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Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne



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  • Robert Osborne

    • Margit Lenz
    • 2017-03-21

    Robert Osborne brought "class" to watching TV. I ask that TCM continue to bring him into our lives; sprinkle him in occasionally and hang a lovely photo of him so that each time I tune in, I can look at him. We should all be as gracious and classy as he was.

  • Miss Robert Osborne

    • Harold
    • 2017-03-20

    I have been watching TCM for a number of years. I will miss Robert Osborne he was a very best of the best host's that TCM has had I am sad and will miss seeing him as the host of TCM. RIP Robert Osborne you will be for ever missed

  • Miss you Robert

    • Austin Elliott
    • 2017-03-19

    Robert like an old friend. I wanted to be an actor and did plays from 3rd grade through collage. Went to Pasadena Playhouse one summer 1968. Movies ,my favorite form of entertainment. As I got older was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Depression and went through periods of isolation. The classic films really helped cope and lift my depression. You with your knowledge and friendly, welcoming voice. Missing you along with millions of fans. love to your friends and family and partner of many years.

  • TCM Is And Always Will Be THE STATION To Watch!

    • classactTCM
    • 2017-03-10

    RIP,Robert!You were the man who knew the movies,and TCM the station to watch for the classics uninterrupted.We shall miss you dearly,and your health problems are now done!Too bad you only did 20 years hosting.


    • Sondra Sprung
    • 2017-03-07


  • Robert, You Will be Sorely Missed. RIP

    • Pamela Hill
    • 2017-03-07

    Wow, I thought of you this morning....not realizing you had already left this world. I've loved you and TCM from the beginning. Another beautiful soul has left my world. God Speed and God Bless.


    • Richard Annuncio
    • 2017-03-06

    I very sad about Robert Osborn passing, I have been a fan or TCM since it started, and love old movies. Robert Osborn was a great host he will be missed. and may he rest in peace. I know he is in a better place, Very sad Richard Annuncio

  • RIP,Great Man

    • willbemissed
    • 2017-03-06

    Mr Osbourne was truly knowledgeable about all movies.He took ribbing with class.So sorry to hear of his passing.Ben M's announcement came as quite a shock,but must've been the reason why Robert was so noticeably missing-very poor health.Keep up the good quality programming,and good luck finding the perfect replacement.His shoes will be difficult to fill,and Ben is a good host,too!Condolences to Mr Osbourne's family,friends and everyone at TCM!

  • RIP

    • Irish
    • 2017-03-06

    I just heard the news about Mr. Osborne's passing. I'm deeply shocked and saddened. He was so knowledgeable about movies, no matter how obscure. I always thought it would be fascinating to sit and talk to him, and learn from him. My condolences to his friends and family, and to everyone at TCM. This is a huge loss. Rest in Peace. You will be deeply missed.

  • Where, oh where is Robert Osborne??

    • Peggy Just
    • 2017-01-01

    For more years than I can count, I have maintained cable TV for one reason only...TCM. It is the ONLY channel I watch ever! I cannot stand commercials and am in love with movies from the 30's and 40's. I also enjoy the silent era as I have personally composed and played piano accompaniments for theatre showings of movies like "The Gold Rush", "It", and "Paleface." So you might understand how much I value the fact that I can count on you to show the movies I love without interruption. Another reason I've loved TCM is the knowledge and graciousness of your hosts. I've looked forward to Robert's intros as they'd add a new layer of insight to a film I may have seen many times before. I also enjoy Ben. In his own style, he, too, gives TCM lots of class! I have read articles indicating that Robert has some health issues. If this makes it impossible for him to return, I would hope that his many fans would be allowed to wish him the best. If he may be returning, I believe many of us would like to know. Yes, Robert! We care that much!! In the mean time, I join with some of the other reviewers who cringe as some of your new and guest hosts lack poise, mispronounce titles ("Lured"!!), and just cannot come close to filling even one shoe! Robert, I just want to know how you are. You have brought so much good company into my living room over the years and you've just disappeared. Thank you for all the wonderful moments!

  • robert osborne

    • peeearl kazdan
    • 2016-12-29

    As a great fan of tcm and of Robert Osborne, I would like to express my disappointment in your present host. I realize that there is only one Robert Osborne, but someone like Alec Baldwin, and Ben Mankiewicz are much better choices than the women who drone on so, that I have to turn them off. The movies you show deserve better hosts, and so do your viewers. Perhaps Mr. Osborne himself should have a word in choosing his successor, if he needs one. Best wishes to a grand Robert Osborne.

  • Mr Robert Osborne

    • Alfreda Brooks
    • 2016-10-11

    I am truly missing Mr. Osborne on TCM. My wish is for a healthy and happy return of Robert Osborne as the rightful host of TCM.

  • Robert Where Are You?

    • Richard Leone
    • 2016-09-19

    Robert Osborne has been missing for so long that I wondering if he illness is more serious than was expected. We have not been given any updates to his health which is disturbing. He is greatly missed and I hope he returns soon.

  • What's with the Hosts??

    • Keith
    • 2016-08-29

    First, there is dear Tiffany Vasquez who can't seem to learn how to use her hands. She needs to just relax and stop flapping those giants around like great flippers. Then. what's with Michael Feinstein and those weird facial expressions and his dramatic pronunciations? Maybe it's from all those years, and years of singing.

  • Did you retire Robert

    • Kelly
    • 2016-08-29

    I wonder where is MR. Osborne, miss watching you in my living room. It is a great void that you are not there. Hope all is well with you. You are like a long time friend to me. CONCERNED!!. GOD BLESS.

  • I miss Mr Osborne

    • LaVerne
    • 2016-07-30

    Please return as soon as you can Mr. O. You are TCM. I miss your knowledge of movies and your love of movies. You are such a wise and generous man. I will impatiently await your return. You are a national treasure!

  • Come Home Robert

    • Cliff Johnson
    • 2016-07-25

    I continue to adore TCM's programming. However, I feel a great void as I sit here in my living room without you Robert. I Feel like my dear friend and classic film guardian has just gotten up from his arm chair and walked out of my life. I'm sure it's difficult for all of us to accept TCM without you, but eventually you must pass the torch on to Ben and his associates. We can only hope for your timely return for as long as we can have you. Please come home Bob. Let's movie!

  • Where is dear Robert Osborne?

    • Susan
    • 2016-07-24

    Are you on vacation? I hope you are well. I want you to know that I miss your introductions. Best Wishes Always, Susan Weiman

  • The Essentials: TCM and Robert Osborne

    • Fred and Marianne
    • 2016-07-23

    My wife and I are huge fans of TCM. We miss Robert Osborne and hope he will be returning soon. TCM is not the same without him.

  • Mr. O.

