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Cinematography (feature film)

Terrors of the Deep (1995) as Camera
Special featuring rare films of the dangers in the oceans, including footage from a camera moving into the mouth of a great white shark, and man-versus-sea catastrophes such as the sinking of the ferry Estonia.

Cinematography (special)

Kevin Bacon: Am I Me? (2002) as Field Camera
Profile of actor Kevin Bacon.
Alamo Scouts (2001) as Camera
Before there were Green Berets or Navy SEALs, the Alamo Scouts conducted top-secret missions in the South Pacific during World War II. This specially-trained elite guerrilla force snuck behind enemy lines, observed Japanese troop strength, mapped potential landing sights and undertook daring rescue
Sarge! (2001) as Camera
Documentary about sergeants, the backbone of the military, portrayed in hundreds of Hollywood movies as cigar-chomping, tough-as-nail molders of raw recruits.
Tracey Gold (2001) as Field Camera
Profile of actress Tracey Gold.
Drake's Secret Voyage (2001) as Camera
Eight years after defeating the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake found his reputation in tatters. Desperate to reclaim his past glory, he embarked on a dangerous mission to South America that would cost him his life. The story is told through the accounts of the Guayou Indians of Columbia, and the
American Classics (2001) as Camera
Documentary special about American popular cultural symbols and icons, including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, the Harley-Davidson motorcylcle, Uncle Sam, the Chevy Corvette, the Betty Grable pinup, cowboys and John Wayne, "Ozzie & Harriet," TV dinners and rock 'n' roll.
Ted Nugent: The Motor City Madman (2001) as Field Camera
The life of Ted Nugent, a consummate showman and guitarist who has been making music for over 30 years. Using no drugs and working very hard, Ted Nugent has released 29 albums and sold over 30 million. At age 53, Nugent still plays more than 200 concerts a year.
Buddy Holly (2001) as Field Camera
Profile of singer Buddy Holly, the victim of a plane crash in 1959.
Rick Springfield: Behind the Image (2001) as Field Camera
The story of Rick Springfield, who sold 15 million records and after nearly 30 years in show business still performs with the reckless abandon of a 20-something Rock star. Concert footage, photos and interviews chronicle his early life in Australia and his career -- a path that has taken him from te
Clint Black: A Better Man (2000) as Field Camera
Profile of country music star Clint Black.
Tarnished Gold (2000) as Camera And Sound
Documentary that looks at how the Olympics, the biennial spectacle of the world's greatest athletes competing for gold medals, has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. The program investigates how the business has become corrupt as cities around the globe vie for the right to host the Olympics.
Intimate Portrait: Katey Sagal (2000) as Camera
Portrait of actress Katey Sagal, who starred as Peg Bundy in Married With Children" (1986-1997).
Search For Life on Mars, The (2000) as Camera
Mars has fascinated Earthlings since the dawn of history. Billions of dollars have been spent on missions to learn the planet's secrets. What have NASA's unmanned missions to Mars revealed about the red planet? Is it possible that life once existed there?
FBI Celebrity Files, The (2000) as Camera
Under the banner of protecting the national security, J. Edgar Hoover authorized his agents to accumulate massive, gossip-filled files on whomever he chose. Hoover had a hefty appetite for gossip and an inflexible moral code that put celebrities who didn't subscribe to it at his mercy. The program p
Carlos the Jackal (2000) as Camera
Documentary about Carlos the Jackal. His name is synonymous with political terrorism in the 1970s. He was rumored to be the mastermind behind the Munich Olympic tragedy, the hijacking of an El Al jet in Uganda and the bombing of Pan Am 103. Six years after his arrest, the true story of Carlos the Ja
Intimate Portrait: Joanna Kerns (2000) as Camera
Portrait of the life and career of actress Joanna Kerns, who portrayed the television mom, Maggie Seaver, on the series "Growing Pains" for seven seasons.
World War II Memorial, The (2000) as Director Of Photography
Documentary that details the efforts to have a World War II memorial approved by Congress and features reflections about the war experience from vets who rose to greatness.
