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Cast (feature film)

Griffin and Phoenix (1976) as Professor
Two lonely people, both terminally ill, have a short-lived love affair, sharing a series of adventures in which they live out their childhood dreams. This film was called "Today Is Forever" for its theatrical showings overseas. Richard C. Glouner won an Emmy Award nomination for his cinematography.
Dead Don't Die, The (1975) as Undertaker
This supernatural period piece set in the mid-1930s has a sailor becoming drawn into the netherworld while trying to prove that his brother was wrongly executed for murder.
Cat Creature, The (1973) as Deputy Coroner
In this chiller, a valentine to the fondly remembered horror B-movie, the theft of an amulet from the mummy of an Egyptian priestess sets off a reign of terror that involves an archeology professor, a mysterious shopkeeper, a pretty salesgirl and an Asian thief.
The Haunted Palace (1963) as Jabez Hutchinson
After inheriting a decaying estate, a man discovers his family's deadly secret.
The Music Man (1962) as Farmer
A con artist hawks musical instruments and band uniforms to small-town America.
The Silent Call (1961) as Mohammed
A dog searches for the family that was forced to leave him behind.
The Two Little Bears (1961) as Psychiatrist
Harry Davis, principal of the Burberry Elementary School, is concerned because his two little boys wish they were bears. One day, the two boys meet an old gypsy who tells them to use a magic cream and teaches them a spell to turn themselves into bears. When they find their sister's strange freckle cream, they do become bears. Unfortunately, when they turn back into boys, no one will believe their story.
The Monster that Challenged the World (1957) as Mr. Dobbs
An earthquake unleashes a horde of giant prehistoric monsters.
The Girl Can't Help It (1956) as Broadcasting manager
A gangster sets out to turn his girlfriend into a rock star.
Diane (1956) as Suitor
A beautiful woman serving as adviser to the King of France falls for his son.
The King's Thief (1955) as Adam Urich
A highwayman uncovers a plot to assassinate King Charles II.
How To Be Very, Very Popular (1955) as Mr. X, the bald barber
Song-and-dance girls Curly and Stormy Tornado hide out with the guys at Bristol College when they know they can identify the killer of a fellow performer at their San Francisco cabaret. But they rather stand out in their stage costumes and soon all sorts of trouble is heading their way. The fact that Curly has been hypnotised doesn't help.
Rogue Cop (1954) as Tucker
A police detective on the take tries to catch his brother''''s killer.
Last of the Comanches (1953) as Prophet Satterlee
The only survivors of an Indian raid fight to reach safety at a distant fort.
Somebody Loves Me (1952) as Doctor
Dancing in the Dark (1950) as Crossman's butler
Conceited film star Emery Slade was on top in 1932; in 1949, he's broke and still insufferable. Fox producer Crossman enlists Slade's aid to persuade broadway star Rosalie Brooks to star in the film "Bandwagon." But when Slade meets Julie Clarke, his assistant's onetime girlfriend, he decides she, not Rosalie, should get the part. No one can fathom his motives for this apparently selfless act, but there are a few tricks in the old fox yet...and he'll need them all.
The Capture (1950) as Thin man
The Jackpot (1950) as Piano player
Bill Lawrence wins a slew of prizes on a radio quiz program. His happiness is short-lived when he discovers he'll have to sell the prizes in order to pay the taxes on them.
White Heat (1949) as Willie Rolf
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
Outcasts of the Trail (1949) as Elias Dunkenscold
Lavinia White (Jeff Donnell) and her young brother Chad (Tommy Ivo) are shunned by the townspeople of Twin Wells because their father Tom (John Gallaudet) is serving the last part of a long prison sentence for robbing the Rysen Company of $100,000. Their only friends are Doc Meadowlark (Paul Hurst) and Pat Garrett (Monte Hale), who is employed by the Rysen Transportation Company. When released, Tom is determined to return the money to its rightful owners over the objections of Jim Judd (Roy Barcroft.) Judd threatens harm to Chad and forces Lavinia to aid him, under the same threat against Chad, in the stick-up of the stage in which Tom is returning to Twin Wells with the money. Pat arrives and Judd and the girl escape without the money. The money is returned and Tom prepares to settle down and make amends for the past. Judd conspires with Elias Dunkenscold (Milt Parsons), the Rysen office manager, to steal the money and frame it on Tom. In a chase, Sheriff Wilson (Steve Darrell) is shot but swears Pat in as a deputy before he dies. He has to jail Tom and Lavinia has to keep quiet as the outlaws have kidnapped Chad.
