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Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer



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Also Known As: Died:
Born: December 13, 1929 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, CA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Boundaries (2018)
Laura is a well-meaning single mother who is forced to drive her criminal father Jack from Texas to California, with her troubled son Henry along for the ride. Jack uses Henry and the road trip to help him distribute his copious supply of marijuana. Along the way, they encounter Jacks old criminal buddies, survive a botched drug-robbery, and Laura finally confronts Leonard - her dead-beat ex-husband. Eventually, they learn to embrace their lives as a family.
Last Full Measure, The (2018)
Based on the true story of a present-day cover-up investigation and follows young Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman as he battles the political machine in Washington. He reluctantly teams with veterans of Operation Abilene to convince Congress to award the Medal of Honor to a courageous Air Force
Lamb, The (2017)
The film is inspired by the Nativity Story and features an all-animal cast.
Man Who Invented Christmas, The (2017)
Over six, fever-pitched weeks in late autumn 1843, Charles Dickens wrote his famous novella about Scrooge's visit by three ghosts, changing the Christmas holiday forever.
Exception, The (2017)
While investigating the exiled Kaiser, a German soldier falls in love with his Jewish maid, and must choose between his duty as a Nazi or following his heart.
All the Money in the World (2017)
The story of the Getty kidnapping crisis encompassing the Red Brigades, the Italian tabloids and the Vatican.
Remember (2016)
A revenge thriller about a Holocaust survivor's promise to go after the Nazis that murdered his family.
Pixies (2015)
Joe Beck has lost the love of his life thanks to a curse from the King of the Pixies. Now he needs to get his girl back and break the curse.
Forger, The (2015)
The world's best art forger makes a deal with a crime syndicate to get an early release from prison, but in return he must pull of an impossible heist - he must forge a painting by Claude Monet, steal the original from a museum and replace it with a replica so perfect that no one will notice. He enl
Sarila (2014)
In this tale of initiation, three young Inuit go in search of a promised land in a desperate attempt to save their people from famine. Back in their village, two shaman face off in a battle to the death when Croolik, the elder, feels his position is being threatened.
Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)
A psychiatrist travels the world in search of the key to happiness.
Elsa and Fred (2014)
Aging widowers visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the experience rekindles their passion for love.
Girl and a Gun, A (2013)
A modernized, pulpy, Los Angeles noir grifterIand tale about a young man named Ian who works as a low-ranking errand-runner for a powerful businessman. Ian saves the beautiful and naive aspiring actress Anna, fresh off the bus from Kansas, from a gang of teenage boys who have just robbed her of her
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight (2013)
Biopic about Muhammad Ali's arrest for evading the draft in 1967 and how he was he was stripped of his heavyweight championship title, a legal battle that eventually took him all the way to the Supreme Court.
Barrymore (2012)
In this film adaptation of playwright William Luce's "Barrymore," actor John Barrymore prepares for a revival of his 1920 Broadway triumph in "Richard III." The year is 1942 and Barrymore is far past his prime. It appears he has booked the theater simply to perform alone, while he drinks and reminis
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The (2011)
Mikael Blomkvist is a financial reporter determined to restore his honor after being convicted of libel. Engaged by one of Sweden's wealthiest industrialists, Henrik Vanger, to get to the bottom of the long-ago disappearance of his beloved niece, Harriet - murdered, Vanger believes, by a member of his large family - the journalist heads to a remote island on the frozen Swedish coast, unaware of what awaits him. At the same time, Lisbeth Salander, an unusual but ingenious investigator with Milton Security, is hired to do a background check on Blomkvist, a job that ultimately leads to her joining Mikael in his investigation of who killed Harriet Vanger. Though Lisbeth shields herself from a world that has repeatedly betrayed her, her hacking skills and single-minded focus become invaluable. While Mikael goes face-to-face with the tight-lipped Vangers, Lisbeth plies the wired shadows. They begin to trace a chain of homicides from the past into the present, forging a fragile strand of trust even as they are pulled into the most savage currents of modern crime.
Beginners (2011)
When Oliver meets Anna shortly after his father has passed away, Oliver realizes just how much of a beginner he is when it comes to romantic love. Memories of his gay father encourage Oliver to open himself up to the potential of a true relationship.
Priest (2011)
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a warrior priest disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped his niece.
My Dog Tulip (2009)
The 14-year friendship between a man and his rescued German Shepherd.
9 (2009)
The time is the too-near future. Powered and enabled by the invention known as the Great Machine, the world's machines have turned on mankind and sparked social unrest, decimating the human population before being largely shut down. But as our world fell to pieces, a mission began to salvage the leg
Last Station, The (2009)
Literary icon Leo Tolstoy makes plans to donate his royalties to the Russian people, supported by his trusted disciple Chertkov. Tolstoy's outraged but adoring wife wages a battle to challenge her ailing husband's outrageous act of idealism.
