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Cast (feature film)

Bells of San Angelo (1947) as Cook
Gridley is mining silver from an old Mexican mine and bringing it into the USA thru a passage into his worthless mine. Border guard Rogers suspects Gridley and finally finds the secret entrance to the Mexican mine. He sends Lee Madison for help only to have her captured by Gridley. Trigger brings help that takes care of Gridley's men and now Roy has to rescue Madison.
Fool's Gold (1947) as Speed
In the 56th film of the 66 in the series (and the first one produced by William Boyd Productions instead of Harry Sherman), Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) undertakes to help out his old friend, Army Colonel Jed Landry (Forbes Murray). The Colonel's hot-tempered son, Lieutenant Bruce Landry (Stephen Barclay), has struck his commanding officer and is facing a court martial. Bruce deserts and is believed hiding at a robber's hideout-town known as Twin Buttes. Cassidy departs without telling his two pals, Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) and California Carlson (Andy Clyde), but they learn his destination and follow him. Hoppy arrives at Twin Buttes and attempts to register at the inn ran by Jessie Dixon (Jane Randolph) but she is suspicious and refuses him a room. Cassidy makes friends with "Professor" Dixon (Robert Emmett Keane), Jessie's father, and is given a room. Bruce is being kept in a hideout by a group of holdup men headed by Dixon, and has fallen in love with Jessie. She advises him to give himself up and face the Army court-martial, rather than participate in a series of shady deals engineered by her father. Cassidy escapes a trap set for him by Dixon and meets Lucky and California and they decide to look over Dixon's "laboratory" in the mountains. They find the place is a front for a plant where the gang makes copper bricks covered with a thin coating of gold. They ride fast to catch up with the gang when they learn a gold shipment is to be held up and the fake bricks substituted.
Where There's Life (1947) as Porter
The American heir to a European throne tries to elude assassins.
The Crimson Key (1947) as Bartender
Larry Morgan (Kent Taylor), a private detective, is hired by a woman who wants Larry to trail her husband. The husband is murdered and, shortly afterwards, the wife is also killed. Larry shuffles through a long list of suspects before revealing the killer...
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Pullman porter
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
The Secret of the Whistler (1946) as Toones Janitor
An artist plots murder when his rich wife when she catches him in an affair with one of his models.
The Runaround (1946) as Porter
Maverick private eyes Kildane and Quayle leave a large agency to work on their own. Their first assignment (pirated from the old firm): retrieve eloping heiress Penelope competition with their former boss Prentiss. Kildane finds Penelope with surprising ease and keeps her one jump ahead of Prentiss with assorted difficulties, but can he avoid a romantic complication with his lovely charge?
Two Smart People (1946) as Red Cap
In New Orleans, lady crook tries to steal a con man''''s hidden loot.
Two Sisters from Boston (1946) as Porter
Two girls with Broadway aspirations find work in a Bowery saloon.
G. I. War Brides (1946) as Pullman porter
Linda Powell (Anna Lee), and English girl, stows away on a ship bound for the United States in order to join the G.I. she loves. She assumes the identity of an English war bride, Joyce Giles (Carol Savage), who has decided she no longer loves the American soldier she married and is not going to join him in the U.S. Linda arrives to find that her soldier no longer wishes to marry her...
Centennial Summer (1946) as Red Cap
In 1876 Philadelphia, two sisters (Jeanne Crain and Linda Darnell) vie for the affections of a Frenchman (Cornel Wilde) who's come to town to prepare the French pavilion for the Centennial exposition.
No Leave, No Love (1946) as Porter
During a whirlwind two-day pass in New York, a sailor falls in love with an Englishwoman.
Man Alive (1945) as Piano player
A man thought dead returns as a ghost to scare off his wife''''s suitors.
The Lost Weekend (1945) as Washroom attendant
A writer fights to overcome his addiction to liquor.
Barbary Coast Gent (1944) as Porter
A bandit from the gold fields moves to San Francisco and tries to go straight.
The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944) as Wiley
Insurance Investigator Roy is looking for Weston and the missing money he supposedly obtained in a robbery. When he catches him and listens to his story, he changes his mind about him. A freak accident locates the missing money box and they find the seal unbroken. Roy then announces the box will be opened at the showboat that evening.
