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Also Known As: Died: February 25, 2017
Born: May 17, 1955 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Fort Worth, Texas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Greatest Game Ever Played, The (2005) as Director
Francis Ouimet was a working-class immigrant kid who--flanked by a 10-year-old caddie smaller than his golf bag--started with nothing and came out of nowhere to break down the barriers and become America's first golf hero nearly a century before Tiger Woods. In a world where it was believed only the
Frailty (2002) as Director
A tale which follows an FBI investigation in present day Texas. Fenton Meiks, a young man, approaches the lead FBI investigator, claiming he knows the identity of a serial killer who calls himself "God's Hands." The FBI agent is curious, but unimpressed until Fenton reveals that the killer is his yo

Cast (feature film)

Mean Dreams (2017)
The daughter of a corrupt cop steals drug money from him and goes on the run.
Circle, The (2017)
When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries
Term Life (2016)
A man hunted by the mob must survive for three weeks in order for a new life insurance policy to benefit his estranged daughter.
Pixies (2015)
Joe Beck has lost the love of his life thanks to a curse from the King of the Pixies. Now he needs to get his girl back and break the curse.
Dawn Patrol (2015)
When a surfer attempts to avenge his brother's murder, he accidentally kills the wrong man. Then he joins the Marines to escape this part of his past, but finds that he has to face it at gunpoint in a distant desert, where he must survive a captor bent on revenge.
Strange but True (2014)
A young woman, five years after the death of her boyfriend, tells his parents she is pregnant with his baby.
Million Dollar Arm, The (2014)
In a last ditch effort to save his career as a sports agent, JB Bernstein concocts a scheme to find baseball's next great pitching ace. Hoping to find a young cricket pitcher he can turn into a major league baseball star, JB travels to India to produce a reality show competition called "Million Doll
Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
In a near future, an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. Major William Cage is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now fi
Red Wing (2013)
Colony, The (2013)
Two Guns (2013)
Haywire (2012)
Black Ops soldier Mallory Kane, finds herself double-crossed and on the run. Now on her own, she tries to get home while meting out revenge on those who betrayed her.
Good Life, The (2007)
A young man tries to pursue his dreams in a football obsessed town in Nebraska.
Thunderbirds (2004) as Jeff Tracy
In a family of heroes, Alan Tracy was always being left out. While his father, billionaire and former astronaut Jeff Tracy and his four elder brothers are busy saving the world, Alan's biggest challenge is saving his grade point average at boarding school. And what's worse, he can't even tell his sc
Broken Lizard's Club Dread (2004) as Coconut Pete
Broken Lizard is surrounded by limber, wanton women on a booze-soaked island resort owned by Coconut Pete, a rock star has-been. But the non-stop party takes a turn for the weird when dead bodies start turning up. Everyone begins to look suspicious. Could it be Sam, of the Fun Police brigade, who is
Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003) as Dinky Winks
Under-age agents Juni and Carmen Cortez set out on their most mind-blowing mission yet: journeying inside the virtual reality world of a 3-D video game designed to outsmart them, as the awe-inspiring graphics and creatures of gaming come to real life. Relying on humor, gadgetry, bravery, family bonds and lightning-quick reflexes, the Spy Kids must battle through tougher and tougher levels of the game, facing challenges that include racing against road warriors and surfing on boiling lava, in order to save the world from a power hungry villain.
Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) as Himself (Observer)
Director James Cameron journeys back to the site of his greatest inspiration--the legendary wreck of the Titanic. With a team of the world's foremost historic and marine experts and friend Bill Paxton, he embarks on an unscripted adventure back to the final grave where nearly 1,500 souls lost their
Frailty (2002) as Dad
A tale which follows an FBI investigation in present day Texas. Fenton Meiks, a young man, approaches the lead FBI investigator, claiming he knows the identity of a serial killer who calls himself "God's Hands." The FBI agent is curious, but unimpressed until Fenton reveals that the killer is his yo
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002) as Dinky Winks
Exploring their further adventures, Carmen and Juni Cortez have joined the family spy business as Level 2 OSS agents. Their new mission is to save the world from a mad scientist living on a volcanic island populated by an imaginative menagerie of creatures. On this bizarre island, none of the Cortez's gadgets work and they must rely on their wits and each other to survive and save the day.
U-571 (2000) as Captain Dahlgren
April 1942: Hitler's U-Boats are wreaking havoc in the Atlantic and destroying Allied shipping up and down the United States' East coast. Unable to crack the U-Boat radio codes, the U.S. struggles blindly against the German onslaught -- that is until the crew aboard the S-33, a vintage World War I submarine, is assigned a dangerous mission that, if successful, will have the power to turn the tide of battle permanently. Led by Commander Mike Dahlgren and Lt. Andrew Tyler, the S-33 crew is ordered to capture Enigma, the German's top-secret coding device. To bait the Germans, the S-33 is rigged to resemble a stranded Nazi U-Boat. If all goes according to plan, the crew will take the Germans as prisoners and steal Enigma if the plan fails, nine U.S. soldiers will be trapped in a submarine in the middle of hostile, enemy waters with little or no chance of survival.