    • Bev
    • 2016-07-19

    I just sent in a comment and hope it was not too long to be posted. It was, of course, about the missing Robert Osborne. We all miss you and hope you will be returning. If not, then thanks for the years of memories, wonderful stories, and kind manner. As for TCM, what has happened to it? What is going on with all these third- and fourth-rate movies from 60s, 70s, 80s? Rollerball? Really? Even the bad old films are far superior to the bad movies from this more current period. Bring back TCM and preferably Mr. O. Ben M. is doing a creditable job, but he's no Robert Osborne. At lease Sally Field and all of her negativity is gone! But please, please, bring back your original format!

  • Missing Mr. O.

    • Bev
    • 2016-07-19

    Two things: We are missing Mr. Osborne and are so concerned by his absence. We all send you are very best wishes and hope you will be able to return to TCM. If not, sincere thanks for so many memories, wonderful stories, and kind manner. Second: What is happening to TCM? Cannot believe how often it is airing third- an fourth-rate films from more recent years. Who is choosing these seriously awful films? Ben Manckiewicz is doing a good job in trying to replace Mr. O., but please find someone better to choose films! Not suggesting that it is Mr. Manchiewicz making the decisions, but please, please bring back what was so special about TCM--those wonderful old movies they just don't make anymore, even the stinkers. Must say, even stinkers from the 30s are better than most films made in 60s, 70s, and 80s. Besides, I can find them on other channels. At lease we don't have to listen to Sally Field pan every film and practically every actor--what a mismatch that was! I worry TCM is going the way of AMC which, like Turner, started out with classics hosted by an insider, but has become just another schlock movie channel. By the way, what has happened to Nick Clooney? Can TCM get him? Whatever, please rest ore TCM to its former splendor.

  • Where is Mr. O?

    • Bruce and Jenny
    • 2016-07-04

    We have been watching TCM for 20 years now and Robert Osborne has been a guest in our living room all this time. It is our hope and prayer Mr. Osborne that our Lord and Savior bless you and keep you. Whether you return or not, we wish you peace.

  • Adding my concerns

    • Phyllis Carr
    • 2016-07-04

    Nothing I can say that hasn't been said in reference to missing Robert and the not so delightful changes in the schedule. Very sad that my favorite has changed so much.

  • Missing Robert

    • keith
    • 2016-07-01

    I sure hope Mr. Osborne will return to the air on TCM soon. It's a great network and I would surely miss it if it wasn't available but Ben M. despite his name can't hold a candle to Robert's film knowledge and personality. If he just skipped one dumb joke it would be an improvement. And, the thought of Tiffany Vasquez rehearsing an introduction in the shower is not an image I want caught in my head. PLEASE, we need some intelligence and maturity!!!

  • Just adding my "Two Cents Worth"..

    • Tally Haugen
    • 2016-06-22

    Dear Mr Bob.. They are ALL CORRECT! T C M isn't the same without You! We miss your stories and gentle delivery, and the obvious delight you convey in the subject matter.. To borrow a phrase from Mr Dick Van Dyke's from 1964 : "DON'T STAY AWAY TOO LONG!"... With All Hope,Deepest Respect and Sincere Wishes! Tally in NC....

  • Thank you, Robert Osborne

    • Jane
    • 2016-06-13

    I miss you, we all miss you. You and TCM (an obvious redundancy) have been my best therapy during my darkest hours. I have studied 20th century history, art, comparative literature, politics and philosophy with you. Truth be told, I have often used you as an excuse to avoid the real world, but that's only when I had to make the choice between the sublime and the ridiculous. Ultimately, you have grounded me. I have worried for years that no one can ever replace you, and that your vast, first hand knowledge and connection to film history will be lost. So, I am greatly relieved that you have anointed a worthy successor in Ben Mankiewicz whose Hollywood lineage and impressive knowledge of film will continue to grow your vision for the next generation. But let me reiterate, I miss you terribly.

  • Missing Robert!

    • Kim McCutchen
    • 2016-06-10

    I am a huge TCM and Robert Osborne fan. I hope he is on vacation and not a medically necessary break. Know he may just want a break. But we miss you Robert!!! Ben you do a great job. And I love Michael McKean and Annette O'Toole having this husband and wife conversation about the movies we all love. Of all the guest hosts I hope they could have a more permanent place on TCM. I feel like I learn a lot when they are talking about the movies like with Robert and Ben. But I will always look for Robert. This is the only channel I watch. Also I would like to add, PLEASE PLAY REBECCA. It has been over 5 years since it last aired. Not even shown during the 31 days of Oscar. I would love to see Rebecca on the only channel I watch. I'm in my 40's and prefer movies that leave some things to my imagination. Plus my dad(79) and sons early 20's watch with me. Thank you. And hoping to see Robert again real soon.

  • Miss you, Bob!

    • Cody Lowe
    • 2016-06-04

    Really miss seeing Bob's smiling face and all his informative stories, and hope he is well. And the network has been so enhanced since Ben arrived with the addition of his first-person family accounts. I hope his hours are not going to be cut back with the addition of the new host. Mainly, however, I just want to add my voice to the thousands and thousands of movie buffs whose lives are enhanced as well as entertained each day by TCM. In my personal opinion (with six decades of TV watching experience), the network is the best thing to happen to television since its inception (and I'm a big TV fan, too). When I was a teenager, one of my best friends and I hatched a plan to one day open our own theater to show our favorite old movies. This was, of course, pre-videotape and long before TCM. Well, we went different ways with our lives, but the day I discovered TCM, I realized you folks had done the job for me! And even better, of course, because as much as a film buff as I am (part of my major in college) you bring a wealth of information I never knew and provide these riches to far more people than a theater -- or chain of theaters -- could do. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times! And keep up the good work!

  • TCM and Robert Osborne

    • Jackie Burbank
    • 2016-05-15

    Robert, so many of us miss you and pray you are doing well. TCM just isn't the same with you gone. I personally love what Ben is doing, he knows his movies well also. As for the programming, so many have stressed how they feel about the truly old Classic Movies. I too feel this way. I want to see the 30's through the early 60's, the real classics for us. I do not care to see the nudity in the later films and the cuss words are not necessary. I will continue watching the true classics but refuse to watch what I call filth movies. Jackie Burbank

  • tcm classics

    • gary backus
    • 2015-09-09

    i love all the classic been watch since you first came i don't care for syfi musicals and westerns i would love to talk to robert and ben some day please put on thats entertainmet again thanks you gary im a fan my wife sick a lot can't go away i love entertaining moies in the evening


    • 2015-09-07


    • Michel Margosis
    • 2015-07-26

    I recently watched on TCM the delightful 1939 movie 'Honolulu' with Robert Young playing two roles, the great dancer Eleanor Powell, and the always funny Burns and Allen. I noted that one of the songs 'The Leader Doesn't Like Music' attributed to Harry Warren for the music and Gus Kahn for the lyrics actually came from Ray Ventura & His Collegiens as 'Le Chef n'aime pas la musique (1939)'. Ray Ventura was a French jazz bandleader in the 1930's and 1940's who popularized a host of memorable songs that I still remember and can still find on the Internet. Michel Margosis

