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Peter Parasheles

Peter Parasheles


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Editing (feature film)

Rock Hudson (1990) as Editor
A television movie based on the life of movie star Rock Hudson, whose career spanned 30 years until he died of complications from AIDS in 1985.
Shooter (1988) as Editor
A story set during the Vietnam War, about five young wire-service photographers working for the International Press Bureau.
Police Story: The Freeway Killings (1987) as Editor
A sequel to the 1973-77 NBC series "Police Story." The film involves the personal and professional lives of a group of metropolitan police detectives in pursuit of a serial killer terrorizing a large city.
Evil Town (1987) as Editor
Adam: His Song Continues (1986) as Editor
A television movie about the continuing efforts of John and Reve Walsh to create a national awareness of the problem of missing children. A continuation of the story told in NBC's TV movie, "Adam." The film is followed by a roll-call of missing children all across the United States.
Alex: The Life of a Child (1986) as Editor
Touching but melancholy dramatization of real-life sportswriter Frank Delford's book about his eight-year-old daughter's losing battle with cystic fibrosis, with Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia as the grieving parents and Gennie James as the young girl. Carol Evan McKeand and Nigel McKeand earned
Bad Guys (1986) as Editor
Children of the Night (1985) as Editor
A sociology graduate student researches her doctoral thesis on female crime by interviewing street prostitutes. Shocked by her findings, she offers her own apartment to teenage prostitutes seeking refuge from the streets, many of whom are rejected by their parents and are dependent on their pimps.
Code of Silence (1985) as Editor
A renegade Chicago cop makes up his own rules as he goes up against a gang war.
My Mother's Secret Life (1984) as Editor
Midwestern teenager sets out for San Francisco following her father's death and camps on the doorstep of the mother she never knew, unaware that she is a high-priced call girl unable or unwilling to alter her lifestyle to become a regular mom.
Never Cry Wolf (1983) as Editor
A government researcher fights to survive when he's marooned in the Canadian wilderness.
Last Ninja, The (1983) as Editor
The double life of an American art dealer who is secretly a Ninja, raised from infancy by a Japanese-American family, and is recruited, in this pilot to a prospective series, to rescue a group of important scientists held by terrorists atop a Dallas skyscraper. Michael Beck's adoptive sister is play
Pray TV (1982) as Editor
A newly ordained minister accepts a summer job with a dynamic TV evangelist only to find deep conflicts between the latter's conventional activities servicing his community's spiritual needs and his power wielded as a television celebrity. A similarly titled theatrical feature dealt more light-heart
Charlie and the Great Balloon Race (1981) as Editor
Jack Albertson is a retired railroad worker whose dream of crossing the country in a hot air balloon is encouraged by his grandson, who decides to go along for the ride despite the misgivings of his widowed mother whose plans to remarry have left him disenchanted. This light-hearted family adventure
Long Way Home, A (1981) as Editor
Timothy Hutton is a married teenager obsessed with finding his long-lost brother and sister years after all three, as youngsters, had been placed with different families following their abandonment by their migrant worker parents. Brenda Vaccaro is the compassionate social worker who at first reluct
Christmas Without Snow, A (1980) as Editor
Sentimental holiday tale of a divorcee from San Francisco who moves to a small Nebraska town with her son to start a new life and joins the church choir that is under the strict leadership of a perfectionist director who is striving for a professional level presentaion of Handel's "Messiah."
Christmas Miracle In Caufield, Usa (1978) as Editor
A dramatic re-creation of the Christmas Eve 1951 coal mine disaster in which union workers, threatened with replacement by scabs, were forced to enter an unsafe mine and then were trapped underground by an explosion. Veteran actor John Carradine is billed, curiously, as John Carradine Sr., for the f
Homebodies (1974) as Editor
When a quiet group of pensioners learn that their homes are to be torn down to make way for a block of flats, they decide to take action. What starts as an attempt to discourage the developers soon escalates into wholesale murder of both the developers and the construction workers.
Trick Baby (1973) as Editor
Two African American con artists make use of the fact that one of them can pass for white in order to succeed in some race-related crimes.
This Is A Hijack (1973) as Editor
A gambler with serious debts hijacks a small private plane, planning to collect a $1,000,000 ransom. Unfortunately, he's not in the best of company with his mates, and the F.B.I. is waiting for them on the ground ...
The Jesus Trip (1971) as Film Editor
Werewolves on Wheels (1971) as Editing
A biker gang visits a monastery where they encounter black-robed monks engaged in worshipping Satan. When the monks try to persuade one of the female bikers, Helen, to become a satanic sacrifice the bikers smash up the monastery and leave. The monks have the last laugh, though, as Helen, as a result of the satanic rituals, is now possessed and at night changes into a werewolf, with dire results for the biker gang.
The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1969) as Film Editor
The Spanish explorer Pizarro captures the Inca god-chief Atahualpa and promises to free him upon the deliverance of a horde of gold. But Pizarro finds himself torn between his desire for conquest and his sense of honor after friendship and respect develops between captive and captor.
Run Like a Thief (1967) as Film Editor

Sound (feature film)

Chimes at Midnight (1965) as Sound Recording
An aging knight uses his wits to survive in war and peace.

Writer (special)

If I'm Lost, How Come I Found You? (1978) as Story Editor
A two-part comedy about a boy on the run from an orphanage, an elderly woman who shoplifts health food, two hyperactive foreign missionaries with a passion for baseball, and a puppy called "Puddles," all of whom make life even more complicated for two amateur bank robbers seeking a hideout.

Editing (special)

Rag Tag Champs, The (1978) as Editor
The story of a teenage baseball team run by a scrappy fourteen-year-old boy with two major concerns: finding a qualified coach and avoiding separation from his guardian uncle, a bachelor musician who spends little time at home.
Ransom of Red Chief, The (1977) as Editor
Desperate for money for a journey to California, two drifters hit upon a kidnapping plan and abduct a young boy they see playing in a field. The story relates the problems that occur when Sam and Billy find that the boy, who calls himself Red Chief, is a holy terror and the only way to rid themselv
Winged Colt, The (1977) as Editor
A three-part fantasy about a retired movie stuntman and his nephew who acquire a mysterious colt born with wings.

Editing (TV Mini-Series)

Around the World in 80 Days (1989) as Editor
When Phileas Fogg makes the claim that nineteenth century technology could enable a man to circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days, he's taken up on his bet. He then sets out to see the world by train, boat and hot air balloon
Amerika (1987)
A seven-part miniseries set ten years after a hypothetical Soviet takeover of the United States. The story relates how the release of a political dissident from prison triggers strong reactions from his estranged family, his childhood friend (now a rising figure in the new regime), the leaders of th
Blind Ambition (1979) as Editor
The Watergate crisis as viewed by John Dean and his wife Maureen, based on their respective personal accounts, and distilled into an eight-hour drama with all of the political figures of the day parading by. Sheen, whose gamut of political portrayals has run from Robert Kennedy (in "The Missiles of

Editing (TV Mini-Series)

Out on a Limb (1987) as Editor (Part 1)
A two-part, five-hour miniseries based on Shirley MacLaine's autobiographical book about her journey to the far reaches of self (and in some instances "out of" herself). The film recreates her love affair and international romance with a married man, and the amazing spiritual trek which takes her ar

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