The Judge Steps Out (1949) as Supreme Court justice
A judge flees the pressures of professional and family life for a job as a short-order cook.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) as Tony
A vaudeville clown neglects his family while fighting for stardom.
Big Jack (1949) as Schoolmaster Merritt
A pair of thieves swindle their way through the gay ''''90s.
The Senator Was Indiscreet (1948) as "You Know Who"
Dim-witted blowhard, Melvin G. Ashton, is a US Senator who wants to be President. He hires Lew Gibson, a talented PR man who gets Ashton in newsreels and on the front page, never thinking he'll win. But Ashton has a secret weapon: a diary documenting every shady deal his party's made for 35 years. With the diary, he blackmails the party leaders to support his candidacy, and he's on his way to the nomination. An unseen political enemy is after the diary, using the young and lovely Valerie Shepherd to get into the Senator's room, and Lew's fiancée, reporter Poppy McNaughton thinks she can get her hands on it, too, and stop Ashton. Will the otherwise unemployable dope become President?
The Walls of Jericho (1948) as Joe
After County Attorney Dave Connors (Cornel Wilde) helps Julian Norman (Anne Baxter) with her shiftless father, Jefferson Norman (Henry Hull), she leaves Jericho, Kansas to college to study for a law degree.A few years later, Algeria Wedge (Linda Darnell), the new bride of Dave's best friend, Tucker Wedge (Kirk Douglas), makes overtures and plays for Dave, much to the displeasure of Dave's hard-drinking wife Belle (Ann Dvorak.) Angered by Dave's rebuffs, Algeria induces the state political boss to back Tucker for a Congress race against Dave. Meanwhile, Julia has returned to Jericho, with her law degree, and she and Dave fall in love. But when Dave announces he won't run for Congress, she feels she is the reason and she takes a job in Kansas City. Tucker wins the election and he and Algeria go to Washington. Later, Tucker announces a run for the Senate and Dave decides to run against him. When Marjorie Ransome (Coleen Townsend) kills a drunk in self-defense, Julia returns to Jericho to work with Dave, now in private practice,on Marjorie's defense. The still-resentful Algeria moves to kill Dave's senate bid when Tucker's newspaper announces that Dave is being sued for divorce, with Julia named as correspondent.
Shanghai Chest (1948) as Mr. Grail
Vic Armstrong arrives at his Uncle Judge Armstrong's home just in time to answer the telephone. Unknown to him, his uncle has just been murdered and the culprit is right there in the room with him! Phyllis Powers, on the other end of the line, recognizes Vic's voice, but just then Vic is knocked unconscious by the murderer. When he awakens, he (for reasons known only to movie mystery writers) pulls the knife out of his uncle's back, thus putting his fingerprints all over it, and just in time for the police, having been called by a worried Phyllis, to discover him standing over the body. Well, we know he didn't do it, but the police don't agree. Can Charlie Chan recognize the boy's innocence, and find the real murderer before Vic is sent into durance vile, or even worse?
The Cobra Strikes (1948) as Mortician
Smart Woman (1948) as Conrad
A crusading DA falls for a defense attorney with a criminal past.
Calcutta (1947) as Desk clerk
Neale and Pedro fly cargo between Chungking and Calcutta. When their buddy Bill is murdered they investigate. Neale meets Bill's fiancée Virginia and becomes suspicious of a deeper plot while also falling for her charms.