Up (2009)
Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. But he discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has stowed away on the trip - an over
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The (2009)
A fantastical morality tale, set in the present-day. It tells the story of Dr. Parnassus and his extraordinary 'Imaginarium', a traveling show where members of the audience get an irresistible opportunity to choose between light and joy or darkness and gloom. Blessed with the extraordinary gift of g
Already Dead (2008)
A senior executive at an architecture firm seeks revenge after his son and wife are brutally attacked.
Conspiracy of Fear, The (2007) as Wakeman
After his father's "accidental" death, a book-smart college student becomes a sinister assassin's next target. After an accidental encounter teams him with a resourceful young woman, he goes on the run and unravels a conspiracy that threatens America's safety.
Closing the Ring (2007)
During the Second World War a B-17 bomber crashes near the city of Belfast. The plane's dying rear gunner asks a local to return a ring to a girlfriend back in the States. Half a century later, a young Belfast man finds the ring, discovers its history and attempts to track down the gunner's old girl
Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing Their Crimes (2007)
Reconstructs the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, using rare footage from the National Archives. Judge Robert Jackson interrogates some of the most notorious Nazi war criminals and gathers insight from contemporary interviews with Holocaust survivors and former prosecutors.
Emotional Arithmetic (2007)
A young man's tensely balanced life is thrown off kilter when his mother brings an old friend from the war from Russia to Canada.
Man in the Chair (2007)
A man named Flash longs for the days when he worked as a crew member on such cinematic masterpieces as "Citizen Kane." When Flash meets teenage film fanatic Cameron Kincaid, he becomes an unlikely mentor and agrees to help Cameron make a film to compete in a student competition where the top prize
Inside Man (2006) as Arthur Case
Four people dressed in painters' outfits march into the busy lobby of Manhattan Trust, a cornerstone Wall Street Branch of a worldwide financial institution. Within seconds, the costumed robbers place the bank under a surgically planned siege, and the 50 patrons and staff become unwitting pawns in a
Lake House, The (2006)
Feeling that it's time for a change in her life, Dr. Kate Forster leaves the suburban Illinois locale where she completed her residency and takes a job at a busy Chicago hospital. One thing she is reluctant to leave behind is the uniquely beautiful house she's been renting--a spacious and artfully
New World, The (2005) as Capt. Christopher Newport
In the early years of the 17th century, North America is much as it has been for the previous five thousand years--a vast land of seemingly endless primeval wilderness populated by an intricate network of tribal cultures. Although these nations live in graceful harmony with their environment, their
Our Fathers (2005)
Adaptation of the David France book chronicles the class action suit filed by a Boston attorney on behalf of sexual abuse victims harmed by priests of the local Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church.
Syriana (2005) as Dean Whiting
From the players brokering back-room deals in Washington to the men toiling in the oil fields of the Persian Gulf, a political thriller with multiple storylines that weave together showing the human consequences of the fierce pursuit of wealth and power. As a career CIA operative begins to uncover t
Must Love Dogs (2005) as Cast
Dating has never been easy. The time-honored search for a soul mate has always been one part humiliation, two parts aggravation, and a little blind luck thrown in for the fortunate. Today''s version of the game can be a blur of websites, speed lunches and hordes of friends and relatives who know just the "right" person for you. Thirty-something preschool teacher Sarah Nolan has been divorced for eight months, which is much too long for her family to bear. With the best intentions and only her happiness in mind, they stage an intervention in an all-out effort to get her out of pajamas and back into the dating scene, one way or another. Leading the charge are Sarah''s sisters, Carol and Christine, eager to line up potential suitors, and their widowed father Bill, who sets a fine example with his own recent and very successful foray into the internet dating realm. Bill has lately been seeing the free-spirited Dolly, whom he met online, along with a number of other ladies whose names his daughters can''t quite keep track of. Eager to launch their sister''s own cyber-dating debut, Carol and Christine pretend to be Sarah and post her profile on, with the enticing message, "Voluptuous, sensuous, alluring and fun. DWF seeks special man to share starlit nights. Must love dogs." And wait for the responses to pour in. Sarah soon endures a series of hilariously disastrous mismatches and first dates as the website offers up a stream of eager wannabes and one possible maybe--awkward but intriguing boat builder Jake Anderson, an idealist who measures romance by a Dr. Zhivago standard. A little on the intense side, Jake might be looking for more than Sarah wants right now. Meanwhile, at work, there''s a new distraction--Bob Connor, the newly separated dad of one of her young students. Charming and relaxed, Bob seems made to order, the perfect guy--but is he just too good to be true?
National Treasure (2004) as John Adams Gates
Historian and code-breaker Ben Gates has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the creation of the United States. Joining an expedition led by fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe, Gates finds an ice-locked Colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. But when Howe betrays him, Gates has to race to get to the document ahead of his so-called colleague.