  • tcm - very few classic movies lately

    • donald root
    • 2015-05-24

    yesterday tcm had old westerns all day. today it is war movies all day I admit I liked some of these movies when I was about 12 years old. I don't expect 4 star movies all day, but neither do I expect mostly 2 star movies. 3 of the movies that were on in the past few weeks were "bombs" according to leonard maltin. have u decided to appeal to a much younger audience? maybe you have someone new that decides which movies to schedule. I keep praying you return to your former standards. I will continue to look for some of the gems that you have shown in the past few years.....thank you

  • Thank you

    • J E Martin
    • 2015-05-12

    TCM is the most amazing channel on television and I cannot imagine turning on T.V. and not having it. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much it means to my entire family that we have the ability to witness the past come alive the way the original movie moguls intended. I wonder if they knew in this modern world of electronic technology and computer wonder they would still hold such a high standing. In no way is todays media, soap operas, and the reality shows that bombard our every cable channels a suitable version of entertainment for anyone. Twice a week we spend a movie night and our choice is always what ever is on TCM! Its simple, you show entertainment and variety that emotionally does everything; you wind up in stiches, as in the case of Arsenic and Old Lace, or you walk away with something that touches your heart so deeply as in the case of The Search. My young grandchildren watch with me, and they are thrilled because they think they have been introduced to some secret club that their friends have no clue of. They tell me of returning to school and sharing stories of movies like Francis the Mule and The Incredible Mr. Limpet, and the friends always ask when can they visit to watch too. Keep up the good work, we love you, and keep the archives open for everything that is old to the world, but new to us. Thank you.

  • The worst films ever made...

    • Julian Corsello
    • 2015-04-09

    Born in the 40s, raised in the 50s and blurry 60s, I have encountered many terrible films in my cinematic lifetime. As a senior citizen, these recollections are part of the romance of memories. To that point, I think it would be cool to feature a series of movies, considered the worst of all time. Perhaps in its day it was held in slight regard but has attained a "cult" status, or it still remains slightly regarded. Sometimes it was intended as a "star" turn gone awry. I think it might be an interesting Spring/Summer escapist fare. Love your show, think you're awesome. Can't live without TCM. Thank you for the great history lessons. Julian Corsello

  • Star of the month

    • Robert Proctor
    • 2014-09-26

    Have you ever thought of making a duo the star of the month? Example Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and Penney Singelton and Arthur Lake ( Blondie series 28 in all) these were great and put out by Cloumbia Pictures but maybe owned by King Syendicate. Would love to have all of the Blondie movies shown on TCM.

  • i never sang for my father

    • richard
    • 2014-09-24

    This is the first time I have seen this movie I am soon to be 75 how could I have missed it. It was just wonderful I found it so heart warming . The cast was great ,they don't make them like that any more sorry to say. I am a great fan of Mr. Osborne and Turner Classic movies.

  • TCM not the station it was

    • Rena Lee
    • 2014-07-17

    Add this plea to the others i've found here. Some years back, TCM was an oasis of great entertainment. It truly used to live up to it's title "Classic movies." Now, we're forced to endure very mediocre movies from decidedly NON-classic time periods. Just one example of this is "Rollerball'; really? I don't know what kind of staff shake up is responsible for these terrible changes, but there are plenty of disgruntled TCM fans out here, and i am one. We'd like our old station back, please. In addition to movies of poor quality and non-classic time periods, there is also an unfortunate tendency to show "theme days" during which the viewer must endure ten films in a row, all having to do with, say, an opera theme. This is nothing less than torture for non-opera loving fans. There have been many other "themes" foisted on us, often having to do with an obscure subject that the average viewer cares nothing about. Why this disregard of classic movie fans? Sometimes, the obscurity truly extends beyond the pale, as when there was a festival of old, silent Japanese movies. the average American TCM fan is yearning for Humphrey bogard, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan crawford, Ida Lupino, Bette Davis, et al. I'm sure there are film students somewhere who love old silent japanese cinema, but the rest of us are scratching our heads and wondering why we can't see "They Drive by Night." If your station would pay more attention to its name, we'd all be better off: Turner CLASSIC Movies. Classic is loosely defined as being between 1930 and 1960 -- the era of black and white cinema. I can't say it enough, or strongly enough, there are plenty of disappointed people out here who crave Popular classic movies; things like "Gilda" and "the Big Heat" . How sad is it that the one movie you use to advertise your station is never even shown on TCM anymore !!! I mean, of course, "killer's kiss." someone please, please wake up. Enough already.

  • Ida Lupino fans left out in the cold

    • Rena Lee
    • 2014-07-17

    Am i the lone voice in the wilderness crying out for Ida Lupino? will anyone read this or grant my wish? Ida Lupino seems to get short-shrift at TCM..... she might be seen occasionally, but not a lot. I have waited for over 10 years to see Ida's movie "Road House" on TCM, and am always sadly disappointed. Could you make me and lots of other fans happy and play this movie? perhaps in a mini Ida film-fest? I understand that "private hell" is good too, and "the Hard way", along with "they dive by night". Ida seems underrated, and i miss seeing her. I am literally begging; PLEASE --- more Ida; and the lesser known films as well. Eternal thanks from her #1 fan.

  • Charlie's Aunt

    • Kerry Caswell
    • 2014-06-29

    Tonight I watched "To Be Or Not To Be" on TCM. Yes, it was a great film and Jack Benny was great but, unlike Mr. Osborne, I think "Charlie's Aunt" was his absolutely best picture. Obviously it centered on Mr. Benny and he was terrific. Is there any way we can get "Charlie's Aunt" on TCM?? Love your program and TCM!!!

  • Walter Brennen

    • dave dixon
    • 2014-04-02

    no review; but; just how many movies, bit parts, etc. has Walter Brennen been in. Seems as if I see another one of him in older films. Great actor of many parts.

  • Mary Astor

    • Gloria T. rendon
    • 2014-03-06

    This is not so much a review, but a question for Mr. Osborne. I have just finished reading Mary Astor's autobiography... and have just watched "The Great Lie". Regarding her diary, Mr. Osborne stated that in her diary, she had a list of her top conquests and their capabilities... she states in her book, emphatically, that there was NO LIST. She blamed the press for the stories that were released about her. Regarding her playing the piano concertos, she states that she was a good pianist, but did not have the capabilities of a concert pianist. The piano concert was dubbed. In the scenes where she is playing, you can see a woman's hands, but they were the hands of a woman named Norma Boleslavsky, a concert pianist. The track was made by Max Rabinowitz. She played on a dummy piano which had been rigged so the keys would depress, and they synchronized with Max playing a live piano offstage. She did practice, so that the scenes would synchronize well. She was honest about her life, including her alcoholism, that I do not think that she lied about her diary or her playing the piano. Thank you... Mr. Osborne... GT Rendon

  • TCM 1980 movieslll

    • Cindy Stevens
    • 2014-02-04

    The only reason I loved TCM was the old movies. Today all forgein langauge, and 1980 films. Really bad, will find another channel.

