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Nestor Paiva

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Also Known As: Died: September 9, 1966
Born: June 30, 1905 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Fresno, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Spirit Is Willing (1967) as Felicity's father
Let's Kill Uncle (1966) as Steward
When his orphaned nephew inherits a fortune, a former spy plots to kill him.
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966) as
Baron Frankenstein''''s granddaughter turns the legendary outlaw''''s partner into a monster.
They Saved Hitler's Brain (1964)
At the end of World War II, Nazi officials spirited the living head of Adolf Hitler out of Germany to a hiding place in the South American country of Mandoras, in order to revive the Third Reich at a later date. By the 1960s these men believed the time had come, so they kidnap a top scientist in order to force him to help keep Hitler alive. Several intellgence agencies find out about the plot and send agents to stop it.
California (1963) as General Micheltorena
Ballad of a Gunfighter (1963) as Padre
Inspired by the best-selling ballad "El Paso", this sagebrush saga was one of singer Marty Robbins'' few forays into the Western genre or filmmaking for that matter.
The Madmen of Mandoras (1963) as Police Chief Alaniz
Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) as Arthur Morgan
A Hawaiian fisherman is torn between a sexy nightclub singer and a nice girl with a secret.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) as Miguel
Members of an Argentinian family fight on opposite sides during World War II.
The Wild Westerners (1962) as Gov. John Bullard
The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962) as Chairman
(Com ''62,BW). Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita, Carol Christensen, Edson Stroll, Emil Sitka, George Neise, Nestor Paiva. The stooges accidentally launch a top secret military weapon which implicates them in a sticky situation involving Martians and the U.S. Army. The great Frankenstein-like Martian makeup is by Frank McCoy.
Frontier Uprising (1961) as Montalvo
Jim Davis, Nancy Hadley, Ken Mayer, Nestor Paiva, Don O''Kelly. While leading pioneers to the West Coast, frontier scout Jim Davis discovers that the U.S. has gone to war with Mexico. Hordes of attacking Mexicans and hostile Indians enliven this remake of KIT CARSON which uses stock footage from the original 1940 version
Can-Can (1960) as Bailiff
An ambitious judge tries to put a stop to the "forbidden dance" at a nightclub despite the protest of its owner.
The Purple Gang (1960) as Laurence Orlofsky
The story of the infamous gang of bootleggers, hijackers, and killers in 1920''''s Detroit.
The Bramble Bush (1960) as Pete Madruga
A doctor commits euthanasia on his dying friend and then pursues an affair with the latter''s wife, causing a small New England town to suspect him of plotting it as a murder.
Vice Raid (1960) as Frank Burke
A prostitute sets out to frame a cop.
Alias Jesse James (1959) as Grigsby, miner with goat in saloon
An insurance agent lands in hot water when people mistake him for the infamous western outlaw.
Pier 5, Havana (1959) as [Juan] Lopez
An American in Cuba tries to thwart a bombing plot aimed at Castro.
The Lady Takes a Flyer (1958) as Childreth
The Case Against Brooklyn (1958) as Finelli
A rookie cop takes on criminals who have the local government in their pocket.
The Left Handed Gun (1958) as Maxwell
Billy the Kid sets out for vengeance on the men who killed his mentor.
The Deep Six (1958) as Pappa Tatos
A pacifist finds his values challenged by the outbreak of World War II.
Outcasts of the City (1958) as Pastor Skira
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) as Tortilla
A Union deserter helps a group of women fight off an Indian attack.
Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) as Alfredo
A playboy finds love while managing a posh hotel in Rome.
Les Girls (1957) as Spanish peasant
Three showgirls recall different versions of their time together touring Europe.
Ride the High Iron (1957) as Yardhoss
A public relations man defies his boss to court a beautiful client.
All That Heaven Allows (1956) as Manuel
A lonely widow defies small-town gossip when she falls for a younger man.
The Mole People (1956) as Etienne Lafarge
Archaeologists stumble upon a race of albinos living under the earth. They are afraid of light of any kind and keep mutant humanoid mole men as their slave
Comanche (1956) as Puffer
A frontier scout tries to protect an Indian tribe from a bigoted Cavalry officer.