Alexander (2004) as Aristotle
Biopic of conqueror and warrior Alexander III, aka "Alexander the Great," King of Macedonia from 336-323 B.C.
Gospel of John, The (2003) as Narrator
A drama, based on the New Testament, which depicts a historically focused recreation of the most widely read chapter of the Gospels--the Book of John.
Blizzard (2003) as Santa
When a young girl has her love of skating taken away from her, she is cheered up by Blizzard, Santa's most magical reindeer.
Cold Creek Manor (2003) as Mr Massie
Finally putting an end to their days as slaves to the hustle-bustle of city life, Gothamites Cooper Tilson and his wife, Leah, pack up their kids and all their possessions, and move into a recently repossessed mansion in the 'sticks' of New York State. Once a grand and elegant manor, the house at Co
Nicholas Nickleby (2002) as Ralph Nickleby
A tale based on the classic novel, "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" by Charles Dickens. Set in 19th Century England, the story revolves around the resourceful Nicholas Nickleby and his beloved family, as their world changes dramatically when tragedy strikes. The Nicklebys have always e
Ararat (2002) as David
The estranged members of a contemporary Armenian family are faced both with Turkey's denial of their catastrophic past and with their own complicated future: A mother who only wants peace, a young woman who wants nothing but retribution, and a young man whose journey to uncover his roots is jeopardi
ON GOLDEN POND (2001) as Norman Thayer
A live adaptation of Ernest Thompson's play "On Golden Pond," a love story about a married couple who return to their summer home for the 44th year -- and reevaluate their dreams, relationships and mortality throughout their stay. Ethel and Norman Thayer return to their Maine summer home on Golden
A Beautiful Mind (2001) as Dr. Rosen
A mathematics genius fights schizophrenia.
Lucky Break (2001) as Governor Graham Mortimer
Smalltime crook Jimmy botches a bank robbery, lands in prison and stages a musical, with his fellow British inmates, that turns out to be Act One of the perfect escape plan. The musical, about Napolean's adversary Lord Nelson, is ultimately the cover plan to orchestrate a jailbreak. But it's Act Two
Possessed (2000) as Archbishop Hume
Father William Bowdern is a priest who is haunted by devastating memories of his military service as a chaplain during World War II. Asked by a fellow priest to save the life and soul of a child who becomes possessed after the death of his aunt, Father Bowdern must confront his past when he clashes
Full Disclosure (2000) as Fbi Agent--Robert Lecker
John McWhirter is a hard-drinking reporter whose award-winning career is slipping away. But, he's just been handed the story of a lifetime and his editor wants the scoop. A group of radicals he helped send to prison for the failed bombing of an ROTC center want him to safeguard a beautiful fugitiv
Dracula 2000 (2000) as Matthew Van Helsing/ Abraham Van Helsing
In this update of the vampire classic, the fate of the world is in jeopardy when a group of immortality seekers steal the corpse of Dracula and only the last of the Van Helsings can stop them.
Nuremberg (2000) as Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe
Following World War II, the world's attention was centered on the small war-torn town of Nuremberg, Germany, where 21 members of the Nazi high command were tried for war crimes committed under their leadership. Lead by an American attorney, Justice Robert Jackson, the United States, Great Britain, F
Dinosaur Hunter, The (2000) as Hump Hinton
13-year-old Julia Creath and her brother Daniel are living on their family farm when fosil fever strikes, bringing an assortment of competitive paleontologists and prospectors into their small town.
Clown at Midnight, The (1999)
Kate, a teenage girl joins a high school drama class in the same theater where her mother, an opera diva, was brutally murdered fifteen years before. She discovers though dreams that the killer still haunts the theater in the figure of a clown.
American Affair, An (1999)
A Washington politician commits murder.
Insider, The (1999) as Mike Wallace
The true story of tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand, the former head of development at the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co. who went public on CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" as an industry informant. "60 Minutes" producer Lowell Bergman championed Wigand's cause and after many obstacles managed to
Hidden Agenda (1998)
A young medical student travels to Berlin to investigate the apparent death of his brother, and discovers a secret life of espionage, betrayal and murder at the highest levels.
Winchell (1998) as President Franklin D Roosevelt
The story of Walter Winchell, chronicling the gossip columnist''s rise from a vaudeville entertainer to one of New York''s most powerful media personalities. From 1925 through the 1960s, Winchell blurred the line between tabloid and hard news, redefining modern journalism in the age of celebrity by revealing the private lives of public people. Based on a book by Winchell''s longtime ghostwriter, Herman Klurfeld.
Babes in Toyland (1997)
In a fantasy world, a pair of nitwit buddies must save their little land from an evil toymaking tycoon.
