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  • Robert Taylor the best actor ever!

    • Angel
    • 2019-01-03

    Robert Taylor was the best actor ever. He was also the most beautiful man to live then or now. There will never be another actor or any man to match his looks and talent. I love all his movies, photos and books! He left us way too soon.

  • The Great Robert Taylor

    • Linda Doty
    • 2018-09-04

    As a big fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood, I thought I saw and knew all the big stars and their movies. A year ago I discovered Robert Taylor. The first movie I watched was Private Number, then after seeing him in A Yank at Oxford I was hooked! I searched and watched all his movies, watching him mature from the young lover in Camille to the rugged bandit in Billy the Kid, the Oscar worthy performance in The Devils Doorway and Waterloo Bridge on and on he amazed me with his ease of acting so believable and natural. I wondered why this wonderful actor had not been honored and remembered. After some investigating I discovered that because of his actions against communism in Hollywood during the 40's, over the years his star was diminished because of his stand. I think this is very unfair to punish a great Artist because of this politcal views. Robert Taylor should be honored and remembered for his great body of work as a talented and gifted actor who left us so many wonderful movies

  • Robert Taylor - a great leading man film legend!

    • Lynn
    • 2018-08-11

    Robert Taylor is one of my all-time favorite movie stars! From his earlier films like Private Number, Small Town Girl and Camille (1936), The Crowd Roars (1938) Waterloo Bridge (1940), Johnny Eager (1942), to post-war and later films like High Wall (1947), Above and Beyond (1952) and Party Girl (1958), he demonstrated his acting range from comedic or romantic to darker more complex characters. Robert Taylor was an underrated actor. He pushed for grittier roles to prove he was more than just 'a pretty face', although his rugged good looks never bothered me! I enjoy seeing his lesser known films like Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957) which I just watched and loved. Thank you for keeping his films coming, TCM!

  • My 2nd Grade Teacher Was Right!

    • Jill
    • 2018-08-07

    Decades ago in grade school, I remember my teacher - a youngish attractive gal, Ms. Kurtzak - addressing a fellow classmate named 'Robert Taylor', referring him (which looking back now was a really 'sweet' thing to do) to the popular actor. Well, many years later when he finally caught my attention, gradually with each great picture, he's become my favorite now as my tastes have changed with age & wisdom. Most of all, I love his 'upbeat' voice & that great spirit & the way he always comes across a real gentleman with whom any woman would thrill just being in his presence. I remember when men weren't afraid to be strong & yet gentle with women. Wish it were still so.

  • Last of the Badmen

    • Brett Sorge
    • 2017-01-02

    Robert Taylor is not credited in this film, but the announcer has Robert Taylor's voice. This is driving me crazy as they make no mention of the narrator who has a fairly large part in this production. The voice is definitely Robert Taylor's I watched another film recently that used James Cagney's voice, but they listed him as an uncredited narrator. Please help!

  • Robert Taylor--very appealing

    • Ann Parkhurst
    • 2016-05-07

    I "stumbled" onto TCM and classic movies late in my life. My first movies were those of Robert Taylor during TCM's focus on him. I literally fell in love and read everything I could get my hands on--books, internet. Having lived in Omaha NE and travelled Nebraska, I felt a real kinship with Taylor. I am irritated that so often when his name is mentioned, it is with a sneer--after all he had witnessed to HUAC, sort of naming a few actors. People must remember the times, the fear of Communism, and the power of film to influence viewers. He was a good, responsible citizen who thought he was doing his duty as an American. When one looks at the wide span of pictures in which he starred, he was certainly capable of playing many different characters, believably and pleasurably. Thank you TCM for bringing to my attention Robert Taylor.

  • Robert Taylor - Handsome and Versatile

    • Alma
    • 2015-02-21

    I started loving old movies due to my parents, since this was their era. And my father was originally an actor and DJ in Cuba before we moved to the States, so he absolutely loved movies. He loved John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor, which is what got me hooked. (Actually my Mom pointed out Gary and Robert to me as they were her favorites.) I remember seeing Camille as a teenager and it really got me. I always remembered it and when I saw it recently on TCM, I was thrilled. Robert Taylor was so handsome! Those eyes - wow! I don't think he got the credit for his acting that he should have - he was very versatile and wonderful. Love Quo Vadis - thought he did a fantastic job! Please show us more of his movies - would love to see them all! Thanks TCM for giving us such great movies to entertain us!

  • Robert Taylor

    • Di
    • 2014-07-25

    Robert Taylor, hands down one of the most attractive and talented men EVER to grace the big screen! Waterloo bridge and Many Rivers to cross are just a few favorites.