The First Texan (1956) as Priest
After arriving in Texas to escape a scandal back east, a lawyer becomes involved in the independence of Texas.
Scandal Incorporated (1956) as Leland Miller
The Wild Party (1956) as Branson
A former pro-football player falls on hard times.
Hell on Frisco Bay (1956) as Lou Fiaschetti
A cop framed for a murder he did not commit hunts the San Francisco waterfront for the Mob racketeers who are responsible.
Tarantula (1955) as Sheriff Jack Andrews
A scientist's experiments to cure hunger create a giant tarantula.
New York Confidential (1955) as Martinelli
Story follows the rise and subsequent fall of the notorious head of a New York crime family, who decides to testify against his pals in order to avoid being killed by his fellow cohorts.
Revenge of the Creature (1955) as Lucas
Men capture the creature from the Black Lagoon and make him an aquarium attraction, from which he escapes.
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) as Lucas
Scientists track a prehistoric monster in the South American jungle while it tracks them.
Four Guns to the Border (1954) as Greasy
Casanova's Big Night (1954) as Gnocchi
A tailor''''s apprentice fills in for the famed Italian lover.
Thunder Pass (1954) as
Jivaro (1954) as Jacque
At Rio Galdez's remote Brazilian trading post live assorted outcast Americans and Europeans, including Jerry Russell, ex-engineer who became obsessed with the Jivaro headhunters' treasure, quit his job, and took up with the bottle and local girl Maroa. But he still gets letters from his nominal fiancée in California, and unexpectedly the shapely, glamorous Alice Parker arrives, expecting to marry a rich planter. Disillusioned, Alice is almost ready to fall into Rio's arms when news comes that Jerry is missing in Jivaro country...
The Desperado (1954) as Capt. Thornton
Wayne Morris, James J. Lydon, Beverly Garland, Rayford Barnes, Dabbs Greer, Lee Van Cleef, Nestor Paiva. While on the run from corrupt carpetbaggers in post-Civil War Texas, a young gunslinger teams up with a fugitive gunfighter to seek revenge on his former partner.
April in Paris (1953) as Ship captain
A bureaucrat's mistake sends a chorus girl to Paris representing American theatre in place of a star actress.
Call Me Madam (1953) as Miccoli
A Washington hostess takes an assignment as ambassador to the world''''s smallest nation.
Split Second (1953) as Pete
Escaped convicts hold hostages in a ghost town that's the target of a nuclear bomb test.
I, the Jury (1953) as Manuel
It's nearly Christmas, but Mike Hammer is on the vengeance trail when Jack, his wartime buddy, is murdered. Hotheaded Hammer sets out to find the killer, working his way through an increasingly large pile of suspects (and corpses). Along the way, he meets a new love interest, psychologist Charlotte Manning, a treacherous Santa, a gangster named Kalecki, and two weird sisters, the Bellamy twins.
Bandits of Corsica (1953) as Lorenzo
Richard Greene, Paula Raymond, Raymond Burr, Dona Drake, Lee Van Cleef, Frank Puglia, Nestor Paiva, Michael Ansara. Mario and Carlos, twin brothers separated at birth, are reunited after many years and make a pact to overthrow the evil ruler of their Corsica homeland. Complications arise when Carlos falls in love with Mario''s wife and lies and deceit split the brothers apart
Killer Ape (1953) as Dr. Andrews
Jungle Jim is accused to the murder of a native who has been providing a mad scientist with innocent animals to be used in his experiments. The killing was actually committed by a ferocious "Man-Ape" that is terrorizing the jungle.
Prisoners of the Casbah (1953) as Marouf
A typical Sam Katzman sand-and-sandals saga that is better than his later "Harem Scarum" only because this one doesn't have Elvis Presley. Gloria Grahame is the princess, Turhan Bey is the Captain of the Guard and Cesar Romero is the oily villain who has his sights set on Gloria and her father's throne. Romero and his henchmen cause Gloria, disguised as a boy (what a waste!), and Turhan to flee to the Casbah, where they plot to strike back at Romero.
Mara Maru (1952)
A salvage diver is accused of murder while hunting a mysterious treasure.
