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Cast (feature film)

Sunrise at Campobello (1960) as Campaign workers
After a bout with polio, future president Franklin Roosevelt fights to save his political career.
Westbound (1959) as
A Civil War veteran fights to protect a gold shipment from a bitter Confederate officer.
The Rawhide Years (1956) as
Ben Matthews gives up the flashy life of a riverboat gambler, hoping to settle down in Galena with his girlfriend, luscious entertainer Zoe. But Galena's leading citizen is murdered on the boat; Ben, on arrival, finds a lynch mob after his neck, and flees. Three years of wandering later, Zoe's letters stop coming and Ben returns to find her and attempt the hopeless task of clearing himself.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
Apache Ambush (1955) as Fraser
President Lincoln enlists an Indian scout to guard a cattle drive.
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) as Court reporter
An air-corps pioneer stands trial for criticizing his superiors.
Ten Wanted Men (1955) as
A cattleman''s dream of law and order is threatened by the ambitions of a ruthless rival.
Young at Heart (1954) as Restaurant patron
A cynical songwriter upsets the lives of three musical sisters.
Them! (1954) as Army officer
Federal agents fight to destroy a colony of mutated giant ants.
The Glass Web (1953) as
The ice-cold diva Paula ruthlessly exploits the guys she dates. While blackmailing the married Don with a recent one-night-stand, she has a secret affair with Henry, who works as researcher for the weekly authentic TV show "Crime of the Week", which Don writes for. When Henry fails to help her to a role, she insults him deadly... and ends up dead herself. Now Don desperately tries to hide his traces, but Henry sabotages his efforts and suggests he write the unsolved murder case for next week's show...
Jim Thorpe--All-American (1951) as Spectator
The famous Native American athlete fights prejudice in his pursuit of sports stardom.
Frenchie (1951) as
A woman sells her successful business in New Orleans to find the men who killed her father.
I Shot Billy the Kid (1950) as Man
The legendary outlaw''s tumultuous relationship with Sheriff Pat Garrett leads to violence.
Bandit Queen (1950) as Mr. Grayson
Zara Montalve (Barbara Britton), half Spanish and half America, returns to her native California in time to see her parents (Cecile Weston and Victor Kilian) murdered for their hacienda and gold by Sheriff Jim Harding (Barton MacLane) and his gang. Posing as Lola Belmont, an American visiting from Detroit, teams up with Joaquin Murietta (Philip Reed), posing as Carlos Del Rio), to form a Robin-Hood type band that takes vengeance on the gang and restores stolen gold to its rightful owners, aided by militia leader Dan Hinsdale (Willard Parker.)
The Fuller Brush Man (1948) as Policeman
A bumbling salesman gets mixed up in murder.
I Walk Alone (1948) as Policeman
An ex-convict discovers the world of crime has changed drastically since he went up the river.
Shadows on the Range (1946) as Ted
Cattleman Agent Mason arrives to help find rustlers. A letter to the Sheriff and a fake scar gets him identified as a wanted murderer and attracts the attention of the gang leader. But when he is named the new boss of the gang, dissension arises between the leader and the rustlers and Mason must now try to bring them all in.
The Phantom Speaks (1945) as Policeman
The Chicago Kid (1945) as Detective
The North Star (1943) as Farmer
Ukrainian villagers unite to fight off invading Nazis.
Broadway Big Shot (1942) as Ed
West of Pinto Basin (1940) as Ware
New Moon (1940) as Officer
A revolutionary leader romances a French aristocrat in Louisiana.
Saps at Sea (1940) as
Two factory workers accidentally set sail with an escaped killer.
Bulldog Drummond's Bride (1939) as Mr. Mann
Bulldog Drummond postpones his wedding to track down a band of bank robbers.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) as Double for Rod La Rocque
A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
The Pal from Texas (1939) as Sheriff
$1,000 a Touchdown (1939) as McGlen's first son
The Texans (1938) as Private soldier
The Purple Vigilantes (1938) as Duncan
David Ross organizes the ranchers into a vigilante group to rid the town of outlaws. The plan succeeds but the trouble starts when some of the men form a new vigilante group and posing as the original one plunder for loot.