Skeletons (1997) as Reverend Carlyle
A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist relocates to rural Maine and finds his new hometown run by a stern preacher with no tolerance for outsiders.
We the Jury (1996) as Wilfred Fransiscus
Story of the murder trial of a popular talk-show host accused of killing her philandering husband. Traces the story through the eyes of the jury, following them into the jury room for their heated deliberations, which uncover a shocking secret.
Dolores Claiborne (1995) as Detective John Mackey
Eighteen years ago, everyone in the remote Maine town of Little Tall Island accused Dolores Claiborne of murdering her abusive husband in cold blood. Now in 1995 her notoriously difficult employer lies dead and a witness finds Dolores standing over the body. The only one who can save Dolores from an over zealous detective, who failed to prove her guilt in the death of her husband, is her estranged daughter, Selena, a successful Manhattan magazine writer, who ran away ten years prior. And the only thing that stands between Dolores'' guilt and innocence is the evil secret that made Selena run.
Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron (1995) as John Klaxon
Television movie based on a satirical short story by Kurt Vonnegut. Set in the society of 2053, the telefilm chronicles a young man's first love and his fight to return to the right of free thought in a society of automatons and national mediocrity.
12 Monkeys (1995) as Dr Mason
The year is 2035 and humankind subsists in a desolate netherworld following the eradication of 99% of the Earth's population, a holocaust that makes the planet's surface uninhabitable, and mankind's destiny uncertain. A desperate group of scientists secure a reluctant volunteer, Cole, to embark on a
Wolf (1994) as Raymond Alden
A mild-mannered book editor becomes a force to be reckoned with when he''''s bitten by a werewolf.
Crackerjack (1994)
A deluxe Rocky Mountain resort is the setting for a mercenary's attempted theft of a fortune in diamonds from a murderous mobster.
Stranger in the Mirror, A (1993) as Clifton Lawrence
A television movie based on the Sidney Sheldon novel "A Stranger in the Mirror." Two young people go to Hollywood to pursue their dreams of stardom.
Malcolm X (1992) as Chaplain Gill (Special Guest Appearance)
Biographical drama on the life of the late Malcolm X, who was assassinated on February 21, 1965.
Secrets (1992) as Mel Wexler
A television movie based on Danielle Steel's best-selling novel, "Secrets." Focuses on the lives of the cast members of a fictional primetime television series.
Liar's Edge (1992) as Harry Weldon
An introspective teenager is plagued by terrifying visions since the untimely death of his daredevil father. His mother's volatile boyfriend plots to make the boy a fall guy for his murderous criminal activities.
Rock-a-Doodle (1991) as Voice Of The Duke
A barnyard rooster becomes a rock 'n' roll star.
Money (1991) as Martin Yahl
A young man seeks revenge on the man who robbed his father of millions of dollars.
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)
The oldest of five children is forced to join the workforce to support the family when their mother goes away on vacation and the babysitter dies.
Firehead (1991) as Colonel Garland Vaughn
A Soviet defector with psycho-kinetic abilities is used in a terrorist plot.
Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country (1991) as Chang
Captain Kirk andf his crew must uncover a Federation conspiracy to eliminate an alien race.
Where the Heart Is (1990) as The !#&@
A New York demolition entrepreneur leaves his children and their friends a house of their own that he is prevented from leveling.
Red-Blooded American Girl (1990) as Dr John Alcore
A volunteer at a research clinic becomes infected with an experimental blood disease that turns her into a vampire.
Ghost In Monte Carlo, A (1990) as Grand Duke Ivan
Mistral, a beautiful girl on the edge of adulthood, leaves the convent in which she was raised to live with her Aunt Emilie, unaware her aunt is a ruthless manipulator who will use anyone to get what she wants. Mistral is quickly enmeshed in a vicious plot of revenge.
Kingsgate (1989) as Tom
A story about relationships in the 1980s.
Mind Field (1989) as Doctor Satorius
A CIA financed psychiatrist experiments with LSD on humans.
Light Years (1988) as Voice Of Metamorphis
In a distant future, the planet Gandahar has achieved perfect harmony with nature. However, when a mysterious force seems to be gaining power and control over the land, the queen sends her son Sylvain to investigate and ultimately stop an army of mechanical men who seem to be turning inhabitants in
The Making Of A Legend: Gone With The Wind (1988) as Narration
Christopher Plummer hosts this documentary tracing producer David O. Selznick''''s battle to make the most popular movie of all time.
I Love N.Y. (1988) as John Robertson Yeats
Souvenir (1988) as Ernst Kestner
A man and his daughter return to a small town in France where he had a torrid affair years earlier.
Nosferatu a Venezia (1988) as Paris Catalano
Nosferatu is called forth by a professor of vampirism and hunted down.