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as Doctor
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
On Dangerous Ground (1952) as Gabbanierri
A tough cop sent to help in a mountain manhunt falls for the quarry's blind sister.
The Fabulous Senorita (1952) as Jose Rodriguez
Diplomatic Courier (1952) as Train conductor
Department of State courier Mike Kelly ends up in postwar hotbed Trieste after failing to collect a package from a colleague. The Military Police are happy for him to get more involved, but things get a bit tough. After all, he is just a postman.
5 Fingers (1952) as Turkish ambassador
A British valet in Turkey during World War II sells secrets to the Germans.
South Pacific Trail (1952) as Carlos Alvarez
Viva Zapata! (1952) as New general
Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata leads the peasants against a corrupt president.
My Favorite Spy (1951) as Tasman, fire chief
A comedian poses as an international spy to recover mysterious microfilm.
The Great Caruso (1951) as Egisto Barretto
The legendary opera singer fights to win his place in society.
Double Dynamite (1951) as Hot Horse Harris
A bank teller reaps the rewards of saving a gangster's life, but can't reveal where he got the money.
A Millionaire for Christy (1951) as Mr. Rapello
A woman sets her hat for a man who's inherited a million dollars.
Flame of Stamboul (1951) as Joe
A U.S. agent guards defense plans at a conference in Istanbul.
Jim Thorpe--All-American (1951) as Hiram Thorpe
The famous Native American athlete fights prejudice in his pursuit of sports stardom.
The Lady Pays Off (1951) as Manuel
The naive Evelyn Warren, elected shool-teacher of the year by Time Magazine, goes to Las Vegas, where she loses a lot of money. In order to pay her debts, casino-manager Matt Braddock asks her to take care of his sad little daughter Diana.
I Was a Shoplifter (1950) as Deputy Sheriff Gomez
Guilty of Treason (1950) as Hungarian official
Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) as Officer
A doctor exiled from England becomes a pirate of the Caribbean.
The Desert Hawk (1950) as Abdul
"2000 years ago" desert guerilla Omar, with henchmen Aladdin and Sinbad, opposes tyrannical Prince Murad. To prevent Murad from marrying caliph's daughter Schaharazade, disguised Omar marries her himself. When the trick is discovered, both prince and princess want Omar's head; but Murad has yet more dastardly plans, leading to more captures, rescues, and scimitar-play.
Young Man with a Horn (1950) as Louis Galba
A young trumpet player is torn between an honest singer and a manipulative heiress.
The Inspector General (1949) as Gregor
A perpetual student is mistaken for a government official in a small Eastern European village.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as Brown
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
Bride of Vengeance (1949) as The mayor
Follow Me Quietly (1949) as Benny
Police track a mysterious killer nicknamed "The Judge."
Rope of Sand (1949) as Ship captain
Two years ago, hunting guide Mike Davis was with a client who trespassed on diamond company land and found a rich lode; Paul Vogel, sadistic commandant of company police, beat Mike nearly to death but failed to learn the location. Now Mike is back in Diamantstad, South African desert, and manager Martingale has a better idea: he hires delectable adventuress Suzanne to ferret out Mike's secret. But she soon finds she's playing with fire.
Alias Nick Beal (1949) as Karl
A crusading district attorney sells his soul to the devil to fight corruption.
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) as Joe Apollonio
A New York businessman's dream of a country home is shattered when he buys a tumbledown rural shack.
Adventures of Casanova (1948) as Marquis De Gaetano
The Paleface (1948) as Second patient
An inept dentist must rescue his outlaw wife from the Indians.
Angels' Alley (1948) as Tony Lucarno
An ex-con cousin of one of the Bowery Boys gets them into trouble with the law.
Mr. Reckless (1948) as Gus
Joan of Arc (1948) as Henri Le Royer, Catherine's husband
The life and campaigns of the Maid of Orleans.
Carnival in Costa Rica (1947) as Father Rafael
Pepe Castro and Luisa Molina return to Costa Rica from U.S. schools to find that their parents have arranged their marriage. Pepe has brought his new sweetheart Celeste with him from the USA, but can't get a word in edgewise with his father. Then Luisa meets American coffee buyer Jeff Stephens at the fiesta. Meanwhile, the obtuse parents continue to plan the wrong marriage...