Vertical Limit (2000) as Elliot Vaughn
Photographer Peter Garrett, an ex-mountain climber who retired from the sport after his father was killed in a climbing accident, finds himself in a challenging position when his sister and her entrepreneurial-minded partner Elliot become trapped in a in a vertical cave atop the perilous K2, the world''s second highest mountain. Can Peter find the strength to overcome his emotional blockage to climbing, and if so, does he still have what it takes to scale the mighty mountain to save his sister and her summit crew?
Bright Shining Lie, A (1998) as Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Vann
Based on Neil Sheehan''s Pulitzer Prixe-winning book, which tells the true story of John Paul Vann, one of the first U.S. senior military advisers sent to Vietnam. Initially determined to defeat the Communists, Vann soon realized that the way in which the war was being fought made victory impossible. He saw that the U.S. government was supporting a corrupt regime in South Vietnam, which had no intention of carrying out the reforms they espoused. Vann shared this information, becoming a major source for American journalists critical of the war. After he returned home in 1964, Vann became bored with domestic life and returned to Vietnam in 1965 as a civilian to help the war''s victims. Following Richard Nixon''s election as president, Vann was appointed a civilian general, the first in history, for his efforts. While serving in this capacity, Vann was killed in a helicopter crash in 1972.
Simple Plan, A (1998) as Hank
Hank Mitchell has an apparently perfect small-town life, complete with steady job and a pregnant wife. The only cloud on his horizon is his half-witted brother Jacob and his redneck pal, who clearly resent him. The three of them stumble by chance on a crashed plane containing a charred body and $4 million in a bag. They decide to keep the money -- it is a victimless theft after all -- but the simple plan begins to unravel. The police become suspicious, Jacob talks too much, and events soon spiral out of control.
Mighty Joe Young (1998) as Gregg O'Hara
To most people, Joe is a myth and a legend; a huge gorilla, a sacred guardian and defender of the natives of a small African village. To his only friend Jill, he is a protector and companion. Together they are the only family each has had since their respective mothers were killed by poachers 20 years ago. Now, when zoologist Gregg O''Hara, who is exploring the remote Pangani Mountains in Central Africa, comes upon the awesome 15-foot gorilla, he and Jill rescue the strong yet innocent creature from human predators by moving him into safety of a California animal conservancy. However, Joe is not safe for long. His notoriety makes him a target for an enemy from his past... a ruthless hunter who eager to steal Joe for his unique value on the endengered species black market. Feeling threatened and confused in his man-made confines, Joe finally escapes. As this powerful force of nature attempts to traverse the metropolis of Los Angeles, he leaves a trail of destruction and chaos in his wake.
Traveller (1997) as Bokky
On the highways and backwoods of the rural south, a coterie of Irish grifters live in a world distinctly and exclusively their own. Moving from town to town, the Travellers make their living through the family business, conning and scamming nearly everyone whose path they cross. Into this world vent
Titanic (1997) as Brock Lovett
Lovers from opposite sides of the tracks find their love tested during the maiden voyage of the doomed ocean liner.
Evening Star, The (1996) as Jerry Bruckner
After her daughter Emma's death, Aurora Greenway raised her grandchildren in her devoted, but overbearing way. The results are mixed and she knows it. Still plugging away at thankless parenting, she battles with 18-year-old Melanie and prods the older brothers Tommy and Teddy, but they all regard he
Twister (1996) as Bill
The largest storm to hit Oklahoma in more than half a century is brewing, and it promises to drop multiple twisters into Tornado Alley. It''s the storm that two rival groups of scientists--Jo Harding and her band of brash university students, and corporate-sponsored Dr. Jonas Miller and his sleek, crack cadre with their state-of-the-art research vans--have been waiting for to earn their place in meteorological history. Each team wants to be the first to launch their own equipment pack inside a twister to transmit valuable scientific data about tornado behavior. But to do so, they must put themselves directly in the path of the marauding monster--and stay always just ahead of the swirling twister, anticipating its every move. Adding to the charged atmosphere, Jo''s soon-to-be-ex-husband, meteorologist Bill Harding, reluctantly joins Jo and his old crew for this last, epic chase.
Apollo 13 (1995) as Fred W Haise
When an explosion jeopardizes a moon mission, NASA scientists fight to bring the crew home safely.
Last Supper, The (1995) as Guest--Zack
Five liberal Iowa graduate students want to make a difference in the world. But when they're put to the test, like most liberals, they are really a whole lot of talk and very little action. Until one stormy night. An unexpected encounter launches the group into a lively series of weekly dinner parti
Frank and Jesse (1995) as Frank James
Story of outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James in post-Civil War Missouri and Kansas.
Future Shock (1994) as The Roommate
A deranged psychiatrist applies virtual reality technology to probe the minds of three unsuspecting patients.
True Lies (1994) as Simon
