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Cast (feature film)

Cinematographer Style (2006)
Celebrates the art of motion picture photography, and examines how and why movies look the way they do. With interviews of 110 leading cinematographers around the world, director and cinematographer Jon Fauer explores how his colleagues use technique and technology, art and lighting to tell stories

Cinematography (feature film)

Mom and Dad (2018)
A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids.
Boy, The (2016)
To escape her troubled life in the United States, a young woman moves to England and takes a job as a nanny for the eight-year old son of a wealthy English couple, but the boy turns out to be a life-sized doll.
Apparition, The (2012)
When frightening events start to occur in their home, Kelly and Ben discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally conjured during a university parapsychology experiment. The horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. Their last
Friday the 13th (2009)
Clay searches for his missing sister in the eerie woods of legendary Crystal Lake, where he stumbles on the creaky remains of rotting old cabins behind moss-covered trees. And that's not the only thing lying in wait under the brush. Against the advice of police and cautions from the locals, Clay pur
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)
The iconic monsters from the two film franchises wage a brutal battle in an unsuspecting Colorado town.
Pathfinder (2007)
A Viking child becomes the lone survivor of a shipwreck, after his marauding Norse clan raids a coastal Native American village for slaves. Despite his blonde hair and strange language--and concerns that evil will follow the boy wherever he goes--the ten year-old is adopted by the local Wampanoag In
Captivity (2007)
Top cover girl and fashion model, Jennifer Tree has it all--beauty, fame, money and power. Her face appears on covers of hundreds of magazines. At the top of her game, Jennifer is America's sweetheart. She is loved and adored and sought after. Everyone wants her. But someone out there has been watch
Just My Luck (2006)
Ashley Albright is the luckiest woman in the world, a person to whom all the good things in life have come far too easily. She can pick a lottery ticket at random and hit the jackpot. In New York, the world's busiest city, Ashley never has to wait for a cab. And she has a terrific job as an account
National Treasure (2004) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
Historian and code-breaker Ben Gates has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the creation of the United States. Joining an expedition led by fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe, Gates finds an ice-locked Colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. But when Howe betrays him, Gates has to race to get to the document ahead of his so-called colleague.
Frankenstein (2004)
In this updated version of the classic tale, Dr. Frankenstein and his creature move to modern-day Seattle where they come to the attention of the local police. Eventually, the creature sides with law enforcement against Dr. Frankenstein and his array of genetically compromised freaks.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (2003) as Director Of Photography
A tale of five 20-somethings whose freespirited roadtrip becomes a terrifying descent into madness. When they find themselves isolated in a rural Texas community, they fall into the clutches of a monstrous clan of Texas cannibals and find themselves being whittled away by the chainsaw-wielding Lea
Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991) as Director Of Photography (Documentary/Houston)
Concert film of Madonna's "Blond Ambition" tour, also utilizing interviews with the performer.
Return To Salem's Lot, A (1987) as Director Of Photography
An anthropologist travels to Maine with his son to renovate a house left to him by his aunt. To their surprise, the small town is populated by vampires. The 300yr old vampire community has grown rich from real estate values. Although they drink human blood from time to time, they have primarily turned to cattle blood for sustenance since human blood has become unsafe, what with alcohol, drugs, hepatitis, and "that AIDS virus."
Deadly Illusion (1987) as Director Of Photography
It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987) as Director Of Photography
All of the mutant babies have been placed on a single island to live or die. The man responsible for their creation mounts an expedition to find and liberate them.
Amazon Women On The Moon (1987) as Director Of Photography
An astonishing number of cameos pepper this spoof targeting a local TV station''s airing of ''50s sci-fi B-movie, complete with film scratches, take-offs of TV commercials, and spots for upcoming TV series.
Hiding Out (1987) as Director Of Photography
After a 29-year-old bond trader testifies against a mob boss in court, his life is in danger. In order to hide from the mob, he conceals his identity and manages to pass as a 17-year-old student. He finds that life as a teenager has changed since he attended high school, but is adjusting well...until the gangsters see through his disguise and come to the school to kill him.
Invaders From Mars (1986) as Director Of Photography
Zapped! (1982) as Director Of Photography
Barney Springboro is a high school science nerd. When he learns to control objects with his mind, Barney uses his new powers to break the buttons on a busty cheerleader''s sweater, win a baseball game and get even with his overly-strict parents.
Full Moon High (1981) as Director Of Photography
A teen becomes a werewolf after a family vacation in Transylvania.
Rust Never Sleeps (1979) as Cinematographer
A concert film shot on Neil Young's 1978 U.S. tour. divided into two segments, acoustic and electric, the film is Young at his best, shown just why the grunge generation holds him in such high esteem, and that not all 60's heros were burnt out by the mid-70's.
Adult Fairy Tales (1978) as Director Of Photography
Secret Life of Plants, The (1977) as Cinematographer
Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The (1974) as Director Of Photography
En route to visit their grandfather's grave (which has apparently been ritualistically desecrated), five teenagers drive past a slaughterhouse, pick up (and quickly drop) a sinister hitch-hiker, eat some delicious home-cured meat at a roadside gas station, before ending up at the old family home... where they're plunged into a never-ending nightmare as they meet a family of cannibals who more than make up in power tools what they lack in social skills...