Firebrands of Arizona (1944) as Charlie, the cook
Hidden Valley Outlaws (1944) as Snowflake
Lawyer Leland is using land rights to kick the ranchers off their land. When Wild Bill and Gabby arrive to help the ranchers, he has actor Percel frame them for murder and then incites the townsmen to lynch them.
Meet the People (1944) as Pullman porter
A fading stage star tries to revive her career by taking a job in a shipyard.
Whistling in Brooklyn (1943) as Fan
A radio sleuth infiltrates the Brooklyn Dodgers to solve a murder.
Land of Hunted Men (1943) as Snowflake
Queen of Broadway (1943) as Mose
Haunted Ranch (1943) as Sam
Both the Range Buster and Rance and his outlaw gang are looking for stolen gold bullion. To scare people away from the ranch where the gold is hidden, Rance has his man imitating ghosts. The gold is in a steel cased organ but a certain combination of organ stops need to be pulled to obtain the gold.
Spy Train (1943) as Porter
An innocent couple fights off Nazi agents on a speeding train.
The Palm Beach Story (1942) as Black bartender
To finance her husband's career, a married woman courts an eccentric millionaire.
Give Out, Sisters (1942) as Black porter
Arizona Terrors (1942) as Snowflake
Raiders of the West (1942) as Snowflake
The Great Man's Lady (1942) as Pogey
A pioneer couple struggle to build a city in the wild West.
Obliging Young Lady (1942) as Porter
A lawyer''''s secretary tries to protect a controversial client from prying eyes at an over-crowded hotel.
The Apache Kid (1941) as
Remade, with only slight revisions in names and relationships, in 1953 as "Old Overland Trail" with Rex Allen, "The Apache Kid" has Pete Dawson (Don 'Red' Barry) leading a group of friends and neighbors westward from a dust-ravished Missouri to settle Rock Creek, a frontier town in the Oregon territory. Pete has been induced to make this move by his uncle, Joe Walker (Robert Fiske), who ran afoul of the law twenty years past, but is presumably now a honest citizen. In reality, he is the same crook he was in the past. He and his partner, Nick Barter (Leroy Mason), obtain a government contract to build a road through the territory and are exploiting the settlers and forcing them to work on the road gang for little or no pay, through the use of script money they issue. The purpose for luring Pete and his friends is to obtain more labor. Walker has his henchmen, disguised as Indians, raid the wagon train, stampede the stock and destroy the supply wagon, and the distitute group reaches Rock Creek and are dependent on Walker's dubious largesse in giving them jobs on his road gang. When government funds to pay the workers comes through, Walker has his gang hold up the gold-carrying coach, and forces the laborers to accept script redeemable at one-fourth of its face value. Pete becomes aware of what is happening, so when the next payroll shipment comes through he holds up the coach himself before Walker's henchmen have a chance to, and sends the money into town to the sheriff (Monte Montague), so that the workers will be paid in real money. He continues this procedure week after week and Walker posts a huge reward for the bandit whom he calls "The Apache Kid." Pete places the true facts before the United States Road Commissioner (Forbes Murray), who helps him depose the Walker-Barter regime. Pete marries Barbara Taylor (Lynn Merrick), daughter of one of the immigrants (John Elliott.)
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941) as Bootblack
A softhearted gangster tries to go straight.
The People vs. Dr. Kildare (1941) as Father
An ice skater sues a young doctor for malpractice.
Back in the Saddle (1941) as Conductor
A land grabber frames a rancher who's discovered copper on his land.
Sun Valley Serenade (1941) as Porter
A Norwegian war orphan adopted by a pianist as a publicity stunt turns out to be a beautiful young woman.
Penny Serenade (1941) as Train porter
A woman on the verge of divorce recalls her heartbreaking attempts to adopt a child.
Sleepers West (1941) as Waiter
Detective Shayne is on a train headed for San Francisco with a surprise witness (Hughes) whom many on board would like to keep from testifying at a murder trial.
Repent at Leisure (1941) as Rufe
A newlywed tries to keep her husband from learning she''''s the boss''''s daughter.
The Great American Broadcast (1941) as Porter
After WWI two men go into radio. Failure leads the wife of one to borrow money from another; she goes on, after separation, to stardom. A coast-to-coast radio program is set up to bring everyone back together.
