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Overview for Rowdy Roddy Piper
Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper


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Cast (feature film)

Shut Up and Shoot! (2009)
A B-movie producer orders a hit on his five partners.
Kickin' It Old Skool (2007)
In 1985, 12-year old Justin Schumacher was hoping killer moves could help him dance into his dream girl's heart. So when Justin and his break dance posse--the Funky Fresh Boyz -- were challenged to a battle in the school talent show, Justin knew what he had to do. But after starting with a coffee gr
My Super Sweet 16: The Movie (2007)
The friendship between two soon-to-be sixteen year old girls is tested when the competition between their upcoming birthday parties continues to escalate as they attempt to outdo each other.
Kickin' It Old Skool (2007)
In 1985, 12-year old Justin Schumacher was hoping killer moves could help him dance into his dream girl's heart. So when Justin and his break dance posse--the Funky Fresh Boyz -- were challenged to a battle in the school talent show, Justin knew what he had to do. But after starting with a coffee gr
Sin-Jin Smyth (2007)
Two Federal Marshals are assigned to escort the Devil to prison.
Domestic Import (2006)
Well-intentioned Marsha and David hire a foreign housekeeper, Sophia, to care for their new baby and put some "sanity" back in their lives. What follows is a situation that spirals out of control. In a frenzy to find an American husband before her visa expires, Sophia manipulates poor Marsha and Da
Three Wise Guys (2005)
Three Las Vegas wiseguys get caught up in the Christmas spirit while on the trail of their boss's girlfriend who has stolen a computer disk with incriminating evidence to use as blackmail against him.
Shepherd (1999)
In 2317, the world explodes into a holy war. Only a Shepherd can lead his flock to the promise land.
Last to Surrender (1999)
An American cop with a chip on his shoulder is partnered with a cop from China, the unlikely pair head for a collision course with a vicious narcotics dealer and his private army of mercenaries.
Misery Brothers, The (1999)
Parody about the Y2K computer virus.
Hard Time (1998) as Randy
When a stake-out goes bad and the suspect is murdered, veteran officer Conrad Logan finds himself framed for the crime and serving time in a maximum security prison. Logan is eventually retried and hits the streets to clear his name and reclaim his life.
Bad Pack, The (1998)
A former covert operations specialist for the US government forms a strike force to save a small town from militiamen.
Dilemma (1998)
A rebellious cop takes desperate measures to bring in a sadistic escaped killer whose donation of bone marrow -- while he is alive -- is the only thing that can save a little girl's life.
Dead Tides (1997)
A former Navy Seal unwittingly becomes entangled in a drug smuggling operation while piloting a ship for the wife of a notorious drug lord.
Jungleground (1996) as Jake Cornel
The life of an undercover cop and his girlfriend are imperiled after a drug bust goes bad in Jungleground, a burned out area controlled by gangs.
Terminal Rush (1996)
Battling bloodthirsty terrorists, a Native American sheriff fights to save his hostage father from death and Hoover Dam from destruction.
Marked Man (1996)
While in prison for accidentally killing a man who attacked his wife, a man is falsely accused of another murder. He escapes prison and has 72 hours to prove his innocence.
Sci-Fighters (1996) as Cameron Grayson
A "Black Shield" cop in the year 2009 tracks down a ruthless escaped criminal whose body has been taken over by an alien parasite.
No Contest (1995) as Ice
International terrorists take over the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant and threaten to kill the contestants one by one unless their demands are met. Former Miss Galaxy and martial arts expert, Sharon, and Crane, a private detective, work together to outwit the terrorists.
Tough and Deadly (1995)
A targeted CIA agent joins forces with a wisecracking narcotics-officer-turned-bounty hunter to tackle a covert cocaine smuggling operation.
Immortal Combat (1994)
On a remote jungle island in the Caribbean, scientists have unlocked an ancient Mayan secret of immortality. Now a modern day martial arts warrior fights for his life against indestructible killers.
Back in Action (1993) as Frank Rossi
Together, a vigilante and a maverick cop take on LA's criminal underworld.
Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage, The (1990) as Maurice "The Brute" Steiger
A television movie for CBS based on the successful ABC series. In this Valentine's Day cruise, Vicki helps her father come to terms with the death of his wife, a gang of jewel thieves uses the cruise to make their getaway, a charity bachelor auction is planned by the new social director, the Chef's
Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988) as Sam Hell
Ten years after World War III has left the world sterile, a soldier accepts a government mission to rescue imprisoned women and and impregnate them, in an attempt to re-populate the world.
Buy and Cell (1988) as Cowboy
An imprisoned stockbroker makes a fortune for himself and his fellow inmates while behind bars.
They Live (1988) as Nada
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.
Highwayman, The (1987) as Preacher
A crimefighter operates out of a high-tech 18-wheel truck and tries to save a war veteran targeted for death by a corrupt small-town official.
Body Slam (1986) as Rick Roberts

Cast (special)

Tag Team (1991) as Rick Mcdonald
A pilot about two wrestling teammates who accidentally get involved in undercover police work.
WrestleMania 2 (1986)
Highlights of the sports extravaganza, taped in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in April, 1986. The major event is a 20-man "over the top rope" battle royal, pitting top wrestlers against stars of the NFL.
Rock 'n' Wrestling Saturday Spectacular (1985)
Herve Villechaize, host of a fictional television talk show, is commandeered from his position by the villainous wrestler, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who turns the show upside down. During the mayhem that follows, clips are shown from the CBS Saturday morning children's program line-up.

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