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Q (1982) as Additional Photography
A tongue-in-cheek story of a flying Aztec god-beast who makes his home atop New York's Chrysler Building.
She Came to the Valley (1979) as Photography
At the suggestion of a man named Bill, Willy, Pat, and their two young daughters move to the new town of Mission near the Rio Grande river. The wife, Willy, follows her dream and opens a store there. One night, Pancho Villa and his men ride in and loot the town. After her husband dies, Willy finds h
Fifth Floor, The (1979) as Photography
A young woman collapses on the disco dance floor of what's revealed to be strychnine poisoning. Assuming that this is an attempt at suicide, her boyfriend and doctor have her committed to the Fifth Floor, an asylum with obviously crazy inmates and a predatory orderly. The problem is, she's still sane!
It Lives Again (1978) as Additional Photography
An epidemic of mutant monster babies sweeps America.
Stunts (1977) as Additional Photography
Glen Wilson is a successful stuntman in the movies, as is his brother. When his brother is killed on a movie set in San Luis Obispo, Glen convinces the reluctant producer of the film to let him replace his brother on the project so that he can investigate. Glen is asked to perform a number of danger

Cinematography (special)

Shania Twain: Come on Over (1999) as Director Of Photography
Country music artist Shania Twain in concert from Texas Stadium in Dallas.
Mariah Around the World (1998) as Director Of Photography (New York)
Performance footage of Mariah Carey on tour.
When You Believe: Music From "The Prince of Egypt" (1998) as Director Of Photography (Mariah Carey Segments)
Music artists perform songs inspired by the DreamWorks animated feature "The Prince of Egypt."
Mariah Carey: Daydream From New York to Tokyo (1995) as Director Of Photography
Concert performance by pop/soul singer Mariah Carey.
Bonnie Raitt: Road Tested (1995) as Director Of Photography
Bonnie Raitt performs some of her most popular material along with a number of new songs previously unrecorded in this concert from the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California.
Reba! (1994) as Director Of Photography
A special featuring country music star Reba McEntire during her 1994 multi-city tour.
Mariah Carey (1993) as Camera Operator
A special featuring Mariah Carey in concert. Also features glimpses into Carey's personal life and includes interviews with her family, friends and collaborators, as well as footage shot at her country home.
Rolling Stone '93: The Year in Review (1993) as Additional Cinematography
A special focusing on the past year in entertainment as seen on the pages of "Rolling Stone" magazine.
Day in the Life of Country Music, A (1993) as Director Of Photography (Dallas)
A special in which country music performers in 40 locations were filmed on a single day.
Mariah Carey (1993) as Director Of Photography
A special featuring Mariah Carey in concert. Also features glimpses into Carey's personal life and includes interviews with her family, friends and collaborators, as well as footage shot at her country home.
Paul Reiser: 3 1/2 Blocks From Home (1991) as Director Of Photography
A comedy special starring Paul Reiser, taped at the Palladium in New York City.
Disney's Totally Minnie (1988) as Director Of Photography
A special that intergrates live-action with animation, featuring Minnie Mouse as a liberated woman of the '80s. Included is an exclusive music video with Minnie and pop star Elton John.
Population (1986) as Cinematographer
Jump! (1985) as Director Of Photography
A revised version of the 1984 pilot of the same title. The program, set in the Jump Studios, spotlights eight dancers as they perform in video-style vignettes that sketch the moods of the songs they perform.

Editing (special)

Phil Collins: No Jacket Required--Sold Out (1985) as Editor
Grammy winner Phil Collins performs in concert on his sellout 1985 USA tour. Filmed in May, 1985, at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas, the one-hour show features songs from the vocalist/musician/songwriter's album, "No Jacket Required."

Film Production - Main (special)

Cyndi Lauper in Paris (1987) as Photography
In her first full-length TV concert, pop-music star Cyndi Lauper performs some of her biggest hits onstage at Paris' Le Zenith theatre during the final stop of her 1987 world tour.

Misc. Crew (special)

Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special (1999) as Lighting Consultant
Mariah Carey and guests perform a concert for the students of Oldfield Middle School and Harborfield High School, her alma maters.

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