A Missouri Outlaw (1941) as Snowflake
Two Gun Sheriff (1941) as Snowflake
Death Valley Outlaws (1941) as Snowflake
Golden Hoofs (1941) as
The Biscuit Eater (1940) as First and second Thessalonians
Two little boys have faith in a dog they name Promise, so much faith that they enter him in the championship trials for bird dogs. The favorite is Georgia Boy bred and trained by the boys' fathers. And if Georgia Boy doesn't win, the fathers may both lose their jobs.
Seventeen (1940) as Genesis
Christmas in July (1940) as Sam, the janitor
An unemployed dreamer thinks he's won a big radio contest.
Texas Terrors (1940) as Snowflake
Frontier Vengeance (1940) as Snowflake
I Want a Divorce (1940) as Porter
Remember the Night (1940) as Rufus
An assistant D.A. takes a shoplifter home with him for Christmas.
The Tulsa Kid (1940) as Snowball
Arriving in town, Tom Benton quickly teams up with Wallace in his fight with Saunders over a water hole. But Saunders chief henchman is Montana Smith, Tom's old partner and the man that taught him how to shoot. Tom no longer carries a gun but when Wallace gets into trouble, he straps it on once again and goes to face Montana.
One Man's Law (1940) as Snowflake
Dancing on a Dime (1940) as Brass polisher
King of the Turf (1939) as Groom
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Porter
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) as Porter
Michael Linnett Connors takes Molly Adair from Broadway understudy to 1913 Hollywood star. Although she is in love with him, she marries her co-star reckoning wrongly Connors thinks of her only in terms of movies. He fires her in pique, apparently terminally damaging his career.
Under the Big Top (1938) as Juba
Hawaiian Buckaroo (1938) as Flash
When ranch hands Jeff and his friend Mike spend all their money to buy land in Hawaii, they arrive to find they have been swindled by M'Tigue. Broke, they take jobs on the Harrington ranch. M'Tigue is after that ranch and is out to make sure their cattle drive fails so the note that is due cannot be paid off. But just when he will be needed, Jeff is fired.
Red River Range (1938) as Bellhop
The Cattlemen's Association has called in the Mesquiteers to find cattle rustlers. They get Tex Riley to pose as Stony so Stony can arrive posing as a wanted outlaw. This gets Stony into the gang of rustlers and he alerts Tucson and Lullaby as to the next raid. But Hartley is on hand and unknown to anyone is the rustler's boss and he joins the posse with a plan that will do away with the Mesquiteers.
Riders of the Black Hills (1938) as Snowflake
Ride a Crooked Mile (1938) as Tovarish
Swing That Cheer (1938) as Porter
The Port of Missing Girls (1938) as Misery
Range Defenders (1937) as Cook
A Star Is Born (1937) as Man on witness stand
A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom.
The Man in Blue (1937) as
Off to the Races (1937) as Ebbie
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge (1937) as Sam
Parker steals cattle from the cattlemen and blames it on the turpentiners. Then he incites the cattlemen to burn down the turpentiners trees. When Gene finds the rustled cattle he tries to kill him. Failing, he kills both Gene's father and Bayliss Baynam and has Gene arrested for Baynum's murder.
Smart Blonde (1937) as Second Redcap
An ambitious reporter forces her policeman boyfriend to let her help with a murder case.
Fair Warning (1937) as Porter
The Duke Comes Back (1937) as Snowflake
Wild Horse Rodeo (1937) as Snowflake
Stony makes a deal with Nye to get the wild horse Cylone for his rodeo circuit. The horse brings in big crowds as no one is able to ride him and collect Nye's prize money. Finally Stony rides him but takes the horse instead of the money. This leads to trouble when Cyclone is set free and Nye and his men go after him.
