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Max Perlich


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Finding... The only thing standing between Dr. Lisa Leland (Candice Cameron) and the... more info $11.95was $14.99 Buy Now

Men with Guns ... When 2 small-time hustlers are set-up, humiliated at gunpoint, and brutally... more info $5.95was $6.99 Buy Now

Sometimes They... Two military officers set out to investigate a remote Antarctica based... more info $11.95was $14.98 Buy Now

Also Known As: Died:
Born: March 28, 1968 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Bullet (2014)
Frank "Bullet" Marasco is a tough-talking, no-nonsense cop whose fists are every bit as deadly as his gun. When ruthless mob boss Carlito Kane kidnaps the governor's daughter and Bullet's grandson, the streets of Los Angeles become a very deadly place to be. Gunshots ring out and tires squeal as Bul
Insight (2011)
Kaitlyn, an ER nurse tending to a young stabbing victim, is accidentally electrocuted by the defibrillator used in an effort to save the woman's life. Almost immediately, she starts to experience the victim's memories. Kaitlyn turns to family, friends and the police, but no one takes her seriously.
Ninja Cheerleaders (2008)
April, Courtney and Monica are best friends. Strippers, college students, and martial artists, they have saved up $250,000 to transfer to Ivy League schools. But when their money is stolen and their sensei Hiroshi is kidnapped by the sinister Dr. Ivanov, they use their ninja training to save the day
Darwin Awards (2006)
Michael Burrows, a forensic detective in the S.F.P.D. has become increasingly fascinated by the number of Darwin deaths being reported. Brilliant but overly cautious he is fired from the force for allowing a serial killer to escape in the line of duty. Determined to prove a common theme in these cas
DinoCroc (2004) as Deputy Kerrigan
A town is terrorized by a large and fierce crocodile after the beast is resurrected from the age of dinosaurs.
Grey, The (2003)
A dark Southern tale of a 12-year-old boy who, against the wishes of his mother, is introduced to the world of cock-fighting by his overbearing father.
Missing, The (2003)
Set in 1886 New Mexico, Maggie Gilkeson is a young woman who is raising her two daughters in an isolated and lawless wilderness. When her oldest daughter is kidnapped by a psychopathic killer with mystical powers, Maggie is forced to re-unite with her long estranged father to rescue her. The killer
Deuces Wild (2002) as Freddie
The summer of 1958 forever changed the Brooklyn landscape. Aside from the sweltering summer heat and the loss of their beloved Dodgers, Brooklyn was in a state of unrest. It was a time when rumbles escalated into gunfights and honor was quickly becoming a thing of the past. A new breed of wiseguys t
Desperate But Not Serious (2001) as Todd
Young aspiring writer Lily excidedly heads to Los Angeles after receiving an invitation to attend a wedding with her dream guy. When the invitation is lost, the desperate Lily and her hard-partying pal Frances set out for a wild night of clubs and parties as they search for the wedding reception.
Blow (2001) as Kevin Dulli
Based on the true story of how powder cocaine turned into America's biggest drug problem and how one man from the blue-collar suburbs became the 35 billion-dollar-a-year conduit to the Colombian cartels. George Jung pursued what he thought was the American Dream. Rather than become just another cons
Homicide: The Movie (2000) as James Brodie
Television movie version of the NBC police drama series "Homicide: Life on the Street." When leading mayoral candidate Lieutenant Al Giardello is shot, the detectives reunite to search for the perpetrator.
Stanley's Gig (2000)
A middle-aged musician lands a job at a retirement home as a recreational therapist. There he befriends an old jazz chanteuse who changes his life.
Independent, The (2000) as Ivan
Morty Fineman, a brilliant, egotistical film producer--with more than 400 films to his credit--has a big cash flow problem. With the help of his previously estranged daughter, Paloma, he brokers a deal with an imprisoned serial killer who's willing to sell the rights to his life story--but only if M
Freeway 2 (1999) as Flacco
Named after her mother's favorite drug, Crystal is a career criminal who has spent most of her adolescence robbing "tricks." Awaiting transport to jail to serve a 25-year sentence, she meets Cyclona, a psychotic young lesbian serial killer about to do a life sentence for murder. Ignoring Cyclona's l
House on Haunted Hill (1999) as Schecter
Unspeakable things happened at the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane- experiments that brought human torture to new depths of depravity... secrets that died with their victims and the practioners of the demonic acts that masqueraded as medicine. Now there are no living witnesses. Nothing survived Dr. Vannacutt''s excesses; nothing endures except the building in which they occurred. But that building holds all the secrets of its terrible past. Decades after the Vannacutt Institute was shuttered, five strangers are invited to spend a night there. Their reward is a million dollars each. All they have to do is stay alive. It''s going to be a long night.
Goodbye Lover (1999) as Will
Sandra is a femme fatale obsessed with the songs of The Sound of Music. Behind her saccharine exterior, she is carrying on an affair with her husband''s brother Ben, and likes using handcuffs on him during their trysts. When Ben dies mysteriously, a cynical police detective must investigate a sleazy web of deceit.
Lansky (1999) as Meyer Lansky--Ages 20 To 29
Based on the true story of Meyer Lansky, a young Jewish immigrant who grew up on the streets of New York at the turn of the century and embarked on a life of crime. Graduating from gambling to theft to murder, Lansky partnered with childhood friend Ben "Bugsy" Siegel and earned notoriety that eventu
Sometimes They Come Back...For More (1998)
Military police officers are sent to Antarctica to investigate a series of unexplained murders.
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998) as Assistant Undertaker
An hommage to the so bad they're good epics of Ed Wood, Jr. The Thief is a transvestite who begins by escaping from a mental hospital. He finds money, but manages to lose it again at a funeral attended by a bunch of eccentrics. He devotes himself to tracking them down and murdering them one by one,
Truth Or Consequences, N.m. (1997) as Wayne
Ray and Addy are two working class lovers who dream of a better life together after he is released from prison. When Raymond is released, he turns to drug dealer Eddie Grillo who promised him a job in return for doing time for him. Ray is disgruntled by his poor wages and his lack of a future. Despe
Gummo (1997) as Cole
Some time after a devastating tornado has leveled their town, a group of eclectic, ennui-stricken teenagers in Xenia, Ohio pass their days by riding their bikes, playing practical jokes, sniffing glue and paying for sex with a friend's sister.
Brave, The (1997) as Lou Jr
A poor, unemployed father gives the ultimate gift of love to change the quality of life for his poverty-stricken family - he agrees to star in a "snuff" film in exchange for $50,000.
Men With Guns (1997) as Easy Gary
Eddie and Lucas are two small-time losers who hope to break out by going to a remote farm to collect a debt. But, as luck would have it, the thugs they meet are unwilling to give up the loot. Returning to the farm with guns and a permanently stoned dude named Mamet, an unexpected blood bath occurs f
CITYSCRAPES los angeles (1996) as Mack
Ten intertwined stories follow eighteen young adults over twenty-four hours as they struggle through the unpredictable obstacles of everyday life in Los Angeles.
Grave, The (1996) as Boo
A black comedy parable about two convicts who escape from prison and set their sights on unearthing a mysterious treasure hidden in the grave of a long-dead millionaire.
Feeling Minnesota (1996)
An idiosyncratic, blackly comic tale which explores the tormented relationship between two brothers, Sam and Jjaks, and the young woman, Freddie, who comes between them. The story begins at the drab, unromantic wedding of Freddie and Sam, an embezzling accountant in a strip joint whom Freddie loathes. A tough young blonde who dreams of a better life in Las Vegas, Freddie is conned into marrying Sam as punishment for allegedly stealing from Red, a small time crime boss. Trapped and miserable, Freddie is soon intrigued by the arrival of Jjaks, who reluctantly comes to the wedding at the insistence of his mother, Nora. Just as he knew it would, Jjaks encounter with his estranged family quickly disintegrates into the usual frustrating mess. His connection with the forlorn Freddie, however, is immediate and intense and before he knows what''s hit him, the two are making love in the bathroom. Thus begins a passionate and painful love triangle as Sam and Jjaks go head to head for the girl they love.
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) as Ralph
The Seaver family decides to take their American bulldog Chance, Himalayan cat Sassy, and golden retriever Shadow on a family camping trip to the Canadian Rockies, rather than risk any possibility of them being separated again. But when Chance escapes from his kennel at the San Francisco Internation
Toughguy (1995)
Traumatized by the murder-suicide of her lover and jealous husband, a young woman is treated with skepticism by the authorities when she claims that she's being stalked by a mysterious man.
Georgia (1995) as Axel
Georgia is a self-assured, successful folk rock singer who never cared much about a career on the stage, but achieved one anyway. With her extraordinary voice, she is beloved by her fans, but finds her greatest happiness beyond the stage. Georgia's younger sister, Sadie, is a virtually invincible fo
Maverick (1994) as Johnny Hardin
A Western gambler tries to raise the entry fee for a high-stakes poker game.
Girls in Prison (1994) as (Uncredited) Drummer
A girl wrongly incarcerated for murder is befriended by two other inmates, who protect her from a hit squad sent by the actual murderer.
Shake, Rattle and Rock (1994) as Tony
Two teenagers, one black and one white, start a nightclub to showcase their rock 'n' roll singing talents but are challenged by conservative leaders of the community.
Dead Beat (1994) as Jimmie
Set in Albuquerque circa 1965, an alienated teenager gets involved with a charismatic, off-kilter young man who may or may not have killed a girl. Events come to a dangerous head when the young man falls for a girl even more crazy and volatile than he.
Cliffhanger (1993) as Evan
Gabe Walker is the leader of a mountain rescue team who loses his nerve after witnessing an amateur climber fall to her death. When a group of ingenious fugitives survive a plane crash, and take his ex-girlfriend and his former climbing partner hostage, Walker must overcome his fears and climb the mountain to take on the well-armed gang.
Born Yesterday (1993) as Jj
Pygmalionesque story about a disreputable business tycoon who sends his kept woman to be socially educated by a former journalist.
Liebestraum (1991) as 1st Orderly
A man returns to his hometown and a series of dark secrets are revealed.
Rush (1991) as Walker
Two undercover cops infiltrating a drug ring end up getting caught up in the lifestyle.
Butcher's Wife, The (1991) as Eugene
A butcher living in New York City marries a country girl who is a clairvoyant. When her powers are discovered, they have a profound effect on the people in their neighborhood.
Ulterior Motives (1991) as Mail Boy
A New York Times reporter uncovers a plot against the Japanese.
Genuine Risk (1990) as Chris Wood
A destitute young horse jocky and gambler resorts to debt-collecting for a racketeer.
Horseplayer (1990) as Kid
One man's routine lifestyle is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of an avant-garde artist and his girlfriend.
Lost Angels (1989) as Frankie--Valley Acres Client
Story of a doctor helping troubled teenagers in the inner city of Los Angeles.
Gross Anatomy (1989) as Ethan Cleaver
An intelligent and charming young man tries to breeze through his first year of medical school.
Drugstore Cowboy (1989) as David
Gritty drama, set in the early 1970s, about a band of superstitious, drug-addled misfits who live by their wits and rob drugstores.
Gleaming The Cube (1989) as Yabbo
A teenage skateboarder and a young detective team up to find the murderer of the teen's adopted brother.
Plain Clothes (1988) as Carter
Nick Dunbar, a baby-faced undercover policeman, poses as a high school student after a teacher is murdered. Back in school, Nick is subjected to bullies, crushes, and swings in popularity typical of most teenagers. Making matters worse, his brother is the prime suspect in the murder case. Nick wil
Vibes (1988) as Busboy
At the urging of an eccentric, two mismatched psychics team up for a mysterious mission to find a lost city of gold in Ecuador.
In the Mood (1987) as Teenage Boy--Slappee (Newsreel)
When 15-year-old Sonny Wisecarver has an affair with his older neighbor Francine and then runs off to marry her, a stern judge has the union annulled. Then, when Sonny finds himself before the same judge after getting involved with another woman in her 20s, the publicity from this case makes him the
Can't Buy Me Love (1987) as Lester
Astronomy student Ronald Miller is an outcast at school who daydreams incessantly about Cindy, the most popular girl in school. To win the girl of dreams he offers Cindy his life savings of $1,000 if she will date him for one month to see if true love will blossom.
Allnighter, The (1987) as Benny
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) as Economics Student
A perpetual truant joins his friends for a day of adventure and self-discovery.

Special Thanks (feature film)

Girls in Prison (1994)
A girl wrongly incarcerated for murder is befriended by two other inmates, who protect her from a hit squad sent by the actual murderer.

Cast (special)

Good Life, A (1989) as Older Benjie
A comedy about a disgruntled family man who makes a smoking declaration of independence by taking up his old smoking habit against everyone's wishes.
Imagining America (1989) as ("This Ain'T Bebop")
An anthology of four short films by different directors. Animator Ralph Bakshi's live-action "This Ain't Bebop" is a contemporary narrative about a man's odyssey through the surreal cityscape of downtown Los Angeles as he tries to find the life he has lost. Ed Lachman's "Get Your Kicks on Route 66"

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Curse of Inferno, The (1997) as Harold Cantrell

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Home Fires (1987) as Sam Ash
A miniseries that tells the story of a nuclear family and how it survives despite the modern-day pressures that make it difficult to maintain the conventional family arrangement that become common in America in the post-war era.

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