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Casting (feature film)

La Nuit du serail (1990) as Casting
A historical drama set in the 18th century about Aimee Dubucq DeRivery, a French girl kidnapped and taken into the harem of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
Souvenir (1988) as Casting (United Kingdom)
A man and his daughter return to a small town in France where he had a torrid affair years earlier.
Whistle Blower, The (1987) as Casting Director
Sleep Well, My Love (1987) as Casting
Pirates (1986) as Casting
Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red, a peg-legged British pirate, is captured by Don Alfonso, captain of the Spanish galleon Neptune. Eventually, Red causes the Neptune's crew to mutiny, abducts the niece of the governor of Maracaibo, and steals a golden Aztec throne from the Spaniards.
Red Sonja (1985) as Casting (London)
A woman seeks revenge on the evil queen by stealing her magic orb.
Lifeforce (1985) as Casting
A space exploration crew brings back a human-looking, vampire-like "space girl," who threatens to bring about an armageddon. Perhaps tongue-in-cheek, it is at turns a science fiction, vampire and disaster film
Agatha Christie's Murder With Mirrors (1985) as Casting (England)
Helen Hayes' second go at Agatha Christie's intrepid amateur sleuth, Miss Jane Marple (previously she was Miss Marple in "Agatha Christie's 'A Caribbean Mystery'"), teamed her with another veteran actress, Bette Davis (returning to filming following several serious illnesses including a stroke), for
Jigsaw Man, The (1984) as Casting Director
Sword Of The Valiant (1984) as Casting
Razor's Edge, The (1984) as Casting (United Kingdom)
Larry Derrell returns from World War I disillusioned with Jazz Age values. He undertakes a quest which leads him to reject his rich fiancee, Isabel, and his superficial lifestyle, to go search for truth in the Himalayas. But, Larry learns that the path to enlightenment is as difficult as treading th
Trenchcoat (1983) as Casting (London)
A would-be mystery writer gets mixed up with international intrigue.
Sphinx (1981) as Casting (Great Britian)
An archaeologist travels to Egypt to find the lost tomb of a king, which has a curse on it. After a local expert on the tomb murdred, she becomes the next target for assassins.
Venom (1981) as Casting
For Your Eyes Only (1981) as Casting
After a ship is sunk off the coast of Albania, the world''s superpowers begin a feverish search for its valuable lost cargo: the powerful ATAC system, which will give the bearer unlimited control over Polaris nuclear submarines. As James Bond (Agent 007) joins the search, he suspects the suave Kristatos of seizing the device. The competition between nations grows more deadly by the moment, but Bond finds an ally in the beautiful Melina Havelock, who blames Kristatos for the death of her parents. Agent 007 navigates his way through passionate encounters and risky confrontations which draw him into a world of arduous challenge, including, automobile chases, underwater battles, a tour over razor-sharp coral reefs, and an assault on an imposing mountaintop fortress.
Final Conflict, The (1981) as Casting
The anti-Christ Damien has grown up to be a rich and powerful man, and the American ambassador to Great Britain. When the stars align in a certain way, Damien recognizes this as a sign of the Second Coming of Christ. Believing that the Christ-child has been born in Anglia on March 24, 1982, he sends
Watcher in the Woods, The (1980) as Casting
When an American family moves into a beautiful old English house in a wooded area, strange, paranormal things happen. One daughter sees, and the other daughter hears, the voice of a teenage girl who mysteriously disappeared during a total solar eclipse decades before.
Unidentified Flying Oddball, The (1979) as Casting
A NASA spacecraft proves Einstein right when, travelling faster than light, it ends up near King Arthur's Camelot. On board are big-hearted Tom Trimble and Hermes, the look-alike robot he built. Tom immediately makes friends with pretty Alisande and enemies with the awful knight Sir Nordred. It seems Nordred is out to oust Arthur, while Alisande's father is not the goose she believes him to be but is also a victim of Nordred's schemes. It's as well the Americans have arrived.
Big Sleep, The (1978) as Casting
Set in England, rather than California, the story follows Raymond Chandler's book fairly closely otherwise. Philip Marlowe is asked by the elderly (and near death) General Sternwood to investigate an attempt at blackmail on one of his daughters. He soon finds that the attempt is half hearted at best and seems to be more connected with the disappearance of the other daughter's husband, Rusty Regan. Rusty's wife, seems unconcerned with his disappearance, further complicating the mystery. Only General Sternwood seems concerned as mobsters and hired killers continue to appear in the path of the investigation.
The Boys From Brazil (1978)
A Nazi hunter tracks a mad scientist out to bring back Hitler.
Crossed Swords (1978) as Casting
Tom Canty is a poor English boy who bears a remarkable resemblance to Edward, Prince of Wales and son of King Henry VIII. The two boys meet and decide to play a joke on the court by dressing in each other's clothes, but the plan goes awry when they are separated and each must live the other's life.
Spectre (1977) as Casting Director
This demonology tale, sumptuously produced, has a world-famed American criminologist and his usually tipsy doctor friend summoned to England to investigate a suspicious wealthy financier and learn that supernatural forces are at work in his Playboy-style estate.