Blaze of Noon (1947) as Hotel clerk
In the 1920s, the four McDonald brothers leave the uncertain life of carnival stunt fliers for steady jobs with the U.S. Air Mail. They've agreed that "guys like us don't have a right to get married," but that's before Colin meets nurse Lucille Stewart and, in a whirlwind courtship, weds her. Can this marriage, or indeed any of the brothers, survive the dangers of their new profession?
That Hagen Girl (1947) as Station agent
A small-town teenager thinks a lawyer is her illegitimate dad.
They Won't Believe Me (1947) as Court clerk
A faithless husband is charged with a murder he didn't commit.
The Mighty McGurk (1947) as Man at funeral parlor
A punch-drunk prizefighter living on the Bowery takes in an orphaned boy.
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now? (1947) as Mr. Fennabeck
A biopic of the career of Joe Howard (12 Feb.,1878 - 19 May, 1961), famous songwriter of the early 20th Century. Howard wrote the title song, Goodbye, My Lady Love; and Hello, My Baby among many others. Mark Stevens was dubbed by Buddy Clark, well known singer of the 30's and 40's
The Crimson Key (1947) as Dr. Huntley G. Harlow
Larry Morgan (Kent Taylor), a private detective, is hired by a woman who wants Larry to trail her husband. The husband is murdered and, shortly afterwards, the wife is also killed. Larry shuffles through a long list of suspects before revealing the killer...
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) as Butler [Tyler]
An accountant dreams of being a hero but finds it''s not so easy in real life.
Bury Me Dead (1947) as Waters
Barbara Carlin (June Lockhart) attends her own funeral and returns home suspecting that her husband,Rod Carlin (Mark Daniels), had tried to do away with her, and is also (rightfully) curious as to just who was the woman buried under her name. She learns that the victim was glamour girl Helen Lawrence (Sonia Darren), with whom her husband had been having an affair. Complications come from her sister Rusty (Cathy O'Donnell), who, it turns out, is not her real sister and also doesn't like her a whole lot, and from a dim-witted prize fighter,George Mandley (Greg McClure). The family attorney, Michael Dunn (Hugh Beaumont), stands around and provides little in the way of help or reason for being there, until...
The Gas House Kids "in Hollywood" (1947) as Gately Crawford
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947) as Dr. A. Tomic
Dick Tracy tracks down a bank robber using nerve gas.
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946) as Higby
A police detective uses his girlfriend to track down a homicidal maniac.
Rolling Home (1946) as Joe Lane
Old time rodeo performer Raymond Hatton and his grandson, (Buzz Henry as Robert Dee 'Buzzy" Henry) arrive in a small town with an injured horse, and local minister Russell Hayden tends the horse's injured leg. Jean Parker, a wealthy but selfish young widow, lives in the town. The church is in debt but the minister's financial problems are eventually solved by the horse winning a surrey race, and the widow whose attitude has been softned by Hatton, Henry and Hayden. This was the first film Harry Carey Jr appeared in as an adult, and was brought about when the just-discharged-from-the-Navy Carey ran into producer William Berke on an Hollywood street corner. Berke, who had produced six sound westerns in the mid-30's starring the elder Carey, offered Carey Jr. a bit in this film. The first film Harry Carey Jr appeared in was in 1921, as an infant in one of his father's silent westerns. Even with a 25-year-gap between his "first" and second film, Carey's 80 years of work in films may be the longevity record.
The Verdict (1946) as Undertaker
A Scotland Yard superintendent makes a mistake in an investigation, causing the execution of an innocent man.
Bowery Bombshell (1946) as Professor Schrackenberger
The Bowery Boys tackle gangsters to clear one of their own from a bogus robbery charge.
Margie (1946) as Jefferson
A brainy school girl falls apart over a new, handsome teacher.
Dark Alibi (1946) as Johnson
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan tries to disprove fingerprint evidence left at a bank robbery.
Leave Her to Heaven (1946) as Medcraft
A beautiful neurotic will stop at nothing to hold onto her husband's love.
Rendezvous with Annie (1946) as Expectant father
Anchors Aweigh (1945) as Bearded man
A pair of sailors on leave try to help a movie extra become a singing star.