Painted Stallion, The (1937)
The period is the 1820's and the first wagon train leaves Independence heading west to Santa Fe. In order to maintain his power, the ruthless Official at Santa Fe must not let them arrive and he sends out his men to stop them. The wagon train then has to endure repeated attacks but is aided by a mysterious rider that shoots singing arrows and rides a painted stallion.
Reckless Ranger (1937) as Chet [Newton]
Bob Allen, Louise Small, Mary MacLaren, Harry Woods, Jack Perrin, Buddy Cox, Jack Rockwell, Slim Whitaker. Texas Ranger Bob Allen undertakes the investigation of his twin brother''s murder in this unusual western which pits sheepherders against cattle ranchers.
Wells Fargo (1937) as Scout
An employee of an express shipping service helps to provide people with the supplies they need.
The Last Train from Madrid (1937) as Guard
The story of seven people: their lives and love affairs in Madrid during the Civil War.
Gun Grit (1936)
The Accusing Finger (1936) as Guard
An attorney is responsible for sending an innocent man to jail for a murder he did not commit. He soon gets a taste of his own medicine when his wife is murdered and no one will believe him when he claims he didn't do it.
Hair-Trigger Casey (1936) as Captain [Jim] Casey
Desert Justice (1936) as Jack Franklin
On his last day as a Mounted Traffic Officer, Jack saves Ellen from a serious accident and then he catches a bank robber. His Brother Dave was part of the gang and Dave takes them to Jack's ranch. When Jack arrives he is made a prisoner. The gangleader Rod then kills Dave, ties up Jack, sets the house on fire and flees. Luckily Ellen arrives to free Jack and he heads out after Rod.
Arizona Mahoney (1936) as Stevens
When Sue Bixby becomes his new boss, stagecoach robber Talbot reforms and goes after her rustled cattle. When he and his men are outnumbered fighting Lloyd's gang, Randall rides to get circus man Mahoney and his man shooting cannon.
Texas Jack (1935) as Texas Jack [Carrol]
Wolf Riders (1935) as Jack Jennings
Wildcat Saunders (1935) as "Wildcat" Saunders
Wildcat Saunders, his manager and his handler head out west to train for his next prize fight. They stay at the Lawson ranch where the foreman Hawkins has just robbed the express office. When Wildcat is loaned a pair of boots, he finds the loot hidden inside them. Hawkins eventually realizes one of the three has it and retrieving it, ties the them up and flees with Lawson's daughter as a hostage.
Loser's End (1935) as Jack Fenrod
The Cactus Kid (1934) as Cactus Kid [Jack]
Rawhide Mail (1934) as Jack Reed
Hell-Fire Austin (1932) as Curly, a spy
Dynamite Ranch (1932) as Henchman "Blackie"
Howell breaks up a train robbery only to find that it's a fake. However the money is missing and he is blamed. He escapes and sets out to find the real thieves. He must also avoid being caught visiting the Collins ranch to see Doris.
45 Calibre Echo (1932) as
Kid from Arizona (1931) as
Marshal Jack(Jack Perrin) is sent, undercover, into the bad lands to clean up a gang of Indians who have been terrorizing the local ranchers. Horses belonging to a ranch owner(Henry Roquemore)are stolen and the horse which was supposed to be in an endurance race is maimed. Jack is blamed for both deeds. He acquits himself and wins the race for The Colonel, after disclosing that the supposed band of Indians are a pack of white smugglers led by the ranch foreman(Robert Walker.)