Shadow Dancing (1988) as Edmund Beaumont
The ghost of a murdered dancer possesses the body of a dance troupe member.
Hazard of Hearts (1987) as Sir Giles Staverly
A story set in the 19th century about a young woman named Serena whose father, Sir Giles, loses her and his estate in a gambling wager, to the lecherous Lord Wrotham. But before the evening is over, Wrotham himself has lost her to the handsome, darkly mysterious Justin, the Marquis of Vulcan, who se
Dragnet (1987) as Reverend Whirley
To his chagrin, by-the-book Los Angeles policeman Joe Friday has been assigned a flippant, street-wise new partner, Pep Streebeck. They are investigating a series of murders, which leads them to the religious cult P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness and Normalcy). Infiltrating the group, they rescue Connie Swain, and she and Friday fall in love. When Connie identifies respected community leader and the police commissioner''s friend Reverend Jonathan Whirley as the head of the cult, Friday attempts to publicly arrest the man and is suspended. Connie is kidnapped in retaliation and when Friday is reinstated, he and Streebeck lead the raid on the P.A.G.A.N. headquarters and Friday''s heroics save Connie and bring Whirley to justice.
American Tail, An (1986) as Voice Of Henri
A family of Russian mice is traveling aboard a ship to start a new life in America when their young son Fievel is washed overboard. Believing that he is lost at sea, they sadly start life in their new home without him. But in fact, Fievel has crossed the ocean in a bottle, and, once in the U.S., he
Boss' Wife, The (1986) as Mr Roalvang
Boy in Blue, The (1986) as Knox
Based on the life of Ned Hanlan, the 19th-century Canadian sculler and world champion.
Ordeal By Innocence (1985) as Leo Argyle
Lily in Love (1985) as Fitzroy Wynn
Fitzroy Wynn is a larger-than-life character, an actor with great talent with an ego to match. He has been starring in a long-running stage comedy written by his wife Lily. The play ends its run, and Lily's next project is a film which Fitz wants to star in, but he is wrong for the part of the young
Dreamscape (1984) as Robert Blair
A psychic tries to thwart a plot to control the U.S. president through his dreams.
Prototype (1983) as Dr Carl Forrester
In this contemporary reworking of the Frankenstein story, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Christopher Plummer kidnaps the humanoid he and his team have developed, after finding that the Pentagon, which bankrolled his research work, is about to re-program his creation (David Morse) for a destructive mi
Scarlet and the Black, The (1983) as Colonel Herbert Kappler
In his first TV starring role (after having debuted as Abraham Lincoln in the miniseries "The Blue and the Gray"), Gregory Peck is the real-life Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, a Vatican official responsible for concealing thousands of allied POW escapees in German-occupied Rome. Christopher Plummer is t
Being Different (1981) as Narration
When the Circus Came to Town (1981) as Duke Royal
In a fling at romantic comedy following all of the serious roles she played since the departure years before of "Bewitched," Elizabeth Montgomery is a Southern spinster who, after devoting her life to the care of her recently departed father, runs away from home, joins a flea-bitten one-ring circus,
Eyewitness (1981) as Joseph
Daryll Deever is a janitor in an office building in New York, and a big fan of TV news reporter, Tony Sokolow. When a rich man is murdered in Daryll's building, Tony comes to cover the story and Daryll introduces himself to her. Thinking he may know something about the crime, Tony pursues him, and i
Amateur, The (1981) as Professor Lakos
After the fiancée of a CIA cryptographer is murdered by terrorists, he convinces his superiors to send him to Czechoslovakia to assassinate her killers. When he reaches his desination, he learns that there is much more to the murder than he suspected.
Dial M For Murder (1981) as Tony Wendice
In this remake of the celebrated 1954 Hitchcock film, Christopher Plummer is the London businessman whose intricate plan to murder his unfaithful wife for her money backfires. Initially, Frederick Knott (who also later wrote "Wait Until Dark") concocted this as a play for British television in 1952, and it later went on to become a success on the London stage as well as Broadway, and twice earlier on American TV: with Maurice Evans and Rosemary Harris in 1958 and then nine years later with Laurence Harvey and Diane Cilento.
Desperate Voyage (1980) as Jacques Burrifous
Modern-day pirate thriller, with Christopher Plummer and his crew of one preying on yachts on the high seas, terrorizing those on board after hijacking their crafts, and plundering the valuables aboard. Billed as the first television drama filmed entirely at sea.
Somewhere In Time (1980) as W F Robinson
A playwright travels into the past to meet the actress he''''s obsessed with.
Shadow Box (1980) as Brian
The Paul Newman TV adaptation of Michael Cristofer's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning 1977 play about three terminally-ill patients and how they and their families face the challenge. Newman made his TV directing debut with this film, co-produced by his daughter and starring his wife, and won a
Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack (1979)
Sherlock Holmes investigates London's most infamous case, Jack the Ripper. As he investigates, he finds that the Ripper has friends in high places.
