territory of Wyoming was seeking statehood. Myrl Redding, a Wyoming horse trader, clashes with fellow rancher Henry Ballard after Ballard abuses two of Myrl's horses and their Crow Indian caretaker Billy. When Judge Tolliver throws out Myrl's complai
Brotherhood of Murder (1999) as Tom Sr
After several daring robberies and murders in the mid-1980s -- including the killing of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg -- The Order, a white supremacist hate group headed by charismatic leader Bob Mathews, is brought down by one of its own, Tom Martinez, who goes undercover for the FBI, leadi
Unexpected Life, An (1998) as Judge Whitlock
Sequel to the 1996 USA Network television movie "An Unexpected Family." Continues the story of Barbara Whitney, a career woman who takes custody of her niece and nephew after their mother -- Barbara's sister -- abandons them. Along with her boyfriend Sam, Barbara decides to move from the city to the
Final Descent (1997) as Ian Pryce
Glen "Lucky" Singer is the veteran pilot of a jumbo jet that is hit by a prop plane shortly after take-off. The jet, damaged in the rear, can only climb -- it cannot level off, nor descend. It is only a matter of time before the plane reaches an altitude at which air pressure will cause it to disint
All the Winters That Have Been (1997) as Quentin Mackay
Dane Corvin returns to Raven Island where 20 years before he and Hannah Craven had fallen in love. She vowed never to see Dane again because he had arrested her brother, who he had been investigating. Dane is now determined to win her back and slowly re-enters her daily life. But Hanna has a secret,
Contagious (1997) as George Ryburn
While Dr. Hannah Cole finds herself investigating a possible cholera epidemic, her husband begins to develop the symptoms himself while on a camping trip. Meanwhile, a narcotics detective helping Hannah with the case busts a cholera-tainted drug transaction.
Unexpected Family, An (1996) as Judge Whitlock
While caring for her sister's children who were abandoned on her doorstep, a woman learns a lesson in love.
In the Lake of the Woods (1996) as Sheriff Lux
A Senatorial candidate finds his political career in ruins when his participation in a Vietnam War massacre is disclosed and his wife mysteriously disappears.
LaVyrle Spencer's Home Song (1996)
Adaptation of LaVyrle Spencer's novel about a man whose charmed life is suddenly changed when his illegitimate son surfaces. He is forced to tell his family the truth about his past when he realizes that his daughter and secret son have become attracted to one another.
Wings of Courage (1995) as Pierre Deley
Set in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1930, a featurette which tells the dramatic and true story of three pioneering French aviators who undertook the first historic and extremely dangerous airmail flights across the treacherous mountain ranges of the Andes.
Shadow Of A Doubt (1995) as Judge Brown
A defense attorney and recovering alcoholic takes the case of an ex-girlfriend whose stepdaughter is accused of murdering her wealthy father. Only after the trial verdict does he learn the real truth about his client and the case.
Dangerous Intentions (1995) as Andrew Madden
A woman tries to escape her abusive husband by fleeing to a shelter for battered women. However, when she witnesses a murder and must testify publicly, she makes herself an open target.
Voices From Within (1994) as Lieutenant Don Kilpatrick
When a woman is found murdered, her sister and a police investigator discover that she had three distinct personalities and that finding the killer hinges on learning which personality she had assumed the night of her death.
Due South (1994) as Gerard
A Canadian mountie joins forces with a Chicago police officer to hunt down the killer of the mountie's father.
Someone Else's Child (1994) as Jack
After learning that the baby she gave birth to seven years earlier had been switched with another, a young mother fights to gain custody of both the child she raised as her own and her biological son, who has been adopted by an abusive couple. Inspired by actual events.
Amy Fisher Story, The (1993) as Elliot Fisher
The true life events surrounding the affair between teenager Amy Fisher and her married older lover Joey Buttafuco, including the attempted murder of Joey's wife Mary Jo Buttafuco wife by Amy Fisher.
1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993) as Booth
Reawakened from a self-induced sleep in present-day San Francisco, Sherlock Holmes is challenged by the offspring of his greatest foe, Professor Moriarity.
Sexual Advances (1992) as Treadway
A manager at an athletic-equipment firm finds herself the victim of sexual harassment in the office.