Lariats and Six Shooters (1931) as Jack Saunders
Wild West Whoopee (1931) as
One of the bottom-of-the-barrel, cheap-jack films from Robert J. Horner's Cosmos Produtions, Inc. This one is about 50% filled with archive footage rodeo scenes inserted here and there, but the disjointed rodeo footage has more logic and continuity than the plot; Rodeo rider Jack Perrin captures and tames a wild horse, Starlight, and impresses rodeo girl Josephine Hill, but rodeo villain Fred Church has a yen or something for Miss Hill also, so he cuts a stirrup on Jack's saddle to get rid of him. Jack don't need two stirrups.Church has no lines, probably because Horner forgot to write him any, but he excels at silent simmering and yenning.
Trails of Peril (1930) as Sheriff Johnson
The correct title of this film (on the film, the posters, the lobby cards and the press book) is "Trails of Danger" while "Trails of Peril" was a working title that appeared in a trade publication that was printed before the film was released as "Trails of Danger. " Consequently, some sources think, because "Trails of Peril" appears in a print source as the title, that "Trails of Peril" is the actual title because that title also appears in an often-unreliable catalog, put together by file clerks who copied it from the original trade source. It isn't. Whatever. Anyway, Bob Bartlett (Wally Wales) returns from WWI with little but medals, but is anxious to do something significant before facing his father, U. S. Marshal Bartlett (Joe Rickson. ) Bob saves Mary Martin (Virginia Brown Faire) and her father John Martin (Buck Connors) from an attack by two outlaws, and he later finds a beautiful horse (Starlight, the Wonder Horse) that belongs to a bandit, although he (Bob, not the horse) doesn't know it. The horse doesn't seem to know it either. First rattle out of the box, Bob, now riding Starlight,gets into trouble the next day when the stagecoach arrives, as the horse is identified as the one rode by the leader, Butch Coleman (Frank Ellis), of the bandits who held up the stage. Bob makes his escape, evades the posse led by Sheriff Johnson (Jack Perrin) and sets out to capture Coleman and his gang and win the heart of Mary. He does so, and as he claims the reward and Mary, he is discovered as the son of the Marshal paying the reward.
Jade Box, The (1930)
One of a group of Americans steals the Jade Box, which holds the secret of invisibility; a murderous Oriental cult wants it back and tracks them down.
Beyond the Rio Grande (1930) as Bert Allen
Having quit their old gang and gone straight, Bert Allen (Jack Perrin) and Joe Kemp (Franklyn Farnum) finally own their own ranch after three years, but Joe robs the Riverton bank of the Green River Dam payroll - using Bert's horse, gun and gloves and leaving behind Bert's hat. Bert escapes across the Mexican border and there falls in love with Betty Burke (Charline Burt), while Bill (Jay Wilsey as Buffalo Bill Jr), Al Mooney (Pete Morrison) and Dick (Edmund Cobb) pursue the $5000 reward for Bert and the robbery loot held by Joe. Bert offers to surrender to the sheriff (Henry Roquemore) if the reward money will be spent on surgery for Betty's blind mother (Emma Tansey).
Romance of the West (1930) as Jack Walsh
Ridin' Law (1930) as Jack Rowland
Remade in 1939 by Harry S. Webb as "Riders of the Sage" with Bob Steele, Claire Rochelle and Carleton Young taking the roles played here, with the role names changed, by Jack Perrin, Renee Borden and Jack Mower; Seeking his father's killer in Mexico, Jack Rowland (Jack Perrin) falls into the clutches of Buck Lambert (Yakima Canutt) and his band of smugglers. Carmencita (Renee Borden) and Ricardo (Jack Mower), whom Jack thinks are sweetheats, are with the gang but help Jack escape.They tell him they are undercover agents working for the Mexican government to apprehend the smuggling gang. With Jack's help, their mission is accomplished and Jack discovers Buck to be the killer of his father. He also happily discovers that Ricardo is Carmencita's brother and not her sweetheart.
Overland Bound (1930) as Larry Withers/Jimmy Winters
Trying to trick Ma (Lydia Knott) and Mary Winters (Allene Ray) into selling their rundown ranch, which will be in the path of a future railroad, Underwood (Charles K.French) hires Keno Creager (R.J.Smith) to impersonate Jimmy Winters, not seen by his mother and sister for many years. Lucky Lorimer (Leo Maloney), a horsetrading drifter, and Larry Withers, a waiter (Jack Perrin) in the saloon of Boss Wheeler (William Dyer), discover the plot. Larry reveals he is Jimmy, and they both head for the Winters' ranch. They find Creager already there but Lucky, via a fake murder charge on Jimmy Winters, tricks Creager into denying he is Jimmy.