Intimate Portrait: Tyne Daly (1999) as Camera Operator
Profile of the life and career of film and television actress Tyne Daly, the most awarded woman in television history.
Newspapers (1999) as Camera Operator
Documentary about newspapers. Examines the history of the medium and publishing tycoons such as Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. Also examines how newspapers are trying to stay relevant in an increasingly electronic world.
Intimate Portrait: Dr. Laura Schlessinger (1999) as Camera
Profile of the life and career of radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
Harlem Globetrotters (1999) as Camera
Profile of the Harlem Globetrotters and their coach Abe Saperstein.
Intimate Portrait: Oksana Baiul (1999) as Camera
Profile of ice-skating champion Oskana Baiul.
Everly Brothers, The (1999) as Field Camera
Biography about Don and Phil Everly -- the musical duo known as the Everly Brothers. The program recounts their rise to fame, their breakup and their reunion upon being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Intimate Portrait: Cheryl Ladd (1999) as Camera
Documentary about the life and career of actor Cheryl Ladd, who catapulted into stardom when she was cast in the hit television series "Charlie's Angels." Ladd reflects on her humble beginnings as a nightclub singer, her life in the Hollywood limelight and her marriage to songwriter Brian Russell.
Intimate Portrait: Olympia Dukakis (1999) as Camera
Profile of the life and career of actor Olympia Dukakis.
Life and Times of Rick Springfield, The (1999) as Field Camera
Profile of singer/songwriter/actor Rick Springfield.
Intimate Portrait: Marlee Matlin (1999) as Camera
Documentary about the life and career of actor Marlee Matlin.
Lifetime Women's Film Festival (1999) as Director Of Photography
Showcases the work of five independent women filmmakers. Films shown include: Wallis Nicita's "Jazz Night," Kara Harshbarger's "A Little Inside," Angela Robinson's "The Kinsey 3," Caroline Sax's "The Fishmonger's Daughter" and Elizabeth Sung's "The Water Ghost."
Underground Railroad, The (1999) as Director Of Photography
Documentary about the Underground Railroad, an interracial alliance that helped slaves to freedom. Features profiles of prominent figures of the railroad, including: Harriet Tubman, who made 20 trips to free over 300 fugitives; Frederick Douglass, who galvanized Abolitionists with his accounts of cr
Intimate Portrait: Judith Light (1998) as Camera
Documentary profiling the life and career of actor Judith Light, who is also an activist against discrimination and hate crimes and for the rights of people living with AIDS.
Behind Closed Doors With Joan Lunden VI (1998) as Camera
Joan Lunden takes viewers behind the closed doors of places rarely seen by the public, including: a look on the field and inside the booth at the television program "Monday Night Football"; a look behind closed doors with the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol; and six cameras record the implosi
Intimate Portrait: Phylicia Rashad (1998) as Camera
Documentary on the life and career of actor Phylicia Rashad.
Ozzie & Harriet: The Adventures of America's Favorite Family (1998) as Director Of Photography
The story of the Nelsons, the real family behind the idealized TV family of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," the longest-running family situation comedy in television history.
Charlie Chaplin: A Tramp's Life (1998) as Director Of Photography
Profile of legendary performer and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.
Hustons: Hollywood's Maverick Dynasty, The (1998) as Director Of Photography
Profiles of actor Walter Huston, director John Huston and actor Anjelica Huston.
Angela Lansbury: A Balancing Act (1998) as Director Of Photography
Profile of actress Angela Lansbury.
Great Empire: Rome, The (1998) as Director Of Photography
Documentary traces the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. At its peak, the Roman Empire spread over three continents, from England to Egypt, across Western Europe, to Asia and the Middle East. For more than a thousand years, the Romans ruled the Western world, setting the standard for architecture,
Nat King Cole: Loved in Return (1998) as Director Of Photography
Profile of singer and musician Nat King Cole.
World's Funniest Hypnotist, The (1996) as Camera Operator
Special featuring the internationally-renowned hypnotist, Paul McKenna, who hypnotizes 10 willing members of a studio audience.