Marital problems plague an international spy who works for Omega Sector, a top-secret government agency charged with the intervention of nuclear terrorism.
Boxing Helena (1993) as Ray O'Malley
A psycho-thriller about a successful doctor and his obsessive love for one woman, which leads him to do the unimaginable: kidnap her after an accident and amputate her limbs.
Monolith (1993) as Tucker
An ancient, all-consuming power beyond imagination sleeps in the shadows beneath a top secret government installation... and waits.
Indian Summer (1993) as Jack Belston
Story about a final reunion between a group of friends prior to the closing of their old summer camp.
Tombstone (1993) as Morgan Earp
A retired lawman straps on his guns one more time to fight a vicious outlaw band.
Trespass (1992) as Vince
Two Arkansas firemen discover a dying man''s secret--a fortune in gold could still lie buried some 50 years after its theft. Greed drives them to pursue the treasure, but they quickly become entangled with a local crime ring.
Vagrant, The (1992) as Graham Krakowski
A business executive buys a run-down house near what appears to be an urban wasteland and is soon troubled by the presence of a menacing, hideous-looking vagrant.
One False Move (1991) as Dale "Hurricane" Dixon
Prison buddies Ray and Pluto, and Ray's girlfriend Fantasia--all from L.A., committ a series of executions in Los Angeles before heading east to unload a cache of stolen cocaine--only only to be apprehended by a gung-ho sheriff in Louisiana.
Dark Backward, The (1991) as Gus
A struggling comedian gains notoriety when a third arm grows out of his back.
Predator 2 (1990) as Jerry Lambert
Set in Los Angeles in the year 1997, when the streets are ruled by Jamaican and Colombian drug dealers. A federal agent assists the LAPD in their investigation of the mysterious deaths of scores of drug dealers.
Last of the Finest, The (1990) as Howard "Hojo" Jones
A group of Los Angeles detectives discover an illegal drugs-for-guns operation involving the military.
Navy Seals (1990) as Dane
While rescuing a naval helicopter crew, being held captive in a Middle Eastern seaport, an elite United States military commando team discovers a secret cache of American-made nuclear missiles, yet inadvertently releases the terrorist leader who plans to unleash them on an unsuspecting world.
Brain Dead (1990) as Jim Reston
A brain surgeon catches on to the ominous plans of a megaconglomerate after he is forced to operate on a renowned physicist.
Back to Back (1989)
Two brothers attempt to clear their father's name.
Next of Kin (1989) as Gerald Gates
A southern boy goes to Chicago where he becomes a cop and finds himself in the middle of a plot involving a vengeance-seeking Appalachian relative.
Slipstream (1989) as Matt Owens
A futuristic film which takes place after disasters have irrevocably changed and destroyed the world.
Pass the Ammo (1988) as Jesse
Roommate, The (1988)
When a young man advertises for a roomate he gets much more than he bargained for.
Near Dark (1987) as Severen
A young man reluctantly joins a travelling family of evil vampires, when the girl he''''d tried to seduce is part of that group.
Aliens (1986) as Private Hudson
Space marines mount a mission to rescue a colony invaded by deadly creatures.
Weird Science (1985) as Chet
A pair of nerdy high-schoolers, outcasts to everyone, take to their computer and magically bring to life a stunningly beautiful woman whose devotion to them--and not to mention her special powers--make them the most desired kids on the block.
Commando (1985) as Intercept Officer
A retired special agent is forced out of retirement when his daughter is kidnapped by a band of thugs intent on revenge.
Early Frost, An (1985) as Bob Maracek
A successful young lawyer, Michael Pierson, is tired and reticent when he returns home to celebrate his parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary. He is later diagnosed as having AIDS, and afterwards breaks the shocking news to his family that he has the disease -- and that he is homosexual. The televi
Impulse (1984) as Eddie
A young woman returns to her rural hometown, only to discover that the entire community is caught in a mysterious epidemic of irrational behavior.
The Terminator (1984) as Punk Leader
A deadly robot from the future travels back in time to kill a woman whose son will one day defeat its masters.
Streets Of Fire (1984) as Clyde
A stylish, futuristic fable set to an exciting rock music beat. When rock diva Ellen Aim is abducted by the Bombers, a ruthless motorcycle gang, her manager offers her ex-boyfriend Tom Cody $10,000 to find and rescue the singer. Cody teams up with McCoy, a tough female ex-soldier, who together attack the Bombers'' stronghold, freeing Ellen from the bikers and destroying their lair. Tom and Ellen now find themselves on the run from the Bombers in the film''s eccentric futureworld.
Lords of Discipline, The (1983) as Gilbreath
Will McLean, is a senior student at the South Carolina Military school in the 60''s. When the schools first black student arrives, McLean is confidentially assigned to make sure that the newcomer''s initiation doesn''t get out of control, which it does. Soon it begins to seem like someone is trying to kill his new charge. McLean investigates the matter and uncovers an elusive group of sadistic students who will do whatever they have to do to control their school.
Deadly Lessons (1983) as Eddie Fox
An exclusive prep school for girls is terrorized by a crazed killer, who is systematically murdering the students one by one.
Mortuary (1983) as Paul Andrews
The Ballad Of Gregorio Cortez (1982) as Barfly In Cafe
A translation error causes tragedy for a Mexican-American family.
Stripes (1981) as Soldier
Two perpetual foul-ups join the Army and re-make the military in their own image.