Road to Rio (1947) as Cardoso
Another in the excellent Hope and Crosby 'Road To' series. Scat Sweeney, and Hot Lips Barton, two out of work musicians, stow away on board a Rio bound ship, after accidentally setting fire to the big top of a circus. They then get mixed up with a potential suicide Lucia, who first thanks them, then unexpectedly turns them over to the ship's captain. When they find out that she has been hypnotised, to go through a marriage of convenience, when the ship reaches Rio, the boys turn up at the ceremony, in order to stop the wedding, and to help catch the crooks.
Robin Hood of Monterey (1947) as Alcalde
The Cisco Kid tries to help a man framed for killing his father.
Ramrod (1947) as Curley
A cattle-vs.-sheepman feud loses Connie Dickason her fiance, but gains her his ranch, which she determines to run alone in opposition to Frank Ivey, "boss" of the valley, whom her father Ben wanted her to marry. She hires recovering alcoholic Dave Nash as foreman and a crew of Ivey's enemies. Ivey fights back with violence and destruction, but Dave is determined to counter him legally... a feeling not shared by his associates. Connie's boast that, as a woman, she doesn't need guns proves justified, but plenty of gunplay results.
Humoresque (1947) as Orchestra leader
A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy neurotic.
A Likely Story (1947) as Tiny [McBride]
A World War II veteran who thinks he''s dying gets mixed up with gangsters.
The Lone Wolf in Mexico (1947) as Carlos Rodriguez
A croupier is murdered in a Mexico City gambling casino and the Lone Wolf is suspected. Sharon Montgomery, wife of diamond merchant Charles Montgomery, becomes involved in a jewel heist, in which again the Lone Wolf is a suspect.
The Trouble with Women (1947) as Tony, waiter
Shoot to Kill (1947) as Gus Miller
Gangster Dixie Logan is framed by crooked DA Lawrence Dale. His wife secures a job as Dale's assistant, the better to find the proof of the DA's dishonesty. She gets help from Reporter Mitchell, who falls in love with her.
Road to Utopia (1946) as McGurk
Two song-and-dance men on the run masquerade as killers during the Alaskan gold rush.
The Last Crooked Mile (1946) as Ferrara
Badman's Territory (1946) as "Sam Bass"
A sheriff and a newspaperwoman take on a band of outlaws invading the Oklahoma panhandle.
The Well Groomed Bride (1946) as Fernandez
Suspense (1946) as Man with blonde
The new manager of an ice show plots to steal the owners business and his wife.
Fear (1946) as Schaefer
A detective uses psychological warfare to get a confession out of a murderous student.
Music for Millions (1945) as Willie, bartender
A pregnant musician awaits her husband's return from World War II.
Cornered (1945) as Police official
A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
The Song of Bernadette (1945) as Baker
A French peasant girl''s visions of the Virgin Mary create controversy as pilgrims flock to her small town for healing.
A Medal for Benny (1945) as Frank Alviso
Nob Hill (1945) as Luigi
The owner of a San Francisco saloon yearns to rank among the upper crust of Nob Hill. When he begins romancing a wealthy socialite it looks like he may have his entree into high society. The pretty star of his saloon's show, however, wants to make sure he stays on the Barbary Coast.
A Thousand and One Nights (1945) as Kahim
Aladdin tries to make his fortune with the help of a beautiful genie.
Sensation Hunters (1945) as Lew Davis
Along the Navajo Trail (1945) as Janza
U.S. Deputy Marshal Roy investigates the disappearance of a government agent who has come to Dale's father's Lazy A Ranch. The bad guys want the land the ranch sits on because they know an oil pipeline is planned through this location. Songs include the title song and the famous "Cool Water."
The Southerner (1945) as Bartender
A sharecropper fights the elements to start his own farm.
Salome, Where She Danced (1945) as Panatela
Till We Meet Again (1944) as Gendarme
The Falcon in Mexico (1944) as Manuel Romero
A society sleuth travels South of the border to investigate an art dealer''s murder.