Hindenburg, The (1996) as Field Camera
Documentary gives a minute-by-minute account of the demise of the world's biggest zeppelin,"The Hindenburg," in a 1937 explosion over New Jersey. Survivors, eyewitnesses, and historians tell their stories.
Story of the Gun, The (1996) as Camera
Historical, cultural and technical exploration of the evolution of the gun. Featuring expert interviews, art artifacts, archival photographs and film clips.
Mummies! Tales From the Egyptian Crypts (1996) as Director Of Photography (Re-Creations)
Documentary exploring the physical remnants of the funeral customs in ancient Egyptian civilizations. The first segment visits the pyramids and the sphinx. The second segment focuses on King Tutankhamen's Tomb and hieroglyphs.
Ghosts, Mediums, Psychics: Put to the Test (1995) as Camera Operator
Claims of parapsychic phenomena, supernatural encounters, and extrasensory perception are put to the test by experts from the fields of medicine, science, and law enforcement who search for logical explanations of bizarre events.
Lincoln Assassination, The (1995) as Field Camera
Historical documentary about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
Life and Times of Hank Williams, The (1995) as Field Camera
Documentary on the life and career of country music singer and songwriter Hank Williams.
Behind Closed Doors With Joan Lunden (1994) as Camera Operator
A magazine special hosted by Joan Lunden, who visits the Betty Ford Clinic, travels with Shaquille O'Neal and the Orlando Magic and visits Mel Gibson on the set of the feature film, "Maverick."
Shame on You! (1993) as Camera
Reality-based show based on popular consumer segment created by Arnold Diaz, News Reporter for New York affiliate WCBS-TV. Consumer reporters track down and confront con artists and other unscrupulous individuals who are accused of lying, cheating, stealing and abusing the system while taking advant
TGIF Comedy Preview (1991) as Camera Operator
A primetime special showcasing ABC's Fall 1991 comedy series and their stars.
Coca-Cola Pop Music "Backstage Pass to Summer" (1991) as Eng Camera
A special hosted by Cher, previewing the Summer 1991 music scene. Featured segments include the premiere of Cher's video "Love and Understanding," footage of the new video by Paula Abdul and M.C. Skat Cat, and performances/interviews with Whitney Houston, Tom Petty, Chris Issak and others.
America's Best Kept Secrets (1991) as Camera
A special featuring a variety of segments on "secrets," ranging from how parents can beat their kids at Nintendo to previously unreported UFO sightings.
Jungle Book Reunion, The (1990) as Camera Operator
A special about the 1990 re-release of the 1967 Walt Disney animated feature, "The Jungle Book," based on the classic novel by Rudyard Kipling. Includes film clips from the animated feature as well as celebrities attending a party for the theatrical re-release of the movie on July 13, 1990.
Twin Peaks & Cop Rock: Behind the Scenes (1990) as Director Of Photography
A special providing an examination of two television series broadcast on ABC: "Twin Peaks" and "Cop Rock."
California Girls (1988) as Video Camera Operator
A special documenting career-striving women in California and the reasons why they are drawn to the state.

Film Production - Main (special)

Beyond Belief... Amazing True Stories (1995) as Technical Director
Reality-based special chronicling true life stories that defy logic. A mother gives birth to fraternal twins -- 95 days apart; the world's smallest motorized car -- smaller than a grain of rice!
Beyond Belief... Amazing True Stories (1994) as Technical Director
A special profiling true life stories that defy logic. Included are a diver who holds his breath for over eight minutes, a doctor who removes half the brain of a young child in order to save his life, the creator of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, chronic back sufferers who find relief by swimming

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (special)

Bachelor Pad (2004) as Lighting Designer
Reality series in which men are submitted for a bachelor pad makeover by friends, family, and former girlfriends. Designers take a bachelor's pad and completely clean out, then transform, two rooms into a totally new living space while allowing the bachelor to keep only one essential item from the

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