Starcrash (1979) as Emperor
A pair of smugglers manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartham. The smugglers are soon recruited by the Emperor to complete the mission, as well as to rescue the Emperor's son, who has gone missing.
Highpoint (1979) as James Hatcher
International Velvet (1979) as John Seaton
In this sequel to National Velvet, a former racing champ helps turn a delinquent girl into an Olympic rider.
Hanover Street (1979) as Paul Sellinger
During the Second World War, an American pilot stationed in England meets a young British nurse during an air raid on London. The two instantly fall in love, despite the fact that the young nurse is already married, a secret she keeps hidden from her American lover. After being shot down behind enemy lines, while being assigned to ferry a British agent into France, the American pilot realizes that his secret cargo is in fact his lover's husband, and that the two must now work together in order to survive.
Murder by Decree (1979) as Sherlock Holmes
(Mys ''79). Christopher Plummer, James Mason, David Hemmings, Anthony Quayle, Genevieve Bujold, Frank Finley, John Gielgud, Susan Oliver, Donald Sutherland. Jack the Ripper is the subject of this chilling Sherlock Holmes thriller which suggests that the prostitute slayer was a member of a Royal household. Christopher Plummer is Sherlock Holmes, James Mason is Dr. Watson, and Donald Sutherland plays a psychic (based on a real person who assisted Scotland Yard during the actual Ripper case).
Silent Partner, The (1978) as Harry Reikle
This is an imaginative plot, yet one with which the viewer can readily identify. A bank teller (Elliot Gould) is held up at gun point in his bank. Luckily for him he receives a clue that this is going to occur and diverts most of the cash into his own safety deposit box, leaving only a nominal amount for the crook (Christopher Plummer). The ruse works well, but for the fact that the crook resents the fact that he has been outsmarted. There ensues a terrific battle of wits involving the clever but basically "moral" teller, and the cunning and totally uninhibited bank robber, which involves several other people in ways which cannot be revealed here.
Assignment, The (1977) as Captain Behounek
Aces High (1977) as Sinclair
A naive young officer straight from school arrives on the Western front to fight the air war against the Germans. However, the life expectancy of green pilots is not very good.
Atentat u Sarajevu (1976) as Ferdinand
Man Who Would Be King, The (1975) as Rudyard Kipling
Two con artists set out to take over a remote Asian land with a priceless golden treasure.
Return Of The Pink Panther, The (1975) as Sir Charles Litton
The third installation in the Pink Panther series.
Conduct Unbecoming (1975) as Major Alastair Wimbourne
Spiral Staircase, The (1975) as Dr Sherman
A mute nurse cares for an old invalid in a house where a killer lurks.
Pyx, The (1973) as Jim Henderson
Waterloo (1971) as Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
After defeating France and imprisoning Napoleon on Elba, ending two decades of war, Europe is shocked to find Napoleon has escaped and has caused the French Army to defect from the King back to him. The best of the British generals, Arthur Welsley was victorious in Spain, but has never faced Napoleon. Welsley stands between Napoleon with a mixed army of Prussians, Mercenaries, Brits and Belgians. Napoleon's victory will plunge Europe back into a long term war. The two meet at Waterloo where the fate of Europe will be decided.
Battle of Britain (1969) as Sqn. Ldr. Colin Harvey
England defends itself against the Nazi Blitz.
Lock Up Your Daughters (1969) as Lord Foppington
Three sailors on leave turn a British town upside down.
The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1969) as Atahualpa
The Spanish explorer Pizarro captures the Inca god-chief Atahualpa and promises to free him upon the deliverance of a horde of gold. But Pizarro finds himself torn between his desire for conquest and his sense of honor after friendship and respect develops between captive and captor.
The High Commissioner (1968) as Sir James Quentin
Rod Taylor plays a policeman sent to return a sensitive case; An Australian citizen, currently acting as high commissioner for peace talks who is wanted for an old charge -- of murder. The talks are too sensitive to be disturbed, so Taylor ends up watching Christopher Plummer as he conducts his talks, and discovers that some want the talks to fail enough to think that killing Plummer is an obvious way to stop them.
Oedipus the King (1968) as Oedipus
This classic (Greek) tale tells how a noble youth accidentally marries his own mother, kills his own father (deliberately) and ends up paying a terrible price for invoking the wrath of the Gods.
The Night of the Generals (1967) as Field Marshal Rommel
A Nazi officer tries to catch a serial killer attacking prostitutes.
Triple Cross (1967) as Eddie Chapman
A safecracker turns double agent during WWII.
Inside Daisy Clover (1965) as Raymond Swan
A girl on the road to stardom fights the dehumanizing effects of Hollywood life.