Kismet (1944) as Captain of police
In the classic Arabian Nights tale, the king of the beggars enters high society to help his daughter marry a handsome prince.
Shine on Harvest Moon (1944) as Romero
Song-filled look behind the scenes of vaudeville, based on the lives of Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.
Tampico (1944) as Naval commander
Oil-tanker Captain Manson rescues Kathie Hall after her ship is sunk by a U-boat. He marries her. When his ship is sunk and she is suspected because she has no identification. Manson tries to clear her of the charge and discovers that his first mate, Adamson, is a German agent.
The Purple Heart (1944) as Francisco de los Santos
This is the story of the crew of a downed bomber, captured after a run over Tokyo, early in the war. Relates the hardships the men endure while in captivity, and their final humiliation: being tried and convicted as war criminals.
Background to Danger (1943) as Koylan
An American gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey.
The Desert Song (1943) as Benoit
The Hard Way (1943) as Max Wade
An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.
The Dancing Masters (1943) as Silvio
The boys operate a ballet school (appearing in drag) and try to help a young inventor sell his idea, to get in the good graces of his girl's father. In their efforts, they get involved with a gang of insurance racketeers. All ends well.
Tornado (1943) as Big Joe Vlochek
Rhythm of the Islands (1943) as Nataro
The Crystal Ball (1943) as Stukov
A female fortuneteller uses her "powers" to land a man.
True to Life (1943) as Kapopolis
A writer for a radio program needs some fresh ideas to juice up his show. For inspiration, he rents a room with a typical American family and begins to secretly write about their true life antics. The show becomes a big hit, but he begins to feel guilty about his charade when he falls in love with the family's pretty older daughter.
The Fallen Sparrow (1943) as Jake
Nazi spies pursue a Spanish Civil War veteran in search of a priceless keepsake.
Chetniks! (1943) as Italian major
A guerrilla resistance leader battles Nazi troops in German-occupied Yugoslavia.
Ship Ahoy (1942) as Felix, thug
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
Reap the Wild Wind (1942) as Man with suspenders
Two sailors vie for the affections of a southern temptress while fighting off pirates.
Broadway (1942) as Rinalti
For Me and My Gal (1942) as Nick
An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
King of the Mounties (1942)
The chapter-crunched version of this 196 minutes, 12-episode serial from Republic finds Canada being bombed mercilessly by a mysterious-enemy plane (shaped like a boomerang) called the Falcon, under the supervision of Admiral Yamata (Abner Biberman), Count Baroni (Nestor Pavia) and Marshal von Horst (Wilheim/William von Brincken using his WW II alias of William Vaughn), chiefs of the Axis Fifth Column in Canada. No one can identify the plane until American inventor, Professor Marshall Brent (George Irving), and his daughter Carol (Peggy Drake) arrive with a new type of airplane detector. This poses a threat to the Axis chiefs in preparing western Canada for an invasion and they have him kidnapped by local Quisling Gil Harper (Douglass Dumbrille.) RCMP Sergeant Tom King (Allan Lane) attempts to rescue Brent, but the inventor is killed when a plane in which he is held captive crashes into a riverboat. Carol, determined to carry on her father's work and with King's aid, manages to prevent the enemy agents from capturing the detector, and destroys the device (many chapters later) when the agents make a last desperate attack on the cabin where it is hidden. She is captured and taken to the crater of a volcano, where the ring makes its headquarters.
Fly-by-Night (1942) as Grube
Timber (1942) as Jules Fabian
The Girl from Alaska (1942) as Geroux
Road to Morocco (1942) as Arab sausage vendor
Two castaways get mixed up in an Arabian nightmare when they're caught between a bandit chief and a beautiful princess.
Johnny Eager (1942) as Tony Luce
A handsome racketeer seduces the DA's daughter for revenge, then falls in love.
Pittsburgh (1942) as Barney
Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top. When his crash comes, he finds that fate has dealt him a second chance.
Flying Tigers (1942) as Bruiser
American flyers help the Chinese fight off Japanese invaders.