Blind Man's Bluff (1992) as Grady
A blind professor is accused by the police of killing his neighbor and must clear his name by finding the murderer.
My Son Johnny (1991) as Judge Burke
A young man goes on trial for the murder of his sadistic older brother. Their widowed mother is tortured by the prospect of possibly having to villify the slain son in order to save the other. Based on a true story.
Chaindance (1991)
A prisoner working in a hospital reform program becomes close to the handicapped patient whom he not only cares for but is handcuffed to.
Hitman, The (1991)
A cop turned drug enforcement agent goes undercover to bring down an organized crime gang.
Run (1991) as Halloran
A college student''s summer road trip turns into a nightmare when he''s unjustly accused of murdering the only son of a ruthless crime lord.
Mother's Justice, A (1991)
Based on the true story of Lilah Comminger, a Columbus, Ohio, mother determined to avenge the rape of her daughter.
Where the Heart Is (1990) as Hamilton
A New York demolition entrepreneur leaves his children and their friends a house of their own that he is prevented from leveling.
Welcome Home (1989) as Senator Camden
A MIA, who became part of the Cambodian family that saved him, must learn to adjust to his American family when he returns from captivity.
Day One (1989) as Lieutenant General Somervell
A television movie dramatizing the story of the Manhattan Project and the race to develop the atomic bomb. The saga revolves around three main characters: General Leslie R. Groves, the military man who spear-headed the endeavor; Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist in charge of the project; and
Perfect Witness (1989) as Costello
A New York City restaurant owner witnesses a gangland killing. He is forced to make hard decisions when he's pressured into testifying before a grand jury.
Obsessed (1988) as Detective Sergeant Sullivan
A wealthy American businessman kills a divorced woman's son in a hit and run accident. When the law does not help the woman in her desire for justice, she takes matters into her own hands.
Dead Of Winter (1987) as Officer Mullavy
A struggling actress is lured to a random mansion, where all is not what it seems.
Crazy Moon (1987) as Alec
Liberators, The (1987) as Uncle Avery
Two young men, one white, one black, together lead runaway slaves on the dangerous journey from the American South to freedom in Canada in the years preceding the Civil War. John Fairchild, a member of the white plantation class in Virginia, and his best friend Bill Jackson, a slave, travel together
Keeping Track (1987) as Captain Pogue
Climb, The (1987) as Peter Aschenbrenner
Doing Life (1986) as Probst
Inspired by the real-life story of Jerry Rosenberg, a small-time Brooklyn hood and convicted killer who escaped the electric chair to become one of America's first jailhouse lawyers and ended up as spokesman for the convicts during the infamous Attica uprising, this well-received drama had Tony Danz
Mafia Princess (1986) as Committee Member
An adaptation of Antoinette Giancana's autobiography that details her struggle to secure a stable, meaningful identity in spite of the underworld reality of her father, the Chicago Mafia czar, Sam Giancana.
Right of the People (1986) as Jay Brooks
The dramatic change which occurs when an American city passes a local law allowing people to carry guns for self-defense after a holdup becomes a massacre, is examined in this television movie.
Act Of Vengeance (1986) as Earl Skidmore
A television movie about Jock Yablonski, the United Mine Workers official whose battle for his union's Presidency brought him into deadly conflict with union boss Tony Boyle. The true story describes Yablonski's raw, courageous stand which runs afoul of Boyle, who orders the murders of Yablonski and
Time to Live, A (1985) as Dr Doran
Liza Minnelli's dramatic acting debut on television occurred here in her vivid portrayal of real-life author and mother Mary-Lou Weisman, whose book "Intensive Care" (this film's original title) was a loving and often humorous account of her experiences during her son's decade-long struggle against
Perry Mason Returns (1985) as Frank Lynch
Raymond Burr reprises his performance as television''s most celebrated attorney in this movie in which Perry Mason, now an appellate court judge, is forced to resign his post to defend his former secretary, Della Street, on a murder charge.
The Dead Zone (1983) as Vice President
A man awakens from a coma with the ability to see other people''''s futures.
Grey Fox, The (1982) as Jack Budd
A gentleman stagecoach robber is released from prison after 30 years and dropped into the early 20th century.