  • Question for Mr. Robert Osborne about a movie???

    • Cecilia
    • 2014-01-17

    The movie The Shop around the Corner, at the end of the movie, the new errand boy "Rudy" the one Mr. Matuschek takes out to eat for Christmas dinner. Isn't he one of the barbershop quartet singers that Sing with Judy Garland in the movie In The Good Old Summer Time....which we all know is the remake of The Shop Around the Corner? I looked up the actors name as Charlie Smith, but could find nothing else to prove this. I knew Robert would know if anyone did???P.S. Love TCM thought the channel was put on television just for me when I was 13 yrs. old in 1993. When it first aired my favorite movie Gone With the Wind. I'm now 33 and still the biggest TCM fan I know in the Northeast Arkansas Area!

  • Singing in the rain

    • Norman R Morin
    • 2013-10-08

    I watched an old Gene Kelly movie The Three Musketeers and realized they took one of the dueling scenes, made it black and white and put it into Singing in the Rain. It was fun to watch.

  • old movies,where are they?

    • Joe
    • 2013-10-03

    First let me say or write,TCM is my favorite channel,maybe because I`m pushing 70. I asked one time about a movie called `The Tango Lesson` and got no responce,OK. Now the Wife and I was talking about `Two call Johnson.` Do you have that one in your studio? Saw it once,probably when it was new. Really enjoy your show.Love Claudette Colbert,see you afterwhile.

  • Foreign Correspondence

    • Christopher Grant
    • 2013-09-08

    Mr. Osborne, I enjoy watching you and TCM often. I'm a big fan of movies from the 1940's and 50's. I had the occasion to watch a presentation of this film, this evening. During your lead into the film, you say, "the word Nazis is not mentioned". I noted, however, the word was mentioned when Van Meer and Haverstock/Jones share a taxi on their way to the peace talks. I just thought you might to know this.

  • Robert Osborne

    • Nancy
    • 2013-04-30

    Oh my goodness. We are so lucky to have TCM host Robert Osborne. He's the omnisient being of classic movies. Bravo, Mr. Osborne.

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    • Nancy
    • 2013-04-30

    TCM shows wonderful movies every day and night. However, one charming and romantic picture is being overlooked--"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" starring Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney. Perhaps there are other viewers who feel as I do and would like to see it listed soon in their "Now Playing Guide." Thank you!

  • Actually a request

    • Sandra
    • 2013-04-25

    Is there any way that TCM could show the Alan Ladd version of The Great Gatsby. I teach American Literature and I have always been interested in seeing this version!

  • More Pre-Code Hollywood Movies Please

    • Joyce
    • 2013-03-17

    I discovered a website that sells lots of movies from the 30's. I bought 3 with the actor John Boles and have found them very good and wondered why TCM hasn't given it's public more of these terrific movies. The subject matter is love and unwed mothers. I was surprised at the huge inventory of these pre-code movies that I have not seen. I can't afford to buy them all so please TCM, please show. Robert I have googled John Boles and cannot find anywhere his status among other actors. I did find that he was not one that the great actresses fought over to be casted in their movies.

  • interview with Kim Novak

    • Lynn Kampa
    • 2013-03-09

    Robert did a great job supporting Kim as she opened herself up. She was so genuine, so unpretentious. Robert was so kind and gentle as he interviewed was really not an interview. Robert was more of a guide helping Kim say what she wanted to say. The compassion Robert showed toward this beautiful fragile woman was so refreshing. Bravo Kim and Robert

  • Interview with Kim Novak

    • Carole Villasenor
    • 2013-03-08

    I was so pleased to have caught your interview with Kim Novak recently and was so very much moved. I have been a fan of TCM for many years and it's my favorite channel along with PBS Masterpiece Classics. Kim was so very real and open and vulnerable, I was riveted for the whole interview. Her personal background while certainly challenging surely brought a veracity and emotional honesty to her acting. I have seen most of her movies and have enjoyed all of them. Picnic surely is one of her best. Robert, you surely made her feel comfortable and gave her the atmosphere to truly be herself- which she said was what she always wanted to be on the screen- not what some director thought her part should be. I could tell that the audience was equally moved and it added to the strength of your interview and she seemed moved by their applause. It looked like there wasn't a dry eye in the house!!! Certainly not in mine... Thanks again for all that you do and I'll be watching.... Regards, Carole Villasenor

  • The Oscars

    • William Bancroft
    • 2013-02-25

    I can not remember an Oscar event as bad as this one that happened tonight. In their Memoriam segment, why did they not show all who had passed away in 2012. For example, Andy Griffith was not mentioned. What is up with not recognizing all who had ever done any film work.

  • Kudos To Robert Osborne

    • Capt Dan
    • 2013-01-08

    Mr Osborne is a terrific host of TCM Classic Films. He's done such an outstanding, consistently excellent job over the years, he deserves a big round of applause. Here's to you Bob - and I look forward to many, many more great years of your stellar hostmanship. Sincerely, D. Goodman

  • Singing in the Rain

    • Patty Hughes
    • 2012-07-17

    I recently saw Singing in the Rain on the big screen and absolutely loved it! I have been watching it on TCM for years but to see it on the big screen was awesome! After the movie was over, we all clapped (just like I used to when I was a young girl). What a great idea to offer it for viewing on the big screen. I would like to suggest doing offering movies occasionally at theaters and perhaps epics such as Ben Hur and the Ten Commandments, more musicals such as South Pacific, On the Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, etc. - any Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire movies - Gilda, The Red Shoes, Yankee Doodle Dandee, I could go on and on but I just wanted you to know how much fun it was to see the movie. I was only 6 yrs. old when it first came out so I did not get to see it. I watch TCM constantly when I am home - I work - but everyday when I get home I turn it on and it stays on until I go to bed. I appreciate you so much because you are so knowledgeable and I love it see and listen to stars talk about their lives and the movies they made. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  • Ross Alexander

    • John Dozier
    • 2012-06-26

    Mr. Osborne, thank you for showing select films of Ross Alexander. I've watched movies all my life and I've never heard of him until now. I enjoyed Brides Are Like That the was funny, light hearted, and a pleasure to watch. Thank you for not discussing the more personal side of Mr. Alexander's life. Mr. Alexander was just as human as anybody else, and he made mistakes in his life, as we all do. Yes, it is very sad to see such a young man give up his life so tragically at such a young age. You did a great job of saying only a little about Ross' personal life, not too much to make it sound sordid. Similarly, when you spoke of Tom Drake, costar of Meet Me In St. Louis, you likewise used discretion and good taste. Thank you. Mr. Osborne, TCM is the reason that I subscribed to cable television. Very few televison hosts, if any, have your class, erudition, depth, and sensitivity when it comes to discussing the movies and movie stars of yesterday. You are such a credit to TCM, and all of television of today. Thank you from me and all your thousands and thousands of fans. I remain very respectfully and... Sincerely yours, John Lee Dozie

