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Overview for Alan P Berger
Alan P Berger

Alan P Berger


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Cast (feature film)

Fathers' Day (1997) as Rex
Jack Lawrence is a successful Los Angeles attorney. He''s got a good job, a lovely wife, a nice home, a great car--aside from a limited amount of patience, Jack has pretty much every thing he wants. Dale Putley has been on the brink of despair for so long that he''s starting to enjoy the view. A would-be writer scraping out a threadbare existence in San Francisco, Dale is a bundle of neuroses just waiting to unravel. Dale needs something to worry about in his life besides himself. Suddenly, before you can say "romance from the past," Jack Lawrence and Dale Putley, two complete strangers and polar opposites, are sharing a car, pooling their wits, and rethinking everything about themselves as they try to track down a teenage runaway that each believes might be his son.
Die Hard 2 (1990) as Passenger--Windsor Plane
Some terrorist-fighting New York cops just can't catch a break. That's what Bruce Willis's hero John McClane must be thinking in this sequel to the blockbuster action flick Die Hard (1988). This time out, Willis is waiting to pick up his wife Bonnie Bedelia at the airport on Christmas Eve. Also waiting is a team of mercenaries led by William Sadler. They want to bust out an evil dictator, and they're taking the whole airport hostage. Big mistake with John McClane on the scene. It has all the terrific action, fisticuffs and gun battles you expect from a Die Hard feature.
Casual Sex? (1988) as Baylor Schneff
Story revolves around two modern women on vacation at a chic and exclusive health spa.
Rock 'n' Roll Mom (1988)
A "Disney Sunday Movie" about a music-loving mother who overnight climbs the charts as a hot rock sensation, but is forced to leave behind her kids and best friends for the sake of a glamorous new image, while a rival rocker schemes to expose her real identity. --BASELINE.
Miracle Mile (1988) as New Person In Catering Truck
A young musician answers a telephone at an outdoor booth and believes he hears a message that the United States is about to begin a nuclear attack.
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) as Watchman
After a friend's daughter falls victim to the deadly drug, vigilante Paul Kersey declares war on crack dealers.
Hot Times (1974)
A number of misogynist, Portnoy-esque sex hang-ups are laid bare in an American high school setting.

Writer (feature film)

Desperate Moves (1980) as Screenwriter

Casting (feature film)

Space Jam (1996) as Casting Consultant
The Nerdlucks, a grouchy gang of tiny space creatures, have been dispatched by their boss, the ruthless, belligerent Swackhammer, to kidnap Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes cohorts and export them to Moron Mountain, Swackhammer's failing theme park on the Nerdluck's boring planet. Bugs challenges the small, weak aliens to a fateful basketball tournament: if the Looney Tunes win, they'll remain on Earth. But if the aliens win, Bugs and company are headed into the hands of Swackhammer. Then Bugs discovers the Nerdlucks' ability to instantly "absorb" new skills--an ability that lets them siphon basketball talent from the likes of NBA stars Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Larry Johnson, turning the Nerdlucks into the powerful, speedy, unprincipled and monstrously gifted Monstars! Bugs knows he needs some serious help. But where can he go? Basketball's best players are all having their skills "absorbed" by the aliens. Of course, there's a baseball player he happens to know.
Break, The (1995) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A washed-up coach must teach a rookie player on the satellite tennis circuit.
My Girl 2 (1994) as Casting
Vada goes to Los Angeles to see her uncle with hopes of finding out more about her late mother.
Junior (1994) as Casting
A dedicated research scientist gets much more than he bargained for when an enterprising gynecologist persuades him to become the first human test subject for a wonder drug that ensures healthy pregnancies.
Dave (1993) as Casting Associate
A presidential look-alike steps in when the real chief executive is felled by a stroke.
Beethoven (1992) as Casting Associate
With nefarious dognappers hot on his heels, an adorable puppy named Beethoven adopts the unsuspecting Newton family - and promptly grows up into 185 pounds of romping, drooling, disaster-prone St. Bernard!
My Girl (1991) as Casting Assistant
Story about a precocious 11-year-old girl, being raised by her widowed father, who learns to love her wacky family with the help of her best friend.
Kindergarten Cop (1990) as Casting Associate
An undercover policeman poses as a pre-school teacher to protect a child from his at-large parolled father.
Young Guns II (1990) as Casting Associate
Sequel to "Young Guns" (USA/1988), reuniting some of the characters from the original one year later, when they are extradited to New Mexico to stand trial.
Lisa (1990) as Casting Assistant
A young girl unknowingly flirts with a serial killer over the phone.
Above the Law (1988) as Casting Assistant
Undercover police investigate a political assassination and illicit CIA operations.

Cast (special)

To the Moon, Alice (1990)
A drama about a homeless family that finds refuge on the abandoned set of television sitcom.

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