Dodge City Trail (1937) as Snowflake
Let's start with some house cleaning first. Columbia produced a series of Charles Starrett westerns that they called "Peter B. Kyne productions" but, other than allowing the use of his name, writer Peter B. Kyne was not the producer on any of the films in this series, and didn't even write the few he is credited with by some sources. Since the source for this error is one of those often-used and often-wrong sources that many researchers use, and said source is one of those that never bother correcting the multitude of errors in their catalogs, the chances of some uninformed source adding Peter B. Kyne back to this film as the Producer is highly likely. This Harold Shumate story finds Texas ranch-foreman Steve Braddock (Charles Starrett) in charge of driving a large herd of cattle overland from Texas to Dodge City, Kansas. Slim Grayson (Donald Grayson), the eastern-educated son of the ranch owner, is along to sing songs around the campfire. The trail drive part only lasts until the herd reaches Plainview, where Steve, Slim and the cowhands rescue Marian Phillips (Marion Weldon) after she has been kidnapped off a stage by a gang led by Dawson (Alan Bridge). She tells Steve her father is a local rancher named Phillips, who she has not seen since she was a young girl, but Steve knows no rancher by that name but from her description, he feels sure that Plainview gambling-hall owner Kenyon Jackson (Russell Hicks) is her father. Of course he is and he, of course, is also the secret head of the Dawson gang, and Steve's tasks are to keep Marian from learning the truth about her father, cleaning up the gang and persuading the father to reform. By the way, Peter B. Kyne did not produce this film.
Saratoga (1937) as Train porter
A horse breeder''''s daughter falls for a bookie.
She Loved a Fireman (1937) as Joe
A ne''''er-do-well learns the hard way that there''''s more to fire fighting than lying around the bunkhouse.
Florida Special (1936) as Black waiter
Hell-Ship Morgan (1936) as Pittsburgh
After getting in a fight in a waterfront cafe over a girl, Captain Ira "Hell-Ship" Morgan (George Bancroft) hires Jim Allen (Victor Jory) and they become good friends. Morgan befriends a desperate girl, Mary Taylor (Ann Sothern), and, out of gratitude, she agrees to marry him. Morgan gives her the magnificient Callao pearl as a wedding present. But Mary and Jim fall in love and are found together one night by a sailor, and Mary is forced to give him the pearl to keep him quiet. Morgan finds out about it. A terrific storm comes up and Morgan taunts Allen into going over the side to make repairs. Allen is injured but Morgan saves his life but breaks his own back.
Black Gold (1936) as
Desert Justice (1936) as
On his last day as a Mounted Traffic Officer, Jack saves Ellen from a serious accident and then he catches a bank robber. His Brother Dave was part of the gang and Dave takes them to Jack's ranch. When Jack arrives he is made a prisoner. The gangleader Rod then kills Dave, ties up Jack, sets the house on fire and flees. Luckily Ellen arrives to free Jack and he heads out after Rod.
Oh, Susanna! (1936) as
Fleeing the law, Wolf Benson hops on a train, throws Autry off, and assumes Autry's identity. Still posing as Autry he robs and kills Autry's friend Lee. When Autry is jailed, his friends Frog and the Professor break him out and the three head out to clear him of the murder charge.
Poor Little Rich Girl (1936) as
A lost rich girl takes up with a pair of musical performers.
The Singing Cowboy (1936) as Entertainer
When Gene's boss is murdered, the bosses daughter is seriously injured. To raise money for her operation, Gene and the ranch hands enter the new medium of television as singers. When they do well the bank agrees to lend them the needed money. Martin is after the ranch and he was the murderer. Now he has to make sure the daughter doesn't get the operation so he sends his henchmen out to wreck Gene's equipment.
Come and Get It (1936) as Porter
Years after deserting his true love, a lumber tycoon vies with his son for her daughter''''s hand.
Big Brown Eyes (1936) as Shoeshiner
A reporter and a detective team up to expose a ring of jewel thieves.
Palm Springs (1936) as Porter
A notorious gambler who is short of money want his daughter to marry a British young man, who has plenty of money. At first she obies, but then she falls in love to a poor, young American.
College Holiday (1936) as Porter
A group of men are invited to spend the summer with a lady hotelier interested in eugenics.
Come Closer, Folks (1936) as Porter
The Green Pastures (1936) as Zubo
God tests the human race in this reenactment of Bible stories set in the world of black American folklore.
Racing Blood (1936) as Sad Sam
Born to Fight (1936) as Snowflake
Aces Wild (1936) as Snowflake
Cheyenne rides into Durango and runs into his old enemy Kelton. Kelton's game is to bring his safe to a town without a bank and let the townspeople put their valuables in it. Then he grabs the loot and flees. But Cheyenne is on to his scheme and finding the safe empty, gets the Sheriff to join in the chase.
The Lonely Trail (1936) as Snowflake
Though he fought for the North in the Civil War, John is asked by the Governor of Texas to get rid of some troublesome carpetbaggers. He enlists the help of Holden before learning that Holden too is plundering the local folk.