Candleshoe (1977)
A street urchin infiltrates a noblewoman''s impoverished household in search of hidden treasure.
Omen, The (1976)
The young son of an American diplomat and his wife, living in London, turns out to be marked with the sign of Satan, the infamous "666". It soon becomes apparent that he could be the Anti-Christ incarnate and possesses the evil powers to stop anyone who stands in his way.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Man of La Mancha (1972) as Casting
The aging Don Quixote follows his dream by traveling the countryside as a warrior knight.
The Buttercup Chain (1971) as Casting
Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) as Casting
Story of Russia''s last czar, Nicolas II, and his ill-fated family.
Brotherly Love (1970) as Casting dir
A woman''''s marriage is destroyed by her incestuous relationship with her brother.
Cromwell (1970) as Casting
A Puritan leader sparks a revolution in 17th century England.
Underground (1970) as Casting dir
Occupied France during WWII. The American Dawson parachutes over France and gets in contact with the French resistance. He has a plan to kidnap the German general Stryker.
The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970) as Casting dir
Before Winter Comes (1969) as Casting dir
A World War II refugee serves a British officer as interpreter.
Staircase (1969) as Casting dir
Homosexual lovers face age and society's disapproval together.
Battle of Britain (1969) as Casting dir
England defends itself against the Nazi Blitz.
Duffy (1968) as Casting
A playboy tries to rob his father with the help of a gentleman crook.
Great Catherine (1968) as Casting dir
The legendary Russian ruler falls hard for a military man in love with someone else.
A Dandy in Aspic (1968) as Casting
A double agent has to take out an enemy spy who''''s really himself.
Berserk (1967) as Casting
A lady ringmaster milks the publicity from a string of murders.
The Night of the Generals (1967) as Casting
A Nazi officer tries to catch a serial killer attacking prostitutes.
Bedazzled (1967) as Casting dir
A short-order cook makes a deal with the Devil to win a beautiful waitress.
The Fighting Prince of Donegal (1966) as Casting
British colonists kidnap a rebel Irish prince.
The Heroes of Telemark (1966) as Casting
Norwegian resistance fighters try to stop Nazi experiments in nuclear warfare.
Promise Her Anything (1966) as Casting dir
A single mother must choose between two suitors.
A Study in Terror (1966) as Casting
Sherlock Holmes tries to unmask Jack the Ripper.
The Moon-Spinners (1964) as Casting
When Nikki Ferris and her aunt took a trip to a small Greek island, they never expected to get involved in jewel theft and murder. A strangely reluctant innkeeper, a handsome Englishmen, a missing boy and a mysterious yacht all play a part in this Mystery/Romance based on a Mary Stewart novel.
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) as Casting
A mad emperor''''s excesses leave the Roman Empire open to barbarian invasions.
The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963) as Casting
A young Scottish girl's cat, Thomasina, apparently dies at the hands of her widowed veterinarian father. The strained relationship between the girl and her father is eventually repaired with the return of Thomasina and the aid of a beautiful and mysterious "witch" who seems to have powers to revive and heal animals.
55 Days at Peking (1963) as Casting
An American major leads the defense against Chinese revolutionaries in 1900 Peking.
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) as Casting dir
A British military officer enlists the Arabs for desert warfare in World War I.
In Search of the Castaways (1962) as Casting dir
Two siblings embark on a dangerous journey to find their shipwrecked father.
Greyfriars Bobby (1961) as Casting
Scotland 1865. An old shepherd and his little Skye terrier go to Edinburgh. But when the shepherd dies of pneumonia, the dog remains faithful to his master, refuses to be adopted by anyone, and takes to sleeping on his master's grave in the Greyfriars kirkyard, despite a caretaker with a "no dogs" rule. And when Bobby is taken up for being unlicensed, it's up to the children of Edinburgh and the Lord Provost to decide what's to be done.
Portrait of a Sinner (1961) as Casting dir
Kidnapped (1960) as Casting
In 1751 Scotland, two men escape to the Scottish Highlands dodging the redcoats.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Research, London
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
The Adventures of Sadie (1955) as Casting dir
Rich Sadie Patch is marooned on a desert island after an emergency on her cruise-ship. With her are Irish stoker Pat, prickly young Jimmy Carrol, and bald and bookish Professor Gibble. All fancy their chances.
Svengali (1955) as Casting dir
Sinister Svengali hypnotizes young Trilby to fame as an opera singer in Europe.
Dance Little Lady (1955) as Casting dir
A Christmas Carol (1951) as Casting dir
Ghosts visit a miser during the holidays to teach him the errors of his ways.
Treasure Island (1950) as Casting dir
A young boy and a pirate clash over buried treasure.
So Well Remembered (1947) as Casting dir
A mill-owner's ambitious daughter almost ruins her husband's political career.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986) as Casting
A two-part miniseries about Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia, the only surviving child of Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Arthur Hailey's "Strong Medicine" (1986) as Casting Director (Great Britain)

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