Silence Of The North (1981) as Wild Man
Suzanne (1980) as Andrew Mcdonald
American Christmas Carol, An (1979) as Jack Latham
Set in Depression-era New Hampshire, a miser named Benedict Slade is given an unusual opportunity to change his ways. Inspired by the novella "A Christmas Carol," written by Charles Dickens.
Lost And Found (1979) as Julian
George Segal, Glenda Jackson, Maureen Stapleton, Hollis McLaren, John Cunningham, Paul Sorvino. After the phenomenal success of their first screen pairing A TOUCH OF CLASS, Glenda Jackson and George Segal were re-teamed in this romantic comedy about a widowed college professor and a divorced Englishwoman who come together (in a ski accident) at a winter resort
Silent Partner, The (1978) as Detective Willard
This is an imaginative plot, yet one with which the viewer can readily identify. A bank teller (Elliot Gould) is held up at gun point in his bank. Luckily for him he receives a clue that this is going to occur and diverts most of the cash into his own safety deposit box, leaving only a nominal amount for the crook (Christopher Plummer). The ruse works well, but for the fact that the crook resents the fact that he has been outsmarted. There ensues a terrific battle of wits involving the clever but basically "moral" teller, and the cunning and totally uninhibited bank robber, which involves several other people in ways which cannot be revealed here.
Second Wind (1976) as Pete
Neptune Factor, The (1973) as Thomas
Aboard the R/V Triton, the Project Neptune team is doing oceanographic research. Director Andrews is trying to keep the research going in spite of opposition from Foundation Head Sheppard. Below on the ocean floor, in the Sealab, the team led by Hamilton is about to return to the surface when the Sealab is ripped loose from it's moorings and sent careening into a trench. Trapped too deep for divers, the only chance is rescue by a new US Navy mini-sub, piloted by the arrogant Cdr Blake USN. Blake, Chief Diver MacKay, Diver Cousins & Dr. Jansen (Hamilton's fiance) dive in the mini sub to attempt the rescue of the trapped Hamilton & crew.

Cast (special)

Miracle at Moreaux (1985)
In occupied France during World War II, a nun and her young charges risk their lives to harbor a group of Jewish children escaping the Nazis. Based on a true story.
Horatio Alger Updated: Frank and Fearless (1983) as Dick Anderson
1940's update of a Horatio Alger Novel. A courageous boy, forced from his home by an evil stepmother and her bullying son, outwits a group of villainous kidnappers to rescue a young child and regain his family heritage.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken (2002) as (Part 4)
A science-fiction adventure that weaves together over 50 years of alien abductions into the story of three families' experiences. Randall Keys is a World War II fighter pilot who learns that the strange lights he saw in the night sky while on a mission over Germany weren't simply "marsh gas" from sw
National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off (1997) as Emmett Sharpel
Harvest For the Heart (1994) as James Hansen Sr
Still Not Quite Human (1992) as Bundy
Common Ground (1990) as Father Buckley
A two-part miniseries based on J. Anthony Lucas' book "Common Ground." It Chronicles the court-ordered desegregation of Boston schools during the early 1970s. The story centers on three Boston families, all trying to provide a better life for their children, but choosing decidedly different ways to
Amerika (1987) as Sittman
A seven-part miniseries set ten years after a hypothetical Soviet takeover of the United States. The story relates how the release of a political dissident from prison triggers strong reactions from his estranged family, his childhood friend (now a rising figure in the new regime), the leaders of th
Kane & Abel (1985) as Dr Mackendrick
This three-part miniseries relates a story, spanning six decades, which describes the all-consuming rivalry between two men born on the same day -- William Lowell Kane, a privileged, wealthy Bostonian, and Abel Rosnovski, a Polish gypsy immigrant who is determined to reach the level of the William K
Shocktrauma (1982) as Governor

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Johnson County War (2002) as Wally Tascot
Ford: The Man and the Machine (1987) as Chief Watson--Dearborn Police Chief
Spearfield's Daughter (1986) as Ryan
Louisiana (1984) as Dr Murphy
Little Gloria, Happy At Last (1982) as Judge James Aloycious Foley
A stellar cast and six Emmy Award nominations distinguished this dramatization of Barbara Goldsmith's best-seller about the bitter 1934 child custody case involving 10-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt, America's famous "poor little rich girl." In addition to nominations as Outstanding Drama Special and fo

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