  • Waterloo bridge

    • Liz
    • 2014-05-03

    The best war time movie ever. Robert taylor was great both his charming personality and his acting. So ordinary yet So powerful and touching. Love it!

  • Small towne girl

    • Mimi kerns
    • 2014-01-28

    Fabulous! Loved it, thank you


    • ROBIN
    • 2014-01-28


  • Quo Vadis

    • Rosie
    • 2013-11-29

    I think he plays the role of love so beautifully. He made it look so real. He is so good looking. I love the way he looks with his eyes. Please play more of his films. I love his western films also.

  • a reflection

    • jack kroening
    • 2013-11-13

    Enjoyed the read. I grew up in Lawrence, Nebraska - two counties from Gage County, where RT was born. Many do not know that he begged a lady from Lawrence to accompany him when he left to seek his fortune in California. However, her folks said no. She and her husband were later members of my Mom's bridge club. As a kid, I overheard her say, when upset with her husband's play, "I could have married Arlington Brugh." Small world.


    • Marianne
    • 2013-03-20

    Robert Taylor is a very, very handsome talented actor. I wish we see more of his movies on TCM. I do not like Hollywood who, in my opinion, "underrated this actor". He is good looking and ia basically "a nice guy".

  • Versatility

    • Giraffe44
    • 2012-11-20

    Robert Taylor was so good looking the viewer tends to forget how versatile he was. Taylor moved from playboy to hard-boiled soldier to mental patient to Roman general to Medieval knight to tough cop and on and on. He could change his looks just by using his eyes. It's a shame that all of his films aren't available on DVD.

  • Robert Taylor

    • Marianne
    • 2012-09-05

    He is a very handsome, good looking man. Please feature his movies from the 1930's and 1940's.

  • Robert Taylor

    • Gloria Kersey
    • 2012-08-09

    I have founf Robert Taylor to be a fine actor and one of the most handsome faces to ever grace the screen. He was a real man and seemed to be very kind and generous with his fellow actors. I think he belongs up there with Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Gregory Peck to name a few. He has often been undervaled and I would love to see him spotlighted on TCM. What an icon!

  • Robert Taylor is awesome!

    • KatoodleLolly
    • 2012-07-20

    Robert Taylor is my favorite actor, along with Basil Rathbone. Robert was such a good actor, and I particularly enjoyed all the different movies he made. He was so very good in "Three Comrades", and I love his character especially in "When Ladies Meet", but I think the best movie with him is "Waterloo Bridge". Thanks Bob for all the great movies! You are the best!


    • 2012-04-01


  • Not Enough Robert Taylor!

    • Queen Patty
    • 2010-12-10

    Robert Taylor made a tremendous amount of great movies that are rarely played! I really hope that we will see more of him in the coming year! I agree with the statement made by another Robert Taylor fan....more, more, more!!!!

  • Lady of the Tropics

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-25

    Robert Taylor is a very fine actor. His performance in "Lady of the Tropics" is better than him in "Camille". This film is so fine with him along with Hedy Lamarr.

  • Robert Taylor Tribute in April

    • Margaret Gaffney
    • 2010-05-05

    Thank you for making Robert Taylor star of the month. There were films that I had never seen before and of course the ones that I have seen several times. I do hope that you would show some of his films that were shown during April such as Rouge Cop, Return of the Gunfighter, etc. With the showing of his early and later films you can really see his performance change over the years. I really enjoy watching Above and Beyond, Waterloo Bridge.

  • Robert Taylor

    • Ann Parkhrst
    • 2010-05-01

    Thanks so much for presenting such good material about Robert Taylor. As a Nebraskan I'm so proud of his accomplishments. I loved all the movies you selected, with a few exceptions. Frankly, I resent reviewer comments that he is "square" or "wooden." It is obvious from his films that he worked hard, followed directions, and could be proud of having done a good day's work. I've read articles you provided about him and the individual movies you presented. I'm sold on Robert Taylor. Given his medical experiences with his father, I am distressed and saddened that he allowed himself to become so addicted to cigarettes that they cost him his life. He had so much to live for and his wife and children missed out on a full life with him.


    • robert taylor fan
    • 2010-04-29

    I am absolutely thrilled that you featured Robert Taylor. Not only for his breathtaking good looks and screen presence but for his brilliant acting. I watched them all. I did not realize what a great star he was in his day as he was before my time. Thanks a million for the chance to see so many of his movies. More, more more!