The Sound of Music (1965) as Captain [Georg] von Trapp
Maria had longed to be a nun since she was a young girl, yet when she became old enough discovered that it wasn't at all what she thought. Often in trouble and doing the wrong things, Maria is sent to the house of a retired naval captain, named Captain Von Trapp, to care for his children. Von Trapp was widowed several years before and was left to care for seven 'rowdy' children. The children have run off countless governesses. Maria soon learns that all these children need is a little love to change their attitudes. Maria teaches the children to sing, and through her, music is brought back into the hearts and home of the Von Trapp family. Unknowingly, Maria and Captain Von Trapp are falling helplessly in love, except there are two problems, the Captain is engaged, and Maria is a postulant!
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) as Commodus
A mad emperor''''s excesses leave the Roman Empire open to barbarian invasions.
Stage Struck (1958) as Joseph Sheridan
A young actress makes all the wrong moves trying to break in on Broadway.
Wind Across the Everglades (1958) as Walt Murdock
A game warden takes on a band of bird poachers in the Florida Everglades.

Producer (feature film)

Barrymore (2012)
In this film adaptation of playwright William Luce's "Barrymore," actor John Barrymore prepares for a revival of his 1920 Broadway triumph in "Richard III." The year is 1942 and Barrymore is far past his prime. It appears he has booked the theater simply to perform alone, while he drinks and reminis

Music (feature film)

Lucky Break (2001) as Song Performer ("There Is Nothing Like A Dame")
Smalltime crook Jimmy botches a bank robbery, lands in prison and stages a musical, with his fellow British inmates, that turns out to be Act One of the perfect escape plan. The musical, about Napolean's adversary Lord Nelson, is ultimately the cover plan to orchestrate a jailbreak. But it's Act Two
American Tail, An (1986) as Song Performer ("Never Say Never")
A family of Russian mice is traveling aboard a ship to start a new life in America when their young son Fievel is washed overboard. Believing that he is lost at sea, they sadly start life in their new home without him. But in fact, Fievel has crossed the ocean in a bottle, and, once in the U.S., he

Cast (special)

Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1999)
Coverage of the 22nd annual Kennedy Center Honors. Comedian/pianist Victor Borge, actor Sean Connery, dancer/choreographer/teacher Judith Jamison, actor Jason Robards and singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder are recognized by the board of trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for
Mr. & Mrs. Broadway (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of Broadway producer Robert Whitehead and actress Zoe Caldwell.
Andes, The (1998) as Narration
Documentary examining the Andes Mountains of South America, including its ancient Inca civilization, the descendants of the Incas today, its animal kingdom, volcanoes and eco-systems.
First Christmas, The (1998) as Narration
Christopher Plummer narrates this version of the Nativity, where Jesus's birth is reenacted through the eyes of the innkeeper's daughter and a young shepherd boy.
Yanni: No Borders, No Boundaries (1997) as Narration
Behind-the-scenes documentary that examines the trials and triumphs encountered by internationally acclaimed composer and performer Yanni as he plans his March 1997 concerts near the Taj Mahal in India and his May 1997 concerts at Beijing's Forbidden City.
Year of the Generals, The (1992) as Voice
A special that chronicles the personal stories of the World War II military leaders who helped change the course of history in 1942. Focuses on American Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton and George C. Marshall, U.S. Admiral Chester Nimitz, British Field Marshal Bernard
20th International Emmy Awards, The (1992) as Presenter
Broadcast of Emmy Awards for excellence in programming produced and originally telecast outside the United States.
Madeline and the Bad Hat (1991) as Narration
An animated special about Madeline, a spunky, young Parisian. When the mischievous Pepito moves next door to Madeline and her friends, pranks begin to happen.
Madeline and the Gypsies (1991) as Narration
An animated special about Madeline, a spunky, young Parisian. Madeline discovers there's no place like home after she parades around the country as a gypsy.
Madeline in London (1991) as Narration
An animated special about Madeline, a spunky little girl from Paris. Madeline visits her friend Pepito in London and brings him a horse as a gift.
Madeline's Rescue (1991) as Narration
A animated special about Madeline, a spunky, young Parisian. A dog named Genevieve saves Madeline from her fall in the Seine and is rewarded with a home in Madeline's boarding school -- until a collection of trustees discover the dog during their annual inspection.
Marriage: Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, A (1991) as Alfred Stieglitz
A presentation of "American Playhouse." The story of artist Georgia O'Keeffe, centering around her love affair with photographer Alfred Steiglitz.
Madeline's Christmas (1990) as Narration
An animated special about Madeline, a spunky, young Parisian who with the help of an exotic vistor, spreads the Christmas cheer.
Nabokov on Kafka (1989) as Narration
A documentary examining the genius of Russian author Vladimir Nabokov as a lecturer. Christopher Plummer plays Nabokov delivering a lecture at Cornell University on Franz Kafka's short story "The Metamorphosis."