Jail House Blues (1942) as Guard
The Lady Has Plans (1942) as Portuguese porter
Some dastardly criminals have stolen some top secret plans and tattoo them on the back of a woman so she can sell them to the highest bidder in Lisbon. This woman plans to take the place of a 'Sidney Royce', a legitimate traveler going to Lisbon as a reporter. Crossed signals allows the real Sidney to reach Portugal first, where she is pursued by those trying to obtain the plans and US government agents trying to prevent the sale.
Hold Back the Dawn (1941) as Flores
A gigolo flees Nazi occupation and sets his sights on a shy schoolteacher who happens to be a US citizen.
Dark Streets of Cairo (1941) as Ahmed
Meet Boston Blackie (1941) as Martin Vestrick
A reformed thief uncovers a spy ring while investigating a murder at sea.
Pot O' Gold (1941) as Guide
A young man is caught between his music-hating uncle and a pretty girl from a family of musicians.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941) as Head waiter
A softhearted gangster tries to go straight.
Hold That Ghost (1941) as Glum
Two bumbling gas station attendants find themselves stranded in a haunted house.
Rise and Shine (1941) as Captain
The college president, the head cheerleader and a gambling gangster try to keep a flunking football star in the game.
Wild Geese Calling (1941) as Manager
In the 1890s lumberjack John leaves Seattle for Alaska to look for gold. After he marries dancehall girl Sally, he finds she used to be in love with his best friend Blackie.
Dance Hall (1941) as Dance hall owner
Singer Lili Brown is attracted to dance hall manager Duke till she realizes he does that to all the girls. Nice guy Duke sets her up with composer Joe Brooks.
Dressed to Kill (1941) as Harris
Detective Michael Shayne and his girlfriend Joanne leave a marriage bureau when shots fired in a nearby theatre draw his attention to a string of theatrical murders.
The Kid from Kansas (1941) as Jamaica
Boom Town (1940) as Venezuelan officer
Friends become rivals when they strike-it-rich in oil.
Arise, My Love (1940) as Uniformed clerk
A dashing pilot and a vivacious reporter find adventure in Europe on the eve of World War II.
The Devil's Pipeline (1940) as Grunyan
Marines Fly High (1940) as Fernandez
Two Marines compete for the love of a Central American plantation owner.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Agitator
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
He Stayed for Breakfast (1940) as Gendarme
Phantom Raiders (1940) as Inspector
Detective Nick Carter tries to stop enemy agents from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
The Magnificent Fraud (1939) as Latin business man
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) as
A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Beau Geste (1939) as Corporal Golas
Three brothers in the French foreign legion fight off murderous Arabs and a sadistic sergeant.
Another Thin Man (1939) as Cuban proprietor
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
Union Pacific (1939) as C. P. Conductor
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
Ride a Crooked Mile (1938) as Leroyd
Prison Train (1938) as Sullen
Frankie Terris (Fred Keating) and Mannie Robbins (Alexander Leftwich) are the two most powerful gangsters in their city. Frankie has a young sister, Louise (Dorothy Comingore as Linda Winters), whom he has kept at a boarding school away from the stench of his racketeering. Mannie's young son, Joe (James Blakely), is also ignorant of his father's profession. Louise and Joe meet, and Joe tries to make love to her. Frankie interrupts and, in a fight that follows, kills Joe. Mannie vows to get Frankie. The latter, sentenced to Alcatraz, fears for Louise's safety and makes her promise to take a trip abroad. Louise learns that Mannie plans to shoot Frankie on the train taking him to prison, and she stows away in hopes of warning her brother. On the train, she falls into the protective arms of Federal Agent Bill Adams (Peter Potter as William Moore.) Before she has a chance to warn Frankie, Mannie's henchmen go to work and a gangland shootout ensues.

Cast (special)

Take 5 (1958)
The story of an undercover agent for the New York District Attorney's office who doubles as the editor of a music magazine. The agent attempts to find a con man who is blackmailing his latest discovery, a promising blues singer.

Cast (short)

Jack Pot (1940)
This short film focuses on illegal gambling and bookmaking.
Unseen Guardians (1939)
This short film focuses on the Postal Inspection Service, which investigates mail order racketeering.

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