  • Casablanca 70th Anniversary

    • Shannon Ratliff
    • 2012-03-22

    Dear Robert... I cannot THANK YOU enough for your contribution to our experience last night at the Fathom sponsored even of viewing Casablanca on the big screen! (Wed. March 21, 2012)... We were lucky enough that it was actually showing in Denton and we made it a family night! Our daughters that are still at home went with my husband and I... they are 14 and 9 and they know every line to the movie, just like we do! It was a wonderful, wonderful experience... the theater was filled with young and old alike and everyone participated! It was amazing to see this on the big screen! You miss SO much of the actors facial expressions and body language on the small screen... I will hope that TCM will do MORE of these viewings of the classics in local theaters... Even my 14 yr old was impressed with how much MORE the movie seemed to be and how much she enjoyed it. To watch those two girls sing along with Sam... well that was just something. Thank you again and again. Someday we hope to make it to the festival in April! Thank you and TCM for providing memory making experiences for us on big screen and small! Kind Regards and Warm Wishes for good things... Shannon Ratliff

  • Clash of the Titans

    • Icarus
    • 2012-03-16

    Dude, what the hell are you smoking the orignal titans movie in no way is even close to the new one in graphics.

  • view movie

    • Rosary
    • 2012-03-15

    We love T.C.M. the best on T.V. We wish to suggest a movie that we saw in 1978 King of The Gypsies. Sterling Hyden, Eric Roberts, Shelly Winters, Susan Sarandon. It was a great movie, very interesting. We appreciate you efforts for always bringing great movies and wonderful information. Thank you. Rosary

  • Complain

    • Edward villaflor
    • 2012-03-02

    Why do you show the same movies over and over again. There are hundreds of movies i know. You onluy show the ones you like. For instance Doctor Shivago, Lawrence of Arabia, The bishops wife and and several others had been shown so many times this past few months. How about, The World in his Arms, The Shoes of the Fisherman, to name a few..

  • Don't Forget Mickey Rooney

    • Donald Miller
    • 2012-01-30

    Dear Robert, Your recent interview with Ernest Borgnine was terrific. I think it would be wonderful if you could do the same with Mickey Rooney. At 92, he could use the attention. He recently appeared before a congressional committee regarding abuse of the elderly which he has suffered personally. I would love to see him on the air with you. Thank you for considering this idea. Sincerely, Donald Miller A former movie critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette now semi-retired

  • Look-alike actors

    • Joyce
    • 2011-12-10

    I have a question about look-alike actors. Hugh Marlowe and Richard Carlson look so much alike, but they are not related, right? And Edward Arnold and Robert Middleton? I just noticed watching, "Obsession" with Robert Newton......he looks like actor, Leo Genn. How come these actors look so much alike and are not related? I know James Arness and Peter Graves were brothers. And Dana Andrews and Steve Forest. I was looking up actor, Lawrence Harvey. What a name he had. Lauruska Mischa Skikne??


    • Joyce Kellerian
    • 2011-12-10

    Dear Mr. Osborne, Thank you so much for mentioning actor, Robert Francis. I looked him up a long time ago online and knew that he died young. His life kind of mirrored James Dean, except for the private plane accident. Wasn't he the same age and died the same year as Dean? WELCOME BACK!!!! MISSED YOU! Joyce

  • Missed You

    • Richard Annuncio
    • 2011-12-02

    Welcome back Robert it is so good to see you back on TCM you were surely missed, your looking great hope all is well with you and God bless you. I have been a fan of your for years. Richard


    • Donald Gavron
    • 2011-12-01

    Good to see you healthy, rested and back at your "post" as TCM host. We missed you.

  • OK...Let me revise that...

    • Deb
    • 2011-10-23

    Hi Robert. Yes, we still miss you. We know that you will be back in December, and we're really excited about it! I want to revise an earlier comment where I said that your "stand in" hosts were obviously reading the lines. David Edelstein has hosted a few times recently, and you can really tell that he loves movies. He's good, but you are the man. Looking forward to your return.

  • Missing You

    • Chris
    • 2011-10-06

    Robert, You have been sorely missed these 3 months of your absence. I hope we are on the brink of your return and whatever has kept you from us is resolved. I've enjoyed your subs in hosting, but there is no one like you. Your knowledge and insights are unique because they usually include personal notes from your friendships and experiences with the actors in the movies you present. May your return be speedy and your energy abounding.

  • We miss you too

    • Deb
    • 2011-10-05

    We heard that you will be back after a 3 month rest/vaca. We hope this is true. You are the best, and we miss you very much. PS...all of the stand in hosts are obviously READING the lines you are able to speak from your heart. Love.

  • A prisoner of fame

    • Ivan Araque
    • 2011-10-04

    OK, Robert, so now we all know that you're STILL on vacation (today it's October 4, and counting!) We miss you so much because we are your devoted students. Of course, your substitutes have been great, Ben, Ileana (adorable!), Leonard (I'll buy your pork pie hat!), and now Peter Travers. It tells me that there are many good people who know a lot about our film heritage and deserve a place in TCM - and, why not, since there are so many spots in TCM's programming that could be filled with their great comments and insights. I know, Robert, you'd probably prefer to enjoy another margarita in whichever resort you're hiding from us, your loyal fans ("Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in"). So, enjoy, you deserve it, but don't forget your TCM family. :)

  • I miss you, mr. osborne

    • wufinz
    • 2011-09-29

    "I am shocked, shocked to find there is substitution going on here!' Kudos to those standing in for you during your absence; nonetheless, you are THE MAN. I am hoping all is well with you and look forward to hearing and seeing you again on our favorite channel.

  • A True Gentleman and Scholar, Mr. Robert Osborne

    • Jae
    • 2011-09-27

    I echo many of the comments about you. You are not only a true move historian, a fantastic host, you love what you are doing and so do your fans. I hope you are back very soon. You are missed. TCM is not the same without you. My prayers are with you. Jae

  • Hope you're back soon!

    • Margaret Babcock
    • 2011-09-04

    Seems a long time since you've introduced the movies. I hope you are on vacation, just would like to know when you'll be back. We all really miss you - it's just not the same.