  • Robert Taylor

    • Carole Miller
    • 2010-04-29

    Thank you TCM for having Robert Taylor as your April star of the month. I have watched them all! My mother was a big fan of Waterloo Bridge and told me about this handsome actor. I didn’t watch it for a long time and now I am kicking myself for being so slow to appreciate this wonderful actor. I would love to know more about his private life. I believe he has two children and his wife Ursula Thiess Taylor is still living. I have read the book “Reluctant Witness” and found it fascinating. I was hoping Robert Osborne had been able to get someone from his family to discuss him. He seemed to relate so well to his leading ladies. My favorites are Magnificent Obsession, Camille, A Yank at Oxford and Party Girl.

  • Robert Taylor

    • nika
    • 2010-04-29

    I can`t get enough of Robert Taylor movies, especially where he was young!!! Unbearably handsome! And a very good actor with wide range of roles. I start researching his movie career and his personal life, found many interesting info, but its only made me wants to know more... Its a first time that I can say, that I am truly an actor`s fan! Thanks God,he was in a right time in a right place and we now have these movies to enjoy!!! I cannot take my eyes off him. What to say about his leading ladies? How they remembered their lines when he looked at them?

  • The Bribe

    • Susan W
    • 2010-04-28

    I'm becoming a huge Robert Taylor fan - he was such a dynamic actor. (not to mention handsome!) I'm enjoying watching the many movies during April 2010, as he's spotlighted on TCM's star of the month. "The Bribe" is only one of many of his great films that I've enjoyed. He's able to redeem himself and ends up w/ the girl! (gorgeous Ava Gardner) I love his performances, even when he plays a 'bad guy.' (think "Undercurrent" and "The Last Hunt") I wish we had actors of his calibur today. Thank you TCM for allowing us access to early and great classic actors and actresses. I truly love your channel - don't ever change your programming, especially the silent movies and classic films, of the 20's-50's.

  • Waterloo Bridge

    • Vikki Hansen
    • 2010-04-27

    Robert Taylor was and still is the most handsome gentleman to ever grace the silver screen. God made only one Robert Taylor.

  • All his movies!

    • beth m jacobs
    • 2010-04-03

    Just adore Robert Taylor as an actor. I want more and more info and to see more and more of his movies. How about Cardboard Lover with Norma S. I get so mad at Waterloo Bridge I can't watch it sometimes! how could vivian believe he would be dead! No faith, no ramance. Camillle well nothing wrong there. That woman knew what was what! And so many more. Where and what do his children do?

  • most beautiful and interesting actor

    • monika
    • 2010-01-28

    very good actor with a wide spectrum of appearances, very funny his early movies like personal property. would like to buy dvds from his movies in germany. but there are only few.

  • Decent actor

    • cat
    • 2009-08-21

    I would like to see a TCM documentary about Robert Taylor


    • Delores
    • 2009-08-13

    I am a great fan of robert taylor. I would have like to see him on tcm more. I would like to see his earlier pictures, like the movie when he played with Irene Dunne. When she became paralize after the accident in the car with robert taylor. Also small town girl. I have see all his latest pictures, Ivanhoe. I wish he was on the list in this month for the summer of stars. So I wish robert osborne will so all of his earliest pictures.

  • robert taylor: leading man

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-06-21

    robert taylor was one of mgm's biggest stars of the 1940's and 1950's. he was one of the best looking actors as well and a really good actor who played in westerns, melodramas, crime films, swashbucklers, comedies and war films. among his best movies are "waterloo bridge", "bataan", "johnny eager", "quo vadis", "rogue cop", "party girl", "d-day the sixth of june" and "the law and jake wade". taylor could be romantic and tough. a perfect movie star!

  • Comment about Robert Taylor

    • Dolores Kaczmarek
    • 2009-06-16

    Robert Taylor was a great actor, I don't know what the critics were watching when they continuously harrassed him and claimed he couldn't act. That is nonsense. I have seen so many movies and find Robert Taylor to be not only handsome and great to look at but a wonderful actor. The media was his true enemy and that is exactly what is going on these days. The media chooses and prints garbage about conservatives. Robert Taylor put up with this type of Media slander for years. I hope TCM shows more of his movies that have never been shown on TCM.

