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Cinematography (feature film)

Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Beside Me (2003) as Director Of Photography
Based on Ann Rule's book of the same name, in which she recounts her investigation as a police officer, into the serial killings that Ted Bundy committed. It follows a cat and mouse game as she came to suspect Bundy, a personal friend of hers at the time, who brilliantly deceived her and follows how
Too Young To Be a Dad (2002) as Director Of Photography
When a teenage high school couple find themselves soon to be parents, the boy steps up and, with the support of his parents, decides to raise the baby himself.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within (2001) as Director Of Photography
The second television movie that continues the story of the CBS series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." Dr. Mike and her husband, Sully, return to Boston to celebrate their daughter's graduation from medical school and face the challenges brought on by Mike's mother's failing health.<P>Mike and Sully ta
Twice Upon a Christmas (2001) as Director Of Photography
Santa's daughter, Kristen Claus, faces a dilemma with the Morgan family with whom she has been living as nanny and confidante, when Bill Morgan proposes marriage. Having given up her immortality, Kristen doesn't remember her true identity and is confused over her decision. The Morgan family takes on
Class Warfare (2001) as Director Of Photography
A high school girl persuades her boyfriend to kill a classmate for the latter's winning lottery ticket.<P>Kristen and Jason are high school seniors who have been dating for three years and whose fathers are successful and wealthy business partners. When their fathers' business goes bankrupt, Kristen
Becoming Dick (2000) as Director Of Photography
Aspiring New York actor Richard Breggs is a nice guy who, after years of refining his craft, has little to show for his hard work but a shabby Greenwich Village walk-up and a career that's stuck in neutral. In a last-gasp attempt at finding success, he decides to shed his nice-guy persona and don th
Wednesday Woman, The (2000) as Director Of Photography
Muriel, a wife and mother, is reeling from the success of her first novel. Muriel's book, "The Wednesday Woman," focuses on a woman's affair with a psychotic criminal who almost kills her. Life begins to imitate art when Muriel, a recovering alcoholic who grew up abused by her father, finds herself
In My Sister's Shadow (1999) as Director Of Photography
Joan Conner always felt that she was in the shadow of her younger, attractive sister Laurie. When Laurie leaves her boyfriend of five years - Michael, an exciting but undependable writer - he begins to pursue Joan. Joan is initially flattered by the attention but when Michael starts stalking Laurie
Passion of Ayn Rand, The (1999) as Director Of Photography
Biographical movie on the late novelist and philosopher, Ayn Rand (1905-1982), focusing on the 15-year affair between Rand and her young protege Nathaniel Branden, her friendship with her lover's wife Barbara Branden and her relationship with her husband, artist Frank O'Connor.
Terminal Countdown (1999) as Director Of Photography
A tough-as-nails CIA officer, a young Y2K computer genius and the burnt-out, sarcastic designer of a top-secret missile silo in the Colombian jungles are flown in to the site of the U.S. nuclear facility -- established in the 1960s -- as part of a team to destabilize its computer because it thinks i
Tourist Trap (1998) as Director Of Photography
George Piper, a bored nine-to-five banker, is obsessed by the heroism of his great-great-great grandfather, Civil War veteran Jeremiah Piper. In an attempt to ignite a spark in his life while at the same time bringing his family back together, he rents a deluxe RV and plans a family vacation. With a
In the Doghouse (1998) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
A dog named Benny becomes an actor and the new bread winner after the head of the household is fired from his job.
Noah (1998) as Director Of Photography
A modern-day version of the story of Noah, the Biblical patriarch who is chosen to build an ark and fill it with animals before a flood threatens the world. Norman Waters is a general construction contractor, widower and single father who has become insensitive to those around him. His life is trans
Frostfire (1998) as Director Of Photography
Nelson Nagarauk, an Inuit teenager in conflict with his tradition-bound family, finds a half-frozen Russian woman from a weather station in a remote area of the Canadian Arctic. He tries to revive her, but the next day a helicopter abruptly takes her away. Later, on television, another woman is show
Booty Call (1997) as Director Of Photography
Two young men, determined to have safe sex with two beautiful women, spend all night trying to find condoms.
Angels in the Endzone (1997) as Director Of Photography
Jesse Harper is a winner on the gridiron who loses his love of the game after his father's tragic death. He decides to quit his high-school football team, putting the blame on their losing tradition. But Kevin, Jesse's kid brother, solicits heavenly intervention. He's the only human who can witness the results when Al the Angel and his celestial co-horts come to town and slowly work their magic on the home team and the lives of the boys.
Advocate's Devil, The (1997) as Director Of Photography
Abe Ringel, a down-on-his luck attorney, gets the case of his career defending a charismatic basketball star charged with rape. Ringel hopes that the case will put him back in good standing in the legal community, but as the case unfolds, he begins to suspect that his client is guilty, which forces
Jitters (1997) as Director Of Photography
A bride-to-be becomes frazzled and unsure of herself as her wedding to her long-time boyfriend approaches. It doesn't help that her family is butting in and a video producer is intent on documenting the entire experience.
Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II (1997) as Director Of Photography
Sequel to "Family of Cops" about Inspector Paul Fein, the proud patriarch of a family that includes two law-enforcing sons, a daughter who is a public defender and another who is a free spirit looking for a job. When a priest is murdered, Fein returns to the neighborhood he left 40 years ago. The ev
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) as Additional Camera
The Seaver family decides to take their American bulldog Chance, Himalayan cat Sassy, and golden retriever Shadow on a family camping trip to the Canadian Rockies, rather than risk any possibility of them being separated again. But when Chance escapes from his kennel at the San Francisco Internation
Deliverance of Elaine, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
A woman who corresponds with a prison pen pal continues their relationship after he is released from jail. The prisoner forces her to examine a painful event in her past that shaped her life.
Double Jeopardy (1996) as Director Of Photography