Murder, He Says (1945) as Hardy sympathizer
A pollster stumbles on a family of small-town killers.
Dick Tracy (1945) as Deathridge
Dick is faced with a series of murders in which the victims all come from different social and economic backgrounds.
Murder in the Blue Room (1944) as Driver
The Hitler Gang (1944) as Judge/Teacher
This movie shows us the rise of Adolf Hitler from a small radical political adventurer to the dictator of Germany in the way of a gangster film. Exept for some minor inaccuracies the historical facts are given in a correct way.
Rationing (1944) as Hank
A small-town butcher has problems coping with meat rationing.
Lost in a Harem (1944) as Crystal gazer
Two entertainers touring the Middle East are kidnapped by an evil sultan.
Cry of the Werewolf (1944) as Adamson
A young gypsy girl turns into a wolf to destroy her enemies.
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1943) as Madison
When a reporter exposes her past in burlesque, a musical theatre star sets out for revenge.
Holy Matrimony (1943) as Clerk
An artist returning from years abroad takes the identity of his dead valet to escape the attentions of the press.
Over My Dead Body (1943) as Lawrin
The problem with the mystery stories concocted by Jason Cord (Milton Berle) is that he can never figure out who's guilty. Stuck, as usual, he takes his latest unfinished "who-dunit" to the office of his wife, Patricia Cord (Mary Beth Hughes), whose boss, Brennan (Reginald Denny), doesn't know she is married. Hidden in a closet, Jason overhears Brennan and his partners discussing a situation which exactly parallels his new story. He steps out when the discussion reaches the point of his story's current progress and, seeing a chance of finding an ending to his story, offers to make a suicide look like a murder. He soon finds himself the central figure in a front-page murder trial before he proves the supposed suicide to have been an actual murder - committed by one of the victim's partners.
The Girl from Alaska (1942) as Sanderson
The Man in the Trunk (1942) as Dr. Pluma
Life Begins at Eight-Thirty (1942) as Announcer
Kathy lives in a cramped New York flat with her father Madden Thomas, a celebrated actor brought down by drink. Lame from an early age and feeling trapped with her father in her small world, Kathy is delighted to meet fellow tenant Robert. When Madden is offered the lead in a new King Lear and Robert lands a composing job in Hollywood, better times seem for a while to beckon.
Fingers at the Window (1942) as Criminal
A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.
Who Done It? (1942) as Coroner
Two would-be radio mystery writers find themselves in a real life murder mystery.
The Great Man's Lady (1942) as Froman
A pioneer couple struggle to build a city in the wild West.
Roxie Hart (1942) as Announcer
To try and kick-start her show-business career, a woman admits to a Chicago murder.
The Hidden Hand (1942) as John Channing, also known as Martin
The body count rises during the competition for a family inheritance.
Castle in the Desert (1942) as [Arthur] Fletcher
Paul Manderley, eccentric historian, and his wife, descendant of the Borgias, live in an isolated castle-like mansion in the Mojave Desert. When a guest suddenly collapses, Charlie Chan is invited to stay. As the standard mystery-mansion props come into play, and all means of outside communication are sabotaged, it becomes evident that one of the inhabitants has access to poisons and is prepared to use them...
Whispering Ghosts (1942) as Dr. [Walter] Bascomb [alias of Jackson Voker]
Mokey (1942) as Mr. Larkspur
A newlywed tries to deal with her troubled stepchild.
The Remarkable Andrew (1942) as Purchasing Agent Sam Savage
When Andrew Long, hyper-efficient small town accountant, finds a $1240 discrepancy in the city budget, his superiors try to explain it away. When he insists on pursuing the matter, he's in danger of being blamed himself. In his trouble, the spirit of Andrew Jackson, whom he idolizes, visits him, and in turn, summons much high-powered talent from American history...which only Andrew can see. Can he get out of trouble before too many people think he's crazy?
My Favorite Blonde (1942) as Mortician
A vaudevillian gets mixed up with a beautiful blonde spy.