  • gone

    • Doug
    • 2011-08-05

    Whatever it is right now if you are really on vacation have a great time, but if you are ill our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • Action in Arabia and Jack Sheehan

    • Michael Forrest
    • 2011-07-27

    I hate to say this but Osborne and Sheehan were wrong about the portrayal iof Arabs n this movie. In 1941 when this movie was supposed to take place Damascus was controlled by the Pro Nazi Vichy French. And there were plenty of Nazis and Nazi Sympathizers running around. Further many Arabs under the umbrella of the "Moslem Brotherhood" did actively support the Nazis in the Middle East. Among them were Anwar Sadat and Gamel Abdul Nasser. How well these things may bave been known publically I can't say for sure but the threat of Arabs working for the Nazis was very real.

  • Is Robert ok?

    • Carol B. Corbi
    • 2011-07-19

    I absolutely love Robert Osborne. I don't think anyone knows more about classic movies than he. And it is so entertaining when Alec Baldwin is guest hosting. The two of them together is just wonderful to watch. But, Robert Wagner just showed up to host TCM. Is Robert ok? I can't remember a time when Robert wasn't there. When will he be back? I miss him already.

  • Robert Osborne

    • Lance
    • 2011-05-29

    Robert adds so much to TCM's movies. His knowledge and insight enhance the outstanding move coverage TCM provides. That said, I have a small correction. In his discussion of "Up Periscope", Robert mentions that Frank Gifford was betwen his college football days with USC and his NFL career with the New York Giants when he acted in "Up Periscope", Frank's only feature film. Actually, Frank's last season with the Trojans was in 1951, When he made that movie in 1959, he was already seven years into his Hall of Fame career with the Giants and twelve years away from what may have been his greatest challenge, playing referee to Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith (may they both rest in peace) on Monday Night Football. Anyway, TCM is a great network and Robet Osborne is a big part of it.

  • Once More with Feeling

    • Margo
    • 2011-04-10

    Mr. Osborne, Please add the movie "Once More with Feeling" with Kay Kendall and Yul Brynner to the TCM line up. It is not available on DVD or VHS but I am hoping that the movie will appear some evening on your wonderful line up. Thank you for the inclusion of Mary Mary. I have been waiting for it for years to appear.

  • The Red Balloon

    • Bob Hardy
    • 2010-12-27

    I really enjoy the bits of trivia that Robert adds a the begining and end of each of the features he hosts. On th Morning of the 27th I found myself awake a usual and in the mood for Sunday Silents. After watching the 1925 version of "The Wizard of OZ", I stayed up to watch the "Red Balloon", a 1956 short that was just delightful. Afterwards, my wife and I went on for a half an hour about the surprising effect and depth of story line delivered with vertually no spoken or subtitled words. I remarked that this was Oscar worthy for best short too. I am in the habit of hitting the record button on the DVR just in case I fall asleep during these late nights gems. I played it back to catch Roberts intro and his closing again, nothing was mentioned about any awards. Meanwhile my wife was Googling IMDB, and sure enough it did win the Oscar but not for Best Short. The Red Balloon won for Best Writing, Best Screenplay-Original. With this Oscar win, the film is (as of 2007) the only short film to win an Academy Award outside of the short film categories. This is also remarkable since there was almost no dialog at all. It also won a BAFTA and the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. Now Robert, as full of trivia as you are, wouldn't you think this little tidbit worthy of your comment, just sayin'. Luv Ya anyway. Submitted by: Bob Hardy

  • The Strange Woman

    • Ruth M Falcon
    • 2010-12-06

    I am a big fan. I love this channel. Can you please put the Strange Woman on again. I loved it. I would love to see the following movies if you can please play them for me. A Night in Paradise (1946) with Merle Oberon Serpent of the Nile (1953) with Rhona Fleming Forbidden Paradise ( 1924) Pola Negri Cleopatra (1917) Theda Bara Temptation (1946) Merle Oberon The Lady is Willing (1942) Marlene Dietrich la habanerta [1937] zara leander ....the devil is a waman [1935] foreign affair [1948 ] marlene dietrich ..artist and models [1955] anita ekberg...the flameand the flesh [1954] pier angeli and lana turner.thanks bob.ruth m falcon

  • Room For One More

    • Ed O'Neill
    • 2010-11-22

    Last night, TCM had broadcast a 1952 Cary Grant movie entitled, "Room For One More" that had scenes involving Boy Scouts. The uniform of the day brought back memories of my scouting adventures at 14-18 years old ('61-'64). Scenes of interest involved the Betsy Drake reading The Scout Oath and a solo ten mile hike in 18 degree weather (wearing shorts and braces no less). Towards the end was a troop Court of Honor opening with the Pledge of Allegiance sans "under God" (which was added under Eisenhower in 1954), and with the ceremony shown virtually unchanged from that which we do today! The closing scene was that of the scroll under the scout symbol with the Scout Motto, "Be Prepared." I'm currently an active Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 23, so, yeah. I ordered it - only $19.95 plus shipping from Yours In Scouting, EON

  • Robert Osborne you rule!

    • Alexandr Kang
    • 2010-08-14

    I am a fan of TCM because of Robert Osborne. I enjoy listing to his behind the scenes events and reviews of each movie. He makes TCM a classic place. Thanks Robert Osborne! You are just doing a wonderful job.

  • please forward to Mr. Osborne

    • larry wizenberg
    • 2009-09-28

    I love your astute commentary and insight. I wish you had introduced the 1941 "The Get-Away", and clarified that this was a remake of the 1935 "Public Enemy Number One". The unusual, perhaps unique feature is that a vast amount of the original 1935 footage was used and married with the personalized scenes of the 1941 lead actors. Has this happened with other films; and to what extent? As I viewed "The Get-Away", I kept envisioning Chester Morris and Jean Arthur and wondering if I imagined that. The overlap was too clear and precise. All the best, Larry Wizenberg

  • "The Conversation"

    • Wayne Pew
    • 2009-09-10

    I have always enjoyed Mr. Osborne's comments with the TCM movies and I have a question for him. Just finished watching "The Conversation" for about the 10th time and I always wonder why Robert Duvall is not listed in the credits, either in the beginning or at the end.

  • Tony Curtis Interview.

    • Timothy
    • 2009-09-05

    I just watched the interview you did with Tony Curtis, What an amazing job, the way you where able to get him to open up to you like that was just grate to watch.

  • How to

    • Patty Langan
    • 2009-08-20

    Mr. Osborne, I hope you get to read this one because I would really like to thank you for keeping me company and entertaining me each night. I have a long-term illness, and so it is especially nice to have you as a visitor. I always get a kick out of your info regarding the background of the films and the stars. You're so interesting and charasmatic, I feel I'm listening to my friend in the same living room and the only thing missing is the tea or coffee and. So here I am faced with the "From 1-10, how would I rate Robert O?" Well, my friend, you're off the chart for sure ... to me you're one in a million! Thanks again, Patty Langan

  • I think Mr. Osborne is AWESOME!!!