Hair-Trigger Casey (1936) as Snowflake
Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) as Snowflake
A group of insurance salesmen try to get into show business.
The Lawless Nineties (1936) as Moses Pluribus Unum
Federal agent John Tipton heads for Wyoming to supervise the vote on whether to join the Union. One group of locals is using dynamite to terrorize the populace and a local newspaper editor is killed.
The Invisible Ray (1936) as Safari man
A scientist becomes contaminated resulting in the death of anything he touches.
The Gorgeous Hussy (1936) as Horatius
President Andrew Jackson's friendship with an innkeeper's daughter spells trouble for them both.
Freshman Love (1936) as Mose
A college coach uses a beautiful blonde to woo athletes into joining his team.
The Music Goes 'Round (1936) as Garage attendant
Annapolis Farewell (1935) as Black taxi driver
Ladies Love Danger (1935) as Lewis
Alibi Ike (1935) as
A brash baseball star gets mixed up with gamblers and a pretty young girl.
$10 Raise (1935) as Bootblack
Stolen Harmony (1935) as Henry
Band leader Jack Conrad is impressed by prison inmate Ray Ferrera on saxophone. Conrad hires Ray to join his band and tour upon his release. Ray hooks up with Jean, a dancer in the show, and the two become a successful dance act. However, when an ex-inmate buddy of Ray's robs the tour bus, Ray is suspected of wrongdoing by Jack and the others in the group. After a gang of thugs hijacks the tour bus, Ray tries to use his street smarts to redeem his reputation.
Wildcat Saunders (1935) as Himself
Wildcat Saunders, his manager and his handler head out west to train for his next prize fight. They stay at the Lawson ranch where the foreman Hawkins has just robbed the express office. When Wildcat is loaned a pair of boots, he finds the loot hidden inside them. Hawkins eventually realizes one of the three has it and retrieving it, ties the them up and flees with Lawson's daughter as a hostage.
A Night at the Ritz (1935) as Porter
A publicist doesn''t know that his famous chef client can''t cook.
Hands Across the Table (1935) as Porter/Messenger
A manicurist uses her beauty and emery board to snag a rich husband.
Frontier Justice (1935) as Snowflake
When Brent Halston returns he finds his father in an insane asylum and Wilton about to foreclose on their ranch and bring sheep onto the cattle range. When Wilton kills a rancher, Brent is blamed and jailed. Escaping jail he gets Ware to confess that he payed to have Halston committed. He then gets unexpected help from Ethel Gordon when Wilton tries to foreclose.
Valley of Wanted Men (1935) as Snowflake
Three men that were sent to prison for bank robbery escape. The stolen money was never recovered and they return to the scene looking for the fourth man who has the money. Two of the robbers are out to get the money for themselves but the other who was framed wants to recover the money so he can clear himself.
Riddle Ranch (1935) as Snowflake
Social Error (1935) as Shadow
One of a series of films, including two shorts, produced by William Berke starring David Sharpe, following Sharpe's work for Hal Roach in shorts and before Sharpe became a mostly-full time stunt man. In this one, Sharpe sings, tap dances, does acrobats, fights, climbs up and down building walls and drives and rides all vehicles that come his way. The first half is a series of collegiate escapades as Ed Bentley (David Sharpe) is finally expelled from dear old Wellmore by Dean Carter (Monte Blue), and he and his valet, Shadow (Fred Toones billed as "Snowflake") are on the way to a bank to get money to go home on, when Ed mistakes two bodyguards (Roger Williams and Ted Adams) pushing their charge, heiress June Merton (Gertrude Messinger, then married to David Sharpe), into a car as being kidnappers. He and Shadow follow them to the Merton apartment and begin to try and "rescue" her from the kidnappers who aren't kidnappers, although with Roger Williams and Ted Adams in the roles, the impression is that it hasn't occurred to them and one keeps expecting them to revert to type. But across the hall, Louie (Matty Fain) and Sonia (Sheila Terry), the low-rent tenants living on the same floor with the "rich" Mertons, have every intention of kidnapping the girl, and do so with the aid of the bumbling Ed and Shadow. Berke was also producing a western series with Harry Carey at the time, and the only cast members from those westerns missing here are Chief Thunder Cloud, Harry Carey and his horse Sonny. Lots of outdoor action and chases with views of 1935 Hollywood.