Hold That Ghost (1941) as Harry Hoskins
Two bumbling gas station attendants find themselves stranded in a haunted house.
Dead Men Tell (1941) as Gene La Farge
Just as elderly Miss Nodbury is ready to leave on a treasure hunt for a family fortune she is scared to death by the ghost of a pirate ancestor. Charlie Chan investigates the rest of the clan.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) as Choir master
A scientist's investigations into the nature of good and evil turn him into a murderous monster.
Man at Large (1941) as Mr. Sartoris
G-Man Bob Grayson (George Reeves) is working hand in hand with a British Intelligence agent to uncover an espionage plot, who is posing as an escaped Nazi agent. Reporter Dallas Davis (Marjorie Weaver) mistakes Grayson for a nazi-sympathizer and manages to mess up the works before she learns the truth. She and Grayson join forces to save the agent.
Dressed to Kill (1941) as Max Allaron
Detective Michael Shayne and his girlfriend Joanne leave a marriage bureau when shots fired in a nearby theatre draw his attention to a string of theatrical murders.
Cracked Nuts (1941) as Olson
A young man in a small town wins $5000 in a radio contest. He goes to New York City to propose to his girlfriend, but gets mixed up with a crooked attorney and two con men who are trying to sell a fake "robot."
Murder Among Friends (1941) as [Ed] Douglass [also known as Will Douglass]
Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (1940) as John Cartigan, alias John Lloyd
Edison, the Man (1940) as "Acid" Graham
Thomas Edison fights to turn his dreams into reality.
We Who Are Young (1940) as Magazine man
A man violates company policy by getting married.
Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940) as Crazyman
A young doctor gives up big-city success to help his father set up a small-town clinic.
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940) as Photographer
A man-shy fashion editor pretends to be married until a suitor claims to be her husband.
Behind the News (1940) as Eddie
It's school graduate, Jeff Flavin's, first day on the job as a cub reporter for the Enquirer. Boss, Archer, places Jeff with Stu Woodrow a lazying reporter. Stu detests cubs, treating Jeff badly. Jeff saves a drunken Stu's job by covering the convicted racketeer, Houseman's escape from prison. Jeff goes to Houseman's sister for a scoop he witnesses the murder of Houseman and an innocent young child. Stu grateful to Jeff thinks Jeff is to decent to be a reporter, sends Jeff on a fake story. Resulting in Jeff being demoted by an angry Archer. On his own, Jeff goes to the court house to see the trail of Marques, accused of Houseman's murder. Jeff, who speaks Spanish, hears the translater, Olmeda falsely state that Marques confesses to the killing. Jeff tells Archer that he has a story. The problem is that nobody believes him due to the fake story.
Sky Murder (1940) as Brock
Detective Nick Carter tries to prove a beautiful immigrant innocent of murder.
Bad Little Angel (1939) as Minister
An orphan on the run tries to find a new home.
Judge Hardy and Son (1939) as Florist
A small-town judge tries to save an elderly couple from eviction while coping with his wife''s illness.
Another Thin Man (1939) as Medical examiner
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
When Tomorrow Comes (1939) as Organist

Cast (special)

Local 306 (1976) as Hutchings; A Union Member
The misadventures of Harvey Gordon, the newly appointed chief steward of Plumber's Local 306. In the pilot episode, Harvey seeks a way to overcome his fear of flying in order to to attend a distant union meeting.
Big Eddie (1975) as The Goniff; Eddie'S Confederate
The pilot film for the series of the same title. The story of "Big Eddie" Smith, a Runyonesque character from Broadway's glorious past who has renounced his past life as a gambler to run a mostly-legitimate rental outfit in Manhattan. In the pilot episode, Eddie calls on his old underworld connectio

Cast (short)

Alfalfa's Double (1940)
In this short film, a boy comes face to face with a wealthy lookalike, and the two boys decide to trade places.
Dad for a Day (1938)
In this short film, a service station owner falls in love with a widowed woman with a son who runs the lunch counter next door.

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