    • Jeannie
    • 2009-06-06

    We just wanted TCM and it's owners to know that Mr. Osborne MAKES TCM during the week. He has class and style, even if we don't like the movie that you are playing that evening my husband and I turn in just to hear what Mr Osborne has to say about it AND to see what he is wearing that night LOL! Who ever does his wardrobe has a GREAT sense of color and fabric. We just wanted him to know that we think he is AWESOME!

  • Needing info on two movies

    • Virginia Russ
    • 2009-05-10

    Mr Osborne my Moma is a big fan of TCM and she has been looking for 2 movies to buy but can not be found-----Jubilee Trail with Forrest Tucker and Joan Lesile and the 2nd movie is Lost Horizon with George Kennedy it is the new one in color. WE would like very much if you could tell us how to get these 2 movies.

  • Hollywood Blacklist and Sen Joseph McCarthy

    • Patrick Blasz
    • 2009-04-19

    After airing the movie "Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here", Mr. Osborne commented on director Abraham Polonsky as one of those ostracized from Hollywood arising out of McCarthy's activities. It came as a surprise to hear this.A check of the historical record reveals that McCarthy had nothing to do with the Hollywood Blacklist. That list was entirely a result of the HUAA investigations. Referring to Wikipedia reveals this. For more detail I recommend the book "Blacklisted By History" by M. Stanton Evans in which Evans chronicles that McCarthy's activities while a senator, were in rooting out Communists and Fellow Travelers from the Government, not Hollywood. The later was wholly the effort of the aforementioned House Committee. Otherwise Robert I enjoy your commentary. s/ Getting the Facts Straight.

  • Thank You, Mr. Osborne

    • Wayne Baird
    • 2009-03-19

    Sir, as a great fan of movies, it has been my pleasure to see and hear your commentaries and descriptions of movies on TCM. I admire your professionalism and knowledge of the subjects and actors and actresses who grace our lives. I wish to thank you for doing us a great service, Sir. And wish you as much enjoyment as that which you give to your fans. I know I will never be able to live the type of life most actors and actresses do, but you sir help bring enjoyment to our lives in our own homes. I just wanted to say Thank You, Sir, for that which you give to all of us.

  • My Dad

    • Peggy ODonnell
    • 2009-02-04

    Robert- I am the middle child of 7 children of Anne and Carey in South Jersey. Dad passed in April of 2008. 6 girls, 1 boy rendered me the 'second son'. I bonded with Dad and Robert, he showed me the beauty of the silver screen and Broadway-he is a NY boy. We got cable TV for him in his last years and you and TCM gave him such solice and joy. He was YOU!!! The man knew that Jane Darnell was the Mom in the Grapes of Wrath! I admire you and see you every day-I am a 'classic movie' junkie and thank my Dad for giving me that gift. Thanks for what you gave Dad....Peggy

  • To The Wonderful Robert Osborne

    • Rod Weisel
    • 2009-01-25

    Ever since TCM First came on the air I have loved The Classic Movies With You as the Host Each and every evening MR. Ted Turner could'nt have found a better, Well known person Such as yourself I'M only 39yrs olde But I would rather sit down each evening and watch a classic movie I know with you as my guide and my host I can be reassured that I will Learn Somethin That I Don't Know about the movie I'm about to watch You have been a real INSPIRATION to ME I THANK YOU for your great KNOWLEDGE of These great MOVIES And Your Classic CHARM May You continue Great success In the Days to come PLEASE DON'T change a thing You're doin an outstanding job With Great Sicerity and Love for the Classic Movies I will ENJOY lookin FORWARD To seein YOU each and every night

  • Robert Osborne's interview with Charlton Heston

    • John Kenny
    • 2008-12-03

    Clearly, one of the most enjoyable interviews I have EVER seen in my entire life. It ended at about 1:15am PST tonite (12/3/08). I probably only saw about a half hour of it. I stumbled upon it, just flipping channels, and once I saw Chuck Heston, the remote flopped onto the table for the night. Is there any way to see this again? Is there some kind of archive on the TCM site where these are kept? Thank you for a very memorable piece of history. John R. Kenny San Diego

  • A friendly French observation

    • Robert Boulay
    • 2008-10-10

    I truly enjoyed your presentation of Jacques Tati's films last night. Just one cheery note: Jour de Fete is pronounced Jour de "faith" and not "feet". Au revoir from a French fan.

  • Private Screenings with Walter Mirisch

    • Lori Myrick
    • 2008-09-29

    What a joy to watch this epi. And what a thrill it must have been for Mr. Osborne! It is fun to watch our favorite actors of yesterday but mesmerizing to listen to all his stories of those Great pictures from a producers perspective. What a fabulous interview. As always, Mr. Osborne was top of his game. Thank you.

  • Simple, enjoyable entertainment.

    • Jason J Lynch
    • 2008-09-08

    Mr. Robert Osborne was and will continue to be one of the few people on television I look forward to hearing speak. His informative speeches around the movies are relaxed and warm as well as trustworthy. Keep up the good work. P.S. I enjoyed the Film Festival showing of Young Frankenstein in April 2008 in Athens, and I am looking forward to a 2009 encore.

  • Mickey Rooney Interview

    • David Paine
    • 2008-07-09

    Mr Osborne, I am writing you to say that your interview with Mickey Rooney was the best one yet, By-Far.... I was born and raised in southern Califorina, My Dad was Burt Lancaster's personal manager for 35+ years, I met a lot of actors in my childhood but never had the chance to meet Mr. Rooney. Mr. Rooney is one of the most colorfull actors out there. I wish to thank you for this great interview A+++. Thanks so Much. David

  • "Dear Ruth" Film Festival

    • Gale
    • 2008-07-03

    Dear Mr. Osborne, I am writing to you on behalf of a man who is terminally ill. He is a disabled Vietnam Vet who suffered a stroke in 2004. Since then, he has been found to have congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, and in 2006 was diagnosed with leukemia. He has very little time left. His dying wish is to see the movie “Dear Ruth,” starring Joan Caulfield and William Holden. This movie is not available on VHS or DVD, and hasn’t been shown on TV in several years. I am exhausted from trying to get any print of this, and I have been searching for the past four years. I check at least twice a month. I have voted for it to be on DVD, and have been leaving posts on a regular basis requesting this movie. I am at my wit’s end, and I promised him I would make an earnest attempt to contact you, which I now have. I hope that you can convince TCM to show this. It was produced by Paramount, and I know that TCM has several Paramount titles in their library. Is it possible to use your influence to get this movie to television as soon as possible? I know there are two sequels, “Dear Wife,” and “Dear Brat,” and they would make a wonderful collection on DVD, or an evening of viewing. There are many other viewers who would like to see the same thing. I believe the votes to put it on DVD aren’t as high as they would be had this movie been shown on TCM in the past few years. Thank you for your time. I hope you can help. Sincerely, Gale

  • movies about glenn ford

    • doris
    • 2008-06-29

    i would like to know why glenn ford movies like day of the evil gun isnt shown any more he has great movies you cant find them so many of him gun fighter turn preacher sheepman i found so many on his life history i could like to see more is he in your book on movies and movie stars i like watching tcm thank you djohann

  • Pork Chop Hill

    • Danny
    • 2008-04-27

    Robert do you remember a longer version of Pork Chop Hill, I remember seeing a 3-4 hour version on TV back in the 60's can you shed any light on that? I am sure it was made back when the 1959 version was made and maybe the 97 min version was edited from the longer version?