Producer (feature film)

Parkland (2013)
Good Life, The (2007)
A young man tries to pursue his dreams in a football obsessed town in Nebraska.
Traveller (1997) as Producer
On the highways and backwoods of the rural south, a coterie of Irish grifters live in a world distinctly and exclusively their own. Moving from town to town, the Travellers make their living through the family business, conning and scamming nearly everyone whose path they cross. Into this world vent

Art Department (feature film)

Death Game (1988) as Set Decorator
A businessman whose family is away on his birthday picks up two young girls. He takes them to his house, where they seduce him. Afterwards, however, they tie him up, torture him, trash his house, and then kill a delivery boy.

Cast (special)

16th Annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards (2001) as Presenter
Coverage of the 16th annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards presentation.
Kurt Russell: Hollywood's Heavy Hitter (1999) as Interviewee
Biography of actor Kurt Russell.
75 Years of Laughter (1998) as Interviewee
Documentary focusing on Warner Bros. classic comedies, including interviews and clips from many of its films.
Tom Hanks: Hollywood's Golden Boy (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actor Tom Hanks.
22nd Annual People's Choice Awards, The (1996) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 22nd annual People's Choice Awards, honoring entertainers in the fields of television, motion pictures and music, as determined by a special Gallup Poll.
21st Annual People's Choice Awards, The (1995) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 21st Annual People's Choice Awards, honoring entertainers in the fields of television, motion pictures and music, as determined by a special Gallup Poll.
Day With, A (1995)
Special spending a day with director Ron Howard as he puts the finishing touches on the upcoming feature, "Apollo 13"; model Elle Macpherson as she prepares for the British equivalent of the Academy Awards; actor Matthew Perry as he pals around with friends in Los Angeles; and basketball star Dennis
Making of Apollo 13, The (1995)
Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 1995 feature film "Apollo 13."
Making of True Lies, The (1994)
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 1994 film, "True Lies," as well as a retrospective on the films of action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger and director James Cameron.
People Who Live in Brass Hearses (1993)
An episode of "Tales From the Crypt," the anthology series. Aiming for riches and revenge, a man plots to rob an ice cream warehouse and persecute the man who put him behind bars.
Great Day (1983) as Rudy
The story of Howard Simpson, a family man and homeowner who is plagued by life's seemingly endless misadventures. In the pilot, Howard fruitlessly attempts to protect his home from a persistent burglar.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Atlanta Child Murders, The (1985) as Campbell
A network cause-celebre on its initial showing because of presumed "liberties" taken with the facts, this five-hour, two-part docudrama was based on the highly charged Wayne Williams case in Atlanta, Georgia -- he was a self-styled black music promoter who was convicted in 1982 of the murder of two

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Fresno (1986) as Billy Joe Bobb
An ambitious (though failed) television experiment -- a comedy miniseries parody of primetime soap operas, which many maintain are themselves parodies to begin with, this six-hour tale of "love, hate and sour grapes" (as it was humorously promoted) in the raisin industry set in the gloss and glitter

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