Phantom of the Desert (1930) as Jack Saunders
Plunging Hoofs (1929) as Parson Jed Campbell
Wild Blood (1929) as Jack Crosby
The Harvest of Hate (1929) as Jack Merritt
Hoofbeats of Vengeance (1929) as Sgt. Jack Gordon
Guardians of the Wild (1928) as Jerry Lane
The Two Outlaws (1928) as Phil Manners/The Lone Rider
The Water Hole (1928) as Ray
Fire and Steel (1927) as Terry O'Farrell
Thunderbolt's Tracks (1927) as Sgt. Larry Donovan
After WW I, two marines visit the family of one of their comrades in New Mexico. Learning that after the family bought a ranch the water supply was cut off, they take up the fight. To settle the matter the Marshal agrees to a boxing match to decide who will get the water rights.
The Open Switch (1926) as Jack Strong
Mistaken Orders (1926) as Tom Lawson
Midnight Faces (1926) as Richard Mason
A Ridin' Gent (1926) as
The Man from Oklahoma (1926) as
Sam Stallings kills and robs Lynn Durant. The Man from Oklahoma arrives and he and Stallings quickly become enemies. The Oklahoman eventually learns who killed Durant and avoiding the trap on his life by Stalling's henchman, sends his dog for the Sheriff while he goes after Stallings.
Dangerous Traffic (1926) as Tom Kennedy
A young newspaper reporter is assigned to investigate mysterious goings-on in a coastal resort town. He discovers the existence of a gang of vicious liquor hijackers. He sets out to expose the ring and help federal agents break it up.
West of the Rainbow's End (1926) as Don Brandon
The Grey Devil (1926) as
Double Fisted (1925) as
Cactus Trails (1925) as
The Knockout Kid (1925) as Jack Lanning
Dangerous Fists (1925) as
Winning a Woman (1925) as
Border Vengeance (1925) as Wes Channing
Desert Madness (1925) as
Silent Sheldon (1925) as Jack Sheldon
Canyon Rustlers (1925) as
Those Who Dance (1924) as Frank Church
Lightnin' Jack (1924) as Lightnin' Jack Hardy
Why Get Married? (1924) as Jack Wainwright
Shootin' Square (1924) as Dan Dawson
Travelin' Fast (1924) as Jack Foster
Crashin' Through (1924) as Jack Lawton
Coyote Fangs (1924) as Jack Burroughs
Ridin' West (1924) as
Golden Silence (1923) as
Mary of the Movies (1923) as Jack, Mary's brother
The Dangerous Little Demon (1922) as Kenneth Graham
The Guttersnipe (1922) as Tom Gilroy
The Trouper (1922) as Herman Jenks
The Torrent (1921) as Lieut. Paul Mack
Partners of the Tide (1921) as Bradley Nickerson
The Rage of Paris (1921) as Gordon Talbut
The Match-Breaker (1921) as Thomas Butler, Jr.
The Adorable Savage (1920) as Templeton
Pink Tights (1920) as Rev. Jonathan Meek
Lahoma (1920) as Will Compton
Toton (1919) as Carew
Blind Husbands (1919) as Honeymooners
An Austrian military officer and roue' attempts to seduce the wife of a surgeon. The two men confront each other in a test of abilities that ends surprisingly.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Fall In (1943) as Stunts
An Army sergeant''''s photographic memory puts him in conflict with a Nazi spy.

Cast (short)

Our Old Car (1946)
In this short film, a man traces his history by the succession of cars his father owned.
Swingtime in the Movies (1938)
In this musical short, a director making a western struggles to find a good lead actress. Vitaphone Release 8960-8961.

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