Drama based on the true story of a Baltimore police officer who murdered his young mistress and then tried to pin the guilt on his wife's son, a conspiracy blown apart in the courtroom.
Gridlock (1996) as Director Of Photography
A renegade New York City helicopter cop defies orders and foils an elaborately planned bank heist that has all of Manhattan gridlocked by carefully placed explosions.
Jack Reed: A Killer Amongst Us (1996) as Director Of Photography
Brian Dennehy reprises his role as Jack Reed in the next installment of this ongoing series of telefilms about a tough Chicago cop. After Reed's new partner is killed while protecting a young woman from hit men, Reed takes the woman into his home for protection while he tracks down the killers.
For Hope (1996) as Director Of Photography
An active and dedicated schoolteacher is stricken with the degenerative and potentially fatal disease, scleroderma. Raising a teenage son on her own, Hope turns to her family and brother for support. Her family is devastated, as they have already lost Hope's sister to an early death, but they come t
Abducted: A Father's Love (1996) as Director Of Photography
A father kidnaps his daughter when he suspects she is being abused by her mother. On the run and pursued by a federal agent, he becomes the first man assisted by the all-female "mother's underground."
Broken Trust (1995) as Director Of Photography
A judge is recruited by Justice Department investigators to help ferret out corrupt members of the judiciary. The ensuing expose of corruption and abuse of power compromises his faith in the law and opens his eyes to the terrible price it sometimes exacts.
Tuskegee Airmen (1995) as Director Of Photography
The time is 1943 and the Germans are winning the Second World War as the U.S. suffers huge losses on the ground and in the air. Four newly recruited pilots are united by a desire to serve their country, at a time when black flyers are not welcomed in the Air Force. From the brutal demands of their t
Moment of Truth: To Walk Again (1994) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of Eddie Keating, who was paralyzed during Marine exercises and his parents' fight to get proper care for their son.
Jane's House (1994) as Director Of Photography
When a widower remarries, he and his children must learn to deal with the memories of the deceased, and accept the new woman in their lives.
Spoils of War (1994) as Director Of Photography
A teenage son attempts to reunite the father he just recently met with his mother, who secretly yearns to rekindle the love she once shared with her ex-husband.
Legends of the Fall (1994) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
An all-male family struggles to survive nature and romantic rivalry in the remote West.
Due South (1994) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit) () (Yukon)
A Canadian mountie joins forces with a Chicago police officer to hunt down the killer of the mountie's father.
Family of Strangers, A (1993) as Director Of Photography
A woman discovers she is adopted and must find her natural parents to trace her family medical history in order to have a life-saving operation.
1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993) as Director Of Photography
Reawakened from a self-induced sleep in present-day San Francisco, Sherlock Holmes is challenged by the offspring of his greatest foe, Professor Moriarity.
Shame (1992) as Director Of Photography
A female lawyer becomes involved in solving a town's conspiracy of silence about a young rape victim. Based on the 1987 Australian feature film of the same title.
Deliver Them From Evil: The Taking of Alta View (1992) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of the ordeal at Utah's Alta View Hospital when gunman Richard Worthington held an entire maternity ward hostage for 18 hours.
Fatal Memories (1992) as Director Of Photography
A television movie based on the true story of Eileen Franklin Lipsker who repressed the childhood memory that her father killed her best friend.
Quiet Killer (1992) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about a race against time to stop a deadly outbreak of plague in New York City.
My Son Johnny (1991) as Director Of Photography
A young man goes on trial for the murder of his sadistic older brother. Their widowed mother is tortured by the prospect of possibly having to villify the slain son in order to save the other. Based on a true story.
Deadly Intentions...Again? (1991) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of a troubled young doctor jailed for plotting the murder of his first wife. Paroled in 1986, he embarks on an effort to kill the people who put him in jail and to drive his second wife mad.
Kootenai Brown (1991) as Director Of Photography
Story of western pioneer John George 'Kootenai' Brown, who settled in Alberta, Canada, and became the first park ranger of Waterton Lakes National Park.
Night Of The Hunter (1991) as Director Of Photography
A psychotic preacher marries a widow, convinced that she is heiress to a fortune that she actually knows nothing about. When the woman is brutally slain, her children flee the small town with the preacher in hot pursuit.
Anything to Survive (1990) as Director Of Photography
The true story of a carpenter and his three teenage children who, after a shipwreck off southeast Alaska, struggle to survive 24 days of freezing cold and starvation.
Burning Bridges (1990) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of a married woman whose refusal to give up her passionate love affair with a married man tears apart her family and drives her to the brink of a breakdown.
Lady Forgets, The (1989) as Director Of Photography
An amnesia victim returns home to find two years mysteriously missing from her life and that she is the prime suspect in a murder she cannot recall. Confused and dismayed by her family's rejection, Rebecca Simms searches to unravel the mystery. A haunting dream begins to reveal clues about her life
Shadow Play (1986) as Director Of Photography
Picking Up the Pieces (1985)
Margot Kidder is the plucky wife and mother who literally picks herself up off the floor when her vindictive husband, threatened by her demand of divorce, strips their household of its possessions, closes out their bank account and cuts off her credit cards. James Farentino is a widower with whom sh
Secrets of a Married Man (1984)
The story of a married man who compulsively buys time with prostitutes, thereby jeopardizing his marriage, his job, and eventually his life.
Spacehunter (1983) as Camera Operator
In 2136, Wolff answers a distress signal from Terra Eleven and agrees to rescue three beautiful maidens from a plague-ridden planet. When the women are kidnapped by henchmen of Overdog, the wicked half-man/half-machine who rules the planet, Wolff takes off in hot pursuit. As he challenges assorted
Hounds... of Notre Dame, The (1980) as Cinematographer
Father Athol Murray was the hard-drinking, chain-smoker who founded Notre Dame College in Saskatchewan and turned it into a respected institution. His belief that education and athletics were the best ways for young men to become successful is illustrated in this view of the school in the 1940s.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