Nabokov on Kafka (1989) as Host; Vladimir Nabokov
A documentary examining the genius of Russian author Vladimir Nabokov as a lecturer. Christopher Plummer plays Nabokov delivering a lecture at Cornell University on Franz Kafka's short story "The Metamorphosis."
Madeline: The Musical (1988) as Narration
An animated special about a spunky, young Parisian schoolgirl, Madeline, who must cope with unexpected difficulties when illness strikes.
Jerusalem: Within These Walls (1986) as Narration
A "National Geographic Special" focusing on Jerusalem, offering a kaleidoscopic view of the city's religions, people, and shrines.
Parade of Stars (1983) as Guest
Celebrities perform in a benefit for the Actor's Fund Charity in a program that recalls vaudeville's golden age.
Clytemnestra (1979) as Narration
Considered by many to be Martha Graham's greatest dance work, the ballet tells the story of Queen Clytemnestra, who murdered her husband, King Agamemnon, after he returned to Greece from the Trojan War in vengeance for his murder of their daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice to the god Apollo prior to
After the Fall (1974) as Quentin
A television adaptation of Arthur Miller's play about a man coming to grips with his emotional problems and a failed marriage.
Cyrano de Bergerac (1962) as Cyrano De Bergerac
The story of Cyrano de Bergerac, the soldier-poet of 17th century France who loves the beautiful Roxanne, but can only manifest his love vicariously through a handsome young cadet named Christian.
Time Remembered (1961) as Prince Albert
The story revolves around a prince and the grief he bears for Leocadia Gordi, his lost love, a beautiful ballerina who died three years before.
Captain Brassbound's Conversion (1960) as Captain Brassbound
The story of a woman who sees only good in people, and her efforts to reform Captain Brassbound, a man who is feared by everyone.
Doll's House, A (1959) as Torvald Helmer
The story of Nora Helmer, a childlike woman who one day recognizes that her husband treats her like an ornament, a "doll" for his house, and finds she has no choice but to leave him.
Little Moon of Alban (1958) as Kenneth Boyd
The story, set in Ireland in l9l9, relates the experiences of a desperate young woman who enters a convent and becomes a nurse to wounded soldiers. She develops a very close relationship with one cynical patient, a gravely wounded British officer.
Johnny Belinda (1958) as Dr Jack Richardson
The story of Belinda McDonald, a deaf-mute farm girl, and her relationship with Jack Richardson, a young doctor who teaches her to speak through sign language. (The title refers to the son born of Belinda after she is raped by Locky McCormick, a lecherous village resident whom Belinda kills when he
Prince and the Pauper, The (1957) as Miles Hendon
Adaptation of Mark Twain's novel about a poor boy and the heir to the British throne who exchange places.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

American Tragedy (2000) as F Lee Bailey
An account of O.J. Simpson's legal team in the "trial of the century."
Blackheart (1999) as Holmes
Young Catherine (1991) as British Ambassador
The wife of the Russian tsar fights to protect herself from palace intrigue and revolution.
Jesus of Nazareth (Do Not Use) (1977) as Herod Antipas
A reverent and beautiful retelling of the biblical tale with an all-star cast, winning Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Drama (1977-78) and for James Farentino as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Subsequently expanded to eight hours over four nights.
Moneychangers (1976) as Roscoe Heyward
This four-part adaptation of Arthur Hailey's tale of power and greed in the banking business has two ambitious vice presidents become rivals when an imminent board room vacancy arises won an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Series of the 1976-77 season as well as an Emmy for Christopher Plummer

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Summit, The (2008)
Preparations for the annual G8 summit meeting are underway in Canada. When a bio-terrorism test goes horribly wrong and test patients start dying at an alarming rate, a cover-up by a U.S. national security advisor comes in to play. When the international community arrives for the summit, will it be
Crossings (1986) as Armand Devilliers
A three-part, six-hour miniseries which tells the story of a passionate affair between a steel magnate and a French Ambassador's wife, and the effects of their love on them and their families during the turbulent years of World War II. This adaptation of Danielle Steel's novel begins in 1939 on a tr
Spearfield's Daughter (1986) as Lord Jack Cruze
Little Gloria, Happy At Last (1982) as Reginald Vanderbilt
A stellar cast and six Emmy Award nominations distinguished this dramatization of Barbara Goldsmith's best-seller about the bitter 1934 child custody case involving 10-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt, America's famous "poor little rich girl." In addition to nominations as Outstanding Drama Special and fo

Cast (short)

Meeting the Challenge: INTERNATIONAL VELVET (1978)
This promotional short for the film "International Velvet" (1978) offers a behind-the-scenes look at how actress Tatum O''''Neal prepared for her role.

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