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Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck

  • Roman Holiday (1953, August 22 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Arabesque (1966, August 26 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Duel in the Sun (1947, August 29 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Guns of Navarone, The (1961, September 13 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Designing Woman (1957, September 16 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Great Sinner, The (1949, September 17 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER


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    • ckrv
    • 2012-08-26


  • Movie Star!

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-27

    Gregory Peck mentored by the great David Selznick worked with many of the great lady stars of Hollywood: Sophia Loren, Greer Garson, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Hayward, Jennifer Jones, in a series of great movies. A Peck movie meant a great movie. The man exhibited total class. A film of Peck's I really like is the Guns of Navarone at Columbia in the 60's. I wish some studio had reunited Peck with one of his great leading ladies in a mature love story, as Audrey Hepburn once said "As We Are Now". In fact that could have been the title of a mature love story with Peck and Hepburn or Peck and Ms. Jones. Gregory Peck was a man of firm beliefs and exhibited class and ethics in all he did. I visited Peck's grave--He was a devout Catholic- at the Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles.

  • Gregory Peck - the legend.

    • Danielle
    • 2010-07-26

    Gregory Peck in my opinion, is the best actor of the 20th century. His succes in the 40's,50's and 60's was just incredable. He was the one who made me a classic movie lover. Keys of the Kingdom was the first film I saw with him in it, and like expression was just ' wow '. Not only because of his charm and good looks but he was the first actor to make me think 'Wow, he can really act.' Every role he was given, he nailed it. He is most deffinatly my favorite actor of all time. He really left his mark on this earth. I am very glad to have heard of him because he really changed my life. Keep on playing more of his movies on TCM :)

  • Gregory Peck

    • Steven King
    • 2010-06-23

    In my opinion, Gregory Peck is one of the most versatile and skillful actors of all time. He is compelling as a cowboy ( The Gunfighter); a magazine columnist ( Gentlmen's Agreement); an Air Force Pilot ( 12 0'Clock High); a lawyer with poor boundaries ( The Paradine Case), and that doesn't even include his landmark roles in 'To Kill a Mockingbird', ' Roman Holiday' and others. Even though he may not be considered a 'method actor', his performances are as 'natural' as those of Brando and DeNiro. He should be considered as one of the top 5 or 6 actors of all time- with Tracy, Brando, Bette Davis, Meryl Streep and James Stewart rounding out my list.

  • Gregory Peck - the best!

    • Annie12
    • 2010-04-02

    Gregory Peck was the most talented, handsomest and nicest actor ever! That's about all I have to say. :)

  • Love this man!

    • Padma
    • 2009-06-22

    I have been in love with Gregory Peck since i was 10 when i saw him in Duel in the Sun and then Spellbound. To me he is leagues apart from any other actor (man, person!) I have even seen, heard of, read about or met. He was not only devastatingly handsome, he was a beautiful person inside and that reflected on the screen in all of his movies. Love him, Love him, Love him!

  • A Great Man Indeed!

    • Madalynn E
    • 2009-02-13

    Gregory Peck was such a wonderful actor. Brave, noble, and devastatingly handsome, Peck had a natural gift for acting. Although he could rarely pass as a villain, he could act in a wide array of roles. Every time I see a movie of his come on, I practically smile all day.

  • A Solid Leading Man

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-09-02

    One of Hollywood's stalwarts of integrity and decency. He played so many such the irritation of some...that he became almost synonymous with the character type. While some would say he became a bit wooden in these interpretations, it's not a bad legacy for posterity....especially considering so many of the indecent screen behaviors portrayed today.

  • "An Evening With Gregory Peck"

    • Marilyn Hankins
    • 2008-08-11

    TCM aired the definitive documentary on Gregory Peck & his wonderful film career in early Aug, 2008. It was produced by his daughter (Cecilia) in 1999 (before his death at age 87 in 2003) when Mr Peck was traveling the country with his one-man retrospective. The documentary sparkles with his film clips & personal stories. Mr Peck encouraged his audience to ask questions, and he provided very detailed & entertaining answers. His audience included "Scout" from the "To Kill A Mockingbird" movie as a grown woman who still called him "Atticus". Hopefully, TCM will repeat this exceptional "Evening With Gregory Peck" in the near future with more on-air promotion.

  • In a class by himself!!!