  • Letter from Robert Taylor

    • Misi
    • 2009-04-19

    I wonder if anyone at TCM ever reads these...well lets see. (I tried the 'contact us' thing and it didn't work.) I have this letter from Robert Taylor to my dad. (A typed letter and hand drawn map.) When I found the thing, shortly after my father's death in 1978, I had no idea who Robert Taylor, or "Crash" Taylor was. Much less why some guy named Bob would be waiting at the LA airport for my dad, wearing a "red Organdy dress and white parasol" "by Jewel Park no less!" You see, my father wasn't allowed to talk about his "old life." The only hint he ever made of it to me was about a year before his death. The two of us were alone watching some awards show. Barbara Stanwick was on it and Dad said, "I was her chauffer at one time...well actually her husband's chauffer." Many years after his death I managed to get out of my mother that, yes, Dad was a chauffer to a movie actor at one time before they were ever married, but that there was more to it than that. He was a looker, a real swinger (as in dancing), and very popular with the ladies, and got invited to a lot of Hollywood parties. It is apparent from this letter that Robert Taylor considered my father a friend and confidant. I've researched the content of the letter off and on for years. I have a pretty good idea what it was about and why they were going to Sun Valley (where ever that was). But there are some things about Robert Taylor that are not mentioned in his biographies these days. It is only in a very old book at the library that I have found reference to a certain near end to his career. I would like to know more about the time frame between probably 1946 and 1951. (The letter is not dated but things point to that time frame.) I guess I am hoping that by putting it out there that this letter exists, someone will be curious enough about it that I might find out the rest of the story...and what the joke was about Father Flannagan's Boys Home in Omaha.


    • Kate
    • 2008-11-12

    I have to agree with most of the previous reviews of this actor. He is under appreciated. I'm in my 30's, and I can't find an actor in the present day that may be comparable to Robert Taylor.He was handsome, talented,and complimented other players in his projects. He was diverse in his roles(played war heros, heart throbs, and gangsters). He could make you laugh, think, and cry. MGM has made such fine classics, and Taylor stayed with the company for decades without breaking his contract. In fact, he was in at least 5 films in one whole year! There should be more of his work available on DVD. TCM has a duty to give this legend some type of spotlight recognition!

  • Movies I would like to see

    • Dolores Kaczmarek
    • 2008-06-03

    I lived in a small town with no movie theater, plus I was to young to see his early movies. I'm so thankful that TCM shows his movies because I just got to see an actor that became my favorite. I love all Robert Taylor's movies especially the early ones. Please show three movies I have read about and would love to see. Magnificient Obsession with Irene Dunn The Bribe with Ava Gardner The Conquerer with Elizabeth Tayor. I have seen all the movies that TCM ran but I have not seen these three. Please schedule them soon, my health is not very good and I would love to tape them so that I could enjoy them over and over again. I really did enjoy the two movies he made with Barbara Stanwyck. I did not see The Night Walker. They were so good together. Thank you so very much, Dolores Kaczmarek

  • Robert Taylor

    • Bob Karam
    • 2008-05-04

    Here's one of the very best from Hollywood's Golden Age who's yet to be adequately represented on DVD. Why not a Signature Collection highlighting his acting range from Noir (Rogue Cop) to War (Above and Beyond) to Suspence (The High Wall)to Westerns (The Last Hunt)to Romance (Waterloo Bridge)and to Aventure (Quentin Durward)

  • good actor without appreciation

    • hegazy
    • 2008-04-08

    not nominated for any prize although of his powerfull performance in films as camille ,qouvadis,last hunt ,devils doorways


    • Flora
    • 2008-02-27

    I second motion to everything Marjorie wrote on 02/08/08. She wrote exactly what I wanted to say. Why is talent like that of Mr. Taylor neglected? So why can't we have a day of R.T. movies? He did make a lot of movies and good ones too. And I'm still waiting for "Waterloo Bridge" to come on DVD, I've almost turned blue holding my breathe on this one.

  • Neglected Superstar

    • Marjorie
    • 2008-02-08

    Fabulous star. Have been a fan since I first saw "Quo Vadis" in 1951, when I was 12. Still watch his movies on TCM, have most on tape. Too bad more are not available on DVD. Why doesn't TCM feature him as a Star of the Month or at the very least, make him a star for the day during the annual Summer Under the Stars? 5 years have gone by and he has not been featured.

  • why cant there be men like this anymore

    • robin
    • 2008-02-01

    just like i said where are the men like this in the world.I think i was born in the wrong era...

  • Solid Performer

    • John Mark
    • 2007-12-30

    Robert Taylor's films have stood the test of time. When he acts there is a flow throughout his performance that is consistent and realistic. During a period of heavy melodramas, he appeared realistic, believable, and a strong leading man that seemed very comfortable in front of the camera. For me, I can't watch enough of his films. The first movie I ever saw was "Bataan" when I was nine years old. Today, "Bataan" remains to be my favorite classic movie and it even influenced me to join the US Army and serve my country for most of my adult life. In War movies, westerns, gangster and romantic movies, all of Robert Taylor’s performances took me on great adventures while I was growing up. He was unique and certainly one the greatest actors of his time.