War Story, A (1982) as Photography

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Christmas Visitor, A (2002) as Director Of Photography
Seasons of Love (1999) as Director Of Photography
Based on George Dell's 1934 novel about farmer Thomas Linthorne and his wife Kate, who settle a parcel of untilled Ohio farmland in 1866. They clear the land, build their home and have three children: Hocking, Charlotte and Grover. Over a span of fifty years, the Linthorne family saga, set against t
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999) as Director Of Photography
Sidney Sheldon's Nothing Lasts Forever (1995) as Director Of Photography
Miniseries based on Sidney Sheldon's novel about the lives and loves of three female medical residents and roommates.
Children of the Dust (1995) as Director Of Photography
Set in the West of the 1880s, a half-black, half-Cherokee gunslinger leads a wagon train of freed slaves on a dangerous journey to start new lives in the Oklahoma Territory. Even with their newfound freedom, however, they cannot escape the evils of racism.
Still Not Quite Human (1992) as Director Of Photography
Small Sacrifices (1989) as Director Of Photography
A two-part miniseries based on Ann Rule's book, "Small Sacrifices." A mother is accused of shooting her three children in 1983 in a small town in Oregon as a "sacrifice" to her married lover. A determined district attorney uncovers the circumstances surrounding the crime.
Tramp at the Door (1986) as Director Of Photography

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

First Circle, The (1991) as Director Of Photography

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