  • Robert Osborne

    • Karen
    • 2008-04-04

    First, I would like to say that I have been a serious fan of TCM for a number of years. It is the first channel I see when I turn on my TV. Since Robert has been TCM's host, I more eagerly look forward to his tidbits before and after each movie. It makes for a better view- ing and understanding of each movie I see. In one way, I wish he could do that for more of the movies, but I know that there just aren't enough hours in his day to do that, and competently fulfill his other obligations and interests. He is fantastic! Hope he stays around for many more years to come. Is there any way I can e-mail him personally?? Thank you.

  • Over 800 movies in my collection

    • Forest Franklin
    • 2008-01-24

    I watch your show all the time. I have about 800 movies and please write me back at my address. What do you think about all my movies? My address is 625 N. Euclid Ste. 601 St. Louis, MO 63108

  • Osborne bio.

    • Bob
    • 2008-01-08

    Would be interested in Robert's biography. Wish he would fill in that part of his history.

  • robert osborne

    • Richard DiStefano
    • 2007-12-27

    I enjoy listen to Robert open and close a movie. No one can be as complete and entertaining than Robert. A great asset to TCM

  • Bing Crosby and Robert Osborne

    • g don murrell
    • 2007-12-26

    We understand that Robert Osborne is from the Spokane, Washington, area, so we are hoping he can help us understand something about Bing Crosby and White Christmas. We are fans of Bing because he is from Spokane, and he was a great entertainer. We watch Holiday Inn and White Christmas at Christmas time every year. By our calculations, Holiday Inn was made about 12 years earlier than White Christmas. But, it appears that Irving Berlin wrote the music for Holiday Inn and we are thinking that maybe he didn't for White Christmas except for the theme song. Our question is: Because Irving Berlin is Jewish is this why they used the Xmas,(the equivalent of taking Christ out of Christmas) instead of Christmas on the night club poster board when Fred Astaire went inside of the night club at the beginning of the movie? Also, is this the first movie that used the term "Happy Holidays"? Lately, saying happy holidays is not as popular as saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year which in the recent past was not politically correct. It was just our observation over the Christmas holiday, and thought you may be able to shed come light on it. Thanks, Don and Kathy Murrell

  • Robert and Kermit

    • Pat
    • 2007-11-22

    Your reaction to Kermit, your guest was wonderful! You are always so professional. It was nice to see you lose your cool and still compose yourself while on camera =) Kudos to you, luv'd it

  • Best host for movies -

    • Reba Files
    • 2007-07-18

    He makes the movie come alive before the viewing. All the trivia about the actors and the making of the movie make it more interesting. He always leans towards the positive things, never a negative - which really sells the movie to the viewer. His charm and finesse really come through, which seems to be natural to him. He's a real prince! Please keep him as host as long as he will stay.

  • movie title

    • dan culver
    • 2007-03-30

    Im writing about a movie I have only seen once in my life and would love to see it again. The title is "Claudell Inglish" the story was written by Erskine Caldwell in 1958. I havent found it for sell on dvd or vhs. Some of the actors i this film were, Claud Akine/Aurther Kennedy/Chad Everet. Id injoy seeing this film on TCM or be able to purchase it for my own library if you know of a place that might carry this movie. Thank you, Dan Culver

  • Interview with Betty Hutton

    • Mike Matthews
    • 2007-03-16

    Mr. Osborne, thank-you for your memorable and historic interview with Betty Hutton. You did a excellent job! Mike Matthews

  • Robert Osborne

    • Jack Gunther
    • 2007-01-02

    The best Host on television. Turner classic Movies is my favorite show. Seeing the pictures that I saw when growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Robt.Osbornes commentary about the stars and little stories about the production of the movie that had taken place when filming the picture. I hope he will continue to be the host for a long long time to come. Thanks Robt Osborne. How about a Biography on Mr Osborne in the near future.

  • True Humanity

    • Ed Davidson
    • 2006-10-21

    To Robert Osborne, Your interview with Betty Hutton brought to the audience a rare glimpse of true humanity. Your compassion and Betty's honesty were so heartwarming. I was moved by it all.

  • For Robert Osborne about Betty Hutton

    • Bob Legionaire
    • 2006-10-18

    When Betty Hutton hired me as leading man for her 1973 tour of "Here Today". Our opening night audience in Lubbuck Texas was silent. The Hayloft Theater had a fly away stage and when I kissed her she fainted in my arms. I shouted to the stage manager to lift the damn stage and get a doctor! When we were out of sight Betty jumped out of my arms giggling like a school girl and said "Fooled you didn't I. that'll wake em up!" It sure did. Even fooled the local critics that gave us great reviews and praised her courage for performing after fainting. Graterful to Robert Osborne about Betty Sincerely, Bob Legionaire

  • Nice Going!

    • Robert Gaines
    • 2006-10-18

    I was touched to the heart by the warmth and compassion you demonstrated during the interview with Betty Hutton. It was certanily a gift to the audience to be able hear her wonderful recollections about hollywood. But you also gave her a gift, by letting Ms. Hutton know how much she still means to America.

  • Betty Hutton Interview

    • Pati
    • 2006-10-18

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful interview with Betty Hutton. It was refreshing to hear this incredibly talented actress speak so candidly about her life. I didn't want the interview to end. Thanks for caring! Submitted by: Pati


    • 2006-10-18

    Dear Mr. Osborne, I thoroughly loved your interview with Betty Hutton. I wished it was longer, she is just so wonderful, and the stories she told were fabulous. I do hope you see this, I have been trying to find Mr. Osborne's e-mail to ask him to tell Betty Hutton how much she is loved and respected. I would love to write her and tell her that myself, do you have her address? Next time, run more of her moview...PLEASE!!! Thanks again Mr. Osborne.

  • betty hutton interview

    • corina
    • 2006-10-17

    Dear Robert, Thoroughly enjoyed your inter- view w/ Betty Hutton! I love all her movies and to have such an open, warm personality to tie them with just makes them all the more wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to show us the personal side of such a beautiful, soulful lady. Please tell her how very much she's loved. Sincerely, Corina

  • Complentary Comment

    • Manny Fernandez
    • 2006-09-24

    I think Robert Osborne does a fantastic job. I have been trying to get his e mail because I want to ask him a question. If he doesn`t know the answer then I know no one does. Thank you....Manny


    • 2006-08-02


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