  • The two Robert Taylors

    • David Foe
    • 2007-12-27

    Robert Taylor's career as a star can be broken into two parts: pre-World War II and after. In the '30s and early '40s, he was youthful, often smiling, and somewhat looser in his acting style. After the war, and as he grew older, he seemed to grow stiffer, more surly, often with a grim look on his face. The types of roles he played in this period may have been part of this change. I think that if he had been offered some different types of roles, ones that would challenge his image and acting style, it would have extended his popularity and renewed his screen career into the 1960s. I think in some ways he became a prisoner of his own image. I guess that's true with many celebrities as they grow older. I would have liked to seen him live a little longer and experience some type of screen renaissance in the 1970s. I think it would have happened. Nonetheless, he was a great star and contributed much to a great many movies. One of his best: "Rogue Cop" ('54).

  • Taylor image

    • Bob Mockler
    • 2007-06-18

    Taylor's politics have worked against him down through the years. He starred in "Song Of Russia" an innocuous film about Us ally Russia during WW2 against his better judgement. This at the time of Stalin. After the war he was called on the carpet before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and he was not a happy camper. I dare say that many of his fans in those days did not know what propaganda was. He was used for this purpose and his case pointed out that any one clever enough to write a realized film script could propagandize all they wanted. I agree that "The Devil's Doorway" is the best example of what this under-rated performer was capable of. Also, his Jekyl and Hyde turn in "Undercurrent" with Hepburn is something to behold. No, they did not have any chemistry at all. That was the point.

  • Robert Taylor

    • Ishraq
    • 2007-02-04

    Just saw BILLY THE KID with Robert Taylor as the lead and enjoyed it very much. I agree with Joyce that he was very handsome, and I think he did a lot of his own stunts, esp. in some of his westerns. I loved his blue eyes! He did his own rowing in A YANK AT OXFORD and it looked like he did his own archery and horseback riding in THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. I read some place that Barbara Stanwick said, after her house burned down, in the late 1970's(?), that the only things she'd miss were his letters to her. I think I was most impressed with his portrayal of a mistreated, misunderstood Native American Indian in THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY.

  • Robert Taylor

    • Joyce
    • 2007-02-03

    He was so hansome that men were jealous of him , is my opinion . he was wonderful in the early comedy , couples ,movies . I never tire of seeing him . "Remember" is a good movie to laugh and enjoy . Love that man ! joyce

  • Robert Taylor/Outstanding Actor

    • VL Richard
    • 2006-11-23

    If Robert Taylor was in the feature--the feature was outstamding---Thanks VLR

  • What a man!

    • chris
    • 2006-10-25

    Where have all the men gone to in Hollywood? One of the most talented and handsome actors I have seen. Even though he is gone I could watch his films forever and never get tired of watching them over and over.

  • Robert Taylor great actor, great man

    • Gina
    • 2006-09-02

    I became a fan of Robert Taylor when I first got Turner Classic movies in 1997, when I watched Small Town Girl. I agree with one of the other review comments that he was one of the handsomest actors. In addition- I also agree with one of the comments that his kind, honest personality showed in his roles. I believe his goodness and morality showed through the roles he played and we have an idea of who he was as a person. His career seemed to have been virtually scandal free. He was a great actor and apparently acted up until his death from lung cancer which was very noble and showed how he loved acting. I wish there were more people like him today

  • Robert Taylor-- love him!!!!!

    • Moodygina
    • 2006-08-17

    Robert Taylor is truly one of my favorite actors from the Golden Age. I realize that many believe his acting abilities grew better with age, but I personally loved his earlier films like 'Camille' with Greta Garbo, and 'Three Conrades' with Franchot Tone. Then again, I do think he was an over-all good actor. I do think his almost pretty face is what caused many critics to review him so harshly. There were also some terrible scripts passed with way--'His Brother's Wife'with Barbara Stanwyck--it's so bad that it actually starts looking good. Still, I think he is a fine example of what 'old' Hollywood style and charm used to be, and for that I thank him.

  • Robert Taylor Under rated as an actor.

    • Carole
    • 2006-07-24

    I only recently became interested in Robert Taylor. I think he was certainly one of the most handsome if not the handsomest actor of the Golden Age. I was amazed to see him in 'The Cardboard Lover' and 'When Ladies Meet'. His comedic ability was amazing and not exploited enough. He seemed to be inhibited and most of his acting is understated but I think excellent. I would have liked to have seen him in more comedies and he was great in westerns. I think he might have done better with roles if he had ventured outside MGM. But who knows. But his honesty and fundamental niceness comes out in his roles and that is the greatest thing about his films.

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