The Virginia Judge (1935) as Second black
King Solomon of Broadway (1935) as Waiter
Mississippi (1935) as Third leadsman
A young pacifist after refusing on principle to defend her sweetheart's honor and being banished in disgrace, joins a riverboat troupe as a singer, acquires a reputation as a crackshot after a saloon brawl in which the villain of the piece accidentally kills himself with his own gun, falls in love with his former fianceƩ's sister and finally bullies an apprehensive family into accepting him.
Go into Your Dance (1935) as Valet
An irresponsible Broadway star gets mixed up with gambling and gangsters.
Man of Iron (1935) as
A steel worker rises to the boardroom but longs for his former life.
Handy Andy (1934) as
A druggist lets his socially ambitious wife convince him to pursue the high life.
Lady by Choice (1934) as Mose
To improve her image, a fan dancer "adopts" an old woman to be her mother.
Fugitive Lovers (1934) as Man driving car
A cross-country bus trip brings together a chorus girl and an escaped convict.
Here Comes the Groom (1934) as Porter
Piccolo player Mike Scanlon loses his girl due to his unexciting lifestyle, so he decides to commit a robbery to gain notoriety. But the robbery goes awry and Mike finds himself on the run from the police, pretending to be a famous singer whose gimmick is wearing a mask in public.
The Gay Bride (1934) as Bootblack
A gold digger tries to get ahead by marrying a succession of ill-fated racketeers.
Twentieth Century (1934) as Porter
A tempestuous theatrical director tries to win back the star he created and then drove away.
I Hate Women (1934) as Big Boy
Half a Sinner (1934) as Snowflake
Here Comes the Navy (1934) as Sailor
A cocky naval cadet clashes with an old friend serving with him.
Embarrassing Moments (1934) as Porter
Ever Since Eve (1934) as Porter
Death on the Diamond (1934) as Porter
A rookie pitcher tries to stop someone from killing the St. Louis Cardinals.
Palooka (1934) as Smokey
Mayme walks out on her husband, Pete Palooka, after he wins the middleweight championship and shows his proclivity for life in the fast lane. She raises son Joe on a farm, by herself. When slippery fight manager Knobby Walsh happens to discover Joe's surprising punching power, he signs him. With current champion Al McSwatt needing an easy opponent, Walsh gets Joe the fight. Palooka steals the championship( and girlfriend Nina Madero) from McSwatt when McSwatt shows up for the fight drunk. Now it's Joe's turn to live in the fast lane, winning fights(that are set ups by Walsh) and drinking hard with vamp Nina. However, when McSwatt and his manager trick Joe into a rematch, it's time to test his real boxing talent.
Murder in the Private Car (1934) as Titus
A speeding train becomes the setting for murder.
Imitation of Life (1934) as Person at funeral
A widow and her housekeeper go into business together but almost lose their daughters.
Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) as Black man
Three chorus girls fight to keep their show going and find rich husbands.
Robbers' Roost (1933) as Ferryboat driver
Central Airport (1933) as El Paso porter
A World War I flyer can only find work as chauffeur to a lady sky diver.
Stage Mother (1933) as Porter
A young actress's mother will sacrifice anything, even her daughter, for money.
Gabriel over the White House (1933) as Sylvester
A crooked president reforms mysteriously.
The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933) as Trainer
A boxing champion falls for a gangster''''s moll.
Going Hollywood (1933) as Porter
A girl poses as a French maid to catch a singing star.
Human Targets (1932) as Snowflake
The Dale's need money for their sick mother and Bart Travis, having found gold, says he will provide it. Duke Remsden learns of the strike and waylays Buzz Dale as he tries to record Bart's deed. Then dressed as Bart, Duke kills and robs a man. With the Sheriff after Bart, Buzz escapes capture, finds the clothes worn to impersonate Bart, and heads for the Sheriff.
Strange Adventure (1932) as Jeff
Arm of the Law (1932) as
American Madness (1932) as Sam, shoeshine boy
A banker fights to keep his independence and protect his customers.
The County Fair (1932) as Curfew
A Private Scandal (1931) as Himself
Shanghaied Love (1931) as Snowflake
The Stampede (1921) as A horse

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