    • Jackie
    • 2008-08-04

    Who can resist Gregory Peck? This man was not only intelligent, and gergeous, but he was an extraordinary actor. I still get choked up every time I see the ending of Duel in the sun. I have seen so many of his movies and they were great but Duel in the sun was so romantic and so heart breaking that it gets me every time. Even as an old man, he was irresistable. He will be missed but thank goodness we can still enjoy him on film.

  • Spellbound

    • Simoa
    • 2008-06-15

    I have fallen in love with Gregory Peck. He was just a clear cut, classy guy and a damn good actor to boot!! I love him so much. It is such a colossal shame that we lost Gregory; he was a true cinematic force and a real gentleman. Oh, and he was so handsome. Those eyes, that voice, that hair and charisma...I am only 17, but if maybe I had been so blessed to know Gregory personally, I could have fallen in love with him for real. It is also such a shame that classy, talented actors like Gregory are gone and now we're stuck with poor excuses for people like Paris Hilton. I want the old class of Hollywood back. We lost that when we lost Gregory, as well as Audrey, Katharine, Bette, Gene, Humphrey, Jimmy, and Ingrid, and a whole host of others. Keep the Golden Era alive TCM, we love you for it!

  • One of the Best

    • Annie Laurie
    • 2008-05-28

    I had the opportunity to see To Kill A Mockingbird after many years was awe struck by the superb performance by Peck. It is rare when a movie is as good as the novel, but in this case it is. I remember his roles in many fine movies, Gentleman's Agreement and Spellbound both come to mind, but I see him foremost as Atticus. IMHO Peck is one of the top 5 actors of the twentieth century, a giant.

  • One of the great ones

    • Ed Rickard
    • 2008-05-07

    Damm Good Actor

  • Gotta Love Gregory

    • Emily
    • 2008-02-22

    I ADORE Gregory Peck! He was such an amazing actor. I loved him in To Kill a Mockingbird, Duel in the Sun, and one of my faves, Spellbound. He was great in everything! So talented! Oh yeah, another great thing about him was... he was so FREAKIN GORGEOUS! Gotta love him!

  • He's the Best!

    • Sandy
    • 2008-02-18

    He's without a doubt the most incredible actor I've ever seen! I'm just more and more amazed and impressed and awed each and every time I see his movies. He's truly a class act!

  • Supurb!

    • Marcella
    • 2008-01-07

    I'm speechless

  • Amazingly Wonderful!

    • Melanie Beth
    • 2007-08-20

    I have only had two favorite actors in my whole life and I've been watching the classic movies since I was 5-6. After I saw Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, it was Jimmy Stewart, then about five years later I saw Spellbound and I have never changed since. Even if I am only 19, I don't think I will EVER find ANY actor who can top Gregory Peck. An Amazing actor! Such charm and charictor! There is just no other like him! More's the pitty :D

  • Amazing actor...(and hot too!)

    • Alexis
    • 2007-06-15

    I recently discovered Gregory Peck while watching "Spellbound"(he's a bit before my time; I'm only in my 20's), and was amazed. Not only was he devastingly handsome, he was an amazing actor as well. Since watching that movie, I have seen many of his other movies (Man in the GFS, Paradine Case, Duel in the Sun, just to name a few) and love them all as well. I do enjoy many of the actors of today, but none of them seem to have as much class and charm as Gregory Peck.

  • One of the finest movie actors in history

    • Jerome
    • 2007-04-22

    Gregory Peck was one of the finest actors ever to grace the screen. He always seemed to be able to fit into a role regardless of what is was, much like James Stewart or Henry Fonda. He could be intense, funny, or portray the ultimate man of integrity with great skill and make it seem effortless. I still will never understand how he failed to get at least an Oscar nomination for his work in "MacArthur".

  • The actor everyone will remember

    • anna brockman
    • 2006-12-27

    Gregory peck to me is a man that everyone will remember as a incredable actor. I first liked him on To kill a Monkingbird. I notice his voice seemed so powerful and deep.I thought he was a hansome man but what I seen in his movies is that he tries to tell morals in life. But the things I read about him he seemed to be a big risk taker and what he knew he was good at, he done and he accomplished that. Be he will always be remebered from years to come.

  • The celebrated actor

    • Maria
    • 2006-09-03

    Gregory Peck will go down in film history, hands down!!! He, to me, was a honorary actor who always played stalwart characters wonderfuly and,as well, knows how to romantce. His voice is what suprises me the most. And for his appeal, he is just the three words you'll describe to such a respectable and legendary